5 Best Bear Sprays in 2021

Last updated 04. January 2021

When you’re hiking through the woods, you shouldn’t have to worry about bears other than being aware of your surroundings. Although it would be nice to completely avoid danger, we all know that the forest is their home. Having the best bear spray available to you right where you need it is the easiest way to stay out of trouble.

All bear sprays are definitely not the same. Not only do some of them have a longer range than others, but many sprays are meant for different species of bears. Potency, ingredients, and various other factors make them each unique to the next. After hours of research, we came up with the best bear sprays for any occasion. Check them out below!

To figure out which bear spray is the best for your environment, read about all of the features on each of the options below. Let us know which one you chose!

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When you’re relaxed and camping out in the middle of nowhere, you should always be on the lookout for other animals. Bear spray works against many other mammals than just bears, so keep it handy on the provided holster when you’re not in a car or tent. The SABRE FRONTIERSMAN Bear Spray is an impressive example of how a 9-ounce bottle can be a true stopping force.

Bears can sprint at incredible speeds, especially when they feel threatened. This bear spray is one of the best because it releases an accurate burst up to 15 feet away within a second. Even if you don’t hit the bear directly, they won’t move within the cloud any time soon, giving you more than enough room to escape.

The company also claims that their spray is up to 84% more effective than some of the competitors, which is an obvious massive benefit when it comes to life or death situations. A total of 52 grams per second of their powerfully potent spray is released, and all it takes it a flick of the safety pin and a trigger pull.

+ This bear spray comes with a free holster for easy carrying
+ Shoots up to 52 grams per second in a wide burst
+ It’s as easy as pointing in the direction of the bear and pulling the trigger

Why We Like It – We like this bear spray because it’s incredibly powerful, it has a great range, and it bursts in a wide area rather than a narrow one. Covering more space is important to stay safe.

2. Udap Bear Spray Safety Orange

Udap Bear Spray Safety Orange

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The Udap Bear Spray has a namesake safety orange color, so you always know where to find it. The last thing you want is to forget where you put the spray, or have it blend in with the rest of your camping supplies while a bear is charging towards you. Their signature color is neon and very bright, making it the perfect eye-catcher in dangerous scenarios.

However, if orange isn’t your favorite color, they also have a traditional black and white can. There are numerous other choices, including Brown, Orange and Black, and a couple of holster options available. Speaking of holsters, these ones are clipped on, making it virtually silent and super quick to remove and use.

The spray itself shoots out in a massive cloud, creating a barrier between you and the attacking bear. You can even spray side to side, coating the area while backing up. This motion combined with the intense chemical compound used will fend off the bear long enough for you to leave without harming it permanently.

+ Choose from a few different color combinations for easy visuals
+ Uses a massive cloud to keep a great distance between you and the bear
+ Includes a snapping clip holster for quick access

Why We Like It – We like this bear spray because it’s very potent and the can is easy to see wherever you go. You’ll let others know that you have the situation under control as soon as they see the neon orange bottle.

3. Counter Assault Bear Repellant Spray

Having the choice of deciding exactly how much bear spray you want to bring with you is a huge relief. The Counter Assault Bear Repellant Spray comes in two sizes; 8.1 ounces and 10.2 ounces. Pick up the size bottle you want and stay safe on the trails ahead.

One of the best parts about this bear spray is the fact that it’s effective against all 8 species of bears. Protecting you quite literally wherever you go. The 2% capsaicin in the spray is enough to turn a full-grown mother bear the other way! Their sight and smell will be limited, granting you a decent escape window.

Depending on which size you choose, the Counter Assault Bear Repellant Spray can shoot up to 40 feet away. The smaller bottle still reaches 32 feet, which is more than enough to save yourself when you need it the most.

+ This spray comes with a quick-release, soft holster that won’t dig into your hit
+ Choose between two different bottle sizes for your exact needs
+ Includes 2% capsaicin in the spray, which is one of the strongest around

Why We Like It – We like this bear spray by Counter Assault because it gives you the exact bottle sizes and sprays distances that you need to have peace of mind while out in the wild.

