8 Best Full Face Snorkel Masks in 2021

Last updated 04. January 2021

Snorkeling is one of the most exciting ways to kick off the season. Clearwater and white sand beaches, or murky lakes with mysterious findings make us all want to gather up our gear and head to the fun! Before you go and buy any old snorkeling equipment, we want to make sure you’re on the right path. You’re going to love searching through this list to find the best full face snorkel mask for your setup!

Instead of asking you to find these masks on your own, we went ahead and searched through all sorts of web pages to find the top of the line gear. If you’re ready for the unforgettable times ahead, keep on reading!

The best full face snorkel mask should be very clear, lightweight, easy to adjust, and more. While there’s no specific order to our list, they all have these requirements income. Enjoy!

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1. Greatever Newest Version Snorkel Mask

Greatever Newest Version Snorkel Mask

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Snorkeling is a blast, but so many people have a misconception that it’s too expensive to get the right setup. Fortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The Greatever Newest Version Snorkel mask combines many of the features in top-tier masks with a super budget-friendly price tag.

One of the most useful features of this mask is the floating ball in the breathing tube. We’ve all been underwater snorkeling when suddenly the tube is filled with water, soon followed by the mask or goggles. However, the floating ball with this one helps block the breathing tube when you go under, keeping your mask as dry as can be.

The uniquely designed interior lets your mask stay fog-free by regulating the airflow going in and out of the breathing tube. Instead of building up in front of your eyes, it follows the outer edges of the mask. The result is not only less fog but less warmth and moisture building up for maximum comfort and easy sight.

+ Includes a floating ball to prevent water from entering
+ Has an anti-fog breathing system at the front of the mask
+ Comes with an action camera mount that’s removable

Why We Like It – We like this snorkeling mask because it has a number of convenience features that aren’t usually found at such a budget-friendly price.

2. Vaincre 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask

Vaincre 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask

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Another budget-friendly option that’ll give you a run for your money is the Vaincre 180-Degree Full Face Snorkel Mask. This mask comes with adjustable straps on both sides of the face as well as a suction cup style nose and face sealer to keep the water out. It has a massive field of vision to prevent you from only seeing part of the picture ahead.

It’s always nice when we come across a snorkel mask that has more than one color option, as so many of them have it selected for you already. Choose between Panoramic Purple, Panoramic Flat Black, and Panoramic Sky Blue. You can also pick any size of either Small, Medium, Large, or Extra-Large using their size chart to match perfectly.

Since you’re able to select from so many different sizes, you’ll find that the Vaincre Full Face Snorkel Mask is ideal for men, women, and children of all ages. When you’re all done using it, the top portion of the breathing tube folds down into the mask for easy and convenient storage. At just under a pound and a half, you can fit it almost anywhere.

+ Uses a massive 180-degree field of vision
+ Nearly unparalleled crystal-clear transparency throughout the mask
+ Choose from several different fun color options

Why We Like It – We like this mask because it’s great for people of all ages. If you’re on the hunt for a surface level snorkeling set to view the stunning water below, this might be your best bet!

3. OUSPT Full Face Snorkel Mask

OUSPT Full Face Snorkel Mask

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The OUSPT Full Face Snorkel Mask works with all kinds of durable gadgets to keep your face dry and your vision clear. A flexible silicone lining prevents water from leaking in, but it doesn’t slow down or reduce the amount of oxygen intake. In fact, the breathing tube is slightly wider than others on the market, providing bigger breaths.

As far as color selections go, the OUSPT Full Face Snorkel Mask has one of the greatest varieties that we could find. Choose between Black, Blue, Yellow, Orange, and a handful of others at the check-out. There are also plenty of sizes available, including X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. You can even choose from the kid’s colors as well.

Much like the previous option on the list, this one uses a foldable snorkel tube. Push it down into a designated spot on the mask and wrap up the head straps for easy storage wherever you go. There’s an area at the base of the folding mechanism that doubles as a hook for underwater cameras if you want to film your adventures!

