Best Hiking Gaiters in 2021

Last updated 04. January 2021

Getting off the beaten path and into some seriously sticky situations can be the most fun part of hiking. If you’re seeking the snow-covered hilltops or the murky swamplands, a good pair of hiking gaiters may be a gamer changer for you. Hiking with cold, wet feet is never fun. You open yourself up to blisters and foot rot if you leave it for too long. Gaiters help you prevent any discomfort from the elements by keeping all the bad stuff out.

The best hiking gaiters will be lightweight, waterproof, breathable, and reinforced with durable material. Gaiters come in a variety of sizes as well. You can get gaiters that come all the way up to your knee for all-purpose hiking, or you can get some that are a little bit lower which can be useful for trail running.

Although there are different types for different hikes, they will share similar qualities. We will get more into the details later on, but for now, let’s take a look at the 10 best-hiking gaiters in 2021.

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1. Outdoor Research Women’s Verglas Gaiters

Outdoor Research Women's Verglas Gaiters

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These women’s gaiters will be everything you need. They are lightweight and durable. They can be packed into your bag when you’re not using them and you won’t notice the extra weight. They have been built with Pertex shield waterproof fabric which offers a nice, breathable coating.

In order to protect your legs from sharp objects from crampons or branches, the inner lining is outfitted with Cordura fabric. The fabric is 100% nylon and features ripstop technology which will keep them in good shape for the long term.

These gaiters reach from the bottom of the hiking boot to just below the knee. You will have full protection from all the elements across your whole shin bone. They’ve got a really strong strap that hooks right under your boot and won’t give out after being put through the wringer.

+ Ripstop technology
+ Waterproof/breathable fabric
+ Covers boot to knee
+ Easy to put on
+ 100% Nylon

Why we like it – These gaiters fit really snugly and are extremely durable. You really feel the protection you get from the gaiters from the first moment you put them on.

2. Outdoor Research Men’s Crocodile Gaiters

Outdoor Research Men's Crocodile Gaiters

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This is a really burly pair of hiking gaiters. They have been designed to take on the most extreme elements and protect you along the way. For extended mountaineering trips, you’ve got an incredibly thick 100% nylon skin which is both lightweight and supremely durable. They are versatile enough to be able to fit multiple sized boots inside. Like any of the best hiking gaiters, they have perfectly waterproof material and they remain breathable.

Outfitted with a durable Biothane strap for the instep, they will stay right in place no matter what elements you’re braving. They’ve got you covered from foot to knee, and use some of the most advanced fabric available in the gaiter market today. They are great for people who are going backcountry and need some seriously strong gaiters to keep the moisture out.

+ Highly durable
+ Foot to knee coverage
+ Versatile sizing options
+ 100% nylon
+ Waterproof/breathable

Why we like it – For the backcountry extreme conditions, you can rely on these gaiters. They’re strong, durable, and lightweight. You can really feel the protection when you strap them on.

3. Outdoor Research BugOut Gaiters

These gaiters are super strong and are designed to stand up to countless years of hiking. The 420D nylon material offers the hiker awesome protection against water, mud, snow, and pesky insects. It will keep everything out while also being breathable enough to let water vapor and sweat escape for maximum comfort. The bootlace hook is reinforced to keep the gaiter in place around the bottom of the boot. For extra strength around the from, it has been double stitched and reinforced.

These gaiters have been specifically engineered to keep you protected in high insect areas. If you’re hiking in places that have a lot of creatures that you don’t want nipping at your heels, these knee-high gaiters can give you that sense of comfort and peace of mind on any trail.

+ Highly breathable fabric
+ 420D Nylon
+ Double stitched front panel
+ Durable bootstrap
+ Insect repelling

Why we like it – These are extra thick gaiters that protect against all of the unwanted. They feel really sturdy and durable when you strap them on. Really well-made.

4. Hillsound Armadillo LT Gaiter

Hillsound Armadillo LT Gaiter

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With an upper that is constructed of Flexia three-layered fabric, these hiking gaiters may be some of the best waterproof pairs available. They have been designed to contour well to the leg and won’t be too abrasive against the skin. The fabric is also breathable while being waterproof as to not lock in too much excess sweat or moisture.

On the lower part of the gaiter, they have been made of 1000 denier fabric which is stronger than your average nylon. They are designed to keep you dry in the harshest of conditions.

With the YKK waterproof zipper, they will be easy enough to get on and off without exposing you to water. They are great for hiking in the summer and in the winter. They have got you covered from knee to toe.

+ Highly flexible fabric
+ Waterproof
+ Super breathable
+ Lightweight
+ Durable

Why we like it – These particular gaiters are flexible and fit really nicely. Gaiter sometimes are a bit jagged, but these ones are malleable and comfortable.

