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Last updated 18. January 2021

If you are a traveling business person, an expensive suitcase with a myriad of features will suit your purpose. But if you travel once or twice a year, you might want to tone down the features and focus on functionality. If you want a functional suitcase that doesn’t break your bank, Revo Luggage might be a great choice for you. 

Revo luggage has its headquarters in Mira Loma, California. Although the company focuses on creating products everyone will appreciate, their main goal was to bring manufacturing back in the US. The beauty of Revo Luggage bags is that they keep evolving with each new release being more functional and handy than the last. The company also focuses on customer satisfaction, which has made their travel bags so popular. So, how do Revo luggage suitcases hold up to the competition?

We tested some of the suitcases, scoured the internet from YouTube to consumer review sites, and called the company to bring you the best airportt luggage from Revo.

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1. Revo Luna 32 Inch

Revo Luna Expandable Hardside Spinner

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Revo Luna is a premium hardshell suitcase. You can tell the suitcase is different from all the others based on its price – it is the most expensive suitcase on the Revo Luggage collection of suitcases. Revo Luggage opted for the highest quality materials, including an aluminum wheel handle and Virgin Makrolon Polycarbonate shell. Granted, you can expect the bag to last for long, especially thanks to its scratch-resistant film quality.

The shell sports a ribbed construction that makes it better at resisting scratches. Even when it gets a scratch after rugged use, the scratches are not as visible as they are on a smooth shell. 

Each case features four double spinner wheels that roll with ease to enhance maneuverability. Its telescoping handle further enhances comfort when you are rolling the bag. When extended, the handle locks in position and stays upright. This aluminum handle is sturdy and lightweight. 

Your luggage is secure with Luna, thanks to the TSA, a three-digit combination lock. This is the same lock you see on so many other suitcases, but it becomes a necessity when you are flying out of the country. 

Inside, the suitcase has two packing compartments, but you can expand the capacity to meet your needs. Each of these compartments has a zippered divider. These features help keep your suitcase neat when you travel. The only challenge is that the dividers lack pockets and your luggage may not be organized as you need. 


+ Durable polycarbonate shell
+ Zippered dividers make the bag look organized
+ Aluminum handle is lightweight and sturdy
+ Heavy duty wheels for smooth operation

Why We Liked It:  This is a heavy duty travel suitcase to serve you for many years. 

2. Revo Pipeline Expandable 20-Inch

Revo Pipeline Spinner

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The Revo Luggage Pipeline is a hard side suitcase for those who want to travel light. If you are only traveling for a few days, and you need a suitcase that meets your needs succinctly, the Revo Pipeline 20-inch can be a great choice. 

The suitcase sports a 100% polycarbonate shell that makes it strong and durable. It further sports a protective polycarbonate film layer that makes it scratch resistant and durable. Its ribbed shell makes it hard to see any scratches that develop from rugged use. 

Each suitcase comes with eight rubber wheels, large enough to roll over uneven grounds swiftly. This gives you great maneuverability. The telescoping handle sports an aluminum construction, which is lightweight and strong. You will feel comfortable holding the carry handles, thanks to the comfort grip on them. Again, there is an aluminum push button that not only looks posh but also lasts for many years. 

Inside, the bag has two compartments with expandable storage. The compartments are lined with a soft cover to keep your luggage safe and well organized. Revo Luggage has so much confidence in this suitcase that they offer a 10-year warranty.


+ Rugged construction to last for many years
+ Large rubber wheels to roll on uneven grounds
+ Allows 2-inch expansion
+ Ribbed shell resists scratches

Why We Liked It: Like the Revo Luggage Luna, the Pipeline sports a durable construction that will last you through the years. It is compact for those who want to travel a few days. 

3. Delsey Paris Helium Aero 25-Inch Hardside Luggage

Delsey Paris Helium Aero

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The Delsey Paris Helium Aero offers a great balance between quality construction and weight. Unlike the Revo Luggage Luna, which is relatively heavy, the Helium Aero feels light even with its tough construction. It sports 100 percent polycarbonate construction, a material that resists scratches, cracking, and breaking. Further, the shell has a deep metallic finish that gives it an attractive look. 