+ Choose from a plethora of unique solid color designs
+ Includes numerous sizes for both kids and adults
+ Uses a foldable breathing tube with a camera mount

Why We Like It – We like this full face snorkel because it has a wide breathing canal that allows beginners to get used to the feeling of breathing underwater. There are three separated channels in each tube, preventing you from breathing in the same air that you exhale.

4. ZIPOUTE Snorkel Mask Full Face

ZIPOUTE Snorkel Mask Full Face

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If you’re having trouble dealing with fog from exhaling in your snorkeling mask, the ZIPOUTE Snorkel Full Face Mask has a special solution for the problem. While most masks have a tube that hooks up to the same pocket as the rest of your face, this mask has a center tube that pulls air in and out in a completely separated tunnel.

The 9-inch breathing tube on the ZIPOUTE snorkeling mask is much longer than most of the competition, allowing you to dive deeper than usual. You can also come up to the surface and get a breath without having to bring your head out of the water thanks to the floating ball system similar to the mask at number 1 on the list.

Another unique design implemented in this unit is that fact that it helps block out UV Rays on hot summer days. Even though you’re underwater while snorkeling, the sun can easily penetrate most masks and cause a horrible sunburn. Luckily for you, there’s UV400 protection to keep your skin safe from harm.

+ Includes an extra-long 9-inch breathing tube
+ The mask is coated with UV400 protection from the sun
+ Uses a special breathing section to prevent any fogging whatsoever

Why We Like It – We like this snorkeling set because it takes on one of the toughest challenges in fogging masks and fixes it without ruining anything at all. The 9-inch breathing tube is also a great convenience for free divers.

5. Atlin Snorkel Mask [Full Face] for Adults

Atlin Snorkel Mask Full Face for Adults

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For a low-profile, efficient breathing system while underwater, try out the Atlin Snorkel Mask [Full Face] for Adults. The snorkeling tube runs nearly flush with the water above you, creating a perfect transition between submerging under and immerging above. It also looks incredibly cool, which nobody ever complained about!

At 4.7 inches in height, this mask fits most peoples’ faces. However, there are a couple of adjustable straps on the back to customize the fit a little bit more. Speaking of customizing the mask, there are three colors to choose from. These options are Black, Black & Blue, and Clear & Fresh Purple. All of them offer a stunning field of vision.

You can also enjoy the GoPro mount that comes at the top of the mask, running parallel with your vision. Since it hooks in front of the aforementioned low-profile breathing tube, the film footage will look as if you filmed it right on your face rather than at a semi-strange angle like you might get with other versions.

+ Includes a one-way exhaling area to prevent fog
+ Massive field of vision unlike many others on the market
+ Three different colors to choose from

Why We Like It – We like this mask because it looks fantastic and functions even better. The exhaling system is a perfect example of design ingenuity and anti-fog solutions that we’ve always wanted with full face snorkeling masks.

6. 180° Snorkel Mask View for Adults

180° Snorkel Mask View for Adults

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Like the name states, you can expect to see almost completely unblocked with the 180° Snorkel Mask View for Adults. The bubble shape of the mask makes you feel like you’re sitting in a fish tank with all of the clearest water surrounding you everywhere you look. Strap it on with the adjustable, flexible straps and you’ll be good to go!

Having a variety of choices for sizes and designs is always a great touch. This particular snorkeling mask has Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large sizes available in any of their colors. The colors include Black, Blue, and Green, with the actual lens corresponding to the choice you make as well. We’re all used to frames changing but have had a colored lens is a fun spin on these masks.

One of the breakout features that made this snorkeling mask well-worth its position on the list is the fact that the company packs in a few extra items if you choose to go with it. You’ll get a dry bag for your smartphone to text and film underwater, another dry bag for whatever items you’d like to bring with you, and best of all, a few anti-fog wipes for the lens.

