Which are the best pro scooter bearings to ride? We review the top 10 best scooter bearings for you today to find out just that. Bearings are cool as you also get a neat little beer can, but don’t let gimicky items sway you to purchase, we are after solid bearings that will last a long time here.

Many skateboarders use Redz for their wheels as these bearings have been around for years and are proven to be one of the most solid bearings available to date. We would highly recommend them as one to look at. They don’t use the standard ABEC measurement as they run much faster than any other bearing available, leaving you kicking less and flowing quicker.

Best Pro Scooter Wheel Bearings of 2021

1. Apex Ceramic Pro Scooter Bearings

Apex Ceramic Pro Scooter Bearings

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2. Beerings Malt Abec 7 Bearings

Beerings Malt Abec 7 Bearings

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The Beerings MAlt Abec 7’s are a clear and fast bearing at an unimaginable value, to not level out the sweet packaging.

3. Beerings OG Abec 5 Bearings

Beerings OG Abec 5 Bearings

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The “Beerings” OG Abec 5’s are one sweet addition to your scooter. These Abec 5’s will get the job carried out on the great value.

4. Bones REDS Bearings

Bones REDS Bearings

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Bones REDS are manufactured in China to Bones specific bearing specs. A double inspection on a regular basis occurs sooner than the devices are shipped to distributers and provide the perfect combination of effectivity, sturdiness and low worth inside the enterprise. Because they supply near Bones Swiss effectivity at a fraction of the worth, they’ve transform the right selling bearing mannequin within the united statesA.

5. Bones SUPER Bearings

Bones Super Bearings

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Super Reds are expertly designed to be a couple of of the best bearings out there available on the market. Super Reds aren’t merely REDS with a higher finish. Super REDS are a superior top quality bearing, using larger top quality metallic races, larger top quality and grade balls, and a superior flooring finish. The end result’s a bearing that is as fast as REDS nevertheless quieter, smoother, and longer lasting. REDS and Super REDS not solely differentiate in sort nevertheless top quality.

6. Bones SWISS Bearings

Bones SWISS Bearings

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Legendary Original Bones Swiss Bearings are the optimum combination of Bones Skate Rated design and Swiss precision manufacturing creating the standard by which all totally different bearings are measured. For larger than 24 years hottest by the worlds prime expert skaters. Proven, expert competition-grade velocity and sturdiness make Bones Swiss often last a lot of events as long as peculiar ABEC rated bearings.

7. Bro Style Abec 3 Bearings

Bro Style Abec 3 Bearings

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Founded in 2012, Bro Style was created by bros – for bros. The Bro Style Abec 3 Bearings don’t disappoint. These ready-to-roll bearings are product of high-quality provides and have an open once more for simple cleaning and maintenance. So what are you prepared for? Join the Bro Style movement with these Bro Style Abec 3 Bearings.

8. Bro Style Abec 5 Bearings

Bro Style Abec 5 Bearings

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These brand new Bro Style Skateboards High Grade Bearings are professional grade Abec 5 bearings by Bro Style Skateboards are pre-lubricated for a smooth, fast ride. They come in the standard size (608 with a 8mm core, 22mm outer diameter, and 7mm width) and provide the best in performance and durability. Each set of Bro Style Skateboards High Grade Bearings contains eight (8) bearings, which is enough for four (4) wheels. Includes: One (1) set of eight (8) Bro Style Skateboards High Grade Bearings from Bro Style Skateboards.

9. Diamond Supply Co Bearings

Diamond Supply Co Bearings

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Diamond Supply Co. Diamond Smoke Ring Bearings. The Diamond Supply Co. Diamond Smoke Ring Bearings The Diamond Smoke Ring Bearings from Diamond Supply Co are fast and are guaranteed to hold up to hard impact. Set of 8 Diamond smoke ring bearings Diamond shape case Imported By Diamond Supply Co.

10. Diamond Supply Hella Fast Titanium Bearing Set

Diamond Supply Hella Fast Titanium Bearing Set

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The Hella Fast Titanium Skateboard Bearings from Diamond Supply Co. are polished to perfection and more durable than another metallic available on the market, these Titanium bearings are made for a perfectly clean roll. Featuring Diamond Supply Co.’s high quality management assure, these bearings will hold your roll going with out ever breaking down from harsh landings and impacts.