4. SABRE ADVANCED Compact Pepper Spray

SABRE ADVANCED Compact Pepper Spray

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You don’t always need the biggest can of bear spray on the market. For those who just want a small supply for emergency situations, the SABRE Advanced Compact Pepper Spray is a great product to try out. It’s fairly small, fitting in the palm of your hand or your pocket while the safety is on.

Many of the sprays on the market only have one or two uses, but that’s not the case with this SABRE ADVANCED spray. With up to 35 bursts per bottle, you’ll be able to use it multiple times and not have to worry about accidentally missing your target.

The safety lock on this compact pepper spray is perfect for preventing unintended discharges, but you can still unlock it in less than a second. Simply slide it over with your thumb and it doubles as the trigger to fend off the attacker. There’s also a clip on the side if you want to store it on a keychain or the side of your clothes.

+ Each bottle contains up to 35 uses
+ Sprays up to 10 feet in a single burst
+ Uses a Quick-engage safety pin that doubles as a firing mechanism

Why We Like It – We like this pepper spray because it’s super compact and easy to use. There’s not always a need to have a huge bottle, so this will do in a pinch.

5. Personal Security Products GGBR9-C 9oz Bear Repellant

Personal Security Products GGBR9-C 9oz Bear Repellant

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For a heavy-duty bear spray with a can that’ll withstand all sorts of wear and tear, try out the Personal Security Products GGBR9-C 9oz Bear Repellant. Similar to a few of the other spray on the list, this bear spray uses a push lever trigger.

When you’re out in the wild, you don’t want to have to worry about whether or not it’s morally justified to use your first line of defense. Tons of bear sprays on the market contain strange chemicals and other questionable substances. However, this one uses eco-friendly ingredients that wear away over time to prevent harm to other animals.

You can also rely on the 20-foot effective range for reducing the incoming threat of any bear around. Even if the bear is further away, the particles hang in the air long enough to keep them from coming anywhere near you and your setup.

+ Includes an incredibly durable, long-lasting bottle
+ Effectively coats the area up to 20 feet away
+ Uses an easy-pull clamp trigger

Why We Like It – We like this bear spray because it comes in an incredibly strong bottle with a decent effective range. Many of these sprays tend to rust out, but you won’t encounter that issue with this one.

Bear Spray Buyer’s Guide

Bear spray is a big deal when it comes to staying safe and feeling relaxed when you’re in their home. We’ve put together a little guide to help you find out which one is right for you, and why you should take a bottle no matter what!

How effective is bear spray?

Bear spray is a fantastic way to keep yourself safe if you know the bear is heading your way. You should never charge after or head towards a bear in any way, regardless of whether or not you have bear spray.

Which bear spray holster is the best?

Bear spray holsters should either be made with a clip or out of a slotted cloth or nylon. Velcro should never be used since it’s loud and could alert the bear.

Expert Tip

When a bear is charging you, spray directly at them in a side to side motion. It’ll coat the area between you and them thoroughly, preventing the bear from finding a way around it.

Did You Know?

Most bear sprays are made out of edible peppers. While you don’t want to spray this stuff on your next meal, it’s nice to know that it won’t permanently damage the bear.

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SABRE Frontiersman Bear Spray 9.2 oz with Holster — Maximum...
  • PROTECTION AT A SAFE DISTANCE: Bear spray has a 35-foot (10 meter) range...
  • EASY TO CARRY: A belt holster helps to keep your canister secure and...
Bestseller No. 2
SABRE Frontiersman Bear Spray 7.9 oz (Holster Options & Multi-Pack...
  • GREATEST PROTECTION AT A SAFE DISTANCE - 30 FEET: Traveling up to 10 feet...
  • LARGER PROTECTIVE BARRIER PER BURST: Rapidly deploys a heavy fog of 1.58 oz...
Bestseller No. 3
SABRE Frontiersman Bear Spray 7.9 oz with Holster — Maximum...
  • MAXIMUM STOPPING POWER: The only bear spray with an in-house HPLC lab to...
  • PROTECTION AT A SAFE DISTANCE: Bear spray has a 30-foot (9 meter) range....
  • EASY TO CARRY: A belt holster helps to keep your canister secure and...

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