Best Hiking Underwear in 2021

Last updated 04. January 2021

Comfort is key when you go for a hike. If you don’t have the right gear, you will be uncomfortable, and you may not enjoy the hike as well. These days we have a ton of gear that is designed specifically for the wilderness seekers in all of us.

The gear we hike with needs to last a long time, wick moisture, dry quickly, and of course not cause discomfort. Your underwear is going to be the first line of defense between the rugged lifestyle of a hiker and your most sensitive areas.

Hiking underwear needs to be able to handle sweat, water, and keep everything comfortably separated so as to not cause skin discomfort. It must be able to dry quickly and should be able to stave off odors if possible so you can wear them on multiple days. Below, we outline the 10 best hiking underwear pairs of 2021 and discuss what makes then the best hiking underwear.

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1. David Archy 3 Pack Men’s Ultra Soft

David Archy 3 Pack Men's Ultra Soft

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These are more than just your regular pair of underwear. they are built to give you the level of comfort you need in a pair of hiking underwear without costing you a ton of money. They are made out of cool, comfortable fabric that feels great on the skin and doesn’t cause discomfort. They are designed with a longer leg seam to prevent riding up the leg and getting scrunched up in the groin area.

They have an anti-wedgie design to help keep them comfortable where you want them instead of where you don’t. A functional-fly allows you to go easily and quickly on the trail. There are two types of fabric available, either modal or micro modal, so you’ll need to decide what your preference is and make sure you pick the right one. These are premium underwear that feels like a second layer of skin to keep you comfortable.

+ Feels cool and comfortable on the skin
+ Anti-wedgie
+ Functional-fly
+ Long inseam
+ Superior comfort

Why we like it – The David Archy hiking underwear gives you the comfort you want without costing a load of money. They are comfortable in every way and stay right where you want them to for added comfort.

2. Adidas Men’s Sport Performance

Adidas Men's Sport Performance

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Adidas knows sportswear, as well as anyone and they, have created a wonderful pair of underwear that is great for hiking and any other long distance or high-intensity activity. They have a material that is extra soft, stretchy and quick drying. They are your all-purpose sports underwear that will allow you to stay comfortable in a wide variety of conditions.

The waistband is soft and tagless for added comfort. They are designed to stay tight to the leg so they don’t ride up and bunch together. They also have a double mesh lined pouch to keep all of your necessities closely together and comfortable. The quick-dry fabric will allow you to keep them comfortable even after you’ve sweat or gone for a dip. Dry quickly for ease of use and long lasting comfort.

+ Double mesh pouch
+ Don’t ride up the leg
+ Quick-dry fabric
+ Tagless waistband

Why we like it – The double lined pouch is the standout feature of this underwear. They are super comfortable on the skin and allow for an extra level of comfort over a long period. They dry quick and don’t encourage too much sweat either.

3. ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer

ExOfficio Men's Give-N-Go Boxer

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The Men’s Give-N-Go boxers are super lightweight and designed for high-performance sports. they are made mostly of nylon with 92% of the fabric and the rest Lycra spandex. They have a superlight mesh fabric which is breathable and comfortable. It dries very quickly and keeps the sweat factor to a minimum.

The flyless panel is ergonomic and has a diamond weave mesh fabric for added breathability and comfort. The antimicrobial treatment creates an odorless experience so you won’t scare away your travel mates. They have a very snug and active fit which is great for any types of sport. You can move easily and freely without chafing and rubbing on the skin. The contract flatlock seams and a smooth waistband are other added features to help raise the comfort level as well.

+ Active, snug fit
+ Lightweight mesh material
+ Quick drying
+ Stretchy and breathable
+ Do not bunch up

Why we like it – These are some of the best fitting underwear pairs you will ever put on. They are great for hiking, cycling, running, and any other high-intensity sport. They are light and breathable for a high level of comfort.

4. ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxer Brief

ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxer Brief

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Contrary to popular marketing practices, these boxer briefs are designed to last for a really long time. Some users have the same pair of underwear for a couple of decades without buying a replacement pair. They advertise that you can wear one pair for weeks on end and not have to change them. They are easy to wash in the sink if necessary and are lightweight and quick drying for added convenience.

They are made out of 94% nylon and 6% spandex. They have a reduced odor orientation with antimicrobial treatment on the fabric. The stretchable waistband fits really snuggly and will not lose its strength over time. They are breathable enough to allow airflow to keep you comfortable and will not overheat your delicate areas. Perfect for people who only want to pack a couple of pairs of underwear on a long trip.

+ Odorless fabric treatment
+ Breathable lightweight material
+ Comfortable fit
+ Snug design
+ Quick drying

Why we like it – Only needing to pack a couple of pairs of underwear for a really long trip is super convenient. Not many types of underwear are able to accomplish that feat, but the Give-N-Go’s do so with ease and grace.