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Yellow Jacket Premium Scooter Bearings, Kick Scooter, 608, ABEC 9,...
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Z-FIRST 2Pcs 110mm Pro Scooter Wheels with ABEC 9 Bearings Fit for...
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Bestseller No. 3
Integrated Pro Scooter Headset (Black)
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Today we review the top 7 best pro scooter bar ends you should be riding. From metal to plastic, aluminum or steel there are a few different types and advantages to each. For example, if you have aluminium bars, you may not be able to use the standard bar ends like plastic ODI bar ends as they are much thicker and meant for steel bars. If you do have steel scooter bars, then you can use the majority of bar ends unless otherwise stated. If bar ends are made for aluminum bars, then they will state they are, making it easier for you to choose with less confusion.

1. Apex Bar Ends

Apex Bar Ends

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Apex has done it again and made a quality product that weighs almost nothing. The Apex bar ends are CNC machined and made from aluminum, they fit snugly on all normal size cross bars and bolt from outer ring with a lock nut.

2. ODI Aluminum Bar Ends

ODI Aluminum Bar Ends

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The ODI aluminum bar finish is an excellent sturdy development design thats created from 6061 aluminum. These bar ends have been confirmed to take beating after beating and carry on holding. Coming in quite a lot of sick anodized colours and are capable of match most bars due to their ingenious double sliding wedge system.

3. ODI Plastic Bar End

ODI Plastic Bar End

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Affordable, colourful and enjoyable! The ODI Nylon Bar Ends are a light-weight plug fashion bar finish that merely pushes into the ends of most 7/eight” handlebars for straightforward set up. (zero.6 oz)

4. Odyssey Par Ends

Odyssey Par Ends

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The Odyssey Par Ends are a step up out of your common bar finish. Odyssey has made these dangerous boys out of a particular plastic composite witch makes them mild weight and can be sure that they don’t fall out. The plastic composite they use ensures that they won’t shatter like low cost bar ends do, they usually’re very mild weight. The Par End is a mixture of the over the bar fashion cap and the within the bar fashion to stop the internal portion from blowing out prefer it does on bizarre press-fit bar ends.

5. LUFA Aluminum Bar Ends

LUFA Aluminum Bar Ends

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When it comes to pro scooter parts, then you can always trust LUFA to provide you with an outstanding product that has been manufactured to the highest standard from the best quality materials. These pro scooter bar ends certainly live up to LUFA’s high standards.

They are constructed from aluminum, and they feature an innovative but effective, expanding double-wedge design. They will fit on handlebars that have an inside diameter that is between 14mm and 19mm. Each order contains two pieces, which means one for each handlebar.

+ Quality aluminum
+ Affordable price
+ Expanding, double-wedge design
+ Great looking
+ Fit handlebars with a diameter of 14mm to 19mm

Why We Liked It – They are high-quality pro scooter bar ends that are constructed from a great-looking aluminum and they are available at a very affordable price.

6. Liberty Pro Scooters Aluminium Bar End Plugs

Liberty Pro Scooters Aluminium Bar End Plugs

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Having a good set of end plugs for your handlebars can make a world of a difference. To protect the grips of the bars, try out the Liberty Pro Scooter Aluminum Bar End Plugs. These plugs are built to reduce weight without lowering the overall integrity. Aluminum does a great job at holding its place, dealing with bumps and drops without a problem.

One of the most unique features of these bar end plugs is that you can choose from numerous colors. Most other plugs only come in a silver tint, but you can customize the look completely with these ones.

+ Comes in numerous colors
+ Made out of solid aluminum
+ Easy to install quickly

Why We Like It – We like these aluminum bar end plugs by Liberty Pro Scooters because they’re reliable, customizable, and budget-friendly. What’s not to love?

7. SCT USA Scooter and Bike Aluminum Bar Ends

SCT USA Scooter and Bike Aluminum Bar Ends

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Show some pride for the USA with the SCT USA Scooter and Bike Aluminum Bar Ends. They come as a set of two to save you time and money. You can choose between Chrome, Neo Chrome, and Black if you decide to go with these bar ends. They’re made out of solid aircraft-grade aluminum as well.

