Top 6 Ski & Snowboard Resorts of 2017


When you are into winter adventure sports like ski and snowboard, you are always on the hunt for the best resort with that heavy snow to enjoy the days experiencing life thousands of feet above the ground. Here are 6 such ski and snowboard resorts that should be on your list this year:

1. Snowbird, Utah

best weather and hospitality

This place tops the list as it is a perfect mix of fun and convenience. It has remarkably steep slopes, 3,240 foot to be exact, that can be accessed by one lift. This one is a favorite for many ski and snowboard enthusiasts for its simplicity: there are no resort buildings or chalets that are commonly found in ski resorts these days.

It features unarguably one of the best hotels for skiers, the Cliff Lodge. It has been renovated now and gives direct access to the mountains. However, the best place to be is The Summit which is a lodge at the apex of the Snowbird. At 11,000 feet, it is a great place to dine, warm up and start the adventure.

Another reason why it is a great resort is its ease of accessibility. You can just fly to an airport in Salt Lake City and from there it is just a 40-minute drive.

2. Telluride, Colorado

see it to believe itOf course, when we are talking about ski, Colorado with its gargantuan mountains is hard to forget. Telluride is a skiers dream resort with its 170 inches of snow and on average 240 days of sunshine every year. It has 127 trails and among these the longest is 4.6 miles long called the Galloping Goose. There are 18 lifts and gondolas, enough to cater skiers in the busy season. The highest point you can get to with a lift is at 12,255 feet.

Make sure you take the right ski mask, as theres a lot of snow at this resort! Click here for the best ski masks of 2017.

It has ample fun things besides skiing to try out like heli-skiing or snow biking. It has one of the best ski lodges in Fairmont Heritage Place with spacious 1400 to 2000 square feet residential spaces. The lodges are European style with natural stone fireplaces and porcelain sinks.

The easiest way to get to this fantastic ski town is to arrive at Montrose Airport and then drive on. It takes a little over an hour to drive to the resort.

3. Whistler- Blackcomb, British Columbia

beautiful view of one of the best places on earthThis is the largest resort in North America spread over 8,171 acres. Its vertical drop is no less than its area as it is second to Revelstoke at 5,354 feet. What makes this place great is that despite having a huge area, the lift system allows you to explore it fully. You can take a peak to peak gondola that travels 2.73 miles from the Whistler peak to Blackcomb which is another adventurous experience on its own.

The slopes of Whistler are a little better as they face north and retain the snow well. However, Blackcomb gets more snow as compared with Whistler. Nevertheless, the snow on both is quite a lot averaging 400 inches per year.

It is a relatively new place with a far more international mix as skiers come here from Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Its village is known for its party scene and fancy dining at Araxi.

4. Sun Valley, Idaho

Nothing like this resort for ski fansThis resort is historic as it was the first ever winter resort destination in the United States. It was developed way back in the 1930s by a businessman, politician, and socialite, W. Averell Hariman. It was the first ever resort to have chair lifts. There is something for everyone whether it is its history, 25 miles of Nordic skiing or special tracks for kids. There are 17 chairlifts and truly luxurious housing with its private homes and condos that are available for rent. Sun Valley Inn has the old-world charm and will appeal to anyone who likes the old style residencies.

It is a perfect destination for those going with families as it has a lot on offer. Getting around is super easy and you can just stroll and get to its many attractions. There is complimentary bus service called Mountain Rides that can take you back and forth to the mountains and towns.

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5. Alyeska, Alaska

You will love your time out thereThere are not many places as Aleyska that get such heavy snow. Despite being adjacent to Pacific and only 250 feet above sea level, the quality of the snow is very good. It is actually the latitude that keeps the snow this way and makes it one of the best places to ski and snowboard. For most of the year, the place gets about 90 inches of snow.

The terrain is matched in quality with the snow and makes for an incredible experience. The lifts system is quite modern and includes an aerial tram. It is also good for cat and Heli-skiing. The main Hotel Alyeska is a great place to stay at and is sort of a focal point for this resort. However, there are condos and cabins too available across the area. Getting there is easier with flights coming into Anchorage from major cities on the West coast and the East coast.

6. Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, California

breath taking early morning viewThis resort is frequented by skiers from around the world who are looking for adventure and fun. It has a bustling nightlife that easily outstands many of the popular ski resorts in North America. There are restaurants, bars and art galleries that keep your time away from skiing quite busy too. As for the snow, it gets on average 450 inches of snow every year.

There are 5 terrain parks and 270 trails that can be accessed by 42 lifts. At the heart of the resort lies The Village at Squaw Valley which has some amazing lodging options and everything that can be accessed easily on foot. It is a remarkably quiet place even with a bustling nightlife in the village. Located at the beautiful Lake Tahoe, it can be reached by flying to Reno Tahoe International Airport.

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10 Best Electric Scooters For Boys & Girls

best electric skateboards for boys and girls

Electric scooters are driven by batteries and motors and do not require a push off the ground like in kick scooters. Kids, teenager or adults, anyone can ride these as they are convenient, often fast and much fun to ride. Choosing the best electric scooter can be a tedious task as there are so many things to take into account and so many brands to choose from. Before making the decision you need to identify your own needs and then compare those needs with the features of the product. Of course, you should have some know how about what these scooters are all about and what parts they are made from. In this guide, we will tell you in detail everything you ought to know before buying a kids electric scooter. Note that some of these scooter can be the best choice for toddlers too.

Best Motorized Scooters For Kids

 Product NameSpeed LimitBattery LifePriceOur Rating
Razor E30015 mph40 minutes$$$4.5 Stars
Glion Dolly Scooter15 mph35 minutes$$4.5 Stars
Razor Pocket Euro Electric Scooter15 mph40 minutes$3.5 Stars
Red Super Turbo26 mph50 minutes$$4.5 Stars
UberScoot 1000w25 mph34 minutes$$4 Stars
Razor E32515 mph45 minutes$$4.5 Stars
Razor E20012 mph40 minutes$$4 Stars
Razor E12510 mph40 minutes$4.5 Stars
Razor E10010 mph40 minutes$3.5 Stars
Razor Power Core E9010 mph80 minutes$$4.5 Stars

1. Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Razor scooter with distinct grey color

This productis a must-have of you have scooter kids at home.

Razor produces some of the most innovative models in the world of scooting and the E300 electric scooter is a proof of that. E300 is one of the best electric scooter in town. This product is jam packed with great features like the retractable kickstand and the hand brake. It is It is a chain based motorized scooterwhich gives enough power to go over a speed of 15 mph making it agood enough for every day small commutes. With a full charge the razor E300 battery can run for up to 40 minutes. It is quite wide and heavy which allows it to stand weight up to 220 pounds. So whether you are a teenager or an adult, you should be able to travel onit easily. Its own weight is over 50 pounds but thanks to the brake system you can control it. The pneumatic tires are quite big so you get smooth ride over rough surfaces as well.

WhyWe Liked It –It is designed to give you the most optimized riding experience so it has high torque and twist grip acceleration control. It is a mix of quality and convenience to give riders of all ages exactly what an electric scooter should be like: fast and fun.

2. Glion Dolly Foldable Adult Electric Scooter

Offers great mobility

If you’re choosing a kids scooter this one can be your ideal choice.

Glion Dolly brings you the most convenient electric scooteryou can find anywhere. It is also very powerful with 36 Volts 6.6 Ah Lithium ion battery and 250 Watts nameplate brushless gearless and chainless electric engine. The motor makes no noise and give you a speed of 15 mph. Its tires speak volumes about its sturdiness as they are big 8 inches and have a honeycomb interior developed by the military. The overall structure is made from 6061 Aluminum and therefore it weighs only 28 pounds which is quite less as compared with other electric scooters from high end brands. The best thing is its folding ability which allows you to fold it in few seconds. This works out great combined with its unique vertical self-standing feature which allows you to drag it like luggage. It also is very controllable with anti lock electronic brake system and the twist grip that makes it start and stop. All these features makes it one of the top amazon scooters.

WhyWe Liked It – This one is all about providing convenience and ease to the rider with its easy folding mechanism ad battery life indicator on the handle bar. You also have a pedestrian bell and a cover to protect it.

3. Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

girls are going to love this one

This can be the best scooter for your 7 year olds. Why? Read below!

If you love adult vintage scooters you are going to love this one as it has a vintage look. However, everything else inside is quite modern. The chain driven motor gives variable speeds and at max you can go 15 mph. Once fully charge, it can give you a range of 10 miles which is great for urban commutes to school, work or just running errands. It is good for teenagers as well as adults with its weight capacity of 170 pounds. It has two 12 Volts (24 volts in total) lead acid batteries to power the scooter and takes about 12 hours to charge fully. You can just leave it on charging overnight and use it the next day. Since this one has a seat, it is a lot more comfortable to sit onand you also get some storage space under the seat which is another convenience. All these features makes it one of the best motorized scooter for kids.

WhyWe Liked It – This electric Razor scooter is every bit fun with its vintage yet funky look and an array of color choices. For girls, this electric scooter comes in Pink, Sweet Pea and Betty while boys too have some choice with black and red. Razor offers warranty for this product which makes it a safe purchase.

4. Red Super Turbo 1000watt Elite

great choice for a Mad Max fan

If there were scooters in the movie Mad Max, this would be it. It looks quite sturdy and rigorous and it indeed is. It has a 1000 Watt motor which goes to show how powerful it really is. Made from solid steel, the structure is designed to withstand weight and last long. It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds which is one of the highest capacities in any kind of scooters. It has three 12 Volts batteries giving it a total of 36 Volts to drive the motor. With so much up on offer, Super Turbo is definitely one of the most desirable electric scooters for kids. The wheels are quite wide and absorb shocks readily thanks to front swinger mono shock. Should you need to replace a part, you can do so within seconds as it is designed to be quickly assembled.

WhyWe Liked It – While it is focused on strength it also provides ample convenience for the rider with a comfortable and removable seat. There is a kick stand to park it safely and LED lights so that you can ride it at night too. The package come with a How to guide book to help you answer all your technical questions which is great.

5. UberScoot 1000w Evo Powerboards Scooter

offers great speed and balance

Evo Powerboards has produced a product that gives other high end brand electric scooter a run for their money. Consider this; it can give you a speed of up to 26 mph which is quite a lot for this kind of ride. It would not be wrong to call this the fastest electric scooter. The battery comprises of three 12 Volts (36 Volts) batteries that can give 250 cycles and take roughly 8 hours to charge, making it one of the best motor scooter for kids. Similar to other models, its range is also 10 miles which is still ample for anyone. Any boy or girl with a little riding experience can ride it, however, it is recommended only for kids 12 or above. This one is foldable too with its Posi lock technology. The 10 inch pneumatic street tires on the front and rear match the strength provided by its inner components and overall the ride becomes quite smooth. Its speed and range are dependent on the riders weight so it might vary from rider to rider.

WhyWe Liked It – The look of the scooter is to die for as it looks quite stylish with a black exterior. The deck, handlebar, wheels everything compliments the overall look and feel. If you are someone who is particular about style for his or her rides, then this is the product to go for.

6. Razor E325 Electric Scooter

This one looks elegant in grey and black

Those who prefer minimalistic things would love to ride the E325 electric scooter from Razor. This one is similar to E300 as it has a chain driven motor and gives speed up to 15 mph. It has variable speed acceleration too so if you like to go slower you can. The wide sized deck allows the rider to comfortably place both his feet on it while riding. It makes a good choice for urban commuters with its wide 10 inches pneumatic wheels. Pavements and streets in urban or suburban areas can be uneven so this helps make the ride as smooth as possible and absorb all the shocks through its powerful wheels. Its range in terms of time is better than many other rival models as on full charge you can use it up to 45 minutes. Kids as young as 12 can easily ride this razor motor scooterwithout needing much training.

WhyWe Liked It – The simple look of the E325 is the winning quality for us. Electric scooter designed for kids usually have a lot going on which is great but not everyone wants that. Some people like basic things which is exactly how this one looks.

7. Razor E200 Electric Scooter

great riding experience with ultra-quiet motor

Another great offering from Razor, the E200 has a high torque and ultra-quiet motor that is of course chain driven like in most razor electric scooters. It has a twist grip throttle to make twisting a piece of cake. Talking about the Razor scooter battery, this one has 24 volts battery that powers the scooter to last for about 40 minutes. It usually takes 12 hours to charge, but Razor recommends charging it for a full 24 hours even when the light turns green. Despite the long charging time, you do get a decent speed at 12 mph. However, there are factors that can influence the speed such as rider weight, climate and over time usage. It is child friendly and optimized for beginner riders who have little scooting experience. However, they will not take long to learn it as it is quite easy to operate. They can then take them to class or roll on the street or park with their friends.

WhyWe Liked It – As you know Razor produces some of the most affordable products in this industry, the E200 is quite affordable. The electric type scooters can be very expensive and this brings decent quality and range at a price tag that is not too heavy on the pocket.

8. Razor E125 Electric Scooter

This ride is every bit optimized for young fans

The E125 is optimized for beginner riders who are just getting their hands on something like this. It can rightly be considered as one of the best electric scooter from Razor for kids as kids as young as 8 can useit. Since young kids are going to ride it, the speed capability of 10 mph is very appropriate. Similar to other models, this one too has a range of 10 miles (approximately 40 minutes). The front tire is bigger (8 inches) so the childgets a smooth riding experience even when riding on uneven and bumpy walkways. The weight limit which is 120 pounds is lesser as compared with other Razor models but still enough to withstand a teenager too. The rear wheel is 125 mm PU which still is sturdy enough to enhance the ride. This one can be a great upgrade from razor e100 electric scooter.

WhyWe Liked It – It is very funky in terms of looks and comes in three colors: navy, silver and pink. The pink one of course serves as a great choice for little girls who want to start riding an electric scooter to play with their friends or just enjoy on the street.

9. Razor E100 Electric Scooter

This is an ideal one for kids 8 and above

The E100 from razor is another great choice for young kids as it is optimized for ages 8 or above. It serves as the predecessor to E125 as it has a bigger front pneumatic tire. This one too gives a maximum speed of 10 mph which is good considering a young child will be riding. With speeds above 10 mph it is not too safe especially for children who have little riding experience. The charge time is minimum 12 hours however you can charge more too up to a full day charge. It creates very little noise with its quiet chain driven motor. With twist grip throttle and hand applied brake, the ride is quite safe. The product itself weighs a little over 30 pounds which is why it is appropriate for children aged 8 or 9 because they can handle it conveniently.

WhyWe Liked It – This is a product that makes electric scooters very much accessible with its very reasonable price tag. It gives something valuable and durable in a cost that is remarkably lower as compared with many other models from high end brands even Razor itself.

10. Razor Power Core E90

You are going to love the simple design of this one

Razor Power E90 electric scooter is a result of the manufacturers efforts to improve the riding capacity of its products. Now with this model you get increased riding range up to 80 minutes which is double as compared with E300 and E125. The speed however is less as compared with those models and is only 10 mph. This is justified as it is designed for kids aged 8 or above. It is maintenance free with no chains so essentially very simple design. It also serves as one of the lightest models with a weight of only 22 pounds. You can say that it has the essence of a kick scooter but is actually an electric one. Since it is so light kids under the age of 8 can ride it too without needing training wheels especially if they have ridden regular two wheeled scooters.

WhyWe Liked It – It is the cheapest scooter on this list and goes to proof that a good product does not necessarily have to be pricey. You have two color choices with green and pink although essentially it can be considered black colored only as only accent colors vary.

Useful Item Guide

Parts of the Electric Scooter

Besides the essential parts of a scooter like deck, handlebar and wheels, these scooters have motors and batteries that provide power to motors. This is what drives them and essentially determines their performance.


the motor that provides all the powerThe power of motor varies from one model to another but of course the heavier models tend to have a higher power. The higher power motors give more speed and are long lasting. Usually these are either brushless or brushed, but brushless enginesare way better as compared with their counterpart. The brushless wears out very slowly. The Watts usually are in the range of 250 to 550 Watts. Anything over 350 watts should give ample speed and range.

You will also see a measure termed peak Watts, this is the peak power the scooter will achieve when it is going over an incline or generally needs more load. The higher the power the better the performance but again, it highly depends on your usage. For an 8 year old driving an electric scooter, lower power should be chosen so that the speed is adequate with their age. However, for teenagers the higher power scooters are better as they will get them to places in time.

Chain Drive

When you search for scooters you will read the expression chain driven a lot. This simply means that the motor is attached with a chain that drives the wheels. Chain drive is considered better as it is more reliable and can be very long lasting as compared with belt drive. The only drawback is that the chain based scooters make noise when you are riding them. Nevertheless, manufacturers have come a long way and have improved these motors to be fairly soundless. You can easily find a motorized scooter for kids that is very quiet.

If you want your scooter to be completely noiseless then perhaps you should go for belt drive one as they make zero noise. They are just as good when it comes to performance but they do not have a very long life like chains.


Image of the batteryBatteries are absolutely important when it comes to the life of the scooter because these are what provide the power. In scooters, the batteries are usually lead acid or lithium based. When buying a scooter also take into account the life of the battery.

Lead acid batteries have a life expectancy of 3-5 years and can be very cheap. Lithium based batteries on the other hand are much more expensive. These are lighter than lead acid and there is very less power loss. In simpler words, their performance stays consistent during the rides and you get the same range every time you take out to ride it to school or park. Most brands including Razor electric scooters utilize lithium based batteries only in the scooters because of their clear advantage over the other ones.

As for the voltage, the battery used in these scooters is 12 volts. However, to provide more power some scooters have two or three of these batteries bringing up the voltage to 24 volts and 36 volts respectively. This impacts the range as well as the speed of the scooter. Another important consideration is amps as higher the amps the longer the range would be.

Frame and Forks

People get into the electrical details so much that they forget that these electric scooters that their kids are going to travel onare essentially scooters only. So the main parts should never be overlooked. It has been seen that models with low quality frames and forks do not last very long. This is because the massof these scooters is quite a lot compared with other kinds and if the structure is not sturdy enough it would not last long enough.

For this reason, motor scooters for kids too are constructed with high quality tubular steel to provide the necessary support to the overall build. Make sure to read about the deck and handlebar when buying an electric one so that you know you are getting something long lasting.


Image of brakesSimilar to frame, brakes are often ignored too when people are considering buying electric scooter rides for their kids. However, they should know that braking system is an essential part and even more so for an electrical one because it is quite heavy. For boys and girls riding them, there needs to be an effective and easy brake system that allows them to slow it down or stop in a controlled fashion.

The best braking system in electrical scooters is the disc brakes or V brakes in both the front and rear end wheels. Why? The band brakes in front wheel are not exactly great for these kids because when you apply these the ride stops abruptly and the person riding is not able to balance and can be pushed front over the handlebar. This of course no one wants so choosing the right braking system is absolutely crucial. On these models, the brakes are hand applied only which is safe and convenient.


Of course, for many the speed is a primary consideration when getting an electrical scooter. Many boys and girls use it for every day commutes so they want to know how fast they can get to places. These can be quite fast especially those with higher power. The razor e300 electric scooter can go up to 15 mph which is quite decent pacefor an older kid or teenager. Other high end brands also deliver similar pace. There are few exceptions, as some scooters can give even more speed with over 20 mph capability.

Another important thing to know about the pace it travelsis that it is often dependent on certain conditions such as the massof the rider, wind, or battery charging. So what speed you see indicated for a product may vary when you get the actual product. In any case, the performance is optimized to provide a smooth and satisfying experience.

If you are buying one for a very young kid, get the one with a lower pace. 10 mph should be appropriate for a kid 8 years old. This is because as faster scooter will be hard for these kids to control.


the best range for the dasherThis is yet another important factor that tells you how long your scooter will last on a full recharge. This can be measured in miles or time. Razor scooters have their range defined in minutes and most of their models give 40-45 minutes of range on a full charge. This is the best range you can get at the moment from any high end brand or any brand really. As manufacturers improve technology, we might be seeing an even longer range.

Range again is highly dependent on your own needs. If one is riding for purely recreational purposes then a model with perhaps a bit shorter range would do too. However, if you are using it for commutes then you should get the one with the highest range.

Charging Times

This is true that these kid scooters can take quite some time to charge. On average these take 12 hours to fully charge. Some models with very powerful batteries can take lesser time (8-10 hours). If you want something that charges fast, make sure to check the range as it should give enough range for your use on a full recharge. When you first assemble the one you get, you will probably have to charge it a bit longer so make sure to read all instructions.

Chrome Plating

Chrome plating is very good for your scooter as it protects it from rust and keeps the paint in its place. However, not all plating is high quality. This is where brand name matters a little as those that are known for their quality produce plating that is actually high quality. Lower end brands tend to have an inferior quality in comparison to these. If you think you will be storing your scooter from time to time e.g. in winters, then get the one with premium quality chrome plating. It can rust up pretty quick sitting in the garage gathering moisture.

Foldable or Not Foldable

Foldable minibikeMost electric scooters are big and heavy and do not fold. Some brands are working on this and producing scooters that have easy folding mechanism. This allows them to be portable too so you do not really have to park them. This depends on your own requirements like if it is going to be ridden in a densely populated urban area then perhaps a more portable one would be suitable. The folding mechanism on these is very easy and you can fold it under 10 seconds.


These are quite heavy even for an adult because of the wide body, sturdy structure and of course the batteries and the motor. These weigh anywhere from 25 pounds to 60 pounds. This is why stability is an important factor when choosing one for kids. Teenagers can handle a heavier one, but small kids may not be able to due to their strength at younger ages. So if buying a scooter for someone aged 12 or less than get a scooter that is the lightest. Manufacturers are working on improving this quality too by packing more power into small sized batteries and using light materials for the construction of frames.

