9 Best Running Shirts in 2021

Last updated 04. January 2021

If you are a runner, you know the importance of having the right shirt while running, as the right shirt can make the difference between a good run and a bad run; it is not only essential to wear something comfortable, but you also want the shirt to be light to wear and fit you perfectly.

Another critical factor is that the training tee is not sticking to you when you are sweating by keeping the heat trapped by your skin. We are all different, so what suits you may not suit someone else. This is why we are presenting you with the nine best running tees, giving you a chance at finding the one that works for you.

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1. Neleus Men’s Dry Fit Mesh Athletic Shirts

Neleus Men's Dry Fit Mesh Athletic Shirts

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It’s essential to keep cool and dry while running, and this is the benefit of our top pick; the Neleus Men’s Dry Fit shirt. The polyester fabric keeps the moisture away from your skin while you run, making the run more comfortable and enjoyable.

The fabric dries quickly and is soft and stretchy; the Neleus training tee also keeps your skin safe from harmful ultraviolet rays on hot days, and it helps you stay cool during your run. This makes for the perfect running shirt for men.

+ 100 % Polyester Mesh Fabric
+ Dries quickly
+ Comfortable, compressive fit
+ Perfect for running in the summer

Why We Like It – The training tee is breathable, keeping you cool and dry during your run and it is true to its size. This dry t-shirt is the perfect product to use while you are running, and it will keep you protected during hot summer runs thanks to UPF protection. The fabric of these Neleus athletic shirts wicks the sweat away from your skin to help you maximize your next run.

2. Under Armour Men’s Tech Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Under Armour Men's Tech Short Sleeve T-Shirt

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When you are out running, you want to wear something that feels natural against your skin, and this is what the Under Armour men’s short sleeve shirt guarantees. The material feels light and weightless, and it dries quickly. This is thanks to the polyester material wicking sweat from your body; moving it through the short sleeve shirt and out into the air.

Polyester is the perfect material for a running shirt, but as many of you know – it efficiently traps odors. Luckily, this is not a problem with the Under Armour men’s short sleeve shirt, as it has Anti-Odor Technology to keep you smelling fresh.

+ Soft and breathable material
+ Follows the body movements
+ Odor Controlling Technology
+ Keeps you dry during the run

Why We Like It  – This short sleeve shirt is the perfect training tee; made with 100 % polyester to keep you dry even on humid, hot days. The material is soft, thin, and light against your skin – making running more comfortable and less sticky.

It is machine washable, durable and has Odor Controlling Technology preventing you from smelling during your run and afterward.

3. Baleaf Men’s Quick Dry Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Baleaf Men's Quick Dry Short Sleeve T-Shirt

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While out running you want to wear a soft material against your skin that isn’t causing discomfort. The Baleaf Men’s training tee is not only ultra-soft and comfortable but has a quick-dry fabric that is also breathable.

The Baleaf Men’s Quick-Dry short sleeve t-shirt has a longer back hem that gives you extra coverage for when you are out running. The workout shirt comes with reflective elements to make sure you are visible during a nightly run.

+ Comes in many different color options
+ Ultra Soft material
+ Tagless collar
+ Has reflective elements + Wick away moisture

Why We Like It – The ultra-soft material is a big reason for why we love this quick-drying short sleeve shirt, but adding in reflective elements, tagless collar, and breathable material – this becomes the perfect workout shirt. During the summer, the Baleaf Men’s Quick Dry shirt wicks sweat away well, helping you to keep cool and feeling fresh. Out of the many men’s running shirts on the market today, this is one of the most desired for obvious reasons.

4. ATHLIO Men’s Quick-Dri Fit Tee

ATHLIO Men's Quick-Dri Fit Tee

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The material of the ATHLIO breathes well, and it wicks away sweat, helping you to keep fresh during your run. The workout shirt is made with a soft material with 88 % polyester and 12 % polyurethane. During the summer months, the cool running shirt provides UPF 50 + protection to keep you safe from the sun. The tee is durable and machine washable.

+ True to size
+ Protects you from the sun with UPF protection
+ Soft material
+ Breathable material

Why We Like It – This is the perfect cool running shirt during the hot days as the shirt breathes well. This workout shirt also keeps you safe from the sun with UPF 50 + protection. The soft material feels natural against your skin, helping you to improve your run.