5. Balanced Tech Women’s 6 Pack Seamless

Balanced Tech Women's 6 Pack Seamless

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This is a six-pack of women’s sports underwear that is lightweight and extra comfortable. They are not necessarily designed to be worn many days in a row, but with multiple pairs, they will still be lightweight and small enough to pack multiple without losing extra room in your backpack. They are built out of 92% nylon and 8% elastane fabric.

They are designed with anti-odor properties as well as breathability in mind for added comfort. They help keep moisture away from the body and dry quickly so you can wash them easily by hand and have them dry and ready to be worn again in a couple of hours. Four-way stretch conforms nicely to the body and adds a level of comfort that will keep you going through a wide variety of activities. They also have a seamless style design to keep them more discreet under your hiking pants.

+ Anti-odor properties
+ 4-way stretch comfort
+ Breathable and lightweight
+ Quick-dry
+ Six pairs in a pack

Why we like it – These are a really comfortable pair of women’s hiking underwear that will keep you dry all day. A pack is great for a longer trip as you have a pair per day and they are easy to wash and dry quickly so you can always have a pair ready to go.

6. ExOfficio Give-n-go Full Cut Brief

ExOfficio Give-n-go Full Cut Brief

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The Full-cut briefs by ExOfficio are made for women with the same level of quality as the aforementioned pairs by the same company. They are designed to offer women a level of comfort that is hard to match by any other type of sports performance underwear.

They are so comfortable that you may find this is the only type of underwear you wear ever again. You will be kept cool and comfortable all day long with the breathable mesh fabric which dries quickly and wicks moisture.

They will keep your sensitive areas cool and discourage sweat. Antimicrobial treatment offers less odor build up in the underwear. They have a comfortable and durable fabric which does not lose its structural integrity over long term use. They are easy to wash and stand up to the elements allowing you to take fewer pairs with you on a trip.

+ Moisture wicking fabric
+ Quick drying
+ Odor-reducing treatment
+ Breathable and comfortable
+ Seamless design

Why we like it – A great pair of women’s hiking underwear that will allow you to be totally comfortable in all types of conditions. They meet the needs of a hiker and keep you dry, cool, and comfortable.

7. Balanced Tech Women’s Thong

Balanced Tech Women's Thong

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For when you want to have a high level of comfort without having a lot of extra fabric, the Balanced Tech Women’s Thong is the way you want to go. They have a seamless design so you won’t show lines underneath your hiking pants. They are made of 92% nylon and 8% Elastane fabric. They have new reinforced construction to give you a longer lasting high-performance hiking underwear to take everywhere with you.

A tagless waistband and seamless outlines offer less chaffing and a more “stay in place” style of comfort. They have a quick-drying material that is easy to wash and adds a level of breathability to keep you cool even on hot days. They are odor resistance and moisture wicking so you can wear them confidently day after day. A 4-way stretch design allows them to stay in place better and gives you comfort you can count on.

+ Tagless waistband
+ No seams
+ 4-way stretch design
+ Moisture wicking and odor resistant
+ Quick dry material

Why we like it – These are one of the best hiking underwear pairs due to their comfort and breathability. They stay right in place and allow you to move freely without worrying about bunching up or chaffing on the sensitive skin.

8. Adidas Men’s Sport Performance ClimaCool Boxer

Adidas Men's Sport Performance ClimaCool Boxer

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With one of the most breathable fabrics on the market, the ClimaCool men’s boxers are one of the most comfortable and versatile pairs for men n need of high-performance sports underwear. When you’re hiking, you need to make sure your underwear is going to be able to keep you comfortable over the long kilometers and hours so you can focus on enjoying the sites.

They have quick drying, moisture wicking fabric that keeps the sweat away and is easy to wash and dry in a couple of hours. They are designed to not ride up the leg and bunch together in the groin area. A tagless waistband helps them hug your waist more comfortably without obstruction. They have a very lightweight and cool fabric that gives your skin extra comfort no matter when or where you’re wearing them.

+ Moisture wicking
+ Quick Drying
+ Breathable fabric
+ Tagless waistband
+ Comfortable for a wide variety of activities

Why we like it – They are one of the most breathable fabrics you will ever find on a pair of underwear. They allow your skin to breath full which helps reduce sweat, odor, and discomfort.

9. MERIWOOL Merino Wool Men’s Boxer Brief

MERIWOOL Merino Wool Men’s Boxer Brief

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Merino wool is one of the best types of fabric you can get for hiking attire. It is super light, moisture wicking, and odorless so you can wear them time after time. With this pair of hiking underwear, you get everything you need with a high level of comfort and versatility so you can wear them for numerous days in a row without needing to change them. They are made of 100% Merino wool which is incredibly soft and luxurious on the skin. They are so gentle that they may be the new go-to pair of underwear for all of your sporting activities.

They are quick drying and have a loop on the waistband so you can hang them for even quicker drying on the trail. They are designed to stay right in place and allow for maneuverability and versatility in their design. Great for hot and cool days.