5. OUTAD Waterproof Outdoor Hiking

OUTAD Waterproof Outdoor Hiking

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Tear resistance is a must have when you’re looking for the best pair of gaiters. These ones have 6000mm snowproof and waterproof fabric that keeps out anything you don’t want in. They are also tearproof and offer breathability that won’t have you sweating uncomfortably. You can fasten them right in place to the front of your upper with a metal hook to the shoelace.

They’ve got a sizing drawstring at the top so you can tighten and loosen the gaiters to fit your comfort preferences. The highly durable fabric will protect you from the bottom of your foot to the bottom of your knee.

You could go walking through the swamp and emerge absolutely unscathed. With the strong understrap of the boot, they will stay in a place where they are meant to be and you will have peace of mind from the elements and absolute comfort.

+ Highly durable
+ Waterproof and snow proof
+ Breathable
+ Lightweight

Why we like it – These are simply a reliable pair of gaiters that won’t let you down. They have durable material, breathability, and convenient application. They fit nicely and they stay secure with the boot and lace straps so you don’t have to worry about them being sucked off your foot in a muddy swamp.

6. TRIWONDER Fleece-Lined Snow Leg Gaiters

TRIWONDER Fleece-Lined Snow Leg Gaiters

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If you’re looking for a pair of gaiter which will be your best friend in an arctic style hike, then these will be the ones for you. they have a really warm and comfortable fleece fabric on the inside to keep you warm. They are coated on the outside with 5000m grade polyester which is waterproof and flexible.

They will stand up to punctures and tears with their puncture resistant fabric. They fit really tightly and comfortably around your boots and hiking pants to give you an added sense of comfort. All of the straps fit super snuggly and keep them tight to your legs.

Breathability is not a huge priority with these gaiters as they are designed for the extreme cold weather. Everything is adjustable so you can fit the gaiters to your specific size. The fabric used makes them super lightweight yet wind resistant. You won’t have the windchill causing you to shiver in the high north. When you’re all finished with your wilderness exploration, they fold up neatly and are lightweight enough to carry them in your backpack for next time.

+ Built for the extreme cold
+ Fleece lining on the inside
+ Durable, waterproof fabric
+ Lightweight
+ Wind resistant

Why we like it – We like them because they are a perfect companion in the coldest of conditions. Some gaiters can’t stand up to the extreme cold, but these have been designed specifically for that purpose. The fleece inner lining to super comfortable and warm.

7. Outdoor Research Men’s Rocky Mountain High Gaiters

Outdoor Research Men's Rocky Mountain High Gaiters

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Outdoor Research manufactures hiking gaiters that last a long time and won’t let you down. They are waterproof and breathable while giving you the comfort that you want and need from your hiking gear. These ones cover you from the bottom of your foot to just below your knee. When you’re not out trying, they compress right down and take up virtually no room in your backpack.

They are made from packcloth fabric which is designed to be one of the most lightweight in the industry. The bulk of the gaiters are comprised of 100% 420D nylon which is extra durable and waterproof. They are versatile enough to fit with a variety of different shoe types. Whether you’re wearing hiking boots, shoes, fishing boots, or others, you can fit these snuggly around your feet for all day, reliable protection.

+ Packcloth fabric
+ 100% nylon
+ Waterproof/breathable
+ Durable
+ Lightweight

Why we like it – These pack down so small when you’re not using them. They are fantastic when you’ve got them on and protect you perfectly from the elements that you want to keep out.

8. Hpory Hiking Gaiters

Hpory Hiking Gaiters

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These breathable snowproof gaiters are really easy to put on and take off with their velcro opening at the front. Also outfitted with a fitting drawstring at the top, you can make sure they’re nice and snug on your hike. They are fully waterproof and durable enough to take on anything you put them through without succumbing to the elements.

They are temperature rated fr down to negative 30 degrees Fahrenheit so you will be able to go into some of the harshest climates available and still be comfortable. High-altitude hiking will be perfect with these gaiters all year round with the snow-covered hilltops.

The strap is rated to stand up to the elements and not freeze in the same low temperatures so you will be able to get them off easily at the end of the day. They are equipped with breathable material which makes them versatile enough to wear in the winter or in the summer.

+ Snowproof and breathable
+ Rated for Negative 30degrees Fahrenheit
+ Adjustable and comfortable
+ Durable and rip-proof

Why we like it – They are versatile enough to be worn in the winter months or in the summer. To be able to have that kind of flexibility makes these gaiters a go-to for year-round hikers and extremists alike.