Weight Capacity

As for the weight of the rider, these are designed to withstand the heaviest of the riders. You will find that most models can easily withstand weight of 220 pounds which is above average human weight. However, some have a lower capacity especially those that are themselves very light. So it is a good idea to ensure that the limit is ample to withstand the weight of the rider who is going to ride it. If you do not take care of this and get yourself one with a lower capacity, it might not last too long and the performance will definitely be disappointing.


Electric scooters are expensive and can easily cost several hundred dollars. Most high end brands sell over $500. However, razor electric scooters are relatively affordable and some of their models cost less than $200. Their scooters for toddlers are much cheaper but still quite durable and stylish.

Pricing is of course very important because you need to find the best possible solution within your budget. If you have a limited budget, go for a brand like Razor that is known for their affordability. Usually the concern for parents when buying expensive electric scooters is that perhaps they will not last that long or their kid will outgrow them. First, they are quite sturdy especially those from well-known brands so you should not be too worried about durability. Secondly, if you are buying for a boy or girl, say aged 13, these are big enough to last for a few years as they grow.

Brands & Styles

different brands and styles of minibikeAlmost all scooter brands produce electric scooters so you will find a lot of variety. Some of the popular brands include Razor, X-Treme scooters, Pulse and Glion. Buying from reputed brands ensures that you are getting something durable and that you will get best customer support. Most of them produce ready to ride, however, some do need a little assembly the first time which is not that time consuming.

Electric scooters are no less than a kick scooter when it comes to style. You can find plenty of colors to suit the personality of your boy or girl. Scooters for girls come in many shades of pink and red. There are all black classic models too. Their boards are often stylized and printed with logos. There is ample variety to provide something for everyone. Some even come with accessories like handlebar bells that make it just like an adult scooter that people ride on roads.

What is the Razor electric scooter weight limit?

Razor electric scooters are designed for kids beginning from 8 years of age. Many of them are only suitable for teenagers. However, all of them generally have very high weight limit. Nevertheless, the exact weight limit varies from one model to another. For instance, the Razor e300 is one of their strongest and can withstand weight up to 220 pounds. The E90 which is better suited for young kids has a weight capacity of only 120 pounds. The moped style Razor Pocket Mod can stand a weight as heavy as 170 pounds.

Most of the scooters are designed with sturdy parts and are yet quite light weight themselves. The Razor E90 itself weighs just 22 pounds. In comparison, the bigger and stronger E300 weighs over 50 pounds. The scooters own weight also determines the weight limit of the rider. As a general rule a heavy model means that its limit will be greater. This is because these are made from strong and heavy materials like steel.

Weight capacity of battery powered small wheeled vehiclesNow, manufacturers are using lighter materials that are just as strong as steel. Take Aluminum for example as it is light yet sturdy enough to withstand a grown rider. However, there is less use of Aluminum in electrical scooters at the moment.

The 120 pounds weight limit is more than enough for children under 12 as they are usually lighter than this. For teenagers, however, you might want to buy something with a bigger range so that as they grow and their weight increases the scooter continues to stand their overall mass. This measure is also important in terms of performance. You must have read in many product specifications that speed often is dependent on the mass. What this essentially means is that if you are exhausting the limit and putting the maximum possible weight on the deck then you probably will not get the speed that was specified. The speed varies depending on the weight of the rider.

Make sure you take all of these things into account when buying the best electric scooter for your boy or girl. This will have a direct impact on the durability of the product. Nevertheless, when you are buying Razor you can be sure about quality.

How much do electric scooters cost?

The prices of electric scooters vary greatly but you can say that they qualify as expensive. This is a serious buy for anyone because many of these cost above $100. In fact, some may even cost more than $500. The price relies on brand and of course the quality and size of the scooters. You will see that those models with lighter parts, lower speeds and lower weight capacities cost lesser. While those that are large have weight limit of 220 pounds and are made from solid steel may cost anywhere from $300 to $800.

Cost of electric scootersCost is a deciding factor for many buyers but it does not make sense to settle with something of lower quality just to save money. Luckily enough, brands like Razor produce both high end and affordable models that bridge the gap between decent quality and lower price. With models like E90, you can buy your child something awesome under $200.

Durability is a big concern that goes hand in hand with price. When you are investing hundreds of dollars into something you naturally want it to last long. Electric scooters do last for quite long especially if used well and maintained well. Depending on the battery type and build material, the scooter can easily last for 3-6 years. If you have a generous budget then by all means go for a well-known brand so you get something long lasting.

Many models have warranty too for a number of months which makes them a safe buy. In this duration, you can ride it and check for any defects, should there be any. If you find any fault, you can get a refund or a replacement easily. This is yet another reason for buying from a quality brand.

How to make electric scooters faster?

Electric scooters are decently fast as most have a range between 12-15 mph. Fastest electric scootercan go over 20 mph too. This speed is good enough for everyday commutes in urban or suburban areas. However, if you really want to optimize the paceof your ride and make it go faster, you can try out a few things.

First thing to know is that speed is often affected by factors like rider weight, terrain and climate too. If you think your scooter is going slower than it should, perhaps it is your overall massthat is causing it to go slow.

Here is how you can try to make it go faster:

Dress light. You must be thinking how much of a difference will that make? It will as what you wear and carry on adds weights to your own weight. The best way to make it go faster and become lighter is to drop off unnecessary things. Only take a bag if you really have too. Do not wear heavy shoes like boots unless it is winter time. These small changes can help improve the overall speed of the scooter. Try it and you might go a mile or two faster than usual.

Charge your battery extra. Most of them take 12 hours to charge but putting them on charge a little longer will do no harm. In fact, it might pack in some more power which eventually might improve speed. You can charge it over night for a little over 12 hours to see if the speed improves and if it does then you have the answer.

It is important to keep each working part serviced from time to time.If your scooter has slowed down over time with use, it could be that the motor has started wearing out. Getting it cleaned and serviced might improve the speed considerably and make it go as fast as it did on day one. You can even replace the motor if it has been used for quite some years. A new and better motor would ensure that the speed increase or at least you get the speed the manufacturer promised.

Maintain the scooter well. This is the ultimate weapon to at least maintain the current speed if not increase it. Clean it from time to time and use a blower to remove dirt from those inaccessible areas. Also, get it inspected from time to time from your local scooter shop as the experts there might be able to point out any imminent wear outs or perhaps share some magic tips that even we do not know.

Is electric scooter suitable for a kid?

Yes, kids as young as 8 ride electrical scooters because they are safe and quite easy to handle. When you are a parent, it is natural to be worried that perhaps something may be a far flung skill for your kid. However, kids nowadays learn very fast be it a scooter or a gadget. If your kid has ridden a toddler scooter before then they are all the more prepared to ride an electrical scooter.

Of course when buying for a kid that young there are certain factors you need to take into account. These are the weight, height, and speed of the scooter. With 8 or 9 year olds the important thing to consider is massof the scooter. If it is too heavy for them then that is a definite no. Choosing the lightest model is the best thing you can do as it also ensures that the speed is appropriate for their age. Anything faster than 12 mph is fast for kids especially those who are just starting out.

It is a good idea to give your kid a regular scooter first in order to teach them how to balance these things. For this a three wheeled one would do the job as it will give them the right stability needed to learn this balancing technique. Once they have mastered these little scooters they are more than ready to ride an electrical one.

Still if you think it is not too appropriate for you kid, it is advised that you ride with them or at least be around when they are riding it. There are so many of these designed especially for adults too. One of the common misconception is that scooters are perhaps only for teenagers, they are for everyone from toddlers to adults.

Safety is your own responsibility as well which means that you have to ensure that your child wears helmet every time they ride. Even if they are versed in riding, you should make a habit of making them wearing one. This can protect them from any unforeseen mishaps and provide you a sense of security too that they are protected. You can also go for elbow and kneepads to provide improved safety for your little one. This also applies to a little bigger boys and girls too.

If you liked the review, please leave your feedback.

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16 Balaclava Face Masks For a Cool Winter of Skiing

best ski masks for winters and outdoors

Whether you live in cold regions or are an avid lover of ski or snowboard, you will need a mask to provide protection and warmth. Finding the best mask is crucial for your ski, snowboard and mountain activities to go smooth. Not wearing a ski or snowboard mask can be uncomfortable or worse give you frostbite. You require complete protection during outdoor sports similar to skiing and snowboarding and generally too if you live in very cold winter climate. People often forget their face needs equal protection as their hands or feet during ski, snowboard and mountain activities.

Best Ski Masks and Snowboarding Balaclava Comparison Table

 Product NameStyleMaterialPriceOur Rating
Ergodyne N-Ferno 6823BalaclavaMulti$$$4.5 Stars
Beardski Prospector Ski MaskFace & GogglesMulti$$4.5 Stars
Outdoor Research Wind StopperBalaclavaNylon$3.5 Stars
Outdoor Research Ninjaclava HeadwearFull FaceNylon/Polyester/Spandex$$4.5 Stars
Under Armour Men's ColdGear InfraredBalaclavaOther Fibers$$4 Stars
Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm HoodFull FaceNylon/Spandex$$4.5 Stars
Burton Anon Women's MFI NeckwarmerHalf FaceNylon$$4 Stars
CIKIShield Couples Skull Face MasksHalf FacePolyester$4.5 Stars
Airhole Balaclava Adult Snow MaskBalaclavePolyester$3.5 Stars
Vbiger Beard Octopus Beanie HatFull FaceWoolen Yarn$$4.5 Stars
Mountain Hardwear Men's BalaclavaBalaclavaNylon$$4.5 Stars
Seirus Innovation 8030 NeofleeceFull FaceNylon$$3.5 Stars
Anon Deringer Snow Goggles + MFI MaskFace & GogglesPolyester$4 Stars
Airhole Adult Star Wars Darth VaderHalf FacePolyester$$$4.5 Stars
ECYC Full Face NoveltyFull FaceWoolen$$4 Stars
Knitted Black Robber/Burglar CoverFull FaceWoolen$4.5 Stars

1. Ergodyne N-Ferno 6823 Wind-Resistant Hinged Balaclava

Perfectly designed to keep you warm

This Balaclava mask is perfect for your skiing expeditions as it is snug and breathable. The long-length of this balaclava covers every part of your face without being too tight. It has a stretchable fleece so virtually anyone can wear these facemasks. The great thing is that these balaclava masks are quite lightweight weighing merely 2.9 ounces so it never disrupts your snow-sports similar to skiing, snowboarding or mountain climbing and does not feel too clingy. You will instantly feel warm when you wear these balaclava facemasks whether you live in moderate winters or extremely cold ones. These balaclava-masks are especially good for those who work outside and can have the balaclava on for long hours.

Why We Liked It – Balaclava-masks are not just for ski, anyone can add them to their clothing for any occasion just to feel warm. These hats are multifunctioning so you can have them as a neck gaiter as well. There is a little color choice as well with black and camo offerings in this particular balaclava.

2. Beardski Prospector Cool Ski Mask

cool bearded mask

If you desire those big beard ski accessories you will love this one with its 12 inch synthetic beard that looks quite cool for ski hats. It is a one size full mask that can accomodate everyone thanks to the adjustable flap. The beard is made from thermal fleece which keeps you incredibly cozy even in the toughest winters. These slope accessories are comfortable enough with their silk lining. You can easily wash these accessories once the winter is over and it should last you for several winter seasons. This piece of protective gear is a result of quality craftsmanship in a price that is remarkably low.

Why We Liked It – The beard on the ski and snowbaord mask is quite soft and cozy. It almost looks like a real one so anyone wearing this ski mask would look as if they actually have a beard. And the facemasks perform the job well to keep you warm and protected from cold winds.

3. Outdoor Research Gorilla Wind Stopper Balaclava

perfect outdoor companion for cold weather

Made from very soft fabric and backed with fleece, this black covers sit snuggly around the face and protects from the wind thanks to face-like contours on these masks. This product is removable so you can just remove it to eat or drink without needing to take the entire thing off. The fabric used is Nylon so it is considerably light. It is a ski and snowboard mask that is designed to function and is good for very extreme cold as well and for ski and snowboard sports on mountain areas. The look of these facemasks is quite simple and manageable which is a plus considering you are already wrapped with so many layers.

Why We Liked It – It is a relatively simple in terms of appearance but is equipped with necessary wind and snowfall protection. For this reason this ski mask is also incredibly light and comfortable. These accessories are wrapped on with Velcro so you do not get that static effect when you take the product off.

4. Outdoor Research Ninjaclava Headwear

rugged style to keep you warm

You know you are getting something flexible when it is a mix of nylon, polyester and spandex. Yes, this items construction is mostly nylon and polyester but has 5% spandex as well. This is a perfect item for children who want to do sporting project outdoors in winters. These are one measurement that fits all children thanks to its stretch ability. However, do not think they will get uncomfortable for the young ones as these are designed with soft materials and will stay breathable.

Why We Liked It – It is perfect considering it fits all sizes of children nicely. If the ski or snowboard mask is too tight obviously it is going to be uncomfortable for the toddlers so this mask ensures that your childs head is covered snuggly without being too tight on their dome and face. It is safe to say that the product will grow with them.

5. Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Infrared Tactical Hood

classic flair for better protection

Under Armour is a name that needs no introduction as their top quality is known by all. They have produced some top products over the year. With the ColdGear infrared hood ski mask too they are doing something similar i.e. providing high quality masks. It uses form-fitting which basically allows it to take the shape of your face so there is no room for heat to escape. This way, these items with their thermos inductive heat coating it is able to retain your own bodys heat. If you are concerned about moisture from breathing you can just keep the hood below the nostrils as some people prefer that with their masks. So essentially it can also be worn as a gaiter/warmers for warmth.

Why We Liked It – This one is a minimalistic balaclava mask that is easy to rock and take off and does the job just right. These These products look quite nice too and have two color choices black and white. It should be part of your essential outdoor winter protec.

6. Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm Hydropull Hood

great Nike full face for outdoor sports

This hood from Nike is designed for tough sports in tough winter. It is remarkably comfortable with its soft and stretchable Nylon and Spandex construction. Its hood has a flat seam construction that makes it ideal for combining it with a helmet. It has the capabilities of a winter ski mask but anyone can wear it anywhere because the prime purpose here is to keep you warm. It nicely covers everything from your skull to your collar and can also be converted into a gaiter. It has a very simple construction and is practically most suited for any kind of sport similar to ski or snowboard.

Why We Liked It – This ski facemask is very affordable and since it is from Nike, one of the top athletic clothing brands in the world, you can be sure about the highest quality. So all in all, it is greatest value for money that will perhaps last several winter and many slope sessions.

7. Burton Anon Women’s Ski MFI MD Neckwarmer

A perfect choice for women

This neck warmer is both pretty and efficient at what it does i.e. keep you incredibly cozy. It retains the heat from your body and the exhaust hole ensures that no moisture is formed during the process. The three panel construction of the mask provides a natural and relaxed-fit for necks of any measurement. These warmers are compatible with all of the MFI models and can be washed in machine. It is a must have for your winter outdoor escapes and fun sport projects whether it is ski or snowboard.

Why We Liked It – Who says winter gear cannot be fun? These warmers come in three different prints all of them providing a little color and fun to play with. You have floral printed Tikki, Pastel and Imperial to choose from.

8. CIKIShield Skull Face Masks For Couples

Really cool skull designs

The Seamless Skull Face Tube Mask is a ski mask that is truly great value for money because you can carry it for so many functions. You could utilize these hats as scarf, bandana, muffler, liner, gaiter or even a skull band. It is made entirely from polyester and is very breathable which means you do not have to worry about sweat or bacteria for that matter as it is also anti-bacterial. These snowboard masks keep you cozy and can be used for regular use or winter sports. Both men and women can wear this skull printed mask just like that or under their snowboard helmets to provide extra heat.

Why We Liked It – These funky masks can be worn as part of a costume too with the colored skull print on it. The skull print adds a little bit of funk in the mix and would appeal to anyone who likes such Gothic stuff. Of course, we like it also because these products are incredibly cheap.

9. Airhole Balaclava Adult Neoprene Snowfall Mask

Ideal for people who sweat a lot

This Airhole snowboard cozy is made from Neoprene so you have something flexible and sturdy. Using 100% polyester fleece body this balaclava provides a breathable fit to anyone wanting to enjoy the winters outside. The laser cut ergo vents keep moisture from accumulating inside the mask. This neoprene product has an antibacterial finish that keeps any kind of odor at bay and you can continuously carry it the entire snowy season without worrying about washing this mask. It uses a so called Breathing technology that allows the wearer to breath, talk and drink with comfort.

Why We Liked It – It covers the entire area above your shoulders nicely and comfortably. Unlike many other ski-masks it does not stick too close to the collar which can be annoying at times. Despite being boxy its strong materials provide ample heat retention.

10. Vbiger Beard Winter Octopus Beanie Hat

Very stylish squid/tentacle warmer

Are you someone who is not afraid of trying something new? Well this ski mask is for you then with its octopus like tentacles extending from the nostrils area. It gives traditional bearded ski-masks, balaclavas and half-masks a run for their money with its innovative and fun design. It is made from wool so you know it is going to be very soft and warm. You should not mistake it for a costume component as it does the job very well of keeping you snug and comfortable in those chilly winter days.

Why We Liked It – This item is a funny yet operational gear perfect for both men and women. It is knitted so can snuggly accomodate any dome measurement. There is plenty of variety to choose from in terms of colors. If you want to give someone something cute this powder season, this adorable ski mask would be it.

11. Mountain Hardwear Men’s Snowboard Balaclava

halved face mountain hardware for snowboarding

This part ski mask from Airshield is known to be very cozy. It will accomodate quite snuggly even if you wear it under a hood or helmet which you most likely would as it is only a halved balaclava. It is stretchable balaclava and has venting ability in areas where there is ample amount of ventilation. It is a good choice for those men who work outdoor and require something soft and comfortable around the clock.

Why We Liked It – This balaclava fully covers the neck and is a good combo with a hood or helmet. Some people do not want a full close-fitting garment when they are wearing ski helmets so this helps extend the safety and warmth of the ski helmet.

12. Seirus Innovation 8030 Neofleece Half Facemask

stylish perforated head protection

Seirus has produced and innovative product to keep your face and neck warm during winter ski adventures. The Neofleece has four way stretch construction and increasingly warm insulation. It is a combo of Seirus Innovation and Ploratec Neofleece which results in the top choice you could find in a price tag that is quite low. It has Velcro closure to give you a snugly fit. The outer shell of this full ski mask is very strong and will ensure that it will last for many seasons to come. It is a favorite for many who permanently reside north of the Equator and need something to keep their nostrils and part below the chin warm.

Why We Liked It – It is a good combination of two good things that make it easy for you to breathe through the cloth without accumulating any moisture. It works out with your helmet and eye protectors for any kind of cold weather outdoor fun.

13. Anon Deringer SnowFall Goggles & Ski Mask

You don't have anything else after this Anon

This is a must have combo of goggles and mask because it is of high quality and durable so you are good to go for quite a lot of winters to come. With snapback closure things get pretty easy. Let us be honest, the eye visors look pretty cool and the MFI mask adds all the more protection and heat necessary for winter fun. Skiing would not be complete without proper protection and for that you require top quality which Anon Deringer is bound to deliver.

Why We Liked It – This combo looks very stylish with both accessories boasting a nice turquoise print on the all-black construction. It also comes with an MFI Bag to keep the goggles safe and secure.

14. Airhole Adult Star Wars Snowmobile Facemask

Star Wars style skull cover

Here is something from Airhole for all those Star Wars fans with the Snowmobile Facemask. The weather resistant outer of the Airhole snow-board mask provides ample protection from power, rain and winds. The inner is made from a soft and warm fleece which packs enough heat to keep the skin warm on those chilly days. It is a convenient product with anti-hair pulling Velcro. It can be paired with a hood to provide complete protection for snow-boarding or any other outdoor activity in winter like mountain climbing.

Why We Liked It – It is very funky accessory for winter with its Star War inspired print. Anyone who is fan of this sci-fi series would love to boast it out in cold weather. Plus it does the job right and keeps you snug.

15. ECYC Full Face Cool Novelty Masks

an ideal novelty fleece lined for women

Calling out all the animal lovers as here is a snow-board mask they will absolutely adore. This hood can both be considered a winter protection and costume with an animals head printed on it. The thing covers your face, ears, nostrils entirely and the snugly fitment keeps them warm. The stretchable cloth makes it good for everyone from teenager to adults, from men to women. It is good for both regular and lining under helmets.

Why We Liked It – It is a fun piece of ski gear that anyone can carry and look adorable in. It also is quite lightweight and portable. You can just take it off and put in the pocket during ski expeditions or mountain climbing. Unlike many other close-fitting garments, it is incredibly cheap.

16. Knitted Black Robber/Burglar Face Cover

A perfect woolen companion for outdoors

This is a knitted full ski facemask that reaches and covers your chin below part too. Whether you do the sport like ski or not, this is a good mask to have in your winter wardrobe. Since this is knit wear, it can stretch to any dome measurement without being tight or uncomfortable. There are three precisely cut holes for your eyes and mouth so you do not have to take it off to have a drink. It can be worn just like that or as lining under a helmet whatever you like. It is made from 100% acrylic materials which add heat.

