10 Best North Face Jackets in 2021

Last updated 04. January 2021

As you set out on your adventures, you will probably want to be kept warm and comfortable. Keeping yourself shielded from the wind by a reliable North Jacket can be essential if you don’t want to be caught by a cold.

If you are planning on going all out, to the deepest caves, furthest forests and highest mountain tops, then this kind of jacket will help get you through the tough times. Even if you will be fatigued, your torso and arms will be kept protected from all angles from the cutting, gnawing wind.

You will want to choose a jacket that allows you to have full movement, not stiffening your joints if you will need to react quickly to situations. North Jackets are made to tailor each gender, being manufactured to fit their bodies, and their style specifically.

If you are planning on going on a trip, a jacket is probably the first thing you should pack. These jackets are made to be nigh indestructible by the elements we come across out in the wild.

You don’t want to be wearing a simple sweater when you head out and expose yourself to different bugs and substances. You will want to put your money into something that will keep you and your body safe, even in harsh situations.

There are, however, dozens of North Jackets out there available for women to choose from. Each one is different, and while each serves to protect you, their features can vary from one jacket to another. This is why we present to you a quick review and guide of the best North Jackets for women which in our opinion can win your hearts!

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1. The North Face Women’s Venture 2 Jacket

The North Face Women's Venture 2 Jacket

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You will not run out of style options with the North Face Women’s 2 Venture Jacket. With nearly 40 colors to choose from, you may get a bit lost in the sea of options! This is, however, a perfect variety for a group of friends who want to go on an adventure without mistaking their gear.

All of these jackets are also warrantied to ensure that even if you should get a defected product, it can be easily exchange. This applies as long as the product is usable, but only if it is bought from a certified North Face distributor.

It’s the perfect jacket to have on top of layered clothes. This is why Venture 2 usually appears to be a bit more spacious/bigger even when you order a size that is true to yours. These are specially designed jackets that are meant to protect all of the clothes you have stacked up underneath it.

+ Warrantied
+ Fits well
+ Quality material
+ Waterproof
+ Protects from wind

Why we like it – Thanks to all of the stylistic choices, the Venture 2 from North Face will give you all you ever wanted. When it comes to keeping you safe and dry on the road, and when you want to look stylish and fashionable.

2. The North Face Men’s Venture 2 Jacket

The North Face Men's Venture 2 Jacket

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This North Face Venture 2 Jacket for men mirrors its features with the ones we have seen with the female alternative listed above. Sporting 33 color choices, there’s no way that you won’t find something that doesn’t suit you. With its nylon and polyester material, you can be sure that the raindrops will roll right off.

Any liquid that you can think of splashing on this winter coat will slide off immediately. This jacket is made to battle the most unforgiving circumstances, allowing you to have a good performance all throughout your trip.

When traveling, you want to make sure your gear is lightweight. This jacket is very light and the zippers around the armpits will allow you to cool down quickly should you overheat. You can easily layer clothes underneath if you are in the middle of the winter season. The hood itself is vast and will allow you to wear over the ear headphones without any trouble, protecting both you and your gear.

+ 33 colors
+ Zippers around armpits
+ Waterproof
+ Nylon & Polyester fabric
+ Vast hood

Why we like it – The Venture 2 for men is perfect for someone that wants a well-rounded jacket with useful features. The zippers and vast hood allow you to be free when you get too hot, and to keep your head dry when the storms start approaching.

Alternative: Men’s Ski Jackets.

3. The North Face Women’s Osito 2 Jacket

The North Face Women's Osito 2 Jacket

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The Osito has a zipper closure and is made from 100% polyester to ensure that you’ll be kept safe from the weather. Like all North Face jackets, the Osito is made to last and stick with you and your adventures for years. It’s well-made and doesn’t succumb to wear and tear easily, quite on the contrary.

It can withstand quite a lot and can be a great addition to any other hiking gear. When you are out and about you want to rest assured that the only worries you will be encountering will be from external sources. The North Face jacket will guarantee that you won’t have to worry about its endurance. Many customers have taken it around trails and even used it as protection on normal rainy days.

The comfy, oversized collar will keep your neck warm and toasty even during the cold days. If you want to be lightweight and be warm, then a high-pile silken fleece jacket like the Osito can provide you exactly that. The waist is tailored, and the cuffs are stretchable, you will also get 2 hand pockets that are secured by zips.

+ Lightweight
+ Silken fleece
+ Tailored waist
+ Stretchable cuffs
+ 2 hand pockets

Why we like it – The Osito is a lightweight North Face jacket that is meant to be used during the cold days. With a cozy fleece and stretchable cuffs, you can keep yourself warm and covered throughout the colder trips.

