10 Best Duffel Bags in 2021

Last updated 04. January 2021

Whether you’re using it for sports, travel, or day to day living, duffel bags are incredibly convenient to have at all times. The best duffel bag should be roomy, lightweight, durable, and it should have a few extra additions to make it lead the pack. If you’re trying to find out which bag is right for your activities, you’ll love what’s in store on our list today!

Usually, you’d have to search through a handful of articles in hopes that you could find a single unanimous winner. After all, there are thousands of duffel bags to choose from. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered. We did all of the research across countless online platforms to compile our list of the best duffel bags that money can buy. Enjoy!

What makes one duffel bag any better than the next? Truthfully, there are plenty of features that we looked for to locate the best of the best. If you’re ready to find the perfect match, read on below.

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1. Adidas Defender III Duffel Bag, Medium

Adidas Defender III Duffel Bag, Medium

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Adidas is definitely one of the most well-known brands across a number of industries. They continue to provide excellent quality throughout their products, which is just one of the reasons that their Adidas Defender III Duffel Bag, Medium comes up on our list so soon. It’s a great size for multi-day trips or sports players with bulky gear.

Made entirely out of polyester, this bag provides a nice weather-proof barrier to keep your belongings safe. Nothing’s worse than opening up your duffel bag to soaked gear before a game! To further protect your valuables, they’ve even added a padded laptop area to keep it safe from drops and other damage.

As with the vast majority of Adidas products, there are quite a few stylish options available. Their selection includes Onix / Black / White, Black / Active Red, Blue / Black / White, and dozens of other unique color combinations. Choose your favorite style and enjoy the numerous zippers and storage areas.

+ Comes with tons of storage space for your gear
+ Includes a padded laptop compartment
+ Choose from a plethora of stylish color combinations

Why We Like It – We like this Adidas duffel bag because you can customize it with plenty of colors. The padded laptop area is also a huge benefit for those who use it for business

2. Canway 65L Travel Duffel Bag

Canway 65L Travel Duffel Bag

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The Canway 65L Travel Duffel Bag is a professional-grade bag that you can take with you virtually anywhere you decide to go. It looks classy in appearance, but the looks are nothing compared to the functionality of the duffel bag. Every single bit of it is built to last with heavy-duty zippers, lining, and waterproof fabric.

Being able to choose your favorite color is always a nice option with any bag. The Canway duffel bag comes in Aegean Blue, Beetles Red, Brick Red, Heron Grey, and Mint Green. You can also choose various sizes like 65L, 85L, and 115L, with certain colors, only being available with specific sizes.

One of the best features of this budget-friendly duffel bag is the hidden shoe compartment. Not all of us want to carry muddy cleans or dirty tennis shoes in the same area as our clothes, so this hidden space is a huge bonus. It also has air vents to let the bag breathe a little, reducing odors and preventing moisture.

+ Several color combinations and sizes to choose from
+ Comes with a hidden shoe compartment
+ Uses all heavy-duty materials throughout the bag

Why We Like It – We like this duffel bag because it has all sorts of unique features that make it practical for both professionals and people using it for leisurely activities.

3. WANDF 16″ ~ 32″ Foldable Duffle Bag


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If you’re simply looking for a great bag to head out to the gym or a sports bag for your kid’s sporting events, the WANDF Foldable Duffle Bag might be your best option on the list. It has tough seams and overall great construction, but it’s easily one of the lightest duffel bags that we’ve come across. Being able to fold it down, even more, is a nice touch as well.

There are many sizes that you can choose from with the WANDF bag, including a range from 16 inches to 36 inches depending on your preference and color choice. Speaking of colors, you can check out Light Pink, Dark Green, Yellow, Purple, and a ton of other combinations. This is one of the biggest selections we’ve found!

Aside from the main zipper compartment, you’ll also notice that it has a small front zippered pocket and a couple different carrying methods. You can choose to throw it over your shoulder with the padded strap or carry it with the handles like a briefcase. A hidden side storage area provides room for shoes, shirts, and other gear.

+ Choose from a plethora of stylish solid colors
+ Comes with three zipper compartments that have multiple uses
+ Carry it with the top handles or the padded shoulder strap

Why We Like It – We like this bag because it’s lightweight, water-resistant, and you can fit almost anything you need to inside of it. You shouldn’t have to break the bank for a gym bag, which is why this is a fantastic solution for most people!

4. Plambag Canvas Duffle Bag

Plambag Canvas Duffle Bag

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Sometimes duffel bags get a bad rap for being used as a gym or sports bags. The Plambag Canvas Duffel Bag changes the game by providing a stylish, high-quality canvas that makes it look equally as respectable as messenger bags and other briefcases. You can take it with you anywhere, thanks to the heavy-duty exterior protecting all of your belongings.

