7 Best Bodyboards in 2021

Last updated 04. January 2021

Are you trying to catch some waves but don’t want to go for a full-sized surfboard? If so, you’re going to need the best bodyboard for you. The quality of your bodyboard will make a huge difference in the number of improvements you can make, and the amount of fun you can have. Finding the right one is crucial to your potential professional bodyboarding career.

They come in many sizes and certain bodyboards are therefore better for some than for others. There are plenty of amazing bodyboard companies that create top of the line wave riders for you to pick from. How do we decipher which is the best one?

We have sifted through the options and paid attention to some of the most important factors that come into play when picking out the best bodyboards. In order to assist you in your hunt for the best bodyboard, we have put together a list of our 7 favorites for you to consider. Hopefully, by the end of this guide, you will have the information you need in order to pick out the best bodyboard for you.

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1. Goplus 41 inch Super Bodyboard

Goplus 41 inch Super Bodyboard

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Geoplus bodyboard offer surfers ideal hardness, flexibility, and durability. They focus on adding stiffness and a slick undercoating that increases speed and control on more aggressive waves. This model has60/40 rails, a rear channel, and a crescent tail which make this bodyboard suitable for all wave conditions.

It will provide you a level of control and speed that lesser bodyboards are unable to. With a safety leash attached, you will always have control of whats going on with your board so it doesn’t get away from you. An IPXE deck offers riders more comfort and stability for an overall more enjoyable riding experience. They have many designs and colors for you to choose from so you can pick the bodyboard that suits your style.

+ IPXE deck
+ Slick undercoating
+ Crescent tail
+ Durable and comfortable
+ High-speed capabilities

Why we like it – This is a very stable bodyboard that offers you the level of control that you want. It has the perfect balance between stiffness and flexibility and is made of high-quality, durable materials.

2. Wham-O Mach 7 Body Board

Wham-O Mach 7 Body Board

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This Morey bodyboard comes with some top of the line features that make it one of the best bodyboards you can get for the money. It has PE foam on the inside which is heavy enough to offer a level of stability that will give you a little more control. A crescent tail also adds to the control that you have over the direction of the board.

An HDPE slick on the bottom offers the speed you want to truly propel down the waves, and single power rod stingers give the board strength and durability to ensure that it will last longer. The channels on the underside offer a degree of staying power so you won’t be sliding off-line when you’re catching your waves. This is a great lightweight boogieboard that you will love.

+ HDPE slick
+ PE foam
+ Channels
+ Crescent tail
+ Single power rod stringer

Why we like it – A modest and highly controllable bodyboard that is lightweight and durable. You can easily put on your inline skates, grab the board and roll over to your preferred beach location, as it is lightweight enough to be carried. This bodyboard rides well and will hold a line nicely so you can have optimal control.

3. Gymax Body Board

Gymax Body Board

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The Gymax bodyboard is a high-quality, fast, and durable bodyboard that will be one of the most fun boards you could pick up for your next wave riding adventure. It is designed to give you the kind of speed you want while also giving you the power over the direction.

An HDPE slick on the bottom gives you extra speed for any type of wave. An EPS core decreases the bords distortion and increases the recoil. It is a very lightweight board which makes it easy to carry and will more quickly and responsively through the waves.

A durable leash is attached to ensure the board doesn’t get away from you. This board is high enough quality to be used by adults as well as children and is a ton of fun in the waves.

+ Durable
+ Fast
+ Lightweight
+ Optimal stiffness
+ Good control

Why we like it – This board is lightweight and gives you the speed and control you need to truly enjoy the waves. It is suitable for any wave condition and good for any type of rider.

4. BeachMall Bodyboard

BeachMall Bodyboard

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The BeachMall Wavemaster Pro bodyboard is meant for boarders who are interested in having a board for almost everyday use for a longer period of time as opposed to someone who just wants to dip their toes.

It is built for additional speed and has a specially shaped tail to improve the control and performance of the board. It is a very strong and durable board that will last for years and offers a lightweight construction which is best for transporting and added speed in the waves.

+ Built for speed
+ Performance tail shape
+ Durable
+ Lightweight
+ Good for experienced boarders

Why we like it – This bodyboard is specially designed for added speed and performance. It is durable enough to last a sea turtles lifetime and is best for intermediate to advanced boarders.

5. Own the Wave Super Lightweight

Own the Wave Super Lightweight Body-Board

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The Wave Weapon bodyboard is built to be as lightweight as any other bodyboard you have ever tried out. It has a super high-speed slick and an EPS core which adds to the stability and performance level of the board. The crescent tail allows you to navigate the waves really well and gives you control over the line you’re on.

It has been designed with buoyancy as well as performance in mind. It is easy to catch waves with the Wave Weapon and gives you the kind of speed that you dream about when you’re waiting to go on your next surf trip. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced bodyboarder or if you have only roamed around on land with your longboard before, as this is a great bodyboard also for beginners.

