7 Best Luxury Dive Watches in 2021

Last updated 04. January 2021

Luxury dive watches have been around since the 1950s, and they have only been improving since then. As we started venturing into deeper and deeper depths, we saw a demand for more water resistant gear. After all, when we are under the surface, we still have to keep track of time.

It’s necessary to have a dive watch since it will be the indicator that will tell you how much time you are underwater. This is indispensable information since your oxygen will be limited, and you will need to have a reminder of when you should resurface. Especially if you are diving alone, you won’t want to go over your diving time limit!

These watches are made to endure trips that will make you go way below 100 meters- something that a normal wristwatch cannot do. Since you want to stay safe when you are diving, it’s important to choose a sturdy and reliable dive watch that will allow you to track time accurately.

One question remains, however- how do you know which dive watch is best for you? All of the dive watches on the market have to meet very strict guidelines since your safety cannot be put in danger. That’s why we are giving you a list of dive watches that will track your time and keep you safe underwater!

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1. Momentum Men’s Sports Watch | M50 Nylon Dive Watch

Momentum Men’s Sports Watch | M50 Nylon Dive Watch

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When you are diving deep, you need a sturdy dive watch. The solid construction of the Momentum is one of the most durable and reliable that you can find. The surface is wear and tear resistant, which means that you won’t be left with any scratches on the screen.

With a waterproof rating that equals to 500M/1650FT, this watch is very popular among professionals. It has been used in action and for training by police departments, SWAT teams, the fire departments and much more. The precision of this dive watch remains unmatched, and it comes with the brightest night-vision thanks to the superluminova dial.

+ Waterproof 500M/1650FT
+ Approved by pros
+ Precise
+ 10-year battery
+ Scratchproof surface

Why we like it – With a surface that is immune to scratches and a battery that will last you a decade, this watch is one of the most reliable dive watches you can invest in.

2. Swiss Army Victorinox Dive Master Mens Watch 241559

Swiss Army Victorinox Dive Master Mens Watch 241559

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The Swiss Army Victorinox watch has a white rubber strip that wraps securely around your wrist. The strap also doesn’t make your wrist sweat, which is an additional convenience. A secure strap is essential since you want to ensure that your dive watch is at you at all times.

The dial screen itself has luminous hands to allow you to easily see within the dark environment. This is essential since you will want to be ready for all situations when you are diving deep. It ensures that you are ready for all of the circumstances that you may encounter.

+ Comes with case
+ Luminescent dials
+ Consistent timekeeping
+ Neat design
+ Secure strap

Why we like it – The Dive Master looks great and performs great. It fits just about any dress code and tracks time perfectly underwater thanks to its luminescent dials.

3. Nautica Men’s Quartz Resin Silicone Watch

Nautica Men's Quartz Resin Silicone Watch

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To get a dive watch qualification, the watch needs to have specific night-vision capabilities and specific water resistance. Luckily, Nautica equipped their dive watch with these exact features. It bears the most necessary and basic things you need to have within a dive watch of your choice.

The watch comes in 4 colors, and the strap is silicone to help the dive watch stay strapped to your wrist throughout your adventures. The watch itself is presented with a stylistic design, interesting color choices and a unique appearance

+ Comes with batteries
+ Waterproof to 100m
+ Cozy strap
+ Unique design
+ Ideal for snorkeling & swimming

Why we like it – If you need a watch that will fit your athletic lifestyle, then the Nautica is perfect for your needs. It includes the latest developments in dive watch technology, while still keeping an impressive minimalistic design.

4. Momentum Men’s Sports Watch | Torpedo Pro Dive

Momentum Men’s Sports Watch | Torpedo Pro Dive

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Some dive watches come at extremely high prices, Momentum decided to change that, however. Their goal here was to make a budget yet quality watch that can accompany any diver down into the ocean depths. It’s durable, sturdy and tough.

The Momentum’s waterproof performance has also been tested and it has been summarized that the watch can endure going to 200M/660FT without losing accuracy. The Momentum dive watch is also ideal for normal daily use, so you can strap it on even when you’re not diving. The diving grade strap band has a heavy-duty steel clasp to make sure the watch doesn’t slip off in a time of need.

+ Waterproof to 200M/660FT
+ Heavy-duty steel clasp
+ Durable strap
+ Budget price
+ Precise Japanese Quartz Movement

Why we like it – It’s not often that we can find a dive watch that can fit both your diving and daily adventures. No matter where you go, you can take this watch with you.