Each suitcase comes with double spinner wheels that offer exceptional maneuverability. The wheels roll with great ease to ensure there is less weight on your hands.

If you need more space from the 25-inch suitcase, you can expand it with up to two inches to pack more stuff. This is the space you use to pack memorabilia. Inside, it has two large compartments with many pockets for organization and easy access. Further, it has web straps to hold your luggage down and zippered dividers to ensure your clothes do not wrinkle.

The carry-on handle system sports a comfortable handle system that locks in two positions, making it easy to use. This suitcase also features a one-button locking handle with high-quality grade aluminum tubes with molded comfort grip. 

Helium Aero features four two-spinner wheels that offer multi-directional rolling. These wheels also offer great stability when you need the case to stand upright. Even with its tough construction, the case still comes at an affordable price. 


+ Polycarbonate shell to last long
+ Rubber wheels that offer great maneuverability
+ Scratch-resistant construction
+ Lined interiors and expandable up to 2 inches

Why We Liked It: At 25 inches, this suitcase is large enough to meet the needs of so many users. It comes with high quality features to last long

4. Revo Luna 22-Inch Carry-On

Revo Luna Silver

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Even on this carry-on Revo Luna, Revo Luggage uses high-quality materials to make the case ready for rugged use. It costs more than some 32-inch hard side suitcases, but its quality makes it all worth the cost. Each case sports 100 percent Bayer Makrolon Polycarbonate, which is scratch resistant and long lasting. Further, it has a ribbed surface that hides scratches that may occur better than smooth surface suitcases. 

It has an aluminum handle that is strong and lightweight, and aluminum spinner wheels that roll over uneven surfaces with ease. With eight rubber wheels, the case offers great maneuverability and rolls smoothly. These wheels also offer enhanced stability when you need to prop the case in your destination. 

The TSA lock keeps your belongings safe. These locks are simple 3-number codes seen on most suitcases. Inside, the suitcase has two compartments and is expandable to hold more clothes. The interior space features a lining that protects your clothes. 

The entire case has #10 self-repairing nylon zippers to keep the bag organized. Although you will pay more than you would with most other suitcases, the sliver Revo Luggage Luna has great looks and lasts long enough to justify the high price tag. 


+ High quality construction to last long
+ Tough rubber wheels to roll smoothly on uneven ground
+ Attractive silver finish with a ribbed shell
+ Zippered packing compartments

Why We Liked It:  This is one of the toughest suitcases for weekend trips or few day trips. It is functional and looks great. 

5. Revo Impact 25-Inch Burgundy

Expendable Hardside

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Revo Impact has a high quality construction, but costs less than the Luna. If you are looking for near-Luna quality, but on a budget, this bag might be your best choice. It sports 100 percent Makrolon polycarbonate, which is impact and scratch resistant. The material if flexible, which is why it resists impact. Unlike the Luna, it lacks a protective polycarbonate film which makes it less resistant to scratches – but still offers decent resistance. 

Each case comes with four double spinner wheels for a smooth ride. The retractable wheel handle features aluminum construction, making it lightweight and sturdy. This handle locks whether in fully extended or stored positions. 

One unique feature of this suitcase is a bottom grab handle, a feature not on most hard shells. With the handle, it is easy to pick up your bag on places where the wheels won’t roll. There are also rubberized grab handles at the top and sides, further making the case easy to handle. 

As a hardshell suitcase, you can expect great organization with two compartments and a zippered divider. Its storage is expandable by up to two inches to offer enough storage for souvenirs. The divider has a large zippered pocket to offer even better organization for your belongings. It also has several other slip pockets to hold small items. The bottom compartment has a large pocket on one side and cross straps to hold your luggage in position. 

You cannot have this case as a carry-on as the smallest of the case is 22 inches, and many airports will not accept it. 


+ Stellar impact resistance to last long
+ Expandable capacity to fit your belongings
+ Many organization pockets with zippers
+ Rugged wheels to roll on uneven grounds

Why We Liked It: We like the many organization pockets on this hard side suitcase.