Why We Liked It – It is a cheap and reliable solution to the cold temperature. It is portable too so you can just keep it in your pocket and rock it once things get chilly and intolerable. The knitwear is very soft against your skin which tends to be extra sensitive in cold weather.

There are several kinds of ski covers, each mask may suit different requirements. To help you cut through the jargon and find the most suitable product, we will take you through a detailed buying guide.

What is a Balaclava?

protect yourself on the slopes with this dark coverA balaclava is a type protection (kind of a mask) that covers the entire face leaving some space for eyes, nostrils and mouth. The name originates from the Battle of Balaclava that was fought in Crimea. This balaclava was utilized during this battle for the very first time and therefore came to be known by the same name. Since this war was happening in Ukraine where the winter is brutal, soldiers needed a mask that could protect their skin as well like the balaclava. Traditionally they were made from cotton or wool but now they are made using a wide variety of materials like nylon, acrylic and neoprene. Balaclavas are also dubbed as ski masks as people rock them during ski and also for snow-boarding and hiking. The main purpose of this is to provide a warm environment which is essential in tough winters.

A balaclava can be worn in a number of ways. If you so choose you can turn balaclava into what is called a gaiter. If you take the hood down of the close-fitting garment and just keep the neck covered then that is called neck gaiter which is essentially the same as warmers. These products are unisexual and usually come in one measurement only. For this reason these usually apply elastic materials to provide ample flexibility and some even have Velcro to provide a few inches of adjustment on either side.

A balaclava is a kind of snowfall mask which covers the entire face. These accessories are not all the same and many companies put their own twists into their fleece products. Some have hole to provide venting and are stylized with logos. The majority are minimally designed and come in dark colors.

What is the right fitment for me?

the right fitment for youYou will see that the top ski, snowboard and mountain-masks including balaclava and half are advertised as one measurement fits all. This means that it can fit every adult no matter what age or sex they are. This holds true for most of these especially those from good brands like Nike or Airhole. So you should not have to worry about fitment of the balaclava-masks too much.

Sometimes these full or semi masks do have some dimensions given like the length of the mask or the circumference. Note that this would not be the actual measurement of that these hats can easily stretch and therefore increase in size. However, if you are very particular about the measurement of the ski mask find the one that is adjustable with straps or Velcro. Some types of ski accessories give a little room for adjustment should you feel like the ski mask is not really your size. These products stick very close to the skin and have contours that are designed keeping in mind the human cheek structure. The child would usually have their own size of the ski mask like balaclava or half types which is also only one size. So, you got to be a little more cautious when choosing a mask for your children.

Material and Feel

some of the materials utilized in these clothing accessoriesThe materials used in full, half and bandannas are nylon, cotton, acrylic, neoprene and wool. In modern days these ski-masks, the material nylon and neoprene are the most popular materials especially for these items. It is both soft and light and since it is cheap, it is made from this stuff as it is usually the cheapest. There is no direct answer as to which cloth is the excellent for ski masks as each has its own qualities and benefits. It boils down to your own preference as to which quality suits you and which you prefer the most.

Wool is the softest element for any mask and knitted ones are all wool. If you are looking for something toasty and very soft then wool ski mask should be the top choice. However, wool masks can get a bit itchy for some skin types so ensure your skin is fine with this products material. Neoprene is an elastic and long-lasting substance that is commonly found in divided ski masks as well as other kinds too (neodanna). This close-fitting garment’s substance is deeply water resistant, excellent for areas that have rain and snowfall all through the wintertime and of course for ski. Nylon is light, water resistant and stretchable too. You will see that many of the top balaclavas and other types of protection of this element have other material incorporated as well like polyester or spandex. This is for making hats stronger and durable which is essential for snowboard exercise.

Many people are concerned with nylon or polyester gathering up moisture and therefore harvesting bacteria in their ski masks the same as balaclava or neodanna (half neoprene ski mask plus bandanna). This usually is not the case as these are made breathable with perforations that allow timely venting so as to evaporate the moisture in time. Secondly, some have anti-bacterial properties that do not let any kind of bad odor exist in the face shelter. If you sweat a lot then ensure you buy a ski mask that is breathable and anti-bacterial.

Face and Neck Coverage

what can it coverYes, the highest quality of full ski masks, the same as balaclavas, hide the face and neck entirely and that is the whole point of them. Of course, these balaclava or other types of ski masks do leave out space for your eyes. Some of these products even have hole for mouth and ears but every other part of the face is covered snugly by the ski mask.

Half covers usually hide the lower section from nostrils till your chin. If you want caps that dont cover your head during your Alpine-skiing session, then a half mask is the one to go for. These too have hole for ventilation. However, if you solely want to hide your neck then dont go for one of these products, but instead, buy a warmes. You can add this to a fit ski mask like balaclava or even a part one to increase assurance although the ski mask itself is enough for both the face and the area below chin.

If you have varying needs as sometimes you want coverage of neck or just the face then a balaclava would be the top option for you. They can be worn in several ways like a gaiter, cap or part ski mask. This is why they are suited for wearing in cold countries for both regular use and sport exercise similar to Alpine-skiing, boarding or mountain climbing. A balaclava can be quickly changed to whatever your require is at that hour. Full covers also prove very toasty when utilized as a lining under helmets in sports. Especially when they are fleece lined.

Integration With Goggles

eye-wear to go withYou will see that all of these essentially leave space for eyes only where the eye protectors will sit. Most people buy these separately and they work with almost all kinds of products. Since these types stick close to the skin they do not really come in the way of the goggles.

You can also find that have eye visors already integrated with them. These are good for those who strictly wear the mask for ski, snowboard or other adventurous exercise involving mountains. Obviously, this option with goggles is more expensive than buying a ski mask alone. However, you might find something that is a bit of a bargain on the visors as you get a ski mask too in the price of a goggle. Both these are essential for all activities in the powder as your face needs complete assurance from tough and cold winds and of course all that snowfall you will be flying at yourself when you ski and snowboard on the mountain. This is why it is useful to always stunt a close-fitting garment or at least half mask paired with these products during these outdoor activities.

Are bandannas warm?

warm covers for the slopesThe temperature of bandanna depends on the cloth utilized in it. If you are buying a bandanna to provide temperature during ski then go for the one made with fleece material as it keeps the body heat retained. Whether you wrap it around your dome or rock it as a mask to cover face or neck, you should be able to feel enough warmness. Many people stunt these instead of these items listed because they look stylish with a lot of color and print choices to play with. These windproof stoppers are one dimension fits all type of wearable that fits all heads. Choosing a cotton one is not recommended for wintertime as they are light and will not retain so much heat. Also, they get wet pretty fast so they will disrupt your slope activities. You can also stunt bandana as a lining under your helmet instead of full ones when doing any sport in the cold.

Many people now love the new type of ski mask which is a combo of mask and bandanna, the neodanna. It works out great when you want both the temperature of a ski mask and a little bit of style. If you are concerned about the bandanna being not too toasty or protective then this is the top alternative.


materials usedIt is important to know about the cloth applied in the ski mask like full balaclava or half face before you buy. This usually determines the level or heat and comfort the balaclava mask or any other kind of mask would provide. The comfort is also a personal preference parameter as some people find some materials more comfortable than others. The materials used in these product are generally cotton, nylon, neoprene, acrylic, wool and polyester. Many times the fabric in the two types is a mixture of these different materials. Some snowboard masks also have a little bit of spandex in them which makes them more elastic. This is usually required to ensure the balaclava or part mask one measurement fits all kind of wearable. Wool of course is the softest and warmest and for some that is what they prefer, but fleece is usually used in knitted and snowboard windproof covers instead. A more popular and rather cheaper option is nylon and you will see that most ski masks utilize this material only. This is because it is light, soft and very cheap. Neoprene is also very elastic cloth and many good brands like Airhole utilize it in their face balaclavas.


selecting the ideal measurementMost of the highest quality are usually one measurement that fits all faces which is mostly true as they are made from stretchable materials and virtually any kind of face can be fitted. Choosing the correct product with Velcro at the back allows you to adjust it a few inches. This provides you the greatest opportunity to ensure the balaclava is an excellent fitment for your measurement.

Most of the windproof masks are usually unisexual too. Neck warmers and bandannas may have some prints dedicated to women or men in particular. Other ski accessories especially balaclavas are minimal and come in solids that can be worn by both sexes. As for children, you will have to find the ones that are suited for children’s faces. These balaclavas and other types too are one measurement for all children which means that they will not require another snowboard shelter until they reach late teenage years.

Choosing the design

various styles of wintertime accessoriesThe designs are many for each kind of these items for wintertime sports. The additional customizations are added to designs to improve the overall functionality. Some designs come with small holes over mouth or ears to provide necessary ventilation so as to dry up any moisture. It is really up to you which design suits you and your needs. Choosing a mask can give you a multi-functioning equipment that can take whatever shape you prefer. If you want a stylish and not an old-school mask then a bandana or neodanna made from neoprene would be the top option. You will find many as a combo with other equiptment parts which, if you will, can be very beneficial.


price of these products for the coldThese ski snowboard and mountain covers are not really expensive and a single full balaclava or part mask can last several seasons. However, investing in highest quality ski mask means you pay a bit more but in return you get highest quality like ski or snow-board mask from brands similar to Nike or Airhole. You will find most of these ski or snowboard masks within the range of $5-$50 and can easily find a high quality balaclava mask under $20. Bandannas are usually way cheaper than other kinds of ski or snowboard masks. It entirely depends on your own budget as some people would find spending anything over $20 on a balaclava or other types of warmers as they are too expensive.

Types of Ski and Snowboard Masks

1. Balaclava

a typical balaclava maskBalaclava is a kind of ski mask that is a full mask which covers the 95% with some openings for some parts such as eyes, nose or mouth. The name of balaclava originated from a battle of the same name in the Crimea region where these balaclavas were first worn. There are many ways you can rock the cover. You can rock them as it is, or over the head similar to a cap for ski. Because they cover the head and provide heat, balaclavas mask make a great protection for wintertime sports similar to ski or snowboard and for climbing mountain too.

2. Half Masks

part snow-boarding protectionAs the name suggests, these cover half from the nose towards the chin. Some part covering models have a hole for mouth or small perforations for venting. These make a good choice for moderate wintertime and can be paired with a helmet to complete assurance.

3. Neck Warmers

something to keep you warm in winters outsideWarmers are worn around the neck to provide necessary amount of heat. These are like a shape of a tube and made from soft materials. They can be pulled up to the mouth too to protect from snowfall or dirt similar to a semi mask. Some have a hood attached as well which basically makes them a neck gaiter. This is good for both regular use and outdoor sports such as mountain climbing or snowboard if you have something covering your dome already like a hat or balaclava. Unlike balaclavas, with these you have a little bit room to play with in terms of color and prints. Some basic ones are essentially unisexual.

4. Bandannas

stylish bandannaBandana is a triangular piece of cloth worn around the dome. These can be worn as a lining during tough sports in snowfall similar to mountain climbing. They provide ample heat so to speak but are more suitable for moderate cold. These come in myriads of prints and colors similar to flags, logos, patterns etc. If you want to add a bit of color to your overall outdoor sport kitting these can be worn.

5. Neodannas

Neodannas for extreme weatherThis is a combination of bandannas and the neoprene. This basically covers part of the face and the bandanna covers the chin below part as well. This provides the assurance and heat of this combined with the softness and flair of a bandanna. It is a mountain mask that brings together the benefits of two things. Since it is also a bandanna you get a wide variety of prints to choose from.

6. Designer Masks

designer face coversDesigner masks for ski and snowboard are essentially the same as the other kinds of mask similar to balaclava but with few customizations to ensure the mask unique. The designer items could have perforations or could mix different materials to achieve extra strength and flexibility.

7. Beardskis

stylish and assurance togetherThis is a very fun kind of mask for ski and mountain climbing balaclavas essentially that has synthetic beard on them for both decorative purposes and for providing heat. This is a relatively new kind of ski mask but is gradually getting very popular as mens ski accessories to rock on the slopes.

Took me a while to write this review since there are so many different types of these products and so many to test. I went into all the local slope shops in Colorado to find the various styles and fits to create this review by. If you fancy it, have a suggestion or just want to say hi, please comment below!

If you enjoyed the review, please leave your feedback.

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10 Best Scooters For Kids
10 Best Ride On ToysFor Kids That You Could Buy This Year

When it comes to topscooters for kids the choices are many but still it is difficult to get the right one. The primary reason for this confusion if the fact that you are worried about the safety of your little one. However, what they want is maximum fun. So, it is the mix of safety and modern features that you must look for when buying a kids scooter toy. The good news is, we have made this task easy. Please read on and select the toys that best fits your needs from the list below.

Comparison of Best Scooters For Kids

 Product NameWeightPriceOur Rating
Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter51.01 lbs$$$4.5 Stars
Micro Mini Deluxe Blue5.51 lbs$$4.5 Stars
Razor A5 Lux Girls9.4 lbs$3.5 Stars
Razor A3 Kick Scooter6.95 lbs$$4.5 Stars
Micro Mini Deluxe Scooter4.39 lbs$$4 Stars
Radio Flyer 1EZ-Rider Kids6 lbs$$4.5 Stars
Razor Pocket Mod Electric51.59 lbs$$4 Stars
Yvolution A1 Push Swing Scooter13.5 lbs$4.5 Stars
Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter10 lbs$3.5 Stars
Mongoose R6187TR Zam25.3 lbs$$4.5 Stars

1. Razor E300S Seated Electric Kids

Razor electric seated scooter in grey color


This is perhaps one of the best scooters for kids by Razor as it has so much up on offer. It has an all-steel frame and is powered by a chain based motor. It is pretty fast as you can go up to a speed of 15 mph. The E300 has the 24 volts battery system that provides a continuous sailing alongfor 40 minutes. It is appropriate youngstersas well as late teenagers because of its extra-long and wide structure. It has a height of 42 inches which is good enough for someone very tall. It also has a pink color available so serves as a perfect scooter for girls.

Why we like it: This one has a seat too which adds to the riders ease. You can comfortably sit and enjoy the leisurewhich requires very little effort on your part. It also has a hand brake system that speeds down and stops it whenever you like.

2. Micro Mini Deluxe Blue Age 4-7

Micro mini 3 wheeled blue baby scooter


Micro Mini hardly needs any introduction because it is that popular among parents and kids. It is a great presentfor 4year olds with its adjustable T-bar handlebar. Despite being for kids, it is very sturdy and can stand up to 75 pounds. It uses the lean to steer technology for steering which teaches kids to balance and provides a safer ride. The wheels as well as the fiberglass reinforced deck provide essential shock absorption mechanism that gives the youngstera smooth experience. It is certified by CPSC so absolutely no qualms about the safety of the younger one. Like it’s competitor, the Maxi, this is definitely one to go for.

If you are looking for a scooter perfect for a 2 year old, click here.

Why we like it: What is not to love here? It looks amazing with the transparent tires. The deck has the raised Micro logo which looks pretty cool. Your young one can perform some cool tricks whist whizzing past you on the sidewalk.

3. Razor A5 Lux Girls Scooter

Razor girls scooter in fine pink color


Whether it is a boy or a girl you are buying this scooter for, it has a color for both (blue and pink). It has an air-craft grade aluminum made deck and tube which is also why it is very light weight too. Its handlebar is adjustable so the youngsterwill not outgrow it any time soon. The wheels are quite large with a 200 mm diameter and provide a smooth ride. It is very portable thanks to the easy to fold mechanism. You can use it to get to school or take it to the park as it will roll on uneven surfaces seamlessly.

Why we like it: It is a kids ride on toythat is very much affordable. Its parts are good quality and the overall look is very stylish which ensures that you get good value for your money. Budget is often an important consideration so it makes a good choice when you want something reasonably priced.

4. Razor A3 Children’s Kick Scooter

Razor kick scooter in green


This is a one of the top toys for children aged 5 years or above from this new Razor with its classic look and top quality features. For kids that young control has to be simple which is achieved through the simplefender brake system. It also features the new wheelie bar design. The whole structure is made from premium quality aircraft grade aluminum. It can stand up to 143 pounds and the adjustable height allows it to grow with the young one. It is appropriate for riding purposes only and should not be used for performing stunts. However, this push along toy can very well be the first step towards buying one of thecool pro toys for your kid in a few months.

Why we like it: The classic and minimalistic design of this fun transportation deviceis a definite winner. For those who like their things simple, this one is definitely going to be a favorite. It has an all shinny metallic body with dark green grips and tires that bring a bit of fun.

5. Micro Mini Deluxe 3 Wheeled Scooter

Three wheeled micro mini kids scooter


If you have a little princess at home then this is the greatestgift a girl can have. It has 3 wheels to provide the necessary stability and support for a very young girlwho is only starting to scoot. The T-bar handlebar grows with the child as it adjustable. The lowest height is 17 inches and the highest is 25 inches. Girls as young as 2, can easily ride this and learn to balance. It can stand up to 75 pounds and is very long lasting. The front tires are quite big so run smoothly on surfaces that are uneven or bumpy.

Why we liked it: It can make a perfect birthday present for a girl with its bright pink color. Any youngsterwould love to ride this wherever they go. It teaches them to balance as well with the lean to steer system. Its style and look is just as good as its overall build.

6. Radio Flyer EZ-Rider Kids Scooter

Stylish big wheeled radio flyer kids scooter


It is safe to say that this takes inspiration from a bike as it has a big wheel on the front that makes it similar to a bike, at least when looked from the front. This giant wheel of course is designed to provide an effortless ride that takes into account the uneven surfaces in urban areas. The deck is wide so your son or daughter can put both feet on while scooting. This would make for the perfect gift and children as young as 3 years can ride it easily. And it weighs only 6 pounds despite having a large sized wheel. It requires some assembly but you will be done in less than 15 minutes.

Why we liked it: Its unique design makes it our favorite in this list. It looks very cool with the big wheel and red bars. Any totwould love to take this out and will definitely earn some fans.

7. Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter

Razor purple electric scooter



This is one of the greatest toysfor chicks. Itreminds you of old times with its vintage toy design. Unlike Razor’s pro scooter, this one is appropriate for teenagers and can stand a weight of 170 pounds which is good enough for an electric scooter. Pocket Mod Electric is one of Razor’s newesttoy range. It has a chain based motor with twist grip acceleration control. You get variable speeds and can go as fast as 15 mph. On full charge the range is up to 10 miles (roughly 40 minutes). The tires are sturdy pneumatic large sized 12 inches that absorb nasty shocks and give a smooth uninterrupted ride. It has two 12 volts sealed batteries so essentially 24 volts of rechargeable battery.

Why we liked it: The looks a lot like a Vespa and therefore looks quite funky. The color choice is plenty with 6 colors including Betty, Sweet Pea, Navy, Vapor, Hot Red and Pink. Both genders would love to push this toyto class or practice.

8. Yvolution A1 Push Swing Scooter

Yvolution stylish push scooter


The perfect gift? The new Yvolution knows how to start a revolution and that is what they are doing with this model with a unique design. It is essentially a 3 wheel scooter but the two wheels at the back are separated. The deck consists of two bars extending from the handlebar and has a wheel at the either end. There is a board on each bar for the rider to place their foot. This unique design allows better drifting action so therefore it can be considered topfor performing stunttricks. For this reason, it has a quick response hand brake that lets you control your projectionefficiently.

Why we liked it: This particular itemis a result of the constant drive of manufacturers to really innovate and improve the riding experience of their little riders. It is a cutting edge design that is fun to look at too. Someone with a love for performing tricks would love to give this thing a try

9. Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

Fuzion pro toy in purple and white colors


The new Fuzion Pro X3 Scooter is one of the recommended toys in the market right now and for all the right reasons. It is top quality, sturdy, safe and good value for money. It has a 20 inches long strong yet light aluminum based deck. The handlebar is attached by a triple bolt clamp that keeps the structure firm and rigid during your pro stunts. The 100 mm wheels provide a nice balance between performing stunts and riding. The strong Batwig bar is 18 inches wide and equipped with soft Pro hand grips. It is the top giftfor kids who have mastered scooting and now are looking to perform stunts.

Why we liked it: Fuzion is a brand that is renowned for their pro toys and it goes without saying that their items for saleare designed to be durable. Obviously when you are paying so much for something, you need it to last long.

10. Mongoose R6187TR Zam

A pefect mongoose scooter for young females


This Mongoose scooter looks similar a bike with its large 12 inches Nylon wheels. Due to this, it is perfect for riding outdoors on pavements where there are cracks too. The handlebar style is inspired by BMX and provides necessary support for firmly holding on to the bar while riding. It is a bit heavy with over 19 pounds of weight but nothing a young girl cannot handle. The spring action foot pedal brakes ensure that the rider stops in a controlled fashion. The whole structure is made from a strong alloy and therefore is very durable.

Why we liked it: The bright pink color of this model is perfect for females who love scooting. It is a good start for preparing them for bike riding. With this in their hands, they will get a taste of BMX too.

Useful Item Guide

Do you have a scooter kid at home? This guide is going to make your search simpleif you’re looking for a brilliant gift or toy that can help get them to work or the skate park. We have researched some of the topscooter brands and included the key takeaways in the guide below. This guide is equally helpful for parents looking for the highest ratedscooter for both genders.

Scootering is one of the most favorite things for many kids around the world. Ever since their advent the scene has only seen increasing popularity. These carefully designed itemsare designed keeping in view the size, height, weight and the needs of the kids. As a parent you want to get the best out of the toysfor kids and in order to do that there are numerous things you should know about. Before we move on, the ideal age for kids to be riding is 4. Some parents want to buy the perfect presentfor 2 year old but we think that this too young of a age for scooter.

