Electric longboards are becoming more and more popular over the years. While there were usually just electric skateboards at first, longboards eventually came on the scene. Electric longboards are a little bit more practical when used as a method of travel because they’re longer and usually a little bit wider. When you’re traveling a few miles or so, comfort is always something that should be considered.

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When they first came out, electric longboards had a couple major issues that were far too obvious. Firstly, they didn’t last very long on the road. They had very small limits as far as range and miles per hour. You probably couldn’t get much further than 3 or 4 miles before getting a warning that a recharge was needed. The Atom Electric H16D Carbon Longboard shatters those limits beyond what we ever thought was possible!

The second issue that stood in the way of electric longboards was the choice of wood. Since producing electric boards was a little bit expensive, companies would cut corners and choose much less durable woods. This resulted in rotting, cracking, and overall deterioration. However, the Atom H16D Longboard solved this issue by using carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is not only cheaper, but it’s much more durable than many kinds of wood.

We knew it would be awesome to learn all about electric longboards, but we also knew that there’s a ton of research that goes into it. After doing all the research across every blog, review, and video we could find, we decided to give you all the details you needed to know about the Atom Electric H16D Carbon Longboard right here!

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Key Features

Powerful Motor & Battery

The battery choice is also another area where companies tend to run short. They want to reduce prices by getting cheaper batteries (and sometimes motors) which results in a lower price point to sell it. The problem with this is that you, the consumer, end up getting a much cheaper product as a result.

Luckily, the Atom Electric H16D Longboard uses a high-end battery that provides a long-lasting, high miles per hour output. How much? These electric boards boast a 12.4-mile limit, which is massive compared to many other competitors. Most others only get to about 8 miles per hour, which is obviously far less than the H16D.

The motor on this electric board is also very impressive. The maximum speed limit is 20 miles per hour, which also completely destroys much of the competition. 20 miles per hour is actually perfectly centered in the speed limit range when compared to other electric boards. While some get to only 14 miles per hour, others get to 31 miles per hour. It might seem like 31 is far better of a limit, but many areas have law restrictions that limit the rider to 20 miles per hour anyways!


There was a lot of speculation about whether or not carbon fiber was going to be a durable enough material for electric longboarding. Once they began mass-producing them, all the critics were silenced. Carbon fiber has proven to be one of the most durable skateboarding materials around. It has an excellent weight capacity of 275 pounds, and it’s incredibly hard to damage.

The great thing about carbon fiber is that it can’t rust, tear, crumble, or rot as many kinds of the wood can. It’s one of the best materials to make an electric longboard out of. Since you’ll be going at a much faster pace than a regular longboard, durability and the material of the deck is much more important. On top of that, you wouldn’t want your hard-earned investment in the electric longboard to go to waste through rust or water damage.

Carbon fiber is also known to be very lightweight. Coming in at only 13 pounds, the Atom H16D only weighs a little bit more than a regular longboard. It’s quite an impressive feat, considering the fact that it has a battery, a motor, and much bigger and more durable tires. Obviously, the use of carbon fiber makes this weight come down much more while raising the overall weight limit tremendously.

Simplistic Wireless Remote

When you’re riding an electric longboard or skateboard, you’ll obviously need a remote of some kind. There’s no other way to propel an electric board other than the use of one of these remotes, but they vary in quality dramatically. The wireless remote included with the Atom H16D Carbon Longboard is one of the most simplistic designs we’ve come across.

Having a much more minimalist layout makes it easier to navigate when you’re on the move. The only options you have are going to accelerate, brake, backward, and forwards. Honestly, those are the only options you really need. When you’re driving around town at 20 miles per hour, you probably don’t want to think much about having all kinds of different variations.

Another great feature to the remote is the fact that it’s ergonomically designed. This basically means that it fits perfectly in your hand so you don’t have to feel like you’re carrying around a rotary phone while driving. A lot of other remotes from different brands are just a rectangular block, which isn’t comfortable to carry at all!


+ The lithium-ion battery in this electric skateboard is much more energy efficient and powerful than most other regular batteries. Lithium-ion has been well-known and loved due to its longevity and the fact that it holds a charge much longer than other batteries.

+ Carbon fiber is surprisingly useful in this electric longboard since it makes it incredibly durable as well as very lightweight. While most woods are usually pretty heavy, carbon is very light which helps out for a number of reasons.

+ The hardened wheels on the H16D electric board are very dense, which means they can’t get scuffed up and break down like traditional longboard tires. After miles and miles of cruising down the street at 20 miles per hour, most other wheels wouldn’t stand a chance.

+ The ergonomic wireless remote included in this electric longboard bundle is a perfectly simple solution that makes it as easy as possible to brake, speed up, and go forward or backward. When you’re done, there’s a small on/off button on the side to help you save a little bit of energy for the next ride.


– 20 miles per hour is the middle-ground for speeds on electric longboards and skateboards. There are many other brands and models that go a little bit higher, but law restrictions limit the speeds anyway so it doesn’t impact the performance of the board too much.

– Some people prefer woods for the deck build because it’s what they’re used to. However, carbon fiber has been proven to be just as durable if not more durable than some of the densest woods on the planet. With such a high weight capacity, there’s truly no issue with carbon fiber being used on the deck of this longboard.

Who is it Suitable For?

This carbon fiber electric longboard is suitable for anyone looking to have a good time and find a better way to get around town. Speeding down the streets at 20 miles an hour for up to 12 miles in distance is more than necessary to get from one place to another and back. It’s also great for anyone looking to make a positive impact on the environment by not polluting and using gasoline to get around as most cars do.

Why Do We Like It

We truly like the Atom H16D Electric Longboard because it gives the best of both worlds for speed and distance. Many other electric boards either have a really high-speed limit but a low distance per charge, or vice versa. With this electric board, you get a decent speed limit with an excellent distance per charge. There’s nothing to not like about a longboard that lets you cruise around town at high speeds for as long as you need, especially when it only takes a total of two hours to charge!

Alternative Product

Atom Electric B10 Skateboard

If you don’t need all that mileage and distance or you’re simply looking for a cheaper electric board, the Atom Electric B10 Skateboard is an excellent option. It features a powerful battery and motor that brings you up to 16 miles per hour for up to 7 miles.

Sure, it’s not as powerful as the H16D, but it comes at a much lower price. Also, if you’re one of those people that prefer wood over carbon fiber, the B10 Skateboard is made out of all wood. It even comes with an ergonomic wireless remote just like the H16D to help you navigate the streets and get you to your destination much quicker.

All in all, the Atom Electric B10 Skateboard is a fantastic selection for anyone who’s looking to get an electric board but doesn’t need all the extra fancy bells and whistles.

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