As with most of the other duffle bags on the list, we felt that the colors and sizes were important to look through. For starters, we have two sizes; Large and Extra-Large. There are also a wide variety of colors, such as Army Green, Dark Grey, Coffee, and Grey. Choose whichever best suits your outfit and you’re good to go!

The large zippers make it easier for you to open and close the bag, and they’re also snag-proof. We’ve all ruined a bag or two snagging the zippers with no way to fix the issue, but that won’t be a problem with the Plambag. With 5 compartments you’ll have more than enough room for everything you’re taking with you.

+ Comes with a variety of colors and a couple of sizes
+ Includes five storage compartments to store items
+ Looks and feels heavy-duty and professional

Why We Like It – We like this Plambag because the canvas is incredibly durable compared to many of the other cheaper options on the market. It’s rip-resistant and perfect for people who live in rainy regions of the world.

5. Dalix 21″ Large Duffle Bag

Dalix 21

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Sometimes all you want is a simple duffle bag to get the job done. If you don’t want all the extra bells and whistles with flashing colors and fancy features, the Dalix 21” Large Duffle Bag is the perfect minimalist product for you. It uses a massive interior compartment and a front-facing pocket to store anything you could want.

As far as colors go, you still have a good selection to view before you make the purchase. Red, Black, Royal Blue, Maroon, and several others all come in solid colors with a black underside and color corresponding carrying straps. You can pick it up by these center carrying straps or throw it over your shoulder.

Since it’s made out of polyester, you don’t have to worry about your gear getting soaked. Polyester naturally has moisture-wicking properties that’ll keep rain, dew, sweat, and everything else out and away from your items.

+ Simplistic appearance with no unwanted excess features
+ Choose from several solid color options
+ Comes with two compartments to carry anything you’d like

Why We Like It – We like this duffel bag because it’s hard to find a bag that doesn’t have a million extra pockets and carrying options. While it’s always nice to have those additional features, some of us prefer a much more minimalist approach.

6. Wandf Foldable Travel Duffel Bag

Wandf Foldable Travel Duffel Bag

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Another Wandf Foldable Travel Duffel Bag comes in at number 6 on our list as one of the most budget-friendly bags on the market. Although the price is affordable, don’t expect the quality to suffer much. This polyester duffel bag still has quite a few special features and an excellent waterproof rating.

There are all kinds of uses for a duffel bag like this one, like bringing it to the gym, and sporting event, or to and from work. You could even use it as a storage container for blankets or seasonal clothes that you don’t want to get dusty in the closet. The tightly-woven material won’t let any critters in either!

The shoulder strap on this bag makes it easy to carry, and it allows you to adjust the length to fit however you’d like. There’s also a special exterior pocket he also holds onto the handle of a suitcase in case you take it with you to the airport. No more constantly dropping your bags, isn’t that great?

+ Uses a lightweight, water-resistant polyester lining
+ Comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and an optional extra strap
+ Wraps tightly to your suitcase or hard-handled bag

Why We Like It – We like this bag because it’s in a low price range, but it still offers up many features that you’d usually have to spend much more on. It’s a fantastic solution for any scenario you could think of!

7. Adidas Defender III Duffel Bag, Small

Adidas Defender III Duffel Bag, Small

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If you enjoyed the first Adidas bag on the list, then you might really want to look into this one. The Adidas Defender III Duffel Bag, Small is a compact version of its predecessor, making it useful for numerous situations. Its overall dimensions are 20.5 inches x 11.7 inches x 11 inches, so it’ll store well too.

Many duffel bags can be far too bulky for daily use, so we immediately loved the size of this bag. However, there are a handful of features that secured its place on the list, including the numerous color combinations. Choose from Bright Cyan & Black, Optic Stripe, White Jersey & Real Magenta, Shock Pink & White, and many more.

Don’t let the smaller size fool you, the Adidas Defender III still has four compartments. One is the main storage area, with two side pockets for shoes and other gear. The front zipper is perfect for tech items like smartphones, headsets, and so on. There’s even a padded laptop area to keep yours safe!

+ Much smaller than the typical duffel bag
+ Includes more than enough color combinations
+ Comes with four storage compartments to fit all of your gear

Why We Like It – We like this duffel bag by Adidas because it’s a much more compact bag than we’re used to. While having loads of storage room is useful, some of us don’t want as much as others.

8. Stansport Deluxe Duffel Bag w/Zipper

Stansport Deluxe Duffel Bag w/Zipper

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Another mega-minimalist bag for those of you who don’t want several split pockets and zippers is the Stansport Deluxe Duffel Bag. Unlike the vast majority of duffel backs that we looked into, this one has a circular shape. Since it’s not as boxed off as the others, some people feel that it stores much easier.