5. NIKE Men’s Legend Short Sleeve Tee

NIKE Men's Legend Short Sleeve Tee

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If you want to stay comfortable and dry during your run – NIKE Legend short-sleeve running shirts are for you. The material of the NIKE Legend tee is 100% polyester, comfortable, and high-quality so that it will last you for many years. It also helps to keep you cool during the hot summer months.

+ 100 % polyester fabric
+ Lightweight
+ Dri-fit fabric to wick away moisture
+ Trusted brand

Why We Like It – This NIKE Legend tee is the perfect running shirt, made with 100% polyester that keeps you fresh during especially hot days. The material will wick away moisture from your body, allowing you to enjoy a more comfortable workout. Nike running gear is popular for a reason; they are a heavily trusted brand.

6. Ogeenier Men’s Training Quick-Dry Sports

Ogeenier Men's Training Quick-Dry Sports

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For the perfect running shirt, the material needs to be breathable and quick-drying, and this is just what the Ogeenier Men’s shirt offers. The collar is tagless, making it more comfortable to wear during running. For the darker nights, the workout shirt also has a reflective logo, making it safer for you to be out running in the dark.

+ Machine washable
+ Long-lasting material
+ Stretchy material
+ Tagless collar

Why We Like It – For runners who put comfort first, this shirt is for you. The material wicks the sweat away from your body to keep you dry, and it is stretchy to make it more comfortable to wear, with the material being soft against your skin. The reflective logos give better visibility during early morning runs or late-night workouts.

7. icyzone Workout Tank Tops for Women

icyzone Workout Tank Tops for Women

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The icyzone cool running shirt for women doesn’t only promise a high-quality workout top, but also a stylish top to wear for your exercise routine. The material of these running tops is 95 % polyester that keeps you dry and cool during your run, which is thanks to the moisture-wicking material. The material is stretchy, promising a perfect compressive fit as well as being stylish.

+ Light material
+ Stylish shirt
+ Moisture wicking athletic material keeps you cool
+ Washable material

Why We Like It – The icyZone tank top is made in the factory that they have been running since 1993. The base layers of this tank top promise high quality, comfort, and moisture-wicking material that keeps you dry during your run.

We love how stylish these running tops are, and it shows you can still look good while running and working out.

8. TSLA Men & Women’s HyperDri Short Sleeve T-Shirt

TSLA Men & Women's HyperDri Short Sleeve T-Shirt

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This loose-fitting t-shirt has a 50 +SPF/UPF sun protection – protecting you during the hot summer months. The fabric is durable and helps to protect your skin against rashes and abrasions, making you more comfortable during your run. The material is 100 % polyester, and the material dries surprisingly quick.

+ Breathable material
+ Two-way airflow
+ UPF 50 +
+ Stretchy material + Loose-fitting shirt

Why We Like It – This loose-fitting shirt is the perfect running shirt with two-way airflow, UPF 50 + protecting you during your run and durable fabric that protects your skin against rashes. The material is 100% polyester and has excellent breathability and ventilation, keeping your cool during your run.

This is the ideal running shirt to keep you comfortable even if you are sweating. If you prefer comfort over-compression, this loose-fitting shirt is the product for you.

9. Baleaf Men’s Cool Running Workout Long-Sleeved T-Shirt

Baleaf Men's Cool Running Workout Long-Sleeved T-Shirt

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This Baleaf Men’s running shirt is 90% polyester and 10% Spandex, promising a fabric that keeps you dry during your run. The material of this cool-running shirt wicks the sweat away from your body, making your indoor or outdoor run more comfortable.

During the early morning runs and for nights, this Polyester and Spandex shirt has a reflective logo keeping you visible. The ergonomic seams allow for a greater range of motion, and raglan sleeves shirts give extra room for muscular arms.

+ Breathable fabric keeping you dry
+ Reflective logo
+ Longer back hem
+ Raglan sleeves that give extra room + Good range of motion + Made with Polyester and Spandex

Why We Like It – When exercising, it is essential to keep dry and cool, and this Polyester and Spandex training tee is made with breathable material that is 90% polyester, to keep you comfortable during your run.

This long-sleeved t-shirt has a longer back hem that offers you extra coverage, and it has reflective elements that give greater visibility during your low-light runs. This is one of our favorite men’s running shirts.

