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Last updated 04. January 2021

If climbing is something you enjoy doing, or if it’s a hobby you hope to get started with, you need to make sure you have quality climbing gear, as it can make all the difference between a safe and pleasant experience, and one that can come to take a devastating turn.

Climbing equipment should be your top priority, and one thing you need to choose wisely are your new climbing quick-draws. When you buy quickdraws, the last thing you want to do is to get them from somewhere where the quality can’t be guaranteed.

Quickdraw reviews are a great way to weed out what is good and what isn’t, so we have made it easy for you by putting together this list of quality sport climbing quickdraws. Only the best quickdraw should be good enough for you!

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1. Mad Rock Concorde Quickdraw Set

Mad Rock Concorde Quickdraw Set

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This Mad Rock Concorde Quickdraw set offers what you want the most out of climbing quickdraws – reliability, and it is made with durable forged aluminum that is lightweight and easy to carry with you.

They come in a pack with 6 identical Madrock Concorde Quickdraw, which is great for someone who does a lot of climbing, as you can keep a few with you, plus a spare in the car in case you need a replacement.

The Mad Rock quickdraw is legendary in the climbing industry, thanks to its superior quality, affordable price, and multi-packs, and it is a product that will keep you safe while you are up there on the wall or the mountainside.

+ Large pack with 6 Madrock Quickdraws
+ Made with lightweight aluminum
+ Recognized and respected brand
+ Highly visible color

Why We Like It – The main attraction of these quick-draws is the quality, and how you get a big pack of Mad Rock quickdraws for a reasonable price.

2. Omega Pacific Omegalite 4.0 Wiregate

Omega Pacific Omegalite 4.0 Wiregate

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If safety is your main concern (which it should be), you will be happy to hear that these cheap quickdraws are made by a company with third-party certifications, such as CSA, CE, ANSI, and NFPA, and their factory is ISO 9001 certified.

The company has over 30 years of experience when it comes to making the best quickdraws and climbing equipment, and they are showing no signs of slowing down! With these rock climbing quickdraws, you get a total of six of the best quickdraws available, from a US manufacturer that knows what it’s doing, and that is well aware of what a climber needs.

It is a well-known brand that has a variety of gear, and these quickdraws is one of their most popular products.

+ With presewn slings
+ Over 30 years of experience
+ With third-party certifications
+ Made in a certified factory

Why We Like It – Nothing beats experience, and when you get a set of these quickdraw review favorites you know you’re getting a product that will live up to your expectations, thanks to the extensive experience the company possesses.

3. Black Diamond Freewire Quickdraw 12Cm

Black Diamond Freewire Quickdraw 12Cm

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Have a look at these black diamond quickdraws that are made to last! It has a cold-forced hotwire wire gate biner on both ends of a durable nylon cord, and the straitjacket insert makes sure the bottom carabiner stays in place.

These camp quickdraws are made for heavy-duty use, which makes them ideal for the adventurer who plans to be climbing and spending time in nature on a regular basis. The best part about this Black Diamond quickdraw?

You get the best climbing quickdraws without having to empty your wallet, as these are surprisingly budget-friendly and affordable! They are 12 cm quickdraws and a good option for anyone who has considered the dilemma of 12cm vs 18cm quickdraws and settled for the first.

+ Hotwire wire gate carabiners
+ Affordable and budget-friendly
+ Durable Polyester quickdraw dogbone
+ Ideal for extreme sports

Why We Like It – The material used to make this Black Diamond quickdraw set is what makes it such a high-quality product, and it is a quickdraw package that will last you for years!

4. Omega Pacific Dash Dirtbag Draw Rack Pack

A rock-climbing quickdraw like this will have you climbing like the pro you either are or that you aspire to be! They are durable, perfectly designed and has a draw strength of up to 4945 lbs; it is CE and ISO 9000 certified and has strength and reliability as the key production points.

Each of these climbing draws weighs only 86 grams, making them among the lightest quickdraws available, and they are easy to use and won’t rust if getting wet. With this quick draw, climbing becomes both safer and more fun, and they are made to hold for heavy-duty use, to make sure you are ready to go climbing whenever you feel like it.

+ Cold-forged aircraft aluminum
+ Thoroughly tested
+ CE and ISO 9000 certified
+ Made in the United States

Why We Like It – It is a quick-draw set that has it all! The price is reasonable, and it has been tested thoroughly to guarantee your safety as you climb.

5. Black Diamond Freewire Quickpack 12cmo

Black Diamond Freewire Quickpack 12cmo

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These are the best quickdraws for sport climbing, which will have you climbing like never before! The full wire gate performance of these quickdraws puts it slightly above many competing products, and you get a lot for your money with a 6-pack like this.

The closed-gate strength is 5395 lbs, and the polyester dogbone is durable, lightweight and perfect for alpine sports and climbing. Each quickdraw is carefully constructed in the company’s own factories, and the company is based in the United States.