Hiking Gaiters Buyers Guide

How to find the right hiking gaiters for you

Gaiters may be a part of your list of necessary hiking equipment. Some people don’t wear gaiters at all, choosing to brave the mud, rocks, and snow with more of a bareback approach. For the renegades who are looking for a challenge, that is a fine option.

But, for those of us who prefer to leave the enjoyment to the sites and the sounds of the forest, a good pair of hiking gaiters is one of your best friends. So how do you differentiate between the plethora of options available? There are a number of relevant questions to the topic and here we discuss them in detail.

The Different Types of Fabric

Gaiters have been sported by outdoor enthusiasts for generations, and they have developed technologically as the years passed by. The gaiters of our forefathers largely differ from the pairs we have today. The material used to protect you should be robust but flexible. Intuitively, the mains reason for strapping on gaiters in the first place is to stay dry and comfortable. the introduction of rocks, mud, snow, and water to your hiking boots is a wildly unwelcome experience.

So, your gaiters should be made of high-quality, waterproof and tear-proof material. Many types of fabric that can achieve this feat exist, but as long as you make sure your fabric has a high enough waterproof rating, while also being breathable, you will be a happy hiker.


Are you a rugged Mud Rucker or are you more of a hilltop tiptoer? If you’re the latter, your need for knee-high gaiters will be negated. Gaiters come in sizes to fit various activities. In order to pick out the right size for you, first, you must determine their use. Knee high gaiters are best suited for people who are doing a lot of more advanced hiking.

This would include backcountry trekking, high-altitude treks, swampland adventures, rainforest walking. In order to get the most out of your gaiters, you’ll want a pair that goes all the way up to protect you from any pesky debris from entering your foothold.

If you’re mostly on flat, even ground, with few mud puddles and virtually no snow, then you can opt for a shorter pair of gaiters that either come up to your high ankle or mid-calf. The lack of necessity for a full-sized pair of gaiters will give you more comfort on warmer days. If your gaiters are too large, you will be needlessly hot on days and trials when it doesn’t call for that level of protection. Lower rising gaiters will still do everything they are designed to do and allow you to have a perfectly comfortable hike.


How much should your gaiters weigh? Ideally nothing, but since that technology hasn’t been invented yet, let’s talk specifics. Gaiters ought to be as lightweight and maneuverable as possible. You won’t always have your leg protectors on, and when you don’t, you’ll likely have them folded neatly in your backpack where they should not take up much room nor add much weight.

The best hiking gaiters will weigh less than 15 oz. Any more than that, and you’re in the unnecessary territory. Vast amounts of lightweight, durable, and affordable gaiters are available, you will have no trouble finding a pair that suits your needs.


Reinforced gaiters are a huge plus. You may not think about sharp objects when you’re considering your hiking adventure but consider this: branches stick out from trees, sometimes you use a sharp knife, and crampons have sharp components that can rip your gaiters. A torn pair of gaiters is almost a non-existent pair of gaiters.

You should be paying money for a pair of gaiters that have been reinforced with fabric such as Cordura which will protect against rips and tears. Strength is key when it comes to gaiters and you don’t want to miss out on the primary purpose of your hiking gear.


How many pairs of hiking boots and shoes do you use on a regular basis? If you’re solely using a pair of beefy alpine boots, you should make sure that your gaiters are able to handle that kind of girth. But if you sometimes use large boots, and sometimes switch back to regular hiking shoes, versatility could save you some headaches.

Some of the best-hiking gaiters are designed to fit tightly over numerous types of hiking shoes. If you have adjustable strings and straps so that you can fit them to your current outfitting, then you will have the leg up and you’ll be able to enjoy the bliss that gaiters provide in any shoes you wear.


Flexibility is important to hikers because when you’re moving along tricky rock faces or difficult terrain you want to have the leg flexibility to move comfortably. If your gaiters are too stiff and constricting, you won’t have the level of comfort that you desire, and you’ll be back to the market soon enough. Get a lightweight, flexible pair of gaiters to begin with and you’ll thank yourself later.


So are you ready to get out into the wilderness and experience all that the great outdoors has to offer? With the right pair of gaiters, you will be able to walk through the heaviest of terrain without running into any trouble. You’ll be quite literally out for a walk in the park and you’ll have nothing to fret about.

Expert Tip

Pay close attention to the sizing of the gaiters when you buy them. Especially online. Gaiters are sized specifically for certain sized boots and the wrong size will basically render them useless. Check with the seller, or on the reviews to see what other people are saying about the specific sizing options for the gaiters you’re looking at.

Did you know?

Gaiters used to be made out of leather. Their use was not just for hiking but also for riding horses and other activities where your legs would be subject to chaffing and rubbing. Luckily they are now made out of synthetic materials that are both lightweight and high-performance.

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