Three Wheeled Scooters

3 wheeled stylish scooterFor kids aged less than 5 years, a three wheeled toyis a must whether you are buying a normal or an poweredone, although the latter are better for older kids only. The three wheels as opposed to two provide better stability which is essential for a kid this young as they cannot balance themselves. The additional wheel is usually on the front and the rear wheel is made wide to match this stability. For this reason, the deck is also wider as compared with two wheeled models.
You will often read the term lean to steer for these toys for toddlers. It means that your son or daughter will have to lean to turn the thing and the handlebar plays no role in this. This technique is there to improve support as well as their intuition about directions. Children as young as 2 years old can scoot, so parents should buy them these toysbecause they are fun and help improve their walking and balancing.

Brands & Pricing

If you want to buy from the top brands that produce the highest quality toy, then you might have to spend a bit more. However, that is not always the case as some brands are good quality yet a lot cheaper. Razor, for instance, is just one such brand whose productsare cutting edge, high standard and affordable. Other famous brands for kids are Micro, Fuzion, Mongoose and Apex. Brand is a personal choice but when you buy from a brand that is known for its products quality and durability, you have more satisfaction that you spend the money in the right place because after all everyone wants the highest quality of itemsfor their kids.
The pricing of toys varies greatly and not all cheap baby products are low quality. You can easily find a decent model in under $100 while some high end models may cost over $200. Powered toys are much more expensive than these kick ones and can cost upwards of $500. Ideally, you want a giftthat meets your needs while staying in your budget. Our list is here to help you do just that as it has some great but affordable excersize machines to polish your kids scooting skills.

Electric vs. Kick Scooters

Pink stylish scooter for kidsElectric toys do not need to be pushed by a kick off the ground in 2017 and utilize a motor and battery to run these cool rides. These usually are heavier than a push along ones and are
appropriate for older kids or teenagers. There are many powered scooting products out there and these tend to be expensive. They usually cost hundreds of dollars. As for performance, they can go pretty fast but speed varies from one model to another. For kids these battery poweredvehicles can go up to a speed of 15 mph which is decent and safe enough considering a child is on it. The only benefit of motorized toys is the comfort they provide as they do the kick work for you with their motors.
In comparison, kick toy products are lighter so a lot easy to handle and carry. These are good for teaching the young onehow to balance and most kids essentially use these before going for the powered ones. Another great advantage is that they require no charging of course so you are not bound to have it charged before hitting the street or park. And these are the only oneswhich you can perform tricks and stuff.

Replacing Parts

When it comes to kids, the truth is no matter how strong the thing is there is a great chance that perhaps a part will come loose or wear out with time. Therefore another important consideration is the availability of parts because if they can be replaced easily you will not have to buy a brand new toy. Luckily enough, here in 2017, you can easily find parts from many brands like Micro or Razor. So if something wears out you can just buy the part and make the productas good as new.

Choosing the RightOne For You

Amidst all the jargon it can get increasingly confusing as to which itemto choose. So here are few pointers to help you understand things and make the right decision:

  • If you are buying for a youngster then focus on the weight and stability of the scooter. You should buy the lightest model you can find especially if the toddler is 2 or 3 years old and just beginning to scoot. Also check for the height of the bar to ensure that it reaches the waist of the kid. Choose an adjustable one so the fun transportation devicegrows with the child at least for a few years.
  • For kids 5 or older, a two wheeled scooter is also appropriate. Here too similar conditions apply so the lighter it is the better it will be for them to maneuver. If you think your child will need to take it out a lot then choose the one that is foldable. This way it will be much easier to hold it in your arms or put it in the boot of the car.
  • Generally, the bigger the wheels the smoother the comfortis so if you live in a vicinity with bumpy surfaces, tires 120 mm or above should be chosen. You can even go for the bike style toys that have large wheels. With these you can prepare them for the bike rides too and teach them to balance properly.
  • If the child has been scooting for some years and can perfectly balance this year in 2017, then they can try out the pro toys that can allow them to perform stunts. These are products dedicated especially to this purpose and have smaller wheels, fixed bars and very light weight structure. The highest rated brands for these are Apex, Micro, Madd Gear Pro and Sacrifice.
  • When going for the poweredoption, make sure to check out all the specifications about the battery like if it is 24 volts and also about the performance as to how fast it is and what range it has. The latter is very important and should match with your needs. These toys are getting quite popular and you can easily find customized ones like pink colored for females.

Protective Safety Gear

Protective helmet for your ridersWhen it comes to kids toys then safety is a primary concern for all parents. Manufacturers all around the world are continuously improving the technology used for making these and as a result we are seeing models that are very safe and secure. Whether it is a toddler riding or a teenager, the scooter parts are sturdy and fixed firmly so no mishap happens. Usually for this very concern people buy from trusted brands to ensure that their kids toysare safe.
Of course safety is not limited to the products only; you have to take responsibility as well. You need to buy helmets and ensure that the personwears it every time he or she goes out. We recently reviewed the best scooter helmets for kids and we recommend your child wears one whilst riding. When your child starts performing stunts then it is also important to make sure that they wear knee and elbow pads.

1. Whats the best scooter for 4 year olds?

Kids aged 4 are very small and are still developing their balancing and riding skills. Kids as young as 2 years can easily pushtoys so there is no issue with a 4 year old riding it. Of course, stability is a primary requirement for this age so only three wheeled scooters should be used.
A very popular choice for kids this age is Micro Mini Deluxe. This three wheeled scooter is perfect for little ones in every way as it is designed to provide the necessary support with its two wheels on the front and the wide wheel on the rear end. It uses the lean to steer technology that requires the boy or girlto lean right or left to turn. This works out great for keeping them balanced and teaching them how to turn directions. It also has a soft grip for them to hold on to the bars.
Another great thing about this particular model is that it has adjustable handlebar height. That means that it can grow with your child. Most parents are concerned that a child this small will soon outgrow a toy so why buy something expensive? This is not going to be the case here as you can easily adjust the T-bar height wherever your child finds it comfortable.
It also comes in an array of colors so whether you have a girl or a boy, you will find something they will love. And it looks absolutely fantastic so your kid will look very cool taking it out for a spin. Yes, they can even kick-pushthem outside on driveways or parks. It is good considering your young onewill soon use a two wheel scooter. In order to get to that stage, they should be riding a three wheels one that teaches them the right way to balance and gives them a taste of scooting. Although, not advisable but if you’re looking for a fun transportation device for your 3 years old you should also keep the above in mind. Click here for more reviews.

2. What scooters do the funk bros use?

The Funk bros, Corey and his older brother Capron use the Apex Pro. They have been winning competitions all around the world for their amazing scooting skills. Corey has traveled to so many countries like Australia, UK and Spain showing his scooting and stunt skills. He is considered as the number one scooter champ in the United States. They use Apex Pro for all their rides and competitions.
Apex is an Australian brand known for their stunt toys. Their products are extremely lightweight hence the choice for all the pro riders. So many childrentake inspiration from the funk bros and want to become stunt riders like them. Of course that means they have to learn to scoot first and then move on to learning to perform tricks. It is important to buy these kids high quality toys according to their age so they progress fast.

3. Whats the best scooter for 5 years olds?

When your kid is 5 years old, they are big enough to ride even a two wheeled scooter. Keeping that in mind, the Flyer EZ rider is the best product for them. It is innovative, sturdy and yet simple to handle for a kid that young. Its big front wheel is designed to absorb shocks and give a smooth ride even on rough surfaces. Since your kid is 5, they will most definitely take it outside to travelwith their friends. And outside the surfaces are not very smooth as most urban or even suburban pavements are filled with cracks. For this reason the Flyer EZ is a great choice for riding outdoors too.

Despite the big wheel and strong structure, it is not heavy so a five year old kid can easily push it without getting tired. Since these kids have already ridden three wheeled productsthey can easily ride one with only two. This prepares them enough to try out stunt toys later as they grow. Also, it has the handlebar that is inspired by BMX. So they also get a taste of bike riding along the way. For all these reasons, this model is definitely the highest rated scooter for a 5 year old child.

4. Whats the best scooter for 6 year olds?

Please keep the below points in mind if you’re looking for this toy for 6 yr old.

At this age, the kids have grown enough to travel ona regular toy that is advanced from what we usually call a toddler scooter. These are usually first grade kids and can even use it to go to school. So the top choice for these kids is Razor’s A3 Kick Scooter. It is a product that is designed to be very convenient. With its simple folding mechanism, it is so much natural to just fold it and carry anywhere. And when we talk about carrying, taking into consideration weight is necessary. Its weight is very light and will almost feel like a feather when you have to hold it. This works out great for parents too because they are the ones who have to carry it to the parks and all.
It has a simple design yet looks very cool because of its shiny parts. This one too has adjustable bar height so it can easily grow with the child. The wheels are quite sturdy and can take even very tough surfaces. This one is a perfect bridge between the comfortable toddler specific ones and the advanced pro ones that require a little bit riding experience. Any 6 year old can master this one in a matter of days. Luckily for parents, it is quite affordable too which is what they are famous for.

5. Whats the best scooter for 7 years old?

Perfect scooter for kidsThe A3 can be ridden by a 7 year old too but if you want something a tad bit more advanced and appropriate for this age group then we recommend Fuzion X3 Pro. Why? By this time if your kid has been riding ever since he or she was a toddler, then they are more than ready to start riding a pro scooter. At this age, children start learning to perform stunts and tricks. So obviously to master these skills they need something that supports it.
The Fuzion X3 is optimized for stunts as it has a rigid and fixed handlebar with a triple bolt clamp. The structure is super light which is helpful when performing scootering stunts.At this age children are already skilled at scooting and want to try something new and exciting so they go for pro and stunt models that are specifically designed for these purposes. Any kid who loves this adventurous sport would want to start on early and this age rangeis the perfect age for that.
Fuzion is brand known widely in the world of scooting and their core purpose is to make high end stunt models that are sturdy yet lightweight to optimize the skills of these budding riders. Safety is always a concern for parents so they should opt for the most lightweight structure. Of course since wearing a helmet is always necessary and parents should ensure that the kid is wearing one at all times when riding.

6. Whats the best scooter for kids aged 8 years or above?

Ideal razor product for kids8 years is old enough to start riding an electric scooter. In fact they do not even need to ride three wheeled motorized onesas they have developed the skills to control the ride. So a good choice for these childrenis the Razor E300S as it is fast and advanced as compared with regular toys without batteries and motors. This one is a great product from them as it can withstand quite a lot of weight and can go up to a speed of 15 mph. They would probably want to ride their way to the school and this provides a very comfortable ride. They can even sit on the seat provided and the ride can last for 40 minutes. This means that they can go to the school and come back on charging it to 100%.
It is good for older kids as well as teenagers so they can continue to ride it for a long timeto come provided it is maintained well. The company are dedicated to producing quality models that are affordable too and the E300S is just one of those products that bridge the gap between quality and low price. A powered toy can be very expensive so this one is definitely a winner when it comes to great value for money.
The structure is wide and long enough to accommodate all sizes. The varying colors give enough choice for both genders. The pink version of course is going to be loved by all the girls. It is very simple to control and the speed is enough to get them to places in time teaching them a very important trait in life, punctuality.


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Best Skateboard Decks for Maximum Fun

Best Skateboard Decks for Maximum Fun

Best Skateboard Decks for Maximum Fun

The skateboard deck is without question an important part of your skateboard. It is the board that you stand on and it bears all your weight. If you are deciding to build your own skateboard, the first thing you will need is a good quality deck. Even with a complete board, you will have to replace the deck depending on how much you use it.
Decks may seem simple but they come in a variety of styles and sizes. For making the best buying decision, you should know which size and style is suitable for what kind of skateboarding style. It will determine what your skateboard will be capable of doing.

Cobra painted skateboard deck

Toy Machine Skateboards Cobra Rattler Skateboard Deck


This deck is an attention grabber mainly because of the bizarre characters on the panel (A one eyed what looks like a stomach with a cobra wrapped around it). The size (31.75 x 7.87) is decent enough for both beginners and experienced skateboarders. It is definitely more towards the high end decks because of the hefty price tag. Good thing is you have multiple mounting holes so you can adjust the wheelbase according to your suitability. If you are really into funky things and want your skateboard to be the same, this should be your choice.

Plan B skateboard decks in orange color

Plan B Skateboards Torey Pudwill Savages Skateboard Deck

This is a pretty wide deck suitable for tall skateboarders. It comes with a sheet of Jess up die cut grip tape. It is a versatile deck that can work well for different skateboarding styles like street, park or vert. This product delivers value for money because of its strong North American maple play construction. The print is pretty cool as well boasting a roaring lion in the center. The grip tape comes separately so it is to your own discretion whether you want to use it or not.

Blind zombie skateboard deck

Blind Zombie Kevin Romar Skateboard Deck


Could anything be more gothic than zombie rooster plucking out an eye? This one is for those who either love zombie movies or heavy metal music. Containing 7 layers of high quality Canadian maple ply, this deck is not all Goth but quality too. This board is stiff as well because of the strong epoxy glue used in the construction. With pre drilled holes, all you have to do is fix trucks and wheels and you can head to your nearest park.

Baker logo skateboard deck

Baker Brand Logo Deck-8.0


If you are looking for something a tad bit simpler, this black and white deck could make the cut. It does, however, boast a larger than life Baker logo. Baker is a well-known name in the world of skateboards, so essentially the deck is top quality. Independent trucks can go well with this deck. At 8 inch width, it is a wide deck suitable for teenagers and adults. It is also not so expensive so definitely good value.

Lightweight element skateboard deck

Element Steel Black 8.5


This deck is constructed to be very lightweight with its so called feather light construction. With its solid black front and an Elements logo in the center, it is safe to say that this deck is a statement maker. The wheelbase is 14 inches wide which is good enough according to the length which is over 32 inches. This deck too is wide with 8.5 inches width. The highlighting quality of this deck is its affordable price. You get a decent board with good construction at a lower rate than most of the decks on this list.

Zero signature skateboard deck for maximum fun

Zero Signature Bold Sandoval Skateboard Deck


This is another beauty with the brands name all over it. Anyone can recognize the name Zero with Jamaican flag themed strokes. With a promise of durability, this board has quality 7 ply Canadian maple ply with resin epoxy glue which ensures that the layers stick together no matter how roughly it is used. This too makes a good choice for an affordable deck if you so happen to have a limited budget for your skateboard.

One of the best skateboard decks for girls

DGK Skateboard Deck


If you are a girl skateboarder looking for a deck that represents all the colors inside you, this would be it. Although, even guys can use this deck with tie and dye panel and a big slanting DGK logo.
Combining quality and style, this board brings the best possible skateboarding experience. It is lightweight as well weighing 2.7 pounds. DGK skateboard decks are pretty common and come in myriads of colors and styles, so you will definitely look trendy.

Jaws skateboard deck

Birdhouse Skateboards Germ Jaws Deck


This one is bound to give you a pro skateboarding experience. It makes a safe buy because of the warranty from the manufacturer. Most probably, you will not have to avail this warranty because of its 100% maple ply construction. There is a distinct professional feel in certain decks and this one has that. If your end game is becoming a pro skateboarder that is master of all kinds of tricks, this deck could very well be the start. Besides quality, it has a cool yellow monster printed on a green background, pretty much hard not to like.

Best skateboard deck for beginners

Enjoi Cat Series R7 Skateboard Deck


The purpose behind this deck is quite self-explanatory by the brand name: enjoy. Created by a team of professional skateboarders, this board is good for beginners and pros alike even though it is wide. It is best for cat lovers among the skateboarding community and goes to show how much you love and adore cats. With its stiff make, you will get cat like speed and agility in your rides.

Alien workshop skateboard deck for extra safety

Alien Workshop OG Halftone Assorted Veneer Deck

This deck includes a Jess up die grip tape too so you can add more support into your skateboard. With easy assembly and good quality, it is designed to be used by beginner and professionals both. No matter what style of ride you have, it should be suitable for you. The panel is not too loud so best suitable for those who like things rather simpler. Durability is a given thanks to its 7 ply maple construction using North American wood.

Definitive Skateboard Deck Buyers Guide


Skateboard decks come in various lengths but width is generally between 7-10 inches. The size you choose also depends on what kind of surface you will be skating on. Here are the general features of a deck:


Ideal width of a skateboard deckLength of the skateboard deck is the vertical distance between the two tips, the nose and the tail. The length varies for different kinds of skateboards. For example, Penny boards come in 22 and 27 and a short board can have a length anywhere from 28 to 32. One common mistake that skateboarders make is to choose skateboard depending on length only. While length is important, width is equally important if you want a good skateboarding experience.


The width of the board will determine how smooth your skateboarding is and what your style is. Average width of a skateboard deck is 7.5 to 8.25. If it is too wide for your feet and height, you will not have a stable ride. If it is too narrow, it will be hard to balance the skateboard. For late teenagers and adults, 7.5 width is fine. For street skateboarders, a smaller width will do whereas for professionals who skate on ramps and pipes a wider width is better.


Wheelbase in a skateboard deckOn your deck you can see the holes on either side which are called mounting holes. The distance between these holes on each side is called the wheelbase. In other words, it is the distance between the two sets of wheels on your skateboard. The average wheelbase is 13-15 inches. Usually there is only one wheelbase length, but on some boards there are multiple truck holes so you get varied wheelbase. Again, this distance will be determined by your experience and can greatly affect your performance.

Nose and Tip

The two ends of the deck are dubbed as the nose and tip. There is no definite way to distinguish the two but the nose tends to have a bigger kick.


The curve between the nose and tail is called the concave. There are several kinds of concaves in skateboard decks and determine the control of your ride.


The edges of the deck along the length are called the rails and are of high importance as they can affect your ride. The rounded rails are the most common and are good for doing tricks. The sharp rails are good for providing grip to your shoes. There is a third type as well called the gas pedal rails. These are special kind of rails that are not do sharp and
reduce the concave of the board. These give more control to the rider with the help of the concave of the deck.


The heightened curve at the tail or nose of the deck is called the kicktail. This kicktail is your ultimate weapon to all the tricks in the world of skateboarding. Not just tricks, even sharp turns, slides and pivots can be aided by these. These help you do ollies which is like the most basic skateboarding trick. Longboards usually have subtle kicktails as opposed to short boards.

Different Concave Shapes

The concave of the deck can determine how much control you have during your rides. The purpose of the concave is to provide more foot hold which a flat board cannot provide. Here are the different kinds of deck concaves:


This is the most common concave you will find in most decks. It can be considered as an arc of very big circle or a subtle U shape. It provides better grip to your feet which is essential whether you are just riding or performing tricks.


This concave is similar to radial but the central part is more flat and the edges higher so as to provide a better locking position for your feet.

W Concave

This curve resembles the letter W and it does not extend to the entire length, only towards the tail. The extra curve allows a smoother energy shift from heel to toes which helps in turning the skateboard.


Flat decks are very rare and they are usually part of old school styled longboards. These decks, however, provide a lot of room for feet.

Camber V/S Rocker

There is another curve in the deck you should know about which is the curve along the length. The camber is raised in the middle whereas the rocker is steep in the middle. Most skateboards tend to be very subtle in both these curves but they affect the flex of your ride. The rocker, for instance, are better for rides on hilly surfaces as the center of gravity is lower. On the other hand, camber has higher center of gravity which is great for some cruise boards. It depends on your use, which provides better support for your needs and the terrain you will ride it on.

Understanding and choosing the different Styles

Now that you know about the different parts of the skateboard deck, you should know about the styles of skateboards. These styles determine the kind of skateboarding style you will have. You should choose the style you want to do and have the experience for. Here is everything you need to know:


These boards as the names suggests are shorter in length and generally good for doing tricks. These get a lot more air
than other kinds of boards. If you are into street or park skateboarding styles, then this is the skateboard for you. Choose the deck that is short in length and provides support for tricks.


Cruiser boards have kicktails but they are optimized for riding only. Again these boards are not too long length wise. They are easy to maneuver and are generally used by both kids and adults.


These skateboards have decks with longer lengths. You can consider them as a skateboard designed for transportation only. Longboards are not good for performing ricks because they tend to be heavier and not easily managed.

Old Schools

This kind of skateboard does not have a kicktail and sometimes has a plain flat deck. If you are looking to get an old school just for riding around, a flat deck or a deck with low or no kicktail should be used. These are also good for skating over ramps.

Materials Used in Skateboard Decks

Where shapes and size determine different riding styles, the material from which the deck is made from determines the quality and life of it. They are generally made from maple, plywood, bamboo, carbon fiber or plastic.
Maple wood is a good material for decks because it is flexible and can easily be molded into the desired shape without compromising on quality. It is also one of the most commonly used materials in this regard. The ply or amount of sheets varies for different boards. All these layers come together and make a strong 7 ply deck. The weight depends on the number of these layers. It is constructed in layers instead of a whole piece of wood to provide extra strength which obviously is necessary.
The carbon fiber and plastic decks are relatively newer and are common for cruise and shortboards. Longboards commonly have wooden boards. The molded plastic is no less strong than wooden boards. Another advantage of plastic is that the skateboard is lightweight which is ideal for kids and skateboarders who want to do tricks. If you want more control and will be carrying around your skateboard a lot, then plastic will make a better choice.
The manufacturing process has refined over the years but the process at its root is essentially the same as it was in the early days, especially for maple board construction. Now newer technologies are being used to make the process easier and the product much stronger and stable.