4. The North Face Men’s Apex Bionic 2 Jacket

The North Face Men's Apex Bionic 2 Jacket

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The Apex Bionic is definitely one of the coolest looking North Face jackets. You can even machine wash it if you set it to do so delicately. All you have to remember to do is to not use any softeners when washing this jacket, or bleach for that matter.

Keeping it away from ironing and cleaning is also a good idea, tumble and line drying will give you the most desired results without damaging the products. The cuffs are 100% adjustable, and the jacket itself is made from polyester.

In general, it’s a versatile jacket that also looks surprisingly attractive. It will keep you warm, and it will keep you shielded from the elements. It’s not too tight and allows you lots of room to move while still performing its normal functions. You can even lightly layer underneath to keep yourself extra cozy during the colder days.

+ Attractive design
+ Adjustable cuffs
+ Machine washable
+ Polyester made
+ Waterproof

Why we like it – The Apex Bionic 2 is one of the coolest looking North Face jackets out there. If you want to be safe from wind and rain while staying fashionable, this jacket is the one for you.

5. The North Face Thermoball Full Zip Jacket Womens

The North Face Thermoball Full Zip Jacket Womens

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If you’re heading out on a trip across the country, or a new hike, what you’ll want with you is a jacket that keeps you warm. The Thermoball has been tested to keep its owners cozy even in the cold New York breezes that can reach to around 0 degrees. The jacket is made from 100% nylon and can be easily placed in a washing machine to help freshen it after a trip well lived and well experienced.

It’s the ideal jacket for a variety of weather conditions. You can layer up underneath it if you feel the need to do so, or you can wear only the jacket. Either way, it’s a compact product that you can roll up and put in your backpack whenever you need it.

You can choose between the matte and gloss material, but either way you can also easily tie this jacket around your waist. It won’t slip, it will be secured and will be with you for whenever you need it.

+ 100% nylon
+ Wind resistant
+ Compact fold
+ Mattel & gloss available
+ Machine washable

Why we like it – The North Face Thermoball is ideal for someone that is going on a trip and wants a jacket that folds easily into their bag. It’s an essential feature since you don’t want to always be carrying it in your hands.

6. The North Face Men’s Apex Canyonwall Jacket

The North Face Men's Apex Canyonwall Jacket

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With 11 colors to pick from, every single one stays true to itself. With a slightly larger fit, you will be able to place clothes underneath. This jacket is perfect for walks during average weather, where you want to keep yourself that little bit warmer. It won’t keep you warm during harsh, arctic winters, but you will definitely be kept safe from rains and winds that would normally cut through your skin.

It fits well against your body and is snug without making you feel restrained. You still get a full range of motion, allowing your limbs to freely move around even during your athletic endeavors.

The Apex Canyon has a brushed tricot lining around the collar and a micro-gridded back. It’s the most wind resistant jacket that you can purchase. If you are planning on going to mountain tops, then this jacket will allow to rest and relax at the top without getting affected by the cutting air.

+ Tricot collar lining
+ Resists wind
+ Snug fit
+ 11 colors
+ Flexible material

Why we like it – The Apex Canyon is supposed to keep the cutting winds away from you while accompanying you through the adventures that you will be encountering on the trail.

7. The North Face Men’s Resolve Jacket

The North Face Men's Resolve Jacket

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This 100% nylon jacket can be quickly placed into the washing machine after every trip you go on. This convenience of not having to hand wash this piece of gear will save you a lot of time. It’s also fully waterproof; if you get caught in a storm or spill something on your coat it won’t damage your jacket in any manner at all.

The Resolve is a jacket that fits well against your body and will allow you to move your limbs loosely. It’s not a jacket that’s warm, so it’s better to layer underneath if you are planning on going to colder destinations.

With or without a sweatshirt, you can wear the Resolve during the fall or the rainy seasons during spring. A nice feature is the hood can be rolled into the collar. While it does slightly bulk up the collar, it’s convenient to not have it always hanging out. When in need, you can easily roll it out and use it when the rains start hitting.

+ Waterproof
+ Weather resistant
+ Hood rolls into collar
+ True to size fit
+ Vast hood

Why we like it – The Resolve can give you what you need, especially thanks to its hood that can easily be rolled into the collar to keep it from disturbing you when you’re not using it.

8. The North Face Men’s Millerton Jacket

The North Face Men's Millerton Jacket

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The Millerton is a light jacket that can carry you from the beginning of your journey right to the end. It won’t add any extra weight to your luggage, and you won’t even notice it weight-wise when it’s hanging on you. The fabric is breathable, and perfect for having a few layers sitting underneath for extra warmth and comfort. Its materials and the fabric it’s made from has been handpicked by the makers to make it the most durable jacket you can get when you’re venturing outside.