6. Coolife 3-Piece Set Suitcase

Coolife Luggage

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The Coolife 3-Piece Set Suitcase is a softshell suitcase set. It is a nice set if you are looking to get a budget luggage suitcase for a weekend trip or a week-long trip. Each suitcase in the set features 168 Denier Oxford cloth with a 210 Denier nylon lining. The high denier rating points to the high quality of the suitcase and its durability. Its oxford cloth is stronger than aluminum, which allows it to resist impact and scratches. 

The case comes with four-multi-directional spinner wheels, allowing you to change direction with ease. It further has a telescopic handle that enhances mobility. The wheels are large and sturdy to withstand rolling on uneven terrain. Its handle is aluminum, which is lightweight and strong. 

Each set has a 20-inch, 24-inch, and 28-inch upright bags that you can store into each other. The 20-inch carry-on is ideal for US airlines based on the IATA standards. 

You can choose from a collection of four colors; black-red, black-blue, blue silver, and purple silver. All the colors look impressive. Outside, the case has two large zippered pockets to organize small clothes and other items. The main compartment doesn’t have dividers but features straps to hold down your luggage. 


+ High quality construction at a great price
+ Set of three bags that store into each other
+ Strong spinner wheels for enhanced mobility
+ Comes with a carry-on for your next trip 

Why We Liked It: This set of three suitcases features high quality materials to last long. 

7. Revo Stealth 25-Inch Suitcase

Revo Stealth Expendable

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Of all the Revo Luggage suitcases, the Revo Stealth is the only model with an ABS shell. The ABS might look like high quality polycarbonate, but it is not. If you want a suitcase that looks like it has a polycarbonate shell, but at a cheaper price, this might be a great choice for you. However, plastic is less impact-resistant and will break upon impact. If you are not planning on taking the case to an airport, it will serve you well. It is the price tag that makes it more attractive. 

The plastic shell is great at scratch resistance – this is one area where the case excels better than polycarbonate. Better yet, the ribbed design makes any scratches less visible. 

The suitcase features single spinner wheels for enhanced mobility. Its wheel handle on the case is retractable and locks in place when extended. Wheels are small, which means great maneuverability. However, these wheels do not ride smoothly on uneven grounds.

The case features two grab handles, one at the top and another on the sides. These handles are rubberized to offer you enough grip when you are lifting your bag off the ground. Inside, the bag has two packing compartments with 2-inch expandable storage. Each of these compartments are lined and have zippered closures. The bottom compartment comes with straps to hold down your luggage and a large zippered pocket on one side. Its top compartment comes with a full zippered divider. 


+ Great resistance quality
+ Expandable capacity
+ Rubberized grab handles for ease of lifting
+ Ideal for organization

Why We Like It: This is one of the budget suitcases from Revo Luggage and one that you can use for a weekend trip as well as a weeklong trip.

8. Revo Traffic Light 29-Inch Suitcase

Revo Traffic Light Centrifuge

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If you love organization when you travel, the Revo Luggage Traffic Light might be a great option for you. It features two external pockets and two internal pockets so you can organize your luggage with ease. The shell sports a dobby nylon construction – one of the toughest materials used on soft side luggage. Nylon withstands rugged use and is water resistant. Better yet, the Traffic Light features a polypropylene tray at the bottom and rubberized corners to further enhance the durability of the suitcase. 

It has a single large compartment fully lined to protect your clothes. This compartment has two straps to hold down your clothes for easy organization. This compartment has the fully expandable capacity, allowing you to carry more luggage. 

The suitcase comes with single spinner wheels. Further, it has a double-barrel wheel handle that extends to reduce the weight of the suitcase on your hands. Each case sports two grab handles; one at the top and another at the bottom. These handles have a pad and are contoured for a comfortable grip. 

The only downside with Revo Luggage Traffic Light is the small size of the wheels. These wheels may not roll smoothly on uneven ground, and they may also not offer enough maneuverability. As long as you do not check them at the airport, the suitcases are great. 


+ Many pockets for easy organization
+ Offers 2-inch expandable storage
+ The main storage compartment is spacious
+ Rubberized corners and sturdy base for durability

Why We Liked It: The Revo Traffic Light is a softshell suitcase that you can use for a weekend trip. It is a budget option with great water resistance. 