Pricing & Brands

Decks vary in prices depending on different brands but are generally affordable. You can find a decent quality one in under $100. The important part in choosing the right one for yourself is determining your style and needs and the corresponding size and shape that will best support it. Brand can be a personal preference as long as you are getting the right thing for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the deck last?

Durability is a big concern in any purchase and if you are wondering about the decks life, you should know it depends on both the quality of it and your use. Generally speaking, you will have to replace it anywhere between a few months to two years. It depends on the strength of the deck as to how much weight it can bear and how frequently you use it.
If you are someone who uses skateboards as a mode of transportation, and uses it a lot, for example at a college campus, then buy a deck that is more suitable for riding. That product is made with the prolong use of riding in mind. Penny and cruise boards although short are better for riding purposes as compared with others that are designed for doing tricks. Longboards too can make a good choice, provided you are able to handle them. On the other hand, learning and performing tricks can take a toll on the board too if you are not too experienced.
As for materials, both plywood and plastic are strong and there is no winner here. At some point they will have to be replaced because after repeated use you will feel that your ride is not as smooth as it was on day one. It is a good idea to replace the deck every year so that your performance stays the same.

Kicktail or no kicktail?

Having a kicktail in your board will not affect your ride in a negative way. In fact, with a kicktail it is much easier to make sharp turns and if you are ever going to learn any tricks then this is essential for you. If you are a beginner, you are probably not going to use this part in particular. But as your ride gets stable, you would want the kicktail to play around.
Almost every deck has a kicktail; some have it more prominent and higher than others. If you are really all about tricks and flips then you should get a deck with a proper kicktail. It will help a lot in raising the board to avoid cracks or rocks.

How to maintain the deck?

The life of this crucial component of the skateboard also depends on how good you take care of it. If you maintain it well, chances are it might last longer. For starters, use a cloth to clean it from time to time. You can use a grip tape to decorate it and provide more support. Also, the panel can always be replaced so your board will look as good as new.
It is never a good idea to use the skateboard during rain. If you really must use it in rain or if it comes in contact with water somehow, make sure you dry it just as you get a chance. This is even more crucial for wooden boards because they will soak up water and bend, eventually losing all the strength.


Top Motorized Skateboards
Top Mini Skateboards For School
Best Skateboard Grind Rails in 2017

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14 Of The Best Scooters For Toddlers in 2017

Pic of the top scooters for toddlers in 2017

Scooters are for everyone as toddlers, teenagers and adults all of them have their own kind to ride. These toysare designed keeping in mind the size and age of the rider. For toddlers and very young babies, these tend to be different then for those for teenagers or adults. Of course, children are newbies and they are just scooting for fun so theirs are more focused on safety and stability. As a parent, you are responsible for the safety of your child and naturally you would want the best product for your toddler. Before getting into the buying process, it is important to know everything there is to know about it. That will help you in choosing the topproduct in the best possible price-range.

1. Radio Flyer ‘My 1st Scooter’

Radio flyer 3 wheeled scooter with amazing grip


Any toddler, whose first scooter would be this, will surely enjoy scooting. It has got a wide base to provide the necessary support for your child. Babysas young as two and a half can easily ride it. To provide more stability and ease of steering, the front has two wheels. The grip handle is ergonomically designed and the whole thing can bear up to 50 pounds which is more than enough. It comes in two colors: pink and red so both girls and boys can pushit. Your totwill learn to balance in no time with this thing.

Why we like it: It is a very safe pushwhich is the first priority for all parents. The turning radius is designed in a way to provide extra safety when your totmaneuvers it so they learn very fast.

2. Razor Jr. Folding Toddlers Kick Scooter

Razor Jr. push toy in orange and blue color


This one is a very sturdy model for a mini children’s scooter. Its structure is made from strong steel and aluminum while the base is made from high quality plastic (Polypropelene). It is a three wheel gamewith two wheels at the rear end for stability. It is foldable with an easy fold mechanism that makes it super portable. You can easily fold it and carry it in your arms or put in the boot of your car. It also features soft foam handle grips that are perfect for the delicate hands of your toddler. It is not only strong but very flexible as well.

Why we like it: The wheels are very strong and look absolutely fantastic. They are transparent with orange colored core matching with the handlebar. Made from urethane, they are going to last very long. Your baby totwill love the color and the wheels.

3. YBIKE GLX Childs 3 Wheel Scooter

3 wheeled YBIKE kick toy


The YBIKE GLX is a great choice for newbies learning to scoot. It is a solid three wheel toythat is smooth and balanced. It has a wide ABS reinforced deck to provide support for your little ones. The deck also features raised grips for additional grip. It is perfect for baby tots from 2-5 years old and can withstand weight up to 44 pounds. The rear wheel is extra wide to match the stability of the two front rollers. The bars made from aluminum ensure that the structure is not heavy.

Why we like it: It can rightly be considered a toysversion of Dory from Finding Nemo. The colors blue and yellow match the famous fish character. The black grips on the deck make it even more like it. If your toddler watched this movie, he or she will probably think it is the same fish.

4. Micro Maxi Babies Kick Scooter

Micro maxi kick toy in blue


You know you are getting something high quality when it is designed in Switzerland. The Micro Maxi is a superb product for totsabove 5 years up till 12 years. The wheels are made of top quality PU and are suitable for even rough surfaces of urban areas. This is the toythat brought out the lean to steer technology. Another great thing about this these types of toysis that its parts are replaceable. If you have more than one tot, this can probably be ridden by all of them as one grows up. The T Bar is quite tall with 22 inches height.

Why we like it: There is a wide array of colors to choose from. There is black, aqua, purple, red, blue, green and orange. Whatever color your babylikes they can choose. It looks very cool and pushessmooth too.

5. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Scooter

Fisher-Price scoot toy with amazing balance


This is a very fun mini scooter that is also a teacher, so to speak. Appropriate for very young babies, it has three different shaped buttons. It has 50 learning songs that will teach the childrenabout numbers, shapes, alphabets and phrases. There are three stages so the rhymes advance as your child grows and learns stuff. It is the perfect blend of fun and learning for a growing child. The motion switch turns the songs on as the babypushes it with his legs. It is a sitting so all the more comfortable and good for children who have yet to walk.

Why we like it: What is not to love in this cute little toybut we especially love the buttons with different shapes and symbols that childrenwill love pressing and playing with. And that does not mean it will not last long, it is designed to follow your babyas he or she grows.

6. Little Tikes Lean to Turn Scooter

Perfect scoot toy for your little one from Little Tikes


If you have got a princess in the house, she will especially love it. It has bright pink wheels and handgrips with a black body. It is a three wheeled productwith the front bigger in size. The deck is quite low so as to provide good balance. Lean to steer provides better control when maneuvering. It is good for children ages 2-4 years. The thing only weighs 5 pounds because of its plastic structure. It comes assembled so no hassle of assembly.

Why we like it: It is simply great value for money because of its very cheap retail amount. You get something similar to that from famous brands in a retail tag that is super affordable.Baby tots would grow out of it soon so buying something affordable makes sense for parents.

7. Globber 3 Wheel Scooter For Toddlers

Globber blue and white toddlers scoot toys


Globbers toys and games area good choice if you are looking for something that your child does not outgrow soon. It has an adjustable bar so it can be extended as your child gets taller. For this reason, it is also designed to withstand weight up to 110 pounds as the deck has steel plating to provide extra strength. The youngest age suitable for this is 2 years. The height works with a 3 position latch system with the lowest height being 19 inches and highest being 23 inches. The disksare made from high quality PU to match the overall strength.

Why we like it: It has a secure direction button lock that is very good for baby tots learning to balance in the early stages. It basically locks the steering so your kid does not fall when steering and practices riding it and balancing it.

8. Radio Flyer Scoot-About

Radio flyer scoot toy for assisted stability


The Radio Flyer scooter is very exciting with its all red look and shiny chrome handlebars. It is essentially a four wheeled toywith a seat that is adjustable so it will grow with the child. It has a strong steel frame and is designed to be durable. In this context, they have also included a bumper on the front to protect it from any walls or obstacles your babymight run into. This is important because safety is essential in even three or four wheeled rides that are usually considered safer as compared with two wheeled toysfor babies.

Why we like it: It has a tiny bell on the handlebar that babieswould just love to ring while they push. This is usually there on bikes but with this in hand your kid would be even happier to pushit.

9. YBIKE Kids GLX Cruze 3-Wheel Kick Scooter

Unique design YBIKE kick scoot-toy


This one has a very creative design with a curved bar. The gist behind this design is to give the rider more space especially when leaning. It essentially has all the features from the GLX including the Lean to Steer and raised grip on the deck. Appropriate for baby tots aged 2 to 5, this can withstand weight of 44 pounds only. Just like the GLX the construction and rollers are solid and sturdy. The rubber grips provide stiff grip which just adds to its many qualities. It will help your kid develop a liking for scooting and they may even become pro ridersone day.

Why we like it: The design and colors are absolutely adorable. It comes in two popping styles that mix some bright hues: Raspberry and Turquoise. If a kid is riding something, it should be fun and filled with colors and that is exactly what is going on here.

10. OxGord Pink Lean 2 Turn Kick Scooter

OxGord lean scoot toys for toddlers


This toyis made with tough steel, aluminum and carbon and is designed to last long. It has an adjustable T bar handle that uses a lock to adjust the height. The three wheel design with large sized front rollers gives it a stable state and it just stands when not being ridden. These are made from strong PU and ensure that the rides are smooth even on rough surfaces. It folds quickly and makes it easy for you to carry around wherever your kid goes.

Why we like it: It is super affordable and the manufacturer gives 100% money back guarantee. This is yet another that brings quality together with affordability and many parents will love it for this very reason.

11. Razor Kixi Mixi Green 2 Wheel Scooter

Neat looking green and blue razor toy


It is a super light aluminum made toysthat feels like a feather. It is a two wheeled toysthat can be made into a three wheeled minutes. You can do it on your own following the instructions that come with the product. This means that as your child grows and learns to balance, he or she can try riding it with two wheels, the classic toy and gamesriding style. The folding handlebars and soft foam grips make it very comfortable. It does require a bit of assembly but nothing that will take a lot of time.

Why we like it: It looks super cool as it has a graphical print all over the deck and bars. It comes in two color choices: green and pink. Both colors are inblue and large Kixi logo on the deck. Obviously, if it is Razor it is going to be fun and stylish.

12. High Bounce Max Glider Delux Scooter

High bounce max glider scoot toy with perfect stability


This one from High Bounce is jam packed with quality parts and is for baby tots who are a little more passionate about riding on a toy. It has big disksmade from premium grade PU. The rear wheel is quite wide and together all three can withstand rough surfaces without letting the rider feel a thing. The T bar is adjustable with lowest height of 24 inches and the highest of 36 inches. This is clearly for older babiesthat want to challenge themselves and learn things quickly. It can stand weight up to 132 pounds thanks to its strong build.

Why we like it: It is one of those toysthat grow with the kid and that make it a good investment and value for money. The look also is very stylish with an all-black body and carved deck. There are other colors of course including red, blue and green.

13. Little Tikes Push & Ride Racer

Littles tikes push and ride scooter; great alternative to walkers


It is a great alternative to walker as it is a mix of walker plus ride on. The seat is quite low so the toddlers feet easily reach the ground. With a little kick they can go considerably fast and enjoy the ride. It is made in United States and therefore has high quality construction. It is recommended for children between 9 to 36 months. It has a storage area at the base for keeping any kind of toy.

Why we like it: It has a little back seat for placing a stuff toy which looks super adorable. Toddlers are very attached to their stuffed toys and will scoothappily with them on their back. It is yet another cute feature from Little Tikes that keeps in mind kids joy.

14. Strider Balance Bike Ages 1 to 3 Years

A perfect Strider balance bike for your little one


It is a toyonly that looks a lot like a bike. Strider is dedicated to producing products that improve the balancing ability of children. This is one such product with a sturdy steel frame and two large sized tires. It is good for children aged 18 months to 3 years old. The seat is designed for toddlers and is adjustable in terms of height. There is an integrated foot rest too to make things easier. It is definitely going to be a challenge at first but after a while the babywill master the ride and balance impeccably. That is the whole point behind this bike inspired design.

Why we like it: This scootis different from others as it aids the development of toddlersand teaches them to balance. Baby totslove to learn things quick and it builds confidence in their very early stages. It tackles their fear of falling which is a great thing.

For most of us, the idea of a toyis of a ride that has two wheels. For toddlers and babies, most of these types of scooton gameshave three rollers. The position of the extra wheel varies from one model to another. However, most of them have two tires on the front. This is because toddlers need extra support and stability while pushing it. The wheels are usually made from tough materials like PU.
There are some two wheeled toysas well but usually they have the option to add a third wheel. Such toysare good if you want something that grows with your babyand once he or she learns to balance they can move on to a two wheel scoot.

Choosing the wheel size

The diameter of rolleron a scooter is generally 100 mm or above. Those that are considered large rollersare 120 mm or above. Large wheels are good for cruising and provide better rides on rough surfaces. These tend to go faster too as compared with smaller tires. When you are buying a scootfor your toddler kid, check out the size of the wheel, especially those on the front. The bigger they are the smoother the travel would be. Small rollersare optimized for performing stunts which is not the case for these very small children. Also, the wider the wheel the more stable the travel would be. For this reason, some models have a wide rear wheel to provide equal support on the rear end through the single wheel.

Scooter Weight

This of course is very important considering a very small and light weight babyis going to scoot it. Obviously, you would want the lightest toyyou can find because it is easy for the babyto scoot and maneuver. The benefit is not just for the babybut also for you: the parent. You are the one who will have to carry it around places like parks or picnics. If it is heavy you will not be so fond of bringing it outside the house.
On the other hand, heavy toysusually tend to be stronger. This is directly related with the weight capacity of the game. If you are getting it for a kid over 5 years, then perhaps a little weight will not be so bad. However, for any babyyounger than that choose the lightest. Most of these tend to be light, some weighing as light as 5 pounds.

Weight Capacity

weight capacity of a toddlers scooterSince these toysare made from very light materials to reduce its own weight, they have limited weight capacity. Most of them would be able to withstand a weight over 40 pounds.Some are very sturdy despite having light parts and can withstand weight over 100 pounds. This means that when your child grows they will still be able to scootthe toy. Make sure to check the maximum weight capacity because some babiestend to be heavier than other tots.

Toddler Scooter Deck

These decks are not like the traditional decks on gamesand are generally quite wide. This is because toddlers need support and to provide that support the wheel deck is usually wide. ideal deck for a kids scooterThey can even put both feet on when they are cruising as there is ample space.As a general principle, the wider the deck the more stable the travelwould be.
The deck which is lower is better for these totsas it amplifies support and stability and makes it easier for them to balance it. As for the length, it should be smaller for very young babiesbecause then they will find it easy to kick it without any disruptions. As they grow, you can choose a longer length. The decks are usually made from plastic and some are still very sturdy.

Handlebar Height

Many handlebars are adjustable and you can increase the height as your child grows out of one. If you are concerned about your child quickly outgrowing a toythen choose the one with this ability. For most comfortable ride, choose a height that reaches the waist of your kid. They should not have to hunch a lot as that will affect their balance. On the other hand, if it is too high it will again be difficult to control and maneuver.

Lean and Steer or Handlebar Steer

different styles of toysLean and steer is the way of steering the toywhen the rider has to lean on left to make it turn left or lean on the right to make it turn right. This is found only on toddler toysand is designed to give more support to kid and develop their sense of direction. In the case of handlebar steering the handlebar is used for steering just like on regular toys. There is nothing negative about this style of steering. In fact, it will prepare them for the two wheeled ride they will take on later.
It is more of a personal preference as to which steering method to choose. As a parent, you understand your child the mostso choose whichever you think would make your kids ride easy and stable.

What Is A Foldable Scooter?

This is more of a help for the parent then for the toddler riding it. Children who are in love with riding a toywant to scootit everywhere. This means that wherever you are going you probably will have to carry it along. If it is foldable it becomes all the easier for you to just fold it and carry it in your hands or stuffing it in the boot. The folding mechanism is usually very easy and quick. However, there is a chance that the toymight rattle especially when ridden fast. If you think you will not have to carry it around a lot then you can even get one without this mechanism.


Toddler and baby gamesare very affordable and you can easily find something under $30. There are few expensive ones as well. The unavoidable truth is that at some point the child will outgrow it so many parents prefer buying a cheap one. Nevertheless, if your budget allows then by all means get the topone out there that has high quality. Perhaps, they might even run down to your other children.

Accessories, Colors & Styles

You can easily find accessories for the toyfor your child. You can add grips although virtually all of them have grips already. You can add pegs if your kid wants to start doing some tricks.
These toysare designed for toddlers so of course they are filled with colors and themes. You can find multitudes of colors for one model and some even have cartoons printed on them. Some have colors traditionally associated with girls so if you have a little girl, you can buy her one of those. Toddler toysdo not look the same and you will find many style variations. This again is a personal preference and does not really have anything to do with its performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are toddler scoot toyssafe?

As a parent your childs safety is your number one concern and naturally you want to make sure that they do not hurt themselves in any way. When it comes to toysfor toddlers, safety is also a high priority for manufacturers. For this reason only, these gamestend to be different from the ones older children or teenagers ride.
To address the issue of safety, these have wider decks and three rollers instead of two (some even have four). The wider deck ensures that your child gets a stable ride and can give them enough room to place both feet. These are also lower towards the ground so the kid does not have to push too much and is able to balance it easily.
Similarly, the two wheels either on the front or back add more stability. These are also big sized to absorb any shocks from the surface your kid is riding on. The handlebar grips are also designed to be soft yet sticky at the same time so as to provide necessary support to the kid to control his or her ride.
Additionally, you have to make sure that the kid wears a helmet whenever riding. This is even more important for newbies as they will be striving to learn to balance and will need the security that only a helmet can provide. You can easily find special scootor bike helmets for toddlers online and some brands also have this as a side product.
You should also teach them be street-wise i.e. if they are riding on walkway they should stop in driveways. And they should not go on the street. Make it a habit for them and never leave them scooting outside unattended.

My kid is 2 years old. Can he ride a scooter?

Yes, a 2 year old is a toddler and can ride a toy. These scootsare designed for toddlers as young as 18 months and provide necessary support to help them learn to balance. Nevertheless, it is important to make sure that you check if the product is appropriate for the age of your child. Not all are designed for such young tots. Some have a height or weight that is appropriate for totsstarting from 3 or 4 years of age.
Obviously, for a 2 year old you should get the lightest toysyou can get and the one with appropriate handlebar height that is suitable for your little one. You can find all these specs in the product details. You as a parent should help the toddler when they first start their ride. You can supervise them and teach them to balance the thing.
For small children thesecan be very beneficial too as they can teach them how to balance oneself and improve their physical movements. And of course, they will love the whole experience when they ride their colorful toysin the park or in the driveway.

How long will the scooter last?

This is also one of the primary concerns of parents that perhaps they will have to replace a toysall too soon or their child would outgrow it. This is true that your child will outgrow it at some time but that should not happen very early. Many of these toysare designed for a decent age range so your child can easily ride for two to three years. Some have adjustable handlebar that further increase the age of the productfor your kid.
The handlebar is not the only limitation for the toyslife. The toyitself plays a part too so if you get something that is not good quality chances are it will have to be replaced pretty soon. Kids can be a little rough with these things and it is hard to ensure that they not damage it.
Luckily, some brands have parts available that can easily be replaced and thereby removing the need to buy a whole new game. For instance, rollerscan easily be found and replaced once they wear out. Also these parts are very cheap so you will not have to spend a lot. If you buy something top quality, you will probably not have to replace it any time soon.


Best Scooters for Kids in2017
Best Dirt Scooters Reviewed
Best Scooters for Adults to Commute

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All Terrain Pro Dirt Scooters Reviewed – Razor vs Phase Two

Dirt Scooter Flip Trick

Dirt scooters are relatively new to the scooting game and often people do not even know about them. Scooters are not limited to pavements or skate parks only, they have crossed those platforms and now they are capable of riding on much tougher grounds.

Our Rated Top Dirt Scooters Compared

 Product NameWeightPriceOur Rating
Royal Scout 216.35 lbs$$$4.5 Stars
Razor RDS Dirt Scooter11.5 lbs$$4.5 Stars
Pulse Performance DX117.8 lbs$3.5 Stars
Royal Scout 1

17.3 lbs$$4.5 Stars
Xspec Pro Dirt16 lbs$$3.5 Stars

1. Royal Scout 2

A classic royal scout scooter


This dirt scooter from Royal Scout is designed to withstand the toughest of the terrains. Each part has the most to offer in terms of quality and performance. The deck is made from 6061 Aluminum which is T6 heated i.e. you get a stable structure that is not too heavy. It includes BMX style thread less fork. Of course when we talk about the sturdiness of a dirt scooter, the wheels tend to be the most important. This one has MBS T3 Tires that are 200 mm and the core is metallic with MBS Rockstar Pro Hubs.

Why we liked it: The wider and taller bars make it ideal for most heights and that is what distinguishes it from other dirt scooters as well as its predecessor the Royal Scout Pro which was also heavier than this.

2. Razor RDS Dirt Scooter

Stylish razor dirt scooter in pink


Razor gives many big scooter brands the run for their money and this is one such product. With 200 mm pneumatic tires and a BMX style tubular fork made from steel, this one provides an unparalleled dirt riding experience. The whole structure is strong with aircraft grade aluminum that is also super light. It can easily withstand up to 120 pounds for dirt style and even more while normal riding. It has a triple stackedheadtube clamp that keeps the structure together during the most aggressive rides. It only requires a little assembly that you can do on your own.