5. Cressi Leonardo

Cressi Leonardo

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The Cressi Leaonardo dive watch comes with a simple interface that allows you to quickly get diving. No one wants to fiddle with their gear when they could be spending more time underwater searching for treasures. The information is clearly laid out on the high-quality screen that provides you with big numbers and letters to help you easily read the interface.

You can also set very audible alarms that will let you know when your diving time is running out. The battery life indicator is provided within this model as well, and the battery (CR2430) can be easily changed out manually. With the correct gear, you can also connect this dive watch to a diving computer with IR, or with a USB cable to a normal PC.

+ Large number display
+ Connect to PC
+ HD screen
+ Changeable battery
+ Audible alarm

Why we like it – The Cressi dive watch seems like the ideal watch for diving with all of its features; ranging from the changeable battery to the possibility to be able to connect the gear to a PC.

6. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Promaster Diver

Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Promaster Diver

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You can use the Citizen dive watch wherever you expect to be encountering water. Whether that’s during diving, snorkeling, swimming or even under the shower! The watch is waterproof to at least 660FT and the case that comes with it has a diameter of 48mm.

This dive watch is entirely powered by light and won’t ever require a battery. This is a great feature since opening and closing a dive watch can lead to complications. Sometimes you may not seal it properly and by accident allow water to push through and ruin the tech.

+ Eco-drive tech
+ Anti-reflective
+ Polyurethane strap
+ Waterproof to 200M
+ Easy to read

Why we like it – This Citizen dive watch has a one-way bezel that doesn’t have any protruding buttons that could by accident change your settings. It’s a watch that can be kept with you at all times of the day, whenever you need a companion to tell you the time.

7. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Promaster Diver

Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Promaster Diver

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The Citizen is a great watch if you are looking for a functional dive watch with a unique design. This dive watch that is fueled by light, and thanks to this eco-drive tech you won’t need to worry about arranging a new battery.

The analog display also supports the Japanese Quartz Movement. The polyurethane band has a secure buckle to properly secure your dive watch onto your wrist when you’re swimming in the deep waters.

+ No battery required
+ Secure buckle
+ Polyurethane band
+ Impressive design
+ Comes with stainless case

Why we like it – The Citizen dive watch is a great way to keep track of time when you’re diving, it locks securely onto your wrist and the battery doesn’t ever need to be recharged thanks to the eco-drive.

Luxury Dive Watch Buyers Guide

What to look for when buying luxury dive watches

A luxury dive watch can make a big difference when you’re diving. It needs to have a secure strap to make sure it doesn’t fall off, an easy to read interface, a scratchproof screen, a good overall design and most importantly: it needs to precisely inform you of the time! The market has many good watches, but how do you know which features should always be included? We’re here to help!


The screen of your dive watch should have a big and readable numeric system that allows you to easily tell the time. When you’re underwater, you need to be able to quickly calculate your situation, and a quality dive watch can help you relax by providing you with a screen that is easy to read.

It’s also vital to make sure that your screen is made of durable materials that are scratchproof and will not crack under pressure.


The reason you would want a dive watch is that you want it to precisely tell you the time. All of this, however, depends on the waterproof endurance of the given watch. Whether it’s capable of withstanding pressure or not.

This is usually the first thing that is listed on the product- you will always be informed on how far down your watch can withstand going. Whether it’s 100M or 200M, usually the more resistant the dive watch is, the more expensive it gets.


When diving, you want to stay relaxed and worry-free. That’s why choosing a dive watch that has a secure strap that wraps snuggly around your wrist can relieve some of your stress. You will know that it’s securely attached to you and that there’s no way it can detach. A secure buckle is important as well as a rubber material that won’t get damaged by the water.


Your future dive watch should be functional and classy, which means that finding the ideal fit may take a bit of time. The important thing, however, is that you keep searching until you find your ideal match, with all the vital features that we discussed above.

Expert Tip

When buying a dive watch, make sure that you know what depths you will be going to beforehand. Whether it’s 100M, 200M or more, it’s vital to choose a watch that supports the pressures that you will be exploring.

Did you know?

Children are allowed to start their diving lessons as young as 8 years old. The only requirement is that they should be able to manage the weight of their diving gear without issues!

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