It will easily fit within your backpack, and if you need a default jacket to take on a hike and you don’t know where to invest, the Millerton is the solution to your indecisiveness. It will protect you from the rains that may catch you on the road, the hood is nice and spacious allowing you to carry ear muffs or headphones on your head under, and the zips have been made to be heavy-duty so that you can put all your valuables inside.

+ Breathable fabric
+ Lightweight
+ Durable
+ Vast hood
+ Easy to pack

Why we like it – The Millerton is the perfect choice if you can’t decide among all of the other North Face jackets. It has all the features you could ask for from a jacket.

9. The North Face Women’s Apex Bionic 2 Soft Shell Jacket

The North Face Women's Apex Bionic 2 Soft Shell Jacket

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The Apex Bionic is a very stylish jacket that will be suitable for wearing even when you are not out trekking. It’s the ideal jacket for outside trips to the shop when it’s raining, or when you are experiencing a particularly windy day. Either way, the Apex Bionic remains versatile, both with its functions and with its color schemes. Sporting 27 color options, you won’t have a problem going through the sea of opportunities and choosing something for yourself.

The jacket is made from elastane and polyester making its fabric very stretchable. This is perfect since when you are moving around on trail around the mountains, you don’t stay still. Some jackets restrain your limbs and don’t allow you to do more drastic moves without ripping.

The Apex Bionic, however, has no comparison to those jackets. Any move you make, the fabric will follow, stretch and lend you its flexibility when you need it. It’s something that all of us need when we want to be more adventurous, doing some climbing without having to worry about ripped fabric.

+ Flexible
+ Heavy-duty fabric
+ Wind resistant
+ Stylish make
+ 27 colors

Why we like it – With over 27 colors, this North Face jacket gives you the choices that you need. You will be able to choose a jacket that only keeps you safe from the elements, but also that suits your style and the rest of your gear.

10. The North Face Women’s Resolve 2 Jacket

The North Face Women's Resolve 2 Jacket

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The Resolve is a heavy-duty jacket, and you can see that from the way it’s manufactured. If you are planning a more extreme trip, then this jacket is ready to accompany you and protect you in any way possible.

With nearly 30 colors to choose from, North Face remains to have some of the biggest color choices available on the market with their product. This allows you to pick something tailored for you, that you want and that you like.

If you think you are going to get caught in a rainstorm, take this jacket and it will keep you safe throughout. It’s lightweight, and it’s made to endure wear and tear with great resistance. The hood gives you full coverage over your head, keeping the rain and wind from reaching your face.

It’s 100% waterproof, and for extra convenience, you can hide the hood so that it doesn’t bother you when the weather is nice. It’s a great feature to have when you want to travel with comfort, without having to deal with a hood that could get caught up somewhere.

+ Waterproof
+ Retractable hood
+ 30 colors
+ Spacious hood
+ Durable

Why we like it – The Resolve 2 will protect you during the harshest rainstorms when usually the wind would be cutting through your skin. We like it thanks to its lightweight build, meaning that you can transport it easily and wear it without adding any extra weight.

North Face Jacket Buyers Guide

What to look for when buying hiking a North Face jacket

When you are going out on an adventure, you are probably not looking forward to the sharp winds and rainstorms. These are things that are worth avoiding, and a North Face has a variety of jackets that can help keep you safe from these forces of nature. With this big variety, however, what should you look for when choosing your ideal jacket?

Waterproof & Windproof

When you’re going out on the trail the first thing you will want to ensure is that your jacket is waterproof. Rains in the mountains are extremely common, and something that you will most certainly encounter. This means that taking a jacket that has water repellent properties is a must if you don’t want to catch a cold.

Another thing that is just as important, is choosing a North Face jacket that protects you from the winds. Without this feature, your skin would be cut by the fast winds that are usually prevalent in outdoor spaces. With it, however, your skin will be kept safe as long as you have your jacket on.


When you are venturing, it’s certain that at some point you may have to do something apart from walking. Whether that’s climbing over a fallen tree, or jumping over a puddle. You don’t want your jacket to restrain these actions. You need a flexible North Face jacket that is made from flexible materials so that you can move around without issues.

Easy to Pack

When you know you will be traveling, you will want to make sure that your jacket can be packed within a bag. This is essential especially if you are going to be using various means of transport. You won’t always have to use your jacket, especially during normal circumstances, that’s why a North Face jacket that can be rolled up and folded can be an efficient choice.


Your North Face jacket should be a piece of gear that you are proud to wear and take out on adventures. It’s important to choose a jacket that suits you both color and design-wise, as well as feature-wise. This will ensure you won’t delay putting it on when you need to!

Expert Tip

Always check the weather before heading out on your adventure! If there are thunderstorms to come, stay off the trail until the weather clears.

Did you know?

Most hikers considering packing smartly an art. When you pack, pack your gear in a way that you have easy access to all of your things. This way, all your essentials will be quickly accessible.

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