Why we liked it: The bright red color depicts the passion for scooting and is what gives this one a unique look. These products tend to be stronger and less stylish but that is not the case when it comes to Razor. This is the most stylish look dirt scooter in our list.

3. Pulse Performance DX1

One of the most durable pulse performance scooter


This kick scooter from Pulse has some serious work done on the wheels. It has 8 inches air filled knobby tyresthat ride just as good off pavement as they do on pavement. They have the ability to absorb the nastiest of shocks from the debris and cracks. This too is inspired by BMX style bikes and the brakes provided work in a similar fashion. The frame is made from polished stainless steel which is again reinforced with heat treated aluminum to make it extra special and of course extra tough. The grip tape on the deck helps the rider keep his or her feet firmly which as you would know is very important in terms of safety.

Why we like it: The frame is one of the strongest we have seen so far with added protection of aluminum. This is unlike any other frame from even the higher end brands that tend to be costlier than the Pulse DX1.

4. Royal Scout 1

Royal Scout black and silver stylish dirt scooter


This one is made through out with 6061 Aluminum that is T6 heat treated. It has a 520 mm in width the so called Royal Y bar. With triple bar clamp and High rebound PU wheels, it is yet again a strong effort from Royal. The handlebar has a height of approximately 31.5 inches which is good enough for tall people as well. Of course the grip should be comfortable yet strong and that is exactly what it provides with its TP Grips. With Royal, you can be sure about getting the full value for your money. It is the predecessor of the Royal Dirt Kick Scooter II so they are both similar.

Why we like it: It is one of the most secure dirt style whips out there and is especially great for asphalt roads.This one is much more stable thanPulse Performance DX1.

5. Xspec Pro Dirt

Xspec pro is one of the toughest scooters around


Xspec will meet all your expectations with this new sturdy kick scooter that is going to kill it on every kind of tough terrain. It is designed with a tough structure without compromising on quality or making it heavy. It has thick and oversized handlebars that provide more stability. The deck is quite wide with 5 inches width and is made from 6061 Aluminum like most other dirt scooters from well-known brands. Its cross design has a 2 degree sweep back. The total height is extraordinarily high at 39 inches which goes to show that a person taller than 6 feet can easily ride it. And it looks great too with splash paint graphic on the deck.

Why we like it: It has air filled knobby tyresthat are only 4 inches. Now some people prefer smaller wheels in their scooters as they allow them to even do some stunts unlike other products with large wheels, for example, the Pulse DX1.

What is a dirt scooter?

If you are buying a dirt scooter, you would already know but just in case you need a full fledge definition here it is: the stunt scooters are designed to be ridden on tough terrains like mud or rocks. For this reason they tend to be bigger in size and have very strong components. The tyresare bigger and usually air filled to absorb shocks from such bumpy and uneven terrains.
You can call them stunt scooters 2.0 if you will because these are even stronger. As riders master one skill set they quickly want to try something even more harder and that is where dirt style comes in. For those who have gotten bored of skate parks, the uneven streets or rocky hills throw a challenge they very much accept. These are designed for such adventurous riders only and in that sense designed to withstand the worst beatings you could possibly give to your kick scooter. You can buy these rides direct from Amazon brand new, with next day delivery from Amazon Prime.

Who should buy one?

This question is important as dirt scooters are not for everyone. First off, these are big and heavier as compared with stunt scooters so not appropriate for children. Secondly, they should be ridden by someone with experience and who ideally is a pro scooter champion already. That does not mean you have to be an actual champion of some world competition, it only means that you should have some prior experience.
If you want something that is optimized for stunts then this is not the scooter you should get as it can be difficult to do tricks or flips with this. This is more for riding roughly on tough terrains not performing stunts.

Weight of the Scooter

It is important to take into consideration the weight of the scooter itself because a scooter that is too heavy for you will be difficult to handle. While these are definitely heavier than stunt and regular scooters, some are heavier than others. Make sure you get the weight that is controllable by you i.e. if you yourself are not heavy then get the lightest you can. You can find some designed specifically for children like MGP Mini XT.

Weight Limit & Height

Since this kind of scooters have strong builds usually of steel and heat tested aluminum, so they have the capacity to withstand heavy individuals. Nevertheless, it is important to know the weight limit beforehand. Most of these will easily be able to bear weight up to 200 pounds and some even more.
Same is the case with height as these are designed for late teenagers and adults basically who are generally taller. Some in fact have enough handlebar height to accommodate individuals in the six feet range. So make sure you check weight limit and height when you buy a dirt scooter.


wheels of a dirt scooterThe wheels are the real deal of this type of kick scooter because these are what distinguish them from other kinds. These tend to be bigger than other types and are air filled much like on a bike. This is because they are designed to tackle tough terrains. Most of these would be made from high rebound PU with stronger hubs. They have treads that play the important role of protecting the tire. Wheels should be yet another important consideration because they will determine the aggressiveness, so to speak, of your rides and also its maneuverability. You might want bigger tyresif you need a smooth ride on some of the toughest terrains in your town. On the other hand smaller wheels which work for maneuvering it a bit and doing some tricks although you should not do that as they are not designed for this purpose.

Handlebar Styles

handlebar style of dirt scootersThese have bigger handlebars that are made with Hidden Internal Compression or HIC stems and bars. There are two styles essentially: the Y bar and the straight/flat handlebar. There is not much of a difference between the two in terms of performance and it is more of a personal choice. The Y bar, although, looks a tad bit more stylish. Nevertheless, both of these would have soft grips that provide comfort which is necessary in such rides.

Which brand to choose?

These are relatively newer and manufacturers are rapidly producing new models just as their popularity is increasing. You can find good dirt kick scooters from some of the most famous brands in the scooting world including Razor which is known for its affordability. Other brands include Royal Pro, Gritt Flux and MGP.
The higher end brands tend to have stronger and long lasting components that have been made using the latest technology and complex forging processes. For this reason, these usually are the lightest too which is what is ideally you would want.


Your budget in buying these things is extremely important because at the end no matter what you like, you have to get something within the amount you have set for yourself. Luckily enough, there are affordable dirt scooters too. Most would cost under $200 and you can easily find a good quality one in this price range. Some high end brands are more expensive than this and that is because they use expensive parts. If budget is not a deciding factor, then by all means get the high end one that is the strongest yet the lightest.


When you are riding something that is designed to ride over dirt and mud, you know you are getting yourself something truly strong. In that sense you do not really have to worry about safety. Nevertheless, it is good to check the safety ratings of these products and see if it is certified. Most do not have official safety standards but buying from a reputed brand you know that your safety has been taken care of.
Of course making sure your rides are safe is your responsibility too. This means that you should wear helmet at all time and even elbow or knee pads if necessary. Dirt style riding can be pretty rough and falling during such a ride can be injurious so it is always recommended to take precautions.


The bottom line is that you need something that is commensurate to your height and weight and is strong. The brand choice is personal and also dependent on your budget. As a general rule, reading reviews is a wise thing and can help you make an informed decision and get the top ride out there.


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Best Electric Skateboard For Young & Old Alike

Best Electric Skateboard

Best Electric Skateboard For Young & Old Alike

Electric skateboard have gotten very popular and are continuously improving. The longboards, especially, complement the electric revolution. These boards make your life easy and still manage to keep the fun going which is kind of like the trademark of skateboarding. However, these tend to be expensive as compared with your regular short and long boards. So before you make a decision, it is good to know the thing inside out.

Maxfind Dual Motor Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote Controller

Maxfind Dual Motor Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote Controller

This electric skateboard is literally how an electric board should be because it is that good. You get great performance with just an hour of charging. You can go up to 28 miles/hour which is great for a board. However, the speed may vary depending on your weight but the difference will not be a significant one. And the best part is, it is waterproof so do not hesitate if you live in a rainy climate. Featuring powerful SAMSUNG 18650 Lithium-ion and a 7 ply maple deck, it is definitely high quality.

Yuneec electric skateboard for maximum fun

Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard Skateboard

Brining you the best in style and ride, Yuneec is a must have if you want good speed and range. It has a fairly long range of 18 miles and variable speeds with highest speed of 12.5 miles/hour. This one is a style paramount with its kicktail shape and blue front wheels. If you want stylish board that speaks class, this is it. Moreover, it is somewhat water proof as well with rubber gasket seal so a little rain will not hurt. The remote makes your ride so much controllable and convenient.

perfect electric skateboard for teens

Dynacraft Surge Electric Skateboard

This one makes a good choice for kids and teenagers because of its weight and speed. It comes with a remote to control your ride and is available in two colors green and black. With 145 pounds weight limit, it is only better for kids to ride as anyone with more weight will have a slower ride and may even damage the board. The speed is 6 miles/hour which is acceptable for kids because it is not safe for them to ride at a high speed. It is a good alternative for hover board.

Yuneec electric skateboard with 18 miles range

Yuneec E-Go Cruiser Electric Skateboard

This board is designed in California and really carries the spirit of the place in terms of its light weight (almost 14 pounds). It is definitely going to be a performer and last long because it has a brushless motor. This one from Yuneec has an 18 miles long range as well which is decent enough for a normal commute to work or class. With regenerative braking and small handheld wireless remote, controlling this board is a breeze. Another great thing is that it can stand a lot of weight so anyone can ride it.

BY2 electric skateboard with adjustible power

BY2 Remote Control 4 Wheels Electric Skateboard Longboard

This one is jam packed with power thanks to its dual battery with 1000 watts each and double motors. The lithium battery is from LG so you have the certainty of having a certified branded battery that is going to last long. Since it is a powerful board that is focused on high performance, it is good for adults only i.e. 18 or above. Nevertheless, the speed and power is adjustable to your own liking with just a remote control. There is also a rear fender brake for any emergency brake situations. This one offers a lot of value for its price.

GT Powerboard with amazing speed

GT Powerboard – Black Anodized Aluminum Off Road Electric Skateboard

This board really lives up to its name and gives a power filled ride. With its big wheels you can ride over multiple kinds of terrains like street, grass, sand or concrete. Built with European made components, this board goes 23 miles/hour in a matter of seconds. The deck is quite big with 45 inches length and 11 inches width but it is dropped towards the ground so as to provide a more stable ride. Despite all these fantastic qualities, the range is pretty normal with 15 miles on full charge. This is more towards the expensive end but does deliver quality.

Munkeyboards stylish electric keyboard

Munkyboards SK-1200BL 1200W Remote Controlled Electric Skateboard

Can a skateboard list be complete without a little funk? Definitely no, so here is something that is bound to be loved by those who live for funky stuff. It has a really nice design on the deck and the whole setup looks fun. It gives very good speed of 28 miles/hour so you can say it is the Ferrari of electric skateboards. The board is bigger than your average boards but the ride is still smooth and controllable. Since it goes quite fast, safety is a must.

AT electric skateboard fit for every terrain

AT (All Terrain) Aluminum Electric Skateboard

AT Aluminum board is another powerful board that takes up speed in seconds, 24 miles per hour to be exact. It offers extra powerful braking which is necessary for boards that speed up quickly. The aluminum board is very high quality and kept lightweight to provide a smooth ride no matter how heavy the person is. This should work on any kind of terrain, down the hills or on inclines. Every component meets industry standard and bring you the best of the best.

Dakott electric skateboard wih 20 miles range

Dakott 1200 Watt 20 Mph Electric Long Skateboard

With 1200 watts power, 20 miles per hour speed and 20 miles range, this board can be called the dream board of electric skateboarding. It does take a little longer to charge to achieve this power performance (2 hours). Besides battery and motor, the other basic parts of this board are also high quality such as 7 ply maple deck and aluminum trucks. It is super light weighing only 11 pounds so controlling it and carrying it, if need be, should not be a problem. It is a little expensive but definitely good value for money.

Super fast moto tec electric skateboard

MotoTec 600w Street Electric Skateboard by MotoTec

This board has the essence of classic skateboarding with a twist of extreme sports strength, a must have if you care about quality and looks. The range of 22 miles is pretty decent depending on the 600 watts power. It does depend on the persons weight so do not expect exact 22 miles. The speed is 19 miles/hour which is again good for this kind of power. The charging time is quite long as compared with other boards and can take up to 4 hours.

Buyers Guide for Powered Skateboard


Before going into all the electrical details, you should know that these are essentially longboards. So the length will mostly be upwards of 36 inches and the width will be wide as well. Their look and feel resembles longboards except that they are run by motors and not you.


Of course the most important thing that makes an electric skateboard electric is its motor. You will find their power in watts. This number should not be the only criteria for choosing an electric skateboard as the performance too is important. However, higher watt power is good especially for those sloppy inclines that need a little more push than flat surfaces. The power varies greatly but most of these products have power within the range of 300 to 2000 Watts.


motor of an electric skateboardSkateboards generally use brushed motors but newer boards are using brushless motors. The latter is considered better because of several advantages it has over the other. There is less wear on these motors from use making them long lasting. They are more efficient so a same sized brushless motor would give better performance as compared with its brushed counterpart. Power density is improved as well so a smaller motor can give quite a lot of power. And the best thing is that they are noiseless so nothing disrupts your peaceful rides, if you are that kind of a person.
If you want a long lasting board that has stronger insides, go for the one with a brushless motor. You might have to dig in deeper to find this detail at times.

Single & Dual Drive

The board will either be single drive or dual. Single drives are those that power only a single set of wheels just like a two wheel drive vehicle. Dual drives send out power to all four wheels. Obviously, the latter has improved power transfer and the performance tends to be better. You have better grip over brakes and the ride is smoother on inclined surfaces. One thing to note here is that you will only feel the difference between these two kinds of drives on a board with 1000 or more watts of power. Other boards do not show much of a difference.


Electric skateboards use lithium batteries but the quality and durability varies from brand to brand. Certified batteries from known brands tend to be safer and last quite long. The thing to look for in a battery is the time it takes for charging. If it takes less time and lasts longer, you know you have a handy board that can be used frequently without long waits. Secondly, you need to see if it is removable as this feature can make things easier for you.
Earlier electric boards used lead acid batteries which were heavier than lithium batteries. Lithium also gives better performance over lead acid based batteries. They also have better and long lasting lifecycle. So naturally skateboard manufacturers moved to lithium so as to have a better performing board that weighs light ensuring that the ride is smooth and well balanced.


One of the deciding measures of an electric boards performance is it its speed. Some boards can go over 20 miles/hour then there are boards with variable speeds so you have more control. Speaking of control, it is recommended that you get a product that comes with a wireless remote. It is easier and safer to control it with a wireless remote as compared with the wired one which can snag and be very risky.

Electric Longboard Battery Range

Range describes how far they can go on a fully charged battery. This is important because your need will determine what range is best suited for you. At best you will get eight miles range and that with very high end boards with high power and quality build. Considering you will not be using the skateboard to travel too far, this range or something slightly lesser should be good enough.
Again, battery can affect the range as well. If it charges quickly then you are looking at an even bigger range. You can quickly charge it and cover more distance should you need to. Such boards will charge full in about an hour. So choose the board according to your need and compare the charging times and range both for different boards so that you find the one with the maximized potential.


The braking system in these boards is called the regenerative braking. This kind of system converts motion into power. This eventually helps improve the range as it does not waste it as heat rather recycles it back. This is why electric skateboards are loved so much and their performance is so great.
You can also find reverse drive on some boards which should not be a consideration for buying a board because it is not directly related with performance, just an additional ability that may be useful at times.


All those numbers about power, speed and range are important but there is another number that is crucial for your skateboarding experience to be good and that is weight. However, you will not find any heavy boards in the market as despite being a longboard, electric skateboards tend to be very lightweight. Most boards do not weigh more than 17 pounds.
To each his own: what may be light for someone may not be so light for somebody else. Therefore, make sure that you buy a board that is comfortable for you in terms of carrying. Why is that important? Should your batteries run out, you may need to kick it yourself or carry it in your arms. In such a case it would not be so great to lift a board that is heavy for you.

Other things to consider

Electric skateboards are skateboards at the end of the day so the basic board stuff like the deck and wheels should also be a consideration. Most boards are made from maple ply, carbon fiber or plastic. Some even use more than one material in their construction in order to achieve strength and light weight.
The wheels of course need no introduction as you know they are in touch with the ground and basically take all the beating. Make sure the wheels are strong but smooth so that you can ride on different kinds of terrains seamlessly and the surface does not take a toll on your battery and motor, after all everything comes together to achieve the best possible performance.

Pricing & Brands

Electric Skateboards are downright pricy so it becomes even more necessary to get your hands on something that is top quality, durable and efficient. The cheap ones start at $100 and the high end ones can go well above a grand. Prices depend on brands as well and the famous brands with quality certified parts tend to be quite costly. Of course when you are paying so much money you want good value, so ensure that you read reviews about the product and compare them to performance evaluating measures as described here (power, range, speed, quality of board etc.).
When you are buying something so expensive it is advised to look into the brand and manufacturer as well. Things will break at one point so find out if the parts are easily available and how good is their customer support. These little things matter and can ensure a long lasting product that makes you happy about purchasing it. Some names will speak for themselves because they are known in the world of skateboarding. For others you should read reviews and visit their own website and read what they have to say. Find out about warranty of the product too.


These products tend to be simpler as compared with regular skateboards like longboards, penny boardsor cruisers. Electric skateboards are essentially long boards so they have they carry their simplicity. You will mostly find solid and wooden surfaces which is fine because with electronic stuff it is their performance that makes a difference not their look. That being said these boards are no less stylish, many of them are downright attention grabbers with their colorful wheels and cutting edge designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old should I be to use an electric skateboard?

First off, electric skateboards are very easy to operate and weigh decently low. However, they are essentially longboards and longboards are not suitable for kids. Also, it can be difficult for a child to control the speed and brake in time. Under adult supervision, may be a child can play a little but otherwise it can be risky. Kids under 14 years of age should not be using electric boards as such. Late teenagers and adults of course are the main customers of these boards.

How long will my electric board last?

Generally speaking, these boards last quite long but of course there is always a chance of a part getting loose or dying. In such a case, all you will have to do is replace the part and your board will be as good as new. In most cases your motor will wear out, provided you use it too frequently. A brushless motor, like described above, has a better chance of surviving all this wear.
Like regular skateboards, you might have to replace the wheels after some time, possibly a year or two. If you are a regular, you would know changing wheels is no biggie so long as you can find proper wheels to replace with.
The life of your board depends on how you use it and maintain it. It would not be good to take it out in water because that can ruin a regular skateboard let alone an electric one. If you keep it nice and clean and maintain the parts as well, the board will surely last longer than you even expected.

Can I do tricks on an electric skateboard?

The most straightforward answer to that is no you cannot and even if you can you should not. Electric skateboards are designed for riding and they are optimized for this function. Doing tricks may not harm the board right away but in the long run it will damage its structure and possibly the motor and battery too.
Remember, longboards are not exactly great for doing tricks. It is usually shortboards that are used by pro skateboarders for performing tricks. So you should not be using these boards for ramp or vert tricks as it is just not safe.
These boards are nonetheless sturdy and can withstand bumps easily. Do not think that you have to save them from bumps and debris on the sidewalks or streets. These things are naturally part of a ride and they are designed to tackle them. In fact, you can even take them up and down hills as well which goes to show how powerful, useful and fun they can really be.


Electric Skateboards are longboards that run on motors and can be controlled with a remote. They are pricey but very useful for daily commutes. Ultimately you want to focus on performance and quality while trying to stay in your budget. If cost is not a deciding factor, then any board from a reputable brand should be good enough. The basic things to check in getting this kind of a product is its battery power, motors and overall construction. These are not great for doing tricks so use them for riding purposes only. If you will take care of it and use responsibly, it will definitely have a longer life and possible pay for itself by saving you commuting costs, not to mention all that fun.


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Reviews Of The 15 Best Adult Kick Scooters

15 Best Adult Kick Scooters For Maximum Fun
15 Best Adult Kick Scooters

Who says fun ends as you grow old? So many adults are opting for kick scooters to get to work or simply have fun in the park and streets. Now there are countless varieties of these all over the market and choosing the most suitable one for you can be a tad bit confusing. Before we delve into the details of an adult kick scooter and what you should know before getting one, let us tell you what exactly what they are.

Reviews Of The 15 Best Adult Kick Scooters

 ModelWeightPriceOur Rating
Go-Ped Know-Ped15.3 lbs$$$4.5 Stars
Oxelo Town 9 Easy Fold13.5 lbs$$4.5 Stars
Globber Adult One Kick11.82 lbs$3.5 Stars
Xootr Mg9.9 lbs$$4.5 Stars
Micro Suspension Scooter13.01 lbs$$4 Stars
Micro Kickboard Micro Flex13 lbs$$4.5 Stars
Micro Kickboard Micro Flex Air12.8 lbs$$4 Stars
Micro Kickboard White / Black10.36 lbs$4.5 Stars
EXOOTER M1850 6XL16 lbs$3.5 Stars
Fuzion CityGlide B2005.42 lbs$$4.5 Stars
Schwinn Adult Shuffle27 lbs$$4.5 Stars
EXOOTER M1350 8XL12 lbs$4.5 Stars
Razor A5 LUX9.4 lbs$$4 Stars
Vokul VK-2059.35 lbs$$4 Stars
Hudora Big Wheel 23011.02 lbs$4.5 Stars

1. Go-Ped Know-Ped

go-ped know-ped foldable skateboard


Go-Ped is made from quality materials that are aircraft grade so there is no doubt about its durability. No matter how frequently you use it, you will not be disappointed by its performance. This one is proven because it was created back in 1997 and has since only seen improvement. If you owned or even just know about the Sport scooter by Go-Ped, you will find these remarkably similar. The only difference is just the basic mechanics as Sport was gas powered.
It is lightweight and foldable making it very easy to carry around. Despite the light weight, it is capable of standing 400 pounds which is much more than an average persons weight. The wheels are big which makes the kick scooter good for almost any kind of terrain. People use these products for all kinds of purposes and if you come across varying kinds of surfaces, this product can be your savior.
Whether you want one for commuting to work or class, or are looking to shed some pounds, the Know Ped can serve all these purposes for adults. It is good for all heights so even you are exceptionally tall you might not have to hunch. Nevertheless, the handles are very easy to maneuver and they also have brakes so even more control for you during your rides. Made in America, this scooter is definitely going to keep working for years to come.