They are made to be worn in conjunction with long johns and other sports equipment without hindering movement and comfort. They are breathable, soft, and gentle on the skin, making them one of the best hiking underwears available.

+ 100% Merino Wool
+ Super gentle and soft
+ Breathable fabric
+ Odor resistant
+ Quick drying and moisture wicking

Why we like it – Merino wool is really one of a kind. Once you feel how comfortable it is, you may never want to wear a different pair of underwear again. They dry so quickly and are so comfortable that you will be joyous to put them on time after time.

10. New Balance Men’s 6″ Boxer Brief

New Balance Men's 6

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These are a great pair of all-around underwear for sports and everyday wear. They are great for hiking because of their quick-drying material that is breathable and soft on the skin. They have a no-ride-up inseam to keep them from bunching up uncomfortably. A supportive no-fly pouch helps keeps your necessities comfortably nestled in place without allowing chafing and rubbing.

They are machine washable and dry quickly for when you need them in a hurry. If you’re on the trail and need to give them a quick wash in the lake, they will be ready to go within a couple of hours. These are a wonderful pair of lightweight, comfortable hiking underwear that will last you a long time.

+ Machine washable
+ Lightweight
+ Comfortable
+ Quick drying
+ No-ride-up seam

Why we like it – They are designed with sport in mind and will allow you to do what you need to without compromising your comfort level. Great for any hiker.

Hiking Underwear Buyers Guide

What to look for in Hiking Underwear

Hiking underwear needs to be super comfortable. Having a few features that make them breathable and moisture wicking are important as well. In order to help you distinguish between all of the necessary factors that come into play, we have put together this short buyers guide. Here are some of the things you need to look for in the best hiking underwear.


The fabric that your underwear is made of needs to be as breathable as possible. Especially on hot days, sweat can be one of the most uncomfortable and odorous substances that you emit. A good breathable fabric such as mesh and wool will help you get a little more breeze on your nether regions. Sweat can cause skin irritation in the form of chafing and rubbing which can turn into blisters or rashes.

If your underwear is too thick or made out of a material that doesn’t allow a breeze to come through, you will find that there is an uncomfortable build-up of moisture that is unpleasant. Having a breathable fabric will ensure that you will be able to wear them day after day without being uncomfortable.

Quick Drying

Along with being breathable, the fabric on your hiking underwear should be able to dry quickly. This is simply because if you are hiking a long day and you don’t get back to camp until dinner time if you need to wash your underwear, you’ll need them to be dry and ready to go for the next morning.

Also, putting wet underwear into your bag if you go for a dip is not ideal. It could make the rest of your hiking gear smell bad and will add extra weight. Merino wool, nylon, and mesh fabrics are all good at drying quickly. This will ensure that you can get them wet and still be able to pick up quickly when you’re on the move.


Your hiking underwear ought to be lightweight as well. Many of the best hiking underwears will be designed to be worn numerous days in a row without being washed or changed. However, you will likely find yourself needing to pack at least one backup pair. Underwear generally is already fairly lightweight but making sure that you get the lightest pair possible can be a help in cutting down weight. In most cases, underwear that is built for sports will already be lightweight enough.


Sports underwear allows you to move in ways that regular boxers or briefs don’t. The best hiking underwear will allow you to make drastic movements like high steps, jumps, squats and more without bunching up and causing discomfort. Your underwear should hug tightly against your skin and allow you a pretty wide range of motion on all sides.

Also, you’ll want to get underwear that doesn’t ride up your leg or cause wedgies. A longer inseam will help the underwear stick to your legs without causing irritation so you can move freely and easily and they will stay right in place. Having underwear that maintains its position will also help keep away moisture and sweat.

Anti-Odor Treatment

Underwear tends to get a little bit of a stench after a while. This is not a surprise since there is generally not a ton of airflow that makes it through your underwears regions. The best hiking underwear will have Antimicrobial treatment on the fabric which will help reduce the odors on your underwear.

This is what helps them be wearable for multiple days or weeks without needing to be changed. It will help you keep the rest of your clothing fresh in your backpack, and will allow your bunkmates a little extra comfort if there is one less odor to deal with in the tent.


As you can see, the best hiking underwear will all share the same qualities. They will be lightweight, moisture wicking, breathable, and comfortable on the skin. With any of the picks we outlined in this guide, both men and women will be able to find an option that works for them. We hope you enjoyed the guide and happy trails.

Expert Tip

If you get a good pair of underwear, you may not have to buy another pair again. If a pair of underwear is great for hiking and sports, then they will be extra comfortable for daily use as well. Don’t be afraid to invest in the comfort of your under regions. Once you experience the feeling of premium underwear, you will never go back to cheap fabrics.

Did you know?

Merino wool is one of the best fabrics you can get for your hiking attire. The wool from Merino sheep is naturally longer which makes it stronger and more comfortable on the skin. Shorter wool has a tendency to break or rip much easier.

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