Something that many customers seem to enjoy with this aluminum bar ends is the fact that they’re a little bit heavier than others. While this might seem like an issue, it actually allows you to maintain control easier. They fit any set of handlebars on bikes or scooters ranging from 14mm to 19mm in width.

+ Perfect for the average scooter or bike
+ Comes in three stylish colors
+ Made out of aircraft-grade aluminum

Why We Like It – We like these bar ends by SCT USA because they’re heavily weighted and easy to install.

We hoped you enjoyed the latest review. Click here to see all the Pro Scooter Bar Ends parts.

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Odi Bar End Plugs, Anodized Black Aluminum, 1 Pair
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Kutrick Handle Bar Grips 145mm Soft Flangeless Longneck Grips for Pro...
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  • Only 1 minutes to install the grips if use little dish soap on the bars and...
Bestseller No. 3
Liberty Pro Scooters Aluminium Bar End Plugs for Bikes and Scooters...
  • Fits bars with inside diameter of 14mm - 19mm.
  • Protect your grips and handlebar ends.
  • Add color and style to your handlebars

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MyProScooter reviewing the latest and top 5 best Razor Pro Scooters of 2021. Sometimes choosing a scooter can be tough. The market is saturated, and the choices and options are vast to say the least. Luckily, there are a few pointers that you can follow when looking for your new riding companion.

Razor is a well-known brand for providing thrilling, adrenaline-packed ride on toys for kids of all ages and adults alike. Their designs, engineering techniques and reinvented wheels also contributed greatly to their success.

Since Razor released a vast variety of scooters, it can be hard to choose a contestant from this particular batch too. That’s why we spent some focused time researching and exploring the best options, and that’s exactly what we want to present to you! A list of 10 Razor Scooter reviews that should help you ground yourself within one, solid decision.

Check out our full review of the new Razor Pro Scooters including the Beast Sport, A5 Lux, Pro XX, and the RDS Dirt scooter review. Razor fan? Why not try something different with this new Razor Go Kart.

The following paragraphs will include product descriptions and the majority of the relevant information that you should know about each scooter. These should help you narrow down your options so that you can choose something suitable!

The Top Razor Pro Scooter of 2021:

1. Razor A5 Lux

Razor A5 LUX Kick Scooter - Red - FFP , 38.6 Inch

Many parents and older teens worldwide have enjoyed the Razor A5 Lux Scooter. It’s the ideal scooter to take out on a family trip, if you are going out together with your kids of all ages. Some parents who like partaking in the kid activities will find this Razor Scooter a thrilling experience. It’s perfect for anyone that wants to catch up with the trends of the younger generation.

The scooter has been reported to be durable, and well put together. Even older siblings will now be able to join in the fun with their younger brothers and sisters. There is a Razor scooter for everyone, and that remains Razor’s motto throughout their manufacturing their process.

The A5 is a solid aluminum structure with a white body and red additions, as well as black accessories. The colors harmonize together nicely and the A5 remains to be a smooth ride, no matter where you ride.

The A5 is 100% safe for adults and has been tested during months of vigorous use by many customers. This means that no matter how long you ride, you should be able to rely on the Razor A5 Lux with great trust.

The bars are the perfect adjustable height for any adult. The scooter grips remain to be comfy and easy to grasp, which is important when riding fast. The deck is wide and big enough to support any adult that weighs up to about 220lbs, too. People with 12+ size feet also won’t have a problem fitting onto the scooter during their rides.

The A5 Lux is perfect for adults, older siblings, young adults and parents that want to join their kids in the scooter-riding fun. It’s a perfect commute scooter for adults aiming to save on bus fares and petrol when going to work.

The scooter weighs about 4.5 Kg and it’s dimensions equal to: 76.7 x 11.8 x 30.8 cm; 4.26 Kg. Essentially, an ideal scooter for any adult looking for a new way to have fun or commute.

+ Extra-large wheels
+ Perfect for commuting
+ Soft-grips
+ Wide, sturdy deck

Why We Liked It – The Razor A5 Lux pro scooter has been made to suit adults and young adults so that they can enjoy all the fun that Razor scooters provide too. That means that you will be able to enjoy riding on various concrete and pavement terrains with this stylish A5 Razor, no matter where you go.