Why We Liked It – It is super easy to carry around and can be carried to your work or class. Since it folds, you can just snug it in to space under your desk or seat. You do not have to worry about parking it somewhere as it can easily stay with you wherever you go.

2. Oxelo Town 9 Easy Fold

Oxelo adjustable model


This push scooter offers so many things; it is definitely worth every penny. The first and foremost quality is its wheels that are 8 inches in diameter and provide extra stability. For an adult, this stability is crucial because of varying weights and even riding styles. The low floorboard adds to this stability and makes kicking it a breeze.
There is a second brake on the handle bar so you can be absolutely sure about safety. You can easily stop the scooter anytime you want at any speed. There is front suspension and anti-vibration dampeners on the rear wheel which makes it even more useful. Which is great if you are a grown up and want a smooth ride while commuting. This is one of those products that make the best of current technology and bring you ease, comfort and control.
The ease does not end with the braking system. You can easily fold the thing within a second thanks to the patented EasyFold technology by Oxelo. This is actually incredible because if you are in a hurry to get to a meeting or class, you do not have to spend time on trying to fold it. There is a trolley mode as well that lets you drag it around rather than lifting it and carrying it, all the more reason to buy this scooter especially if you need to carry it as much as you ride it. There is an anti-theft system to secure the push scooter with a pad lock which is great because it is an expensive thing and needs protection from thieves.

Why We Liked It – Despite ease of use and quality build, this product is a killer in terms of style. The overall look is attention grabbing and there are two fantastic colors to choose from: white and titanium. The wheels also add to the look of the product with their shine.

3. Globber Adult One Kick

Stylish globber one


Globber is a name associated with quality in the world of scooters. This one is of course no different with its high quality metallic build and powder coat finish. It has rear brake connected with a pull lever on the handle bar so you can easily stop the kick scooter with your hands.
The wheels are quite big with a diameter of 188 mm. They have the ability to withstand very tough terrains as they are made from high rebound and high quality polyurethane. Wheels make up the most important component because they take all the beating during your rides. If you are looking for a scooter whose tyres are sturdy enough for any type of surface, then this is the product you are looking for.
It is easy to fold and at only 11.8 pounds, super easy to carry around when not in use. The weight limit is 220 pounds only as compared with other products on this list. Nevertheless, it is a sturdy model was created to last long. The mudguard helps protect it from any splashes and additionally can be worked as a brake system when you keep your foot on it. Whether it is raining or you hit a mud patch, you are good to go.
It is good for commuting, working out or walking your dog. The quick brake system really helps in the latter most case because with a dog you never know when it might stop all of a sudden. You just hit the brake and it stops in a stable fashion.

Why We Liked It –The handle bar on this one is definitely a winner because of its large size and curved shape. The shape gives a more natural grip and makes moving it around much easy. The bar is 19 inches long which is great because even very tall people with big hands can ride it.

4. Xootr Mg

Xootr MG foldable


Xootr is the second name of quality and convenience in the world of scooters. They are known for their light weight and portability. This one has its deck made from Magnesium (Mg) which makes it the most light weight big wheel adult scooter anywhere out there. It weighs only 9.9 pounds so if your aim is to find the lightest scooter, this is the answer. It is also powder coated and CNC machines so you have a well-rounded product that delivers high quality.
The braking system is BMX style with front brakes and rear brake as well. This is necessary considering it is very light weight. No matter how speedily you are kicking it, it will stop in a stable way whenever you hit the brakes.
The deck besides being sturdy and light is wide enough for you to keep both feet on it. The height is
low too which allows more stability and ease of kicking it. The handle is adjustable, even a person as tall as 67 can easily travel on the Xootr Mg. These products are all about making the ride smooth and easy so that the rider falls in love with it and once you scoot around on it, you really do love it.
Since it is quality made, there is no question about its durability. If maintained properly and stored safely, you can use it for many years even. Just simply fold it and store it somewhere safe when not in use.

Why We Liked It –These are hand assembled Old Forge, Pennsylvania and therefore carry the Made in America vibe that ensures quality and durability. It is one of those products that are made keeping in mind the customer and consider their satisfaction as high priority. And therefore every single component lives up to the expectation.

5. Micro Suspension Kick Scooter

Elegant golden colored


If you live in a metropolis and need something that lets you scoot around town smoothly and effortlessly, this micro suspension scooter will do the job. It is able to achieve this smooth performance thanks to the high tensile springs in the front and back of the deck. Moreover, the rear springs is adjustable to your weight. This way no matter how bumpy and uneven the sidewalk or street is, you will be able to kick this thing without any hindrances.
Not only is the journey smooth, the handle bar is smooth and easily adjustable too. With just a button you can fold the entire thing into a lightweight easy to carry structure. Even the tallest people will be able to travel on this scooter without the need of bending. If you find the buttons difficult to fold the scooter, you might need to turn them a bit and you would feel their spring get stretched.
This is more affordable as compared with other models here. Nevertheless, it is good value for money because you will use it very frequently and fall in love with it once you take it out for the first time. The springs absorb the nastiest of shocks from uneven surfaces and give you a seamlessly smooth ride that is like no other kick scooter in this regard.

Why We Liked It –The smooth riding experience is the USP of this product and that is the exactly what we love about it. Let us be honest here, most pavements and streets are not that great and the bumps make riding an adult scooter annoying when it is supposed to be fun. With this, you do not have to worry about that.

6. Micro Kickboard Micro Flex

micro flex blue silver


This one is yet another scooter designed specifically for those bumpy sidewalks and offers the smoothest ride ever. This is the entire essence of this scooter from handles till the wheels. The deck is made from a composite or fiberglass and marine ply which gives it the ability to absorb strong shocks. The tyres are big enough to be ridden effortlessly over smooth or rough surfaces alike. Just one
strong kick and this thing will slide like butter on a hot pan.
Quality is another factor that makes this product so much desirable. The bearings used, the materials, the tyres, everything is made from industrial grade and is claimed to be durable. One would think that when the focus is so much on smooth journey, quality of materials would not be that great. On the contrary, it is a complete adult scooter that ticks all the qualities that you could possibly want in a scooter.
This is one of the most lightweight products on this list weighing only 10 pounds. For city commuters, this seems to be an important deal because they cannot leave their scooters outside their house or work and usually have to fold them and carry. Of course, like almost every other adult scooter it folds easily too. Wherever you are going, just quickly fold it down and carry in your arms or a bag and just snag it somewhere. That is how easy your life can be with the help of this.

Why We Liked It –There are times you need to park your scooter and Micro Flex has a two way kickstand that can be quickly pushed forward or backward. Although not too extraordinary, this is still good for those needing to quickly kick in the stand and go on their way.

7. Micro Kickboard Micro Flex Air

Micro flex air - perfect for a young adult


Here is another master piece from Micro that has air filled tires. Yes, the wheels are 200 mm in diameter and made of high quality rubber. This makes it more like bicycle, if you will. The purpose behind this take on a pushscooter wheels is to make it extra smooth and light in terms of travel. The tires have to be fully inflated to run and make sure that the pressure is correct (80 PSI). You can see that written on the tires themselves. Since smooth rides are the essential quality for micro scooters, micro Flex Air is no exception.
Like the Micro Flex Series Kick Scooter, this one too has a two way kickstand that is very helpful when you need to quickly park it. Folding and unfolding requires a bit of effort but when you do it the first few times you will quickly master it. It follows a double button folding system. To unfold you release the folding clamp and then press and hold the two buttons that are on the sides of the front wheel. The process itself is much easier than it sounds.
It comes all assembled and ready to take out. It is good for most kinds of terrains and the tires are quite sturdy so you do not have to worry about facing a flat tire situation. Whether you are on a sidewalk, a hill or a park, you will love how smooth and light it feels.

Why We Liked It –The all silver metallic look of this scooter makes it look classic while the air filled tires give it a modern feel. The overall piece labeled with Micro logo shines brightly in sunlight and is quite noticeable at night too. It ensures that you get a bit of style alongside quality.

8. Micro Kickboard White / Black

Micro kickboard


Can anything be classier than black and white? This scooter speaks volumes about the owners style because it is just that much appealing. Anyone from teenagers to adult can travel on this one and make some eyebrows rise. But do not think this adult scooter is limited to style; it has a lot of other qualities too.
The wheel used is robust and strong thanks to the high rebound polyurethane layer. They can bear the roughest of surfaces without even making you feel a thing. Another great thing about this scooter is its kick height which is very low. You do not necessarily have to bend the knee to kick it which makes it super comfortable to guide and you never get tired.
Every component is made to be long lasting. Take for example the rear fender which has a hinge. It moves to the hinge instead of bending. Not just the tyres, other parts too are created to withstand frequent use. The deck is not too wide which means if you have feet bigger than the average size you might not be able to keep them both at the same time. Nevertheless, the low kick height more than makes up for this lack because giving it kick is so effortless you never really want to stop it.
The adjustable handle bar goes up to 38 inches which is decent enough for even basketball players. The weight limit is pretty decent as well. A person up to 220 pounds can enjoy riding it.

Why We Liked It –The color combination is timeless and this is what makes this scooter a must have for anyone who has an eye for style. With a little care, you can preserve its color for as long as you use it as there is no question about quality.

9. EXOOTER M1850 6XL

Exooter extra stong


This one is an all-rounder because of its sturdy build, immaculate design and cutting edge technology. First off, it is very strong as it is entirely made from aluminum. The weight capacity is 220 pounds which is good enough for most adult riders.
The wheels differ in size as the front wheel is bigger than the rear one. The front one has a diameter of 240 mm while the rear one has 180 mm diameter. This apparently helps make the journey smoother as the front wheel is able to surface smoothly on rough terrains. Therefore, you can use it for rides on uneven pavements and streets without feeling any pain in your hands.
The folding process is a breeze due to the spring system and the parking process is quick too thanks to spring shock kickstand. In just a few seconds your scooter is all folded and ready to be carried anywhere. And do not worry about getting tired with carrying it because you will not due to its low weight of only 11.5 pounds.
The scooter is all black and will definitely be a favorite for those all those fans of the ‘stealth’ look out there. It is a beautiful product for your everyday commutes to work, class or around the neighborhood, not to mention the entire workout you will be doing by riding it.

Why We Liked It –Riding a scooter will surely get you thirsty and you can just hang your water bottle on the Exooter M1850. There is a self-adjustable bottle holder that is very sleek and makes your rides hydrated. You can keep up to 32 ounces of any beverage.

10. Fuzion Cityglide B200

fuzion scooter with two breaks


Fuzion Cityglide is a scooter with two brakes i.e. the traditional rear brake plus a hand brake on the handle bar. This makes controlling the scooter very easy even when it is in high speed. The entire thing is made from lightweight aluminum. In fact, it is one of the lightest weighted scooters on this list.
Other than the weight, its wheels make it a must have too. It contains two oversized wheels with a 200 mm diameter. The PU adds to the overall light weight effect without compromising on quality. Even though it is not heavy, do not get the impression that you cannot ride it on rough surfaces. Be it a ground or uneven pavement, you will have a good journey with this incredible scooter for adults.
This is one of the cheapest options on this list so anyone can easily afford it. It is without doubt good value for money because you get quality build frame with sturdy wheels. The handle bar goes as tall as 36 inches so it is truly for adults that are above 6 feet.
If you have ever used Cityglide scooter before, you would know that their products are all about convenience. Fuzion has the signature Cityglide easy folding mechanism which allows you to fold it quickly and carry wherever you like. And carrying it is of course not a problem because of its feather like feel.

Why We Liked It –Its blue and black combination is perfect for summery days when you ride the scooter on the streets and feel the breeze on your face. The big wheels are all blue inside and look very cool. Its style and color makes it good for both teenagers and grownups.

11. Schwinn Adult Shuffle

Schwinn with two huge wheels


If you love bikes you are going to love Schwinn Adult Shuffle. Why? Its front wheel is 26 inches which makes this model more like a bike except that you kick it instead of pedaling. This is perfect for an adult who has never ridden a scooter before and want to give it a try. Whether you want to join your kids, or work out a bit, this should do the job for you.
The alloy front and rear brake with linear pull allows you to stop it in a controlled fashion. The alloy rims are very light weight too. With a big sized wheel such as this one, you would expect that it would be difficult to control it but it is not. With front brakes you can easily stop without losing balance.
Of course, this is heavier than other scooters on the list as it weighs 27 pounds. The stand over height is 21 inches and the total length is approximately 70 inches. It is quite big indeed and therefore suitable only for grownups. The structure itself is made from steel so there is no doubt about it strength. It is painted white which gives it an even more classic look.
If you want a scooter for purely recreational purposes, this should make a good choice. Commuting with it may not be so easy because you cannot carry it so you are bound to find a parking spot for it. Nevertheless, the trip will be nice and controllable not to mention attention grabbing.

Why We Liked It –The classic Penny farthing look of this scooter is a mix of curiosity and frivolousness. It shows that even if you are an adult, you are pretty young at heart and open to exciting things. It is definitely going to earn some fans when you take it to your park or kick it down the street.

12. EXOOTER M1350 8XL

Exooter perfect for uneven surfaces


Like other Exooter products in this list, M1350 8XL also has a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds. It is designed for urban commutes that are quick and involve uneven surfaces. There is double suspension one at back and one in front to absorb all the shocks from rough city streets.
This model is definitely a top performer due to its large bounce PU cast wheels. You get a smooth and fast trip without any hindrance or wear on the tyres that readily take all the beating while you enjoy the wind in your face and hair. The ABEC 9 bearings make the wheel movements swift and add to the whole performance efficiency.
Since it can go quite fast it is only suitable for late teenagers an adult and children should not try to play on it. Exooter is a reliable brand for push scooters and you can trust its build to be durable which means no matter how many times you take it out in a day, you will achieve the same performance every time.
Yes of course a little care goes a long way so in order to really make it last long you should maintain it well. It is not high-endnd scooter so good for those who have limited budget but still want good scooter to enjoy.

Why We Liked It –It has a compact folding system with a carrying strap which is why this should be your choice if you are going to need to carry it a lot. During commutes, especially in cities, carrying your adult scooter is unavoidable so this feature comes in quite handy.

13. Razor A5 Lux

Razor A5 Lux perfect for an adult


This is the only Razor Scooter in this list and it is the best Razor for grownups out there. It is a strong one with aluminum t-tube and deck. These materials are air-craft grade which ensures durability. It has patented rear brake for controlling speed.
Razor scooters are known for their light weight and this one is no different weighing only 9.4 pounds. Despite its own little weight, it still has the ability to withstand a lot of rider weight, 220 pounds to be exact. This is the same as many of the high end scooters listed here which goes to show that it is good enough.
Like every other model, it folds easily with its patented folding system. There is only rear brake which is enough to speed down or stop the scooter. The wheels are quite large so rollover any kind of surface seamlessly. If you have big sized feet, you might not be able to put up both your feet on the deck especially when wearing boots.
This Razor A5 scooter is one of the most affordable brands on the market right now. This is obviously is very cheap so you can replace them easily from time to time. However, with its quality frame and sturdy big wheels you most likely will not have to.

Why We Liked It –It comes in three different colors: blue, pink and red. This allows a bit of choice for riders who want something colorful for their commutes or recreational rides in the park or streets. For an adult, there are not many choices in terms of colors so this is a plus.

14. Vokul VK-205

Foldable vokul


This scooter from Vokul has big wheels too measuring 205 mm in diameter which gives it more stability than those with regular 180 mm wheels. This big size also helps in absorbing shocks from bumps during the rides. The deck has a low to ground style so kicking it is very comfortable. You will not even need to bend your knee to do that resulting in a trip that can last for hours without tiring you even a bit. The wheels are made from strong rebound PU which allows them to be so shock absorbent.
Like many other strong and lightweight designs from other brands, Vokul VK-205 also uses aluminum made deck to achieve strength without being heavy. The rear wheel is covered with fender made from 65 Mn Steel which makes it very strong.
It also comes with a manual so if you are someone who has little or no knowledge about them, you will find it extremely helpful. Many an adult shy away from them simply because they have never ridden one before and miss out on so much fun. It can be used to commute to work during rush hours or to see your friends. It presents you as a smart person who is striving for a healthy lifestyle and reducing his or her carbon footprint.

Why We Liked It –There are a lot of small details in this product that make it standout from its competitors. For instance, the steering tube in front contains over 60 marbles and a lubricant as well for smooth functioning. It also features the patented 3 second fold mechanism which no doubt is pretty useful.

15. Hudora Big Wheel 230

hodura big wheel


Based in Germany, Hudora ensures that their riders get the best out of their scooters and enjoy every bit of it and that is exactly what this model does. It is made from high density aluminum alloy which as you by now would know makes for a durable yet lightweight material to be used in a any top model.
A standout feature in this one is its high prioritized security. You will have a stable ride that gives good balance and never lets you fall even if you are a beginner. It has GS German safety certification so you can absolutely be sure about safety. If the fear of falling was keeping you from riding one, then by all means give Hudora Big Wheel a try and all your fear will be gone.
The handle goes very tall and can be adjusted to 41 inches. This is more than enough for a very tall person who is, say, above 67. The lowest handle height is 32.7 inches so you can say that even teenagers can travel on it. It is ergonomically designed to keep it as comfortable for all riders as possible.
It is good value for money considering it is top quality with a guarantee of safety. German products are known worldwide for their cutting edge technology and with so many features this grown up kick scooter lives up to the expectation pretty well.

Why We Liked It –It has many unique offerings like a warning bell and a shoulder strap which can be adjusted according to your height. When you spend so much money on a product you naturally want a lot from it and this is exactly the case here. These features come in the price of a normal high end model but provide added security.

What is a kick scooter?

A kick scooter also known with just the name scooter is a vehicle that is powered by you. It has two wheels, a deck for placing your feet and a handle bar. You push it with your foot from off the ground and give it a kick, hence the name. They are made from different materials like aluminum, steel, ply or titanium. From kids to grownups, anyone can own and use one to go around as it gets you to your destination faster than on foot. There are 3 wheels scooter for grownups too that can be categorized as kick scooters.

Parts of a Kick Scooter

These are quite simple and consist of a small number of parts. Each of course has its own importance for the scooter to be functional and safe.


deck that bears all the weightThe board where you keep your foot is called the deck of the scooter. All the parts are connected with it. This is made from metals like aluminum or titanium and sometimes even maple ply. The deck of course has to be strong because it takes the weight of the rider. You will usually find the maximum weight limit mentioned with the item. The size varies which determines if you will be able to place both feet vertically on it. Generally, for grownups, a wider deck is more stable as it provides more room for feet placement.


White round wheels for faster speedYou can say that wheels are the most important part because these are the ones that are in touch with the ground all the time and essentially bear all the work. There are two rollers attached at the either ends of the deck. They are made from rubber but the technology used and the quality varies. The size varies as well especially in adult scooter in order to provide more sturdiness. Most of them are 180 mm in diameter but some are quite bigger than that. You will also see scooters that have different sized front and back wheel. Bigger wheels ensure that they absorb all the shocks from bumps and go smooth on such surfaces.


The handle bar is where you keep your hands while you push along on the scooter to work from home. This is a brilliant design and helps you maneuver it, whilst keeping in contact with the road. On some models there is a hand brake which is very useful when weaving in and out of traffic so you can stop quickly if a hazard appears. These are adjustable so you can adjust it according to your height. Most adult scooter will have enough height of handlebar (as much as 40 inches) so even a person taller than 6 feet can easily ride.


Braking system for more safetyYou can speed down or stop it with the help of brake. Usually there is a fender on the rear wheel which provides the braking system. However, some makes even have a hand brake at front on the handle bar. If you want added control and are very cautious about safety then find the one with dual brakes.

How fast can you go on a kick scooter?

Many people, especially those who want to use it for commuting, consider speed as an important factor for choosing the right item. Those who consider them to be toys assume that these do not go very fast. Truth is they can go quite fast depending on the quality and the wheels and even the rider himself. There is no definite answer but consider as an example the Micro Kick Black which can go up to 12 miles per hour. This is pretty good for something being pushed by the rider himself.
The speed largely depends on the wheels if they are smooth, rigid and high quality you can go much faster. This is the beauty of the experience because they can help reduce your commute time by more than 50%. They are good for recreational purposes too because you get a good work out and the whole experience lightens your mood and makes you happy. Many an adult like to ride with their kids and have a good time.

Weight Limit

weight limit of a these modelsSince adults are going to ride these, the weight limit is ample for people with above average weight. Most scooters easily bear 200 pounds and those with more sturdy build can even withstand up to 400 pounds which is more than enough. This is very important because exhausting the weight limit can damage or at least affect the performance of your scooter so make sure you find out the correct limit.