9. Revo Arro Hardside 30-Inch

Revo Arro Hardside

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The Revo Arro is a hardside suitcase designed with the same high quality materials as the Revo Luna. This makes it a durable and lightweight suitcase for a weeklong trip. Its shell features 100 percent Makrolon polycarbonate that makes it impact resistant. Unlike the Luna, it doesn’t have a protective film to make it scratch resistant. 

Each suitcase offers expandable storage up to 2 inches, allowing you to pack more luggage on your return trip. Its interior space has two compartments and is fully lined to neatly organize your luggage. The bottom compartment features a large pocket on the side and straps to hold down your luggage. 

The suitcase has 55mm oversized rubber wheels. These wheels are multi-directional, allowing you to spin them with great ease wherever you want to move the bag. At the top, the luggage has a TSA approved 3-digit combination lock to keep your belongings secure. Unlike other polycarbonate suitcases, this option is light at only 12 pounds. 

The bag sports a strong and sturdy ergonomic handle with a rubberized grip for comfort. These handles lock in place when extended.


+ High quality polycarbonate to resist impact
+ Rubberized handles for a great grip
+ Great for the organization during a weekend trip
+ Large interior capacity which is expandable 

Why We Liked It: This suitcase features high quality Makrolon polycarbonate to last long, but still comes at an affordable price. 

10. Revo Luna 3-Pack

Revo Luna is the strongest suitcase from the Revo Luggage. You will pay more for the bag, but it is all worth it if you are looking for a high quality travel suitcase. This pack of three features a 22-inch, 26-inch, and 32inch suitcases that you can pack into each other. With this set, you might not need another suitcase for many years. 

Each of the suitcases features high quality virgin Bayer Makrolon polycarbonate shell. This makes the case’s impact resistant and long-lasting. Further, the cases feature a protective polycarbonate film to make the bag scratch resistant. 

The cases have an eight-wheel spinner system with oversized wheels for great maneuverability. These wheels also offer great stability during storage. Its wheel handle is aluminum, which makes them strong and lightweight. This handle telescopes and locks in position when extended. 

The case also features a 3-digit combination lock, as is common in most suitcases, for security. The cases feature a foam grab handle at the top and rubber stands on one side to make the bag easy to store. 


+ High quality materials to last long
+ Set of three cases to meet all your needs
+ Large storage compartments with dividers for organization
+ Ribbed shell to make scratches less visible

Why We Liked It: The Ruvo Luggage Luna is one of the strongest suitcases in the world. You can use this set of three bags for many years and it will not break.


Is Revo a good luggage brand? Should you buy from Revo Luggage?

Revo Luggage is a company whose main goal is to manufacture high-quality products in the USA. Except for the Revo Luna, a suitcase with high quality materials, most of the suitcases come at affordable prices for the traveler who needs a functional suitcase without breaking the bank. 

Do airlines prefer hard or soft luggage? Revo Luggage offers both these two to meet your needs. There are many features to expect from Revo suitcases including:


The Revo luggage collection comprises of spinner suitcases in three main sizes; 20-inch (carry-on), 25 inch, and 30 inch suitcases. However, there are also 22-inch, 26-inch, and 32-inch suitcases. Other exceptions include the 17-inch work trolley, a few duffel bags, and some soft side cases. 

Most of the Revo luggage suitcases offer an expandable capacity of up to two inches. This way, you can have two additional inches at the top to accommodate more luggage on your return trip. The case you choose will depend on your needs. If you will check-in at the airline, the best airport luggage is a 20-inch carry-on. This and the 22-inch suitcase are also the best for a weekend trip. The 32-inch suitcase is enough for a small family going for a weekend trip.

Design and Style

There is nothing complicated about the design of Revo luggage suitcases. Most of the hardside cases sport a glossy finish with a ribbed shell. The only exception is the Commando, which features a matte look. Most of the colors are neutral such as black, navy, and red. The soft side cases are available in more colors to match your needs. Unlike the hardside cases, these come with large external pockets. 