2. Razor Beast Sport Scooter Complete

Razor Beast Kick Scooter - Blue

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The Razor Pro Beast Sport is a slim, good-looking pro kick scooter that is ideal for round-the-neighborhood commutes and for hours packed with fun. No matter if you are an adult or a teenager, you will find fun and convenience within the Razor Pro Beast Sport. Not only does it ride well on even pavements, but also its ideal for city and parking lot commutes.

If you find yourself having to walk a long distance from your car to your work, then this stunt scooter can be the ideal solution. It will get you from point A to point B quietly, smoothly and quickly.

The stunt scooter was influenced by other sports such as BMX, skateboarding, surfing and much more, and the design clearly shows that. If you are waiting to be inspired during your everyday life, the Razor Pro seems like the best option.

The Beast Sport is covered in a lively, vibrant, exciting blue paint that is ready to attract any potential buyer. It has black accessories and a black deck that is decorated with tropical graffiti to spice up the design.

The stunt scooter has a sturdy rear fender brake, and fixed, a sturdy handle bar that is covered with rubber grips for comfort. You can rest assured that you will be able to feel safe with this durable ride, along with the soft, easy-to-navigate handlebars.

The CNC fork and clamp also helps this pro kick scooter feel particularly secure. The wide deck and urethane wheels help this scooter feel like the ideal companion for cruising.

Although this quality scooter is meant to only ride on smooth pavements and roads, you can do bunny hop tricks to avoid those too. Overall, this is a very heavy-duty scooter with sturdy steel frames and reliable

The scooter is perfect for scooter kids above 6 years of age and is ideally built to help anyone do tricks and stunts at budget price ranges. Thank to it being built from high-quality materials there isn’t much this scooter can’t handle.

The pro scooter complete weighs about 7.6 pounds, which is ideal and lightweight for carrying, and its dimensions measure to about 25 x 31 x 18.5 inches, which makes it ideal for older scooter kids.

+ Metalized urethane wheels
+ Triple stack clamp
+ Rubber grips
+ Wide deck

Why We Liked It – The pro scooter itself also looks great and has been designed to suit the increasing needs of everyday scooter riders. Just like many other Razor scooter, they are all award-winning products and help keep riding exciting for everyone, anywhere and anytime.

3. Razor A3

Razor A3 Kick Scooter - Red

The A3 has a reputation for being one of the most endurable scooters among the Razor gang. Since kids are known for being rough on their ride on toys, Razor decided to produce a scooter that will take every hit and kick with pride. Since kids throwing, hitting, falling, and generally exploiting scooters is nothing new, the A3 is ideal for such situations. Many parents report that even after years of heavy-duty use, the kids’ scooters remain functional and ideal for riding.

Not only is the A3 durable that way, but it also has the ideal value for the money. It’s budget enough to be purchased by any family with one, or several, scooter enthusiasts. Smooth rides are what this scooter is known for. If your child is coordinated enough and has enough balance skills to ride it, then we can recommend it for any primary aged child.

The A3 comes in 4 color choices, ranging from blue, black to green and red. No matter what combination you are interested in, it’s a given that you will find a color-combination for yourself here. The easy-fold mechanism also makes this scooter easy to carry around for kids’ aged 8+.

With a rear fender brake, you will be able to stop anywhere, anytime, no matter how fast you are going.

The A3 is definitely a classical-looking scooter. It’s made from top-tier aluminum of aircraft grade and also has urethane wheels. Wheels in a 125mm inline-style that also possess a springless, the shock-absorbing system that helps encourage smooth riding.

This scooter may, however, be too heavy for toddlers, since it weighs about 12 pounds. Consequently, this weight may be a bit too much for a toddler to carry around. Especially since the scooter is very well made, from sturdy and reliable materials.

It can also support about 143 pounds of weight, which is a good, wide range for a wide age group.

The scooter weighs about 7.3 pounds, and its dimensions equal to about 30 x 13 x 35.5 inches. This makes it the ideal fun scooter for any child looking to get into some fun riding around.

+ Round, big wheels
+ Supports up to 143 pounds
+ Ideal for kids aged 5+
+ Quick breaking with rear break

Why We Liked It – The quick brakes are great features that will help your child feel safe and confident when riding.

4. Razor A2