+ Lightweight
+ High-speed
+ Durable
+ High-quality slick
+ Super buoyant

Why we like it – This is one of the easiest boards to catch waves on. It is light and fast and you can catch pretty much anything on it. Great to learn on and to have as a fast alternative bodyboard.

6. BPS Storm Bodyboard

BPS Storm Bodyboard

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With an EPS core, the BPS Storm bodyboard is super buoyant and fast. It has a high-quality slick that adds to the speed and gives you more acceleration on smaller and larger waves. Channels on the slick base help you to have a little more control over the direction of the board.

The crescent tail adds performance and offers a little more comfort and some comparable bodyboards. With everything included in one pack such as fin tethers and a high-quality leash, this is a fantastic board to get you started and have you enjoying waves of all sizes

+ High-speed slick
+ Channels
+ Crescent tail
+ Inclusive package
+ Buoyant and light

Why we like it – This is a really fast and controllable bodyboard that you will love on the waves. It has all the necessary features that give you the type of speed and control you need.

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7. California Board Company Magnum 45

California Board Company Magnum 45 Bodyboard

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This is a highly comfortable bodyboard with a unique design that is suitable for a wide variety of riders. It has a contoured shape that is more comfortable when you’re riding in a prone position. Thumb bulbs on the head of the body offer you even more control as you can get a really good grip of the board.

It has a waterproof EPS core which is lightweight and buoyant. The polyethylene slick and channels on the bottom offer a high level of speed and control. The bat tail gives you a little extra buoyancy so you can catch more waves and stay on top of the water a little bit better. It is pretty durable and will last you at least a couple of seasons.

+ Bat tail
+ Contoured shape
+ Buoyant
+ Lightweight
+ High-quality slick

Why we like it – The unique design of this board gives you a kind of comfort and buoyancy that is hard to match. It is tough, lightweight, and fast and is a ton of fun to ride.

Bodyboards Buyers Guide

What to look for in the Best Bodyboards

There are always a few questions surrounding what the best bodyboard is. In order to help clarify some possible confusion, here are some of the things you should have in mind when you’re picking out the bodyboard that is right for you.


The size of your board and the size of your body is the first thing you should keep in mind when picking out your bodyboard. If your board is too small for you, then you will lose buoyancy and you will sacrifice speed and comfort.

If it is too big, you will have trouble maneuvering the board as well. A 6′ rider should have a board that is about 42″. Someone who is taller, around 6’5 would want a bard that is closer to 45″. And, a rider around 5’5 would be best suitable on a board that is about 40″.

These are rough guidelines and you should consult a detailed sizing chart that will help you determine the size of board you need for your height and weight.


Bodyboard cores are made of two types of foam. The most common is PE foam which is a bit heavier and built for performance and is cost-friendly. PP foam is the other which is built to last a little bit longer and is more for high-performance riding.

PP costs a little bit more but is worth the investment if you plan on riding for an extended period of time. PP is also best suited for warm waters and PE is better in cold water.


There are two common types of slicks. Surlyn and HDPE. All of the picks on our list have HDPE slicks which are a little more budget-friendly and offer a good level of performance for a cheaper price point.

Surlyn is a little more high-quality and may last a little bit longer, but it costs a little bit more. If you’re just starting out, and want to stay on a little bit of a budget, HDPE is great for speed and learning especially if you’re a bit of a lighter rider.


Contours offer your board a little bit of extra flex and control over the board when you’re at higher speeds. They are not totally necessary but can be an attractive feature. Once you get used to having contours on your board, you may have trouble going back to not having contours.

Naturally, boards will take on their own contours based on the rider as they wear in their boards. More experienced riders may appreciate having a board with a little more of a worn-in look and feel which will offer great flexibility and control.

Tail shapes

There are two main tail shapes on bodyboards. The most typical is the crescent shape which is really comfortable and adds a good amount of control. The other is a bat tail.

Bat tails have a batwing look to them and are a little more buoyant and offer slightly more surface area that will give you speed and may allow you to catch waves a little bit better. Both are acceptable types of tails and are more for preference than performance.


Hopefully, we have given you the necessary info to help you decide what is going to be the best bodyboard for you. Once you’ve picked out yours, kick off your comfortable sandals and leave them on the beach, and you will be riding and gliding on the waves and experiencing the level of joy that only the best bodyboards can provide.

Expert Tip

If you plan onboarding for a long time and you’re just starting out, don’t be afraid to extend your budget a little bit. Having a low-quality board may hinder your ability to properly learn and therefore properly enjoy bodyboarding. Higher quality boards will last longer and will perform better in almost every circumstance.

Did you know?

Bodyboarding has been practiced for centuries and predates traditional surfing. Indigenous Polynesians documented their bodyboarding adventures as they rode Alaia wood on their stomachs and knees. Only in rare instances would people be seen trying to conquer waves on their feet.

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