+ Includes a few different colors to choose from with colored lenses
+ Leak-proof silicone is used throughout this mask
+ The company throws in some extra supplies for your purchase

Why We Like It – Both the colored lenses and the free supplies are few and far between with snorkeling gear these days. This company went the extra mile in providing a great experience for the user.

7. WildHorn Outfitters Seaview Snorkel Mask

WildHorn Outfitters Seaview Snorkel Mask

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The WildHorn Outfitters Seaview Snorkel Mask combined the low-profile appearance of the mask at number 6 with the widened breathing canal that we’ve been searching to find for a long time. The mix of these features lets you remain completely immersed in the environment without restricting your breathing or vision.

Another great addition to this mask that much of the competition doesn’t focus on is the comfortable straps. While several other snorkeling masks seem to pull tightly on your head, skin, and hair, the straps on the WildHorn Outfitters Seaview Snorkel Mask is designed to fit snug while flexing with your every move.

Sizes and colors are definitely not an area that they skipped out on while making this headgear either. Small, Medium Large, and Extra-Large are available for you to choose from, fitting teens through adults without a problem. The colors are Sunset, White & Teal, Plum, Navy Blue & Grey, and a handful of other choices.

+ Your purchase includes a free carrying bag for the headset
+ Uses an extra-wide breathing tube for easier inhaling and exhaling
+ Comes in a wide array of colors and sizes upon check-out

Why We Like It – We like this snorkeling mask because it’s designed to put you right in front of the action without too much added bulk. You won’t have to worry about the single lens fogging up either, which is a huge plus!

8. Deep Sea Full Face Snorkel

Deep Sea Full Face Snorkel

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If you want the ultimate full face snorkeling mask for any and all occasions for swimming pools, lakes, oceans, and so on, you’re going to want to hear about this one. We definitely saved the best for last with the Deep Sea Full Face Snorkel mask. It uses two layers for seeing and breathing, separating the chambers so it doesn’t fog up a bit.

Deep Black, Salt White, Sea Blue, and Tang Yellow are the four colors options available with the Deep Sea snorkel mask. The headset is strapped on and held in place from four adjustable straps that meet in an X pattern in the center of the back of your head. You can move them around and make it fit rather quickly in a pinch.

Beginner snorkelers might not know this, but the lower you go in the water creates a heavier pressure on your eyes and ears. However, this mask has a special nose and mouth section designed to release all of the pressure build-ups that might otherwise cause light aches and pains as you go deeper into the water.

+ Includes four different unique colors to choose from
+ Uses a unique nose and mouth section to relieve pressure on the eyes and ears
+ Comes with an X-shaped set of adjustable straps on the back

Why We Like It – We like the Deep Sea snorkeling mask because it keeps your whole head feeling evenly pressurized, allowing you to go much deeper than traditional full face snorkel masks.

Full Face Snorkel Mask Buyer’s Guide

Clear vision, high-quality comfort, fantastic durability, and anti-fogging are all features that every single full-face snorkel mask on the list here has. However, they’re all unique in their own way. To better help you understand which one you should choose, we created a buyer’s guide and breakdown.

Is a longer breathing tube better on a snorkeling mask?

Not necessarily. You want to make sure that it’s made out of sturdy materials, but some breathing tubes are meant for underwater use while others aren’t. If it doesn’t have the floating ball at the top, try not to submerge it. You’ll have to clear the tube out to use it again properly.

How deep can you bring a snorkeling mask?

While snorkeling isn’t intended to be anywhere near deep sea diving, you can still go down about 10 to 15 feet or so. Remember the gravity ball that we mentioned in the previous answer!

Expert Tip

To prevent your full face snorkel face from fogging up, hold your breath until it’s fully secure. This way you won’t accidentally breathe on the lens before you’re ready to dive into the water.

Did You Know?

There are a few snorkeling masks that trap a little bit of extra air in them, letting you take one or two breaths while completely under water!

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