What is the weight limit on a Razor Scooter?

As you know Razor produces scooters for both children and grownups. While the weight limit varies from one model to another, for example a Razor scooter for an adult has a weight limit of 220 pounds. These themselves are usually very lightweight themselves but are capable of bearing adult weight easily.

Are electric scooters street legal?

perfect ride for an adultThe electric scooters are usually legal to be ridden on the streets or pavements. They can be ridden on the bike lane. However, this is not universal and laws vary by places. To know exactly if you can legally ride an electric scooter on your citys streets, check out the laws regarding vehicles on the road.
They are mostly legal too which makes them a great choice for using it to commute notably in cities with very much traffic congestion. There are separate bike lanes which can be utilized and people even ride them on the sidewalks. Again, it does not hurt to be sure beforehand so find out about your city in particular.
You will be required by law to ensure that you ride it safely without hurting yourself or others. In most cases, if an officer stops you it would be because you are not wearing a helmet. Safety is absolutely necessary so always make sure you wear one whenever you take your scooter out for a ride.


Scooters are super popular now and there are multitudes of brands to choose from. Some popular brands are Razor, Micro, Go-Ped, Xootr, and 5STARR. These brands are known for their high quality products made using latest technology. Some riders have a personal preference towards one brand for varying reasons like styles, availability, durability or pricing.


This is more of a personal choice but you can find various colors and designs from the creators of these products as well. Many products come in two or three color variations. However, you do not have a lot of choice unlike in scooters for kids. Even though they were created for an adult to travel on, they are designed with colors and style to make it more attractive and fun after all riding a scooter is to have a little fun too.


Most models can be very expensive depending on the brand you are choosing. Several high-end brands can easily go upwards of $200. Nonetheless, there are more affordable options as well in the market that have good enough quality. Razor and Micro are cheaper as compared with other expensive brands like Know-Ped. You can easily find a scooter under $100 online. Of course like other vehicles we buy, a bigger price tag means that the components are high quality and will likely last quite long.

Folding System and Portability

folding systemAlmost all of them are foldable which makes them so much easy to carry around and store in confined spaces. In fact, manufacturers keep on trying to improve these systems and use technology that allows the structure to be folded in about a second or two. This is yet another great quality that people appreciate and serves as the reason why they use them so frequently. Since they are lightweight you can carry them anywhere without any difficulty or tiring yourself.

Accessories and Parts

A very important consideration during the buying process of an adult scooter should be the replacement parts. The availability, quality and price of parts should be determined before buying especially if you are buying an expensive model. No matter how carefully you use it or how strong the thing is, there is always a chance of a part coming lose or stop working at all. In such a case, if you cannot find a replacement the scooter will be rendered useless.
You might want to replace the tyres, the bearings or the deck after sometime to give it a new look. Wheels are relatively easier to find and you can find varying sized disks online. The parts should also be available from the brand the scooter is from. So do a quick search about the parts and see their availability before making the final call.
Accessories help make your scooter more fun and useful. You can find many accessories online like handgrips, bottle holders or foot peg. The handgrips are usually the part that get wore out quite quickly and need replacement. You can find colorful, absorbent and strong handgrips online. The foot peg can be attached to the front or rear wheel and can be used for placing your foot. The bottle holder of course holds your water bottles while you travel on the scooter.

Kick Scooter vs. Bike which is better?

durable bikeThere is no doubt that these brilliant items are getting very popular in cities around the world. Not only are they fun to travel on but allow you to reach to places quickly without getting stuck in traffic or standing in subway and also gets you some exercise as well. And the added bonus is that you can say that you are going green with a self propelled scooter and opting environment friendly commuting ways.
Anyhow, many individuals end up comparing the scooter with the bike as to which is better. The most appropriate measure for finding which is better is to evaluate your own needs and the distance you need to cover. But first let us look at what differentiates the two and what pros do they have on one another.
Both of these essentially use the human power to move but there are some significant differences. You are standing on a scooter whereas as on a bike you can sit. The former only needs a push off the ground to move whereas the latter needs peddling from both feet. Bikes can go faster than a kick scooter but they are not as convenient as the other. You can easily fold a kick scooter and carry it somewhere because it is so lightweight. Many find it as a good alternative to a bicycle. Some bikes are foldable too but not as portable. For more information on trick scooters, check out MyProScooter’s full range here.
Now that you know the pros about each, you should know which is better for your needs. If your ride is, say more than 6 miles, a bike would be a better option. On the other hand, for rides under this threshold a scooter is much more viable and convenient option. These can go pretty fast and get you anywhere in half the amount of time. Plus they are a lot of fun to ride and look very cool thanks to the scads of designs available online and in the market.


1. How to maintain my scooter?

The best way to ensure that your scooter lasts long and its parts stay functioning is to make sure that you maintain it well. Much like everything else in your possession, a little care will go a long way and your moneys full value will be received.
For your rides to be smooth and speedy like the first day you kicked it on the street, you need to clean it often. When on the street, park or sidewalks it will definitely accumulate a lot of dirt and debris from the ground. Every part will get extremely dirty at one point so use a cotton cloth for cleaning it through. Start with the deck and clean it from top, bottom as well as the edges. You can damp it a bit too to get things even cleaner.
Do not forget the tyres because they are the main contact point with the ground. Similarly also clean the handle bar with the same cloth. The handgrip can be replaced after it has worn down from all the sweat. It is generally a good thing to ensure that the bearings are clean and lubricated. You can also replace them if you feel that they have been used fully. You can find many helpful videos online about lubricating or replacing the bearings. Doing all of this, you will ensure that the parts stay functioning and you get the most comfortable experience.
Now, everything has a limited life and even the most expensive might need replacement of parts after some time. This is normal but with maintenance you can ensure that you get the maximum outcome from them. Generally, you should avoid taking it out in rain because water can damage it. A little rain might not affect so much but a lot of it will definitely affect it. Most of these are powder coated to prevent rusting but still other parts like bearings, buttons or brakes could weaken after sometime due to constant contact with water.
Also, inspect your scooter from time to time whether its brake is working and all the parts are fixed the way they should be. Doing so, you can save yourself from any injury and of course save your scooter too.

2. Arent scooters only for kids?

who can ride?No, a very big no. They may have been created for kids or teenagers but now they are being created specifically for grownups. It is just another vehicle like your car or bike. They are all designed keeping your body and weight in mind so they are sturdy and big enough to withstand your weight and reach your hands.
More and more adults are opting for these all around the world. Why? I could give you many reasons but the most common one is traffic congestion. People from big cities like New York City or Tokyo are fed up of being stuck in their cars for hours every day. The public transportation is not that fast too in many of such cities. In such a case, these provide a healthy and quick alternative. People are using them to get to work, meetings, school and of course for recreational purposes.
Another great benefit is that you get some exercise as well. You are using your foot to push it and constantly moving your legs as well as torso. It is just enough to burn some extra calories you acquired during the day but not much tiring.
You can also see it as a way to reduce carbon emission. Almost every big city is facing the harrowing effects of pollution and global warming. Scooters, as you know, are completely human powered so there is zero negative impact on environment. Imagine how much carbon dioxide can be reduced if we stop taking our cars for small errands throughout the week. This is a great way to get involved in the green movement and help make your own city livable for your children.
Lastly, it is incredible fun. Have you never wished of doing everything you did as a kid once again? Well here is your chance. With these you can really feel the adrenaline you once felt as a teenager. There is absolutely no shame in kicking a scooter down the street with your 6 feet height. In fact, everyone will find it very cool. You can go travel with your kids in the park and bond with them while keeping yourself healthy too. There are just so many benefits of these things that everyone should give it a try.
So in a nutshell, not all of these designs are just for kids.

3. Are all scooters safe?

Safety is a priority for manufacturers and they ensure that the product they send out meets all the safety requirements. For this purpose, many of them test these products rigorously to see how durable and strong they are. This is the reason why most models, especially those high end ones, are capable of going on any kind of surface no matter how rough or bumpy it is.
Some are even certified for safety and you can usually find this information online as well as in the package. This ensures even more that the product is safe. It is a good idea to read the reviews before getting into a purchase and see if any of the previous users had any difficulties or faced any safety hazards.
No matter how safe the product is advertised as or if it is certified, it is necessary that you take the safety precautions yourself as well. This means that you have to wear a helmet every time you travel. You can also wear knee pads if you want even more safety. Helmet is absolutely necessary because even a minor fall can prove dangerous. Many times people do not realize and they get concussions.
Riding is supposed to be fun but nothing is more important than your health and safety. If you are a parent and your kids ride one too then it becomes all the more necessary. They will look up to you and follow you and for them too safety is important. You can find many affordable and stylish helmets to wear while riding online.

4. Which deck height should I choose?

First of all, understand what deck height really means. It is the distance between the ground and the board. This affects your riding in two ways: a. you are able to avoid any bumps or lumps, and move over curbs smoothly and avoid hitting the surface with the bottom of the board, b. you have to bend your knee a bit.
If the height is too low you have the chance of bottoming the deck with any bumps or rocks causing scratches to it. If the height is too low then you have to bend the knee of the leg on the board to let your other leg reach the ground to kick the scooter. A middle road is the best way to go and you can find that out through the ground clearance. Anything between 60 to 70 mm is good enough for a balanced experience that saves you from bumps and does not really necessitate bending.
Those types that are a bit tall are compensated with big wheels that go very fast and hence require less kick to begin with. So you should also check out the size of the wheel to ensure how fast the scooter will go and how often will it need kicking.
Manufacturers are working on improving these products and are designing scooters that address these little problems. This is the exact reason why now is the best time for an adult to get a scooter for riding around town because they have gotten so much better over time. The quality has improved significantly and the rides seem effortless now.
The height was created keeping in mind the different kind of terrains in the urban areas. The sidewalks are usually not smooth and have cracks. Same is the case with streets and some people even like to travel in hilly areas. If you are getting even a moderate quality scooter, it will be capable of withstanding some of the toughest terrains out there without any difficulty.

5. Should I get a scooter with a hand brake?

This depends entirely on you and your safety needs and also at times the scooter itself. Usually they come fitted with the brake at the rear wheel but some have a dual system where you have one on the handle bar called the hand brake. The basic advantage of this brake is that you have more control over the ride and it is easier to press the hand brake for some people.
It provides added safety because you have two ways to stop or slow it down. If you are concerned about the safety of your travelthen by all means get the one that has both the brakes. This way you can assure yourself that your trip is in your full control and that nothing will go wrong.
If you have one without a hand brake and want to add one, you can do so. You will need some parts for achieving this and some help from the internet or an expert. The parts you will need include a lever, brake cable, brake pads, cable binder bolt, and barrel adjuster. You can easily find these parts in any hardware store. You can try doing it yourself or take to a specialized shop for getting an expert to do it. There are videos online that you can watch and take guidance from.

The Bottom Line

In order to find the right one, you should go for something that is lightweight yet quality made so as to last long. This is important for those who are going to use it for commuting mainly because you will use it rigorously and often roughly because of uneven sidewalks of cities. You also need convenience like foldability and portability which to be honest is there in most of the products. Of course your budget should be a consideration as well because the price range is quite wide. For more information on complete scooters for performing stunts on, click here.
The wise thing to do is to read all scooter reviews and then make the decision comparing the product with your requirements too. If you have an eye for style and want something to go with your personality, you will find multitudes of options to choose from like stylized decks or accessorized handlebars.


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Best Penny Boards, Mini Cruiser SkateBoards That Your Kids Will Love

Best Penny Boards, Mini Cruiser SkateBoards That Your Kids Will Love
Best Penny Boards, Mini Cruiser SkateBoards

Skateboards are easy to be confused with a single kind. However, depending on their size, style and board, there are different kinds of skateboards. Two of them are penny boards and mini cruiser boards. Even though both are essentially small but they are not exactly identical. Skateboards have come a long way from being just a board on four wheels to well defined stylized boards designed for stunts and tricks like ollies and flips. In order to get the most suitable product, you have to look into every aspect of the product and know it inside out. We will provide you with a helpful guide about buying both cruiserboards and mini cruiser skateboards.

1. Penny Nickel Complete Skateboard


Want the authentic made in Australia crusingexperience? This Nickel skateboard (27 inches) combines quality and style which is what penny boards are about. You have many colors and styles to choose from. From young children to college students, this particular penny skateboard is for everyone. You do not have to worry about its wheels or trucks as there is no assembly required. It is super easy to carry anywhere as it weighs only 5.5 pounds. It should easily last for quite some years even after rough usage because of its strong molded plastic board.

2. Burgundy Retro Penny Skateboard


This product takes the original classic penny board to the next level through its cutting edge design and perfect ride. If you are particular about details then this is the skateboard for you as the board is color coordinated from deck till the cushions and bearings. At 22 inches, this board weighs only 3.9 pounds so you can imagine how light it must be to carry in your arm. But you will not want to carry it when you can enjoy the smooth ride thanks to its soft wheels.

3. Paradise Retro Cruiser by Penny Skateboards


This cruiserskateboard is every bit cool. The board boasts a cool summery print of leaves and the best part is that it glows in the dark. It is not just great in terms of looks; the state of the art plastic deck delivers high quality too so that your ride is as good as the shiny board. A bit more expensive than other penny skateboards but it is definitely worth the money because you get the authentic Classic Penny Experience.

4. Standard Penny Skateboard


This is yet another great skateboard from Mini cruiserSkateboards with penny trucks and wheels. This 27 inches skateboard is perfect for beginners as it is way more stable than a 22 inches penny skateboard. So if you are someone looking to give skateboarding a try, this would be the skateboard you need. No matter what age, it is strong enough to withstand adult weight. It is safe to say that it is a speed board as it can easily go a long distance pretty fast enough. Offered in three colors, you can choose to customize it with grip tapes.

5. Penny Complete Skateboard

Buff, slater and spike are the color or style names for the complete penny skateboard that is definitely a winner in terms of style. It gives a good handle just like any other cruiserboard thanks to its waffle deck. The slater is very expensive as compared with the other two colors and other penny boards on this list. However, all of them live up to the cruiserbrand name and deliver quality. Although 22 inches in size, it can be used by a beginner especially if it is a kid using the penny skateboard.

6. Penny Nickel Pantones Cruiser

Colors and styles seem to be an important consideration among skateboarders but then there are some of us who just prefer solid black in almost everything. This black penny nickel cruiser is exactly for such individuals who prefer simplicity and minimalism. Containing quality 4 inches penny trucks and Abec 7 bearings and 59mm wheels, this skateboard comes ready and complete for you to ride. Since penny boards are better for riding, this can make a great choice for cruising around campus or your neighborhood streets. Anyone from beginners to pro can ride this amazing penny nickel.

7. Rimable 22 Complete Skateboard

This 22 mini cruiser from Rimable is small but very strong as it can bear up to 90 kilograms of weight. The thick Aluminium truck supports the board and allows it to stand this much weight. It is the reissue of the 1970s plastic board but in all new glory. It is good for both kids and adults and the print on the board matches with the wheels so you get a uniform look. No assembly needed as it comes complete and ready to hit the streets with. It is super affordable as well compared with penny skateboards which can be a tad bit expensive for a skateboard.

8. Skatro Mini Cruiser 22 inches

This skateboard is much like a traditional 22 inches penny skateboard. However, it has the Skatro flex technology which ensures that the plastic in the deck is optimal and flexible. They use special machine to calculate the plastic that goes into the making of the boards so as a result the deck is much more consistent than a regular skateboards deck. This adds to the smoothness of the ride the skateboard offers. Moreover, the bearings used in this skateboard are stronger than regular steel bearings in other skateboards. Skatro mini cruiser is definitely strong and provides good value for money.

9. Penny Classic Skateboard

With so many colors to choose from, you will be confused as to which color you should go for. There is something for everyone from Solid Black to Ethiopian Tribal Prints to Hot Pink. It is called classic because it is a throwback to skateboards from 70s. Not only do you get style, you also get the classic feel of the early skateboards. Since it is small, it can fit into a locker or any other small compartment. Like other pennys it is strong and light at the same time.

10. Street Rebel Retro Penny-Style Skateboard

This skateboard from Street Rebels brings together the old and the new. It gives the old retro style skateboard feel with the new high grade urethane wheels. The black one really stands out because of its funky wheels, each having a unique color (red, green, yellow and blue). And if you are looking for some theatricals, there is a glow in the dark option too. It picks up great momentum but is still good for kids, especially those who want to improve quickly.

What is a penny board?

Penny board is a kind of skateboard made from plastic or maple. It was made in Australia and typically comes in two sizes 22 inches and 27 inches. There is a third size as well measuring 36 inches commonly called the longboard penny. There are countless colors and styles in these skateboards and their wheels are 59 mm in diameter. What makes them great is their portability: they are light weighted and therefore super easy to carry anywhere. These are ideal for kids and teenagers, beginner and experienced skateboarders alike.

Different Sizes of Penny Boards

The 22 inches long penny board ensures smooth, zippy and fast ride that can get you from one place to another in a jiffy. This one in particular is very light weighted and can easily be fitted into a backpack. Because of their smaller size, they are better for children although even experienced skateboarders use penny boards 22 inches long. If you are just looking to roll it around and do not do much stunts, then this penny board will make an ideal skateboard for you.
The longer 27 inches long penny board commonly referred to as the Nickel is heavier than its 22 inches brother but still light weighted. It can provide you with a ride similar to a longboard. However, it is much more portable than a longboard. The only thing besides size that distinguishes 27 penny board from 22 penny board is that that it is more stable. This is good for late teenagers as it gives more control and can be ridden for quite a long distance without any hindrance. It is good for learning tricks as it gives a bit more board under your feet.
Both these penny boards are similar when it comes to quality especially when the brand is same. 22 inches skateboard is recommended for children under 10 and early teenagers as it is commensurate with their height and weight. It should be noted that it is not suitable for adults especially those weighing over 175 pounds because the board may get damaged.
The longboard which measures 3 feet (36 inches) is the longest penny board and can somewhat qualify as a traditional longboard but it is still lighter. It gives enough length and support to riders with a little aspiration for doing tricks. It is suitable for late teenagers only as for kids or even early teenagers it can be too big.

Brands and Pricing of Penny Boards

Penny Australia is the most popular brand for penny boards. Their penny boards are customizable too so you can change the trucks, wheels, and panel stickers. They are very durable because of their quality plastic and aluminum powder coated trucks. Ridge is another good brand for penny boards and it is cheaper than Penny Australia. You can also find good and affordable pennys with Sun Boards and Eightbit. Penny boards are affordable and you can find a decent one in under $100.
Now let us discuss the mini cruiser skateboards:

What is a mini cruiser skateboard?

Cruiser skateboards are made purely for riding and rolling round and are not purposely built for tricks. They come in many different sizes. The small plastic boards are dubbed as the mini cruiser skateboards. They have smaller wheels about 55-56 mm in diameter. Like penny boards, mini cruiser skateboards are light weight and easy to carry around when not under your feet. They are great for the purpose of riding as they can go long distance uninterrupted and the soft wheels can stand harsh surfaces easily.

Mini cruiser skateboard is good for beginners and experienced skateboarders alike

Skateboards are not just for doing stunts anymore as many kids use skateboards to go to school or gym. Why? There is no hassle of finding a parking for your bike or car. It is so lightweight and small, you can even put it your locker. The great thing about mini cruisers is that they are good for anyone. They are long enough and stable for long rides. For beginners, a simple built mini cruiser is more ideal whereas for those looking for a bit more than just simple rides a cruise skateboard with a bit more edge (better trucks, wheels and stronger board) is more suitable.

Mini cruiser vs. Longboards

Mini cruisers are obviously smaller in size as compared to longboards. Any board above 36 inches can be considered a longboard. Mini cruisers have soft so-called cruiser wheels where as longboards have hard wheels. Because cruise skateboards are made for enhancing the ride experience, they are not great for rough and aggressive tricks typically part of the longboarding styles such as downhill and freeriding. They are built to be sturdy and big enough for doing tricks.
Longboards are heavier and therefore less convenient to carry around as compared with mini cruisers. The wheel size varies between the two as well where longboards wheels are 70 mm and above in diameter. As for which one is better for whom, longboards are not recommended for newbies who have never ridden a skateboard before. For such riders, a mini cruiser is a much suitable alternative because they can ride it without needing training and learn basic tricks as well. Longboard is a pretty generic term as these boards vary by not just size but also by the riding style. Their trucks are higher and can turn very sharp.


Mini cruisers vary greatly when it comes to price. You can find one under $50 easily whereas on the other end of the spectrum, some may cost even more than $100. Sunset and District are popular brands for mini cruiser skateboards and a bit pricier than other brand offerings.

Penny Board or Mini Cruiser

Now that you know what each of them has to offer, you might be wondering which one is better? There is no definite answer to that. Both of them are smaller than a longboard and optimized for riding more than for performing tricks. Mini cruisers vary in size and have smaller wheels as compared with penny boards that come in three sizes with a tad bit bigger wheels. It can come down to your own brand preference and budget for both these kind of skateboards. For children, the 22 inches long penny and mini cruisers are ideal while teenagers can ride both penny and mini cruisers that are bigger than 22 inches.
In terms of styles and colors, both of these skateboards have too many offerings. You can even customize the panels and choose any graphical patterns, textures or just solids. Both of these skateboards offer smooth ride so if that is your ultimate purpose, all you have to do is determine which size you need.


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