+ Easy-to-grab dogbone
+ Dual wire-gates to eliminate gate flutter
+ Lightweight and extremely durable
+ Hotwire Wire Gate carabiners

Why We Like It – Nobody wants to waste too much time on finding the right gear and preparing, as you are probably eager to get out there! With a product like this, you get durability and security at a price most climbers can afford!

Quickdraws Buyers Guide

Quickdraws is what climbers use as part of their equipment, and it is utilized to allow a climbing robe to go through any protection plus the bolt anchors, freely, while you climb. It consists of two durable carabiners connected by something called a ‘dogbone’ a semi-rigid middle piece.

The two carabiners are not identical, as one has a bent gate, which is what connects directly to the climbing rope, and on the other end, you have a straight gate that is connected to whatever is being used as an anchor. Simply put – a quickdraw is a runner device that allows the distance between the anchor device and the climbing rope to be extended.


There are many different types of carabiners used for quickdraws, and many beginners are surprised by how relevant it can turn out to be for your whole climbing experience! Nowadays, there are carabiners made with extremely lightweight materials, which makes them very easy to use while still being extremely safe.

These new forging techniques have taken the climbing experience to a whole new level, and it is not unusually for the lightweight carabiners to be just as durable and tough as the older and heavier models, but a potential downside may be that the rope could wear them down somewhat faster.

You also need to take into consideration whether the carabiners are keylock carabiners. These tend to run a lot more smoothly along the climbing rope and the risk of it getting caught in something is smaller. A keylock carabiner is likely to be more expensive than a regular one, but many climbers feel it is more than worth the extra investment.

Wire Gate vs Solid Gate Quickdraws

This is what we are mentioning above; the solid gate (or the straight gate) and the wire gate. Not all quickdraws have one of each, so it can be good to know the difference, and what each can do for you.

Wire gates are very lightweight, easy to clip on and comfortable to use, but when using them together with bolt hangers and carrots – they are simply too thin. Modern techniques are being implied when making climbing equipment, though, which is making this a lot less than an issue.

Double wire gate quickdraws are becoming more common in other areas of the world, but for experienced climbers, this could end up being a question of personal preferences.

Quickdraw Dogbones

Every small part of the quickdraw matters, so the dogbone is also something you need to look into before you settle on a product. The dogbone is the part in the middle that connects one carabiner with the other, and it is always made with a semi-solid material that does not stretch.

They come in different lengths, and for someone who plans to be climbing more than once, it is smart to make sure you have several quickdraws with dogbones of different lengths. When the dogbone has the correct length, rope drag is significantly minimalized and it helps avoid abrasion.

The thickness of the dogbone is also relevant, and a dogbone that is thicker makes it easier to both clip and handle, but it may reduce mobility

How many quickdraws do I need?

How many draws you need depends on where you intend to climb and on how long the routes are. If you are unfamiliar with the area where you plan to climb, the best thing is to bring a few extra quickdraws or to reach out to experienced and local climbers that may be able to give you a more exact estimate.

Do quickdraws need to be replaced?

You should always revise your quickdraws before you pack up and head out, and preferably also right before you start climbing. There may be some wear and tear caused by the rope, which means you are better off replacing your quickdraws whenever you deem it needed.


It can be very hard to know what would be considered good and bad quickdraws, and especially if you are just starting out. Many look almost the same, and you need some background knowledge before you can make a good choice that will aid you during a climb.

This list of reviews makes the process both easier and less time consuming for both beginners and more experienced climbers, and it is time and effort you can instead use when climbing a mountain or a wall. Safety is extremely important when you climb, and we have saved you the initial screening process by providing only high-quality options.

Expert Tip

Choose quickdraws depending on the activity you plan to engage in, but never settle for low-quality quickdraws, even if you are a beginner, as this is a safety risk.

Did You Know?

There is another name for a quickdraw that you might come across, as it is also known as an ‘extender’.

Amazon Recommends:

Bestseller No. 1
PETZL - Pack 6 Djinn Axess Quickdraw, Blue, 12 cm
  • Pack of six durable quickdraws for rock climbing
  • Reliable and durable quickdraws
  • Easier to use for clipping and unclipping
Bestseller No. 2
Black Diamond Equipment - HotForge Hybrid Quickpack - Blue - 12 cm -...
  • New HotForge on top and redesigned HotWire wiregate on the bottom
  • Colored bottom HotWire carabiner for visual target while climbing
  • Snag-free keylock top biner for easy bolt clipping
Bestseller No. 3
Black Diamond Equipment - HotWire Quickpack - Octane - 12 cm
  • Hot-forged HotWire carabiners on the top and bottom
  • Colored bottom HotWire carabiner for visual target while climbing
  • Dual wiregates eliminate gate flutter

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