There are eight luggage collections from Revo Luggage:

  • Luna – This is a hardside luggage with a highly glossed shell and a ribbed texture
  • Commando – Hardside shell with a diamond emboss finish
  • Impact II – Hardside shell with a diamond cut texture
  • Twist – Softside
  • Drop Bottom – Line of duffel bags
  • Revo Stealth – Made of ABS plastic ribbed shell
  • Traffic Light – Softside
  • Logic – Softside


Hardside and Softside Suitcases

When shopping, you have to ask, do airlines prefer hard or soft luggage? Revo luggage offers you both options to choose what meets your needs and your style. A softside suitcase is more flexible and sits in tight spaces with much ease, but the hardside suitcases are more durable. 

Revo luggage uses 100 percent Makrolon polycarbonate, which is durable. This material is tough and resistant to UV rays so it doesn’t fade even after many years of use. Again, the material doesn’t break. One exception to the polycarbonate material is Revo Stealth, a hardside suitcase made of ABS plastic. Although this is less resistant to impact, it is more resistant to scratches. 

Softside cases should never be overlooked as they also feature high quality materials such as nylon or ballistic dobby polyester or oxford material. These suitcases will never snag or tear, thanks to the high quality construction. 


Most Revo Luggage suitcases are of average weight. They are not among the lightweight suitcases, especially the hardside suitcases. Some of the hardside suitcases clock in at 12 pounds, which takes more of the 50 pounds checked weight at the airport.

The smaller suitcases are lighter and allow you more flexibility when you are packing your luggage. If you need quality suitcases, you will have that with most of the heavy suitcases from Revo luggage. 

If you search for “which brand of luggage is the most durable?” Revo might show up, which explains the weight of their suitcases.

Storage and Organization

Every traveler needs an easy-to-organize suitcase. Most of the suitcases from Revo luggage offer a variety of internal storage options. Some units offer one large compartment where you organize your small and large belongings. 

The hardside models lack external pockets. Instead, they have two internal compartments with dividers, side pockets, and a few other pockets on the side. The softside suitcases feature more storage with most of them having two external pockets to hold small items. The exterior pockets are a great option as they are more accessible.

TSA-Compliant Combination Lock

Padlocks are no longer useful on suitcases that go through TSA. Your padlock might be cut to examine the suitcase and you’re left feeling violated. Although some suitcases have no lock, most of the Revo luggage suitcases feature TSA-approved combination lock to keep baggage handlers and TSA off your belongings. Again, this is the easy way to ensure no one damages your bag. 

The Wheels

Mobility is one of the most important aspects of a suitcase. Revo luggage suitcases are great when it comes to mobility and maneuverability. When shopping, therefore, you need to go for a suitcase with high quality wheels. 

Most of the Revo luggage suitcases feature upright spinners so you can change the direction of the suitcase with much ease. These wheels offer 360 spinner wheels that remain upright to hold briefcases and purses.

Revo Luggage wheels have a rubber coating to offer great traction and enhance mobility. You need to compare the size of the wheels in relation to the size of the bag. Consider large wheels when you are rolling your suitcase on uneven ground as they offer you great maneuverability. Some suitcases even have double wheels to enhance the strength of the wheels.

Strength and Durability

Most of the Revo Luggage suitcases feature durable materials to last long. The luggage passes rough baggage handlers with no scratches or tears. Which brand of luggage is the most durable? Revo luggage is one of the most durable brands. Their Revo Luna luggage offers impressive durability. Revo Luggage offers a 10-year warranty for the case as proof of the confidence they have on it. 

Another great feature of Revo luggage suitcases are the zippers. Each bag comes with #10 self-repairing zippers. This means that if your zipper ever fails, all you need to do is open it and then close to self-repair. 

The softside suitcases from Revo luggage are also durable, thanks to the heavy duty construction. You will have a standard 10-year warranty from Revo luggage to cover any manufacturing defects. This warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear, accidents, and misuse.


You can buy a single suitcase or go for a set of three from Revo Luggage. The set of three is great as it comes at a slightly lower price than buying the bags separately, and you never know when you might need a larger or smaller suitcase. 

So, is Revo good luggage brand? It is an ideal brand for those searching for high quality USA-made suitcases and duffel bags. You have a lot of choices to choose from, so, there is a case for everyone.

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