This military-style duffel bag comes in three sizes: 42 inches x 15 inches x 15 inches, 50 inches x 18 inches x 18 inches, and 36 inches x 13 inches x 13 inches. Choose whichever suits your needs best in either Black or Olive Green. Keep in mind that they’re all made out of the heavy-duty canvas as well.

You’ll also notice that there are two handles, allowing you to choose which way you think is easier to carry. One of the webbed handles sits on top of the duffel bag, while the other is on the right side. You can base your carrying preference on what sorts of the item you’re carrying and where they’re positioned inside.

+ Maintains a minimalist, military-style appearance
+ Comes with two carrying handles for convenience purposes
+ Choose between three different sizes and two colors

Why We Like It – We like this military-style duffel bag because it only uses a single compartment, allowing you to stuff everything you need inside without having to split it up. It’s also a relief to have a few size choices.

9. Gonex 60L Packable Travel Duffle Bag

Gonex 60L Packable Travel Duffle Bag

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The Gonex 60L Packable Travel Duffle Bag is a super heavy-duty option with an array of adjustable features that makes it well-worth its position on the list. Once you’ve seen all of the unique additions that we found out about it, you’ll be equally as excited as we were! The fact that it folds down to a zippered 10-inch x 11-inch square is impressive on its own.

The color selection with the Gonex duffle bag is up there with the best. You can check out fun colors like Deep Blue, Yellowish Green, Rose Red, Black & Blue Camo, and several others. The packing bag included with your purchase matches whichever color you go with, as do the two sets of carrying handles.

Speaking of the handles, you can attach or remove the shoulder strap depending on your preferences. They also adjust, fitting exactly how you want them to. The entire duffle bag is made out of dense, high-quality nylon that keeps out moisture from sweat and rain buildup. Keeping your belongings fresh is the number one priority of a bag like this!

+ Comes in a multitude of color combinations
+ Includes an adjustable, removable shoulder strap
+ Packs down to a small square for easy storage

Why We Like It – We like this Gonex duffle bag because it’s meant to last longer than the competition. The fact that it can compact down to such a small size is nearly unheard of with many other brands.

10. Ledmark Heavyweight Cotton Canvas Outback Duffle Bag

Ledmark Heavyweight Cotton Canvas Outback Duffle Bag

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The final bag on the list is the Ledmark Heavyweight Cotton Canvas Outback Duffle Bag. If the name didn’t give it away, this bag is intended for those who need a durable, high-quality storage bag that can withstand all sorts of hard-working conditions. This canvas duffle bag is massive, with one of the largest compartments around.

With sizes like Extra-Large, Giant, and Colossal, it’s no surprise that you’ll be getting more than your money’s worth out of this one. The largest size comes in at 72 inches x 22 inches, making it the biggest bag on this list by far. Your color selection ranges from Green, Blue, and Black. All of the colors have offset shades as well.

The padded shoulder strap on the Ledmark Heavyweight duffle bag uses buckles to secure it, but you can remove them to use the permanent carrying handles. Much like the military-style bag we mentioned earlier, this one is a circular shape.

+ Choose whatever size you want, ranging all the way up to 6 feet long
+ Comes in three different colors
+ Includes a buckled removable padded shoulder strap

Why We Like It – We like this duffle bag because it lets you choose any size you’d like, and it’s incredibly tough for the harshest of situations. Pick your color and desired size, and you’ll have no problem carrying your belongings around knowing they’re safe.

Duffel Bag Buyers Guide

Now that you’ve seen all of the best duffle bags on the market, you’re one step closer to having your new favorite carryon. However, we wanted to give you a few bits of advice to help you seal the deal and end up with the right fit for you.

Should your duffle bag be made of canvas or polyester?

Canvas duffle bags are ideal for people who use them in rough environments. If you’re constantly dropping the bag or using it for tools, then the canvas is the way to go. On the other hand, polyester works wonders for preventing water from entering your bag. It’s also great for maintaining a lower weight overall.

How should you carry a duffle bag?

Many duffle bags come with at least two carrying methods. If you’re going to be carrying it for a long time, we suggest that you use the shoulder strap to evenly distribute the weight across your back. However, short trips are much easier with the side handles since you don’t have to go through all sorts of adjustments to make them fit

Expert Tip

If your duffle bag isn’t vented and the weather is dry, you should leave the zipper of the main compartment open about half an inch to maximize airflow. This will keep everything isn’t fresh without letting it fall out!

Did You Know?

Duffle bags are so useful because they have more storage space than nearly any other style of carrying bag. Now that they’re gaining traction in numerous areas, more and more companies are producing duffle bags that have several pockets, carrying methods, and freshening options. Why limit your space with a small pack if you need to carry all sorts of papers, gear, or other equipment all the time?

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