Running Shirt Buyer’s Guide

Picking the right running shirt is vital for your next run, and when you are running, you don’t want to be using a shirt that is sticking to your body. This is why it’s crucial to pick a running shirt with the right material that wicks the sweat away.

It is imperative to keep dry, cool, and comfortable while running. It’s almost as important as ensuring you have the right womens trail running shoe on each foot! But, not quite.

How do you find the best running shirt? There are many factors to consider when you are buying your next shirt, and we are going to list these below to help you make the best choice.


While being out running, it is essential to wear something comfortable on your body. You don’t want to wear running clothes that feel heavy against your skin, and that slows you down.

You are only as good as your last run, so make sure you are always improving yourself, and wearing the right running gear will help you to do this. To improve your running you want to wear running clothes that are light against your skin and feel natural.


“There is no bad weather – there are only bad clothing choices” is a famous saying, and this is especially true when it comes to running. Running shouldn’t only be something you do in good weather, but something you can do during all seasons throughout the year.

Depending on where you live and depending on the season, you may need a shirt that is weather resistant. During summer runs, keeping cool is one of the most important factors when choosing the right shirt.

Whether to wear a short or long-sleeved t-shirt would depend on the season. A long sleeve shirt is perfect to wear when the weather is cooler, and one with a heavier fabric can keep you warm during your run.


While running, it’s essential to wear the right equipment so you can keep dry, cool, and comfortable throughout the experience.

One of the best materials to use for a runner is polyester, and this is also the most common material you will find for your run. This material is ideal for exercise and wicks away sweat from your skin, and even if you are sweating during your run – this fabric will keep you dry. Polyester also protects you naturally from the sun by repelling UV rays, keeping you safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

Nylon is also a great material to use while running due to the material being very soft and breathable. Another benefit of the Nylon material is that it is stretchy and it won’t feel too compressive against your body. Nylon is also sweat-resistant, and it helps you keep fresh during your run by not having the material stick uncomfortably to your body.

Wool is a material that is ideal for both cold weather and hot weather as the material helps to regulate your body temperature. This is done by creating pockets to trap the air that keeps your body warm in the cold weather.

It also helps in cooling your body down during summer runs. The material is also breathable and helps you to stay cool by wicking moisture away from your skin.

What material is best to use for running tees?

The best material to use for any exercise is polyester material; this is due to the material wicking the sweat away from your body. One material to stay away from is 100% cotton.

Cotton shirts love so soak up moisture, meaning they will get soaked in sweat, and leave an odor that will be hard to wash away. When buying a running shirt, make sure you are checking what material it is made of to make the right choice for you. Avoid cotton shirts!

What is the best shirt to have running in the heat?

While you are out running, especially during the hot summer runs, it’s important to wear something that allows the sweat to evaporate from your body.

Moisture-wicking athletic base layers are ideal for runners because they allow for this without you getting soaked yourself from sweating. The sweat wicks away from your body, keeping you cool and dry, which helps you improve your running.

Another thing to consider in the heat is what color you are wearing, as darker color options absorb more light and heat, so during the summer make sure you pick out the lighter shades for summer runs.

During the summer it is also important to protect your skin against the sun and aim to buy a shirt that has at least a UPF of 50. It is easy to forget that your skin isn’t always protected, even if you are wearing a T-shirt.

The material you use must be breathable as it helps the airflow to circulate your body while you are running. If the material isn’t breathable, it will trap the sweat and hold onto body heat, and this is not only uncomfortable, but it can also cause you to overheat. Breathable materials, especially running tees, have loose weaves, porous materials and are made from fine threads.


Finding the right running shirt is a significant part of exercising, as it will help you improve yourself and your running. Wearing the wrong shirt will hinder your running and make it less fun – and the whole point of running is improving, having fun and getting fit.

That’s why it’s well worth spending a little bit extra on the perfect running shirt. We hope our buying guide has led you right to your next running shirt, and that your next run will be even better than the last.

Expert Tip

During summer runs, polyester is an optimal choice for when you go out running. The material wicks well and keeps the sweat away from your body, making your outdoor run more comfortable.

A tip is to buy a running shirt and try it on for 10 minutes while walking around either at home or the store and if you start to sweat while doing this, then the shirt is not ideal for running.

Did you know?

The German runner Markus Jürgens holds the desirable record of running a marathon backward! He did this in 2017 and finished the race in 3 hours, 38 minutes and 27 seconds. Pretty impressive, if you ask us.

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