10 Best Softshell Jackets in 2021

Last updated 04. January 2021

Softshell jackets are not only very stylish, but they’re a perfect layer of insulation worn alone or in layers. For light moisture-wicking and decent warmth, there aren’t too many better options out there.

In order to find the best softshell jacket for you and your style, you should find one that fits with any outfit you have. That being said, you also want to make sure that it’s warm enough for the climate you live in.

Instead of asking you to find your own softshell jacket, we went ahead and compiled a list through numerous internet searches and tests. After mixing data from YouTube open box videos, product review articles, and other social media platforms, we found what we believe to be the best softshell jackets around.

It’s always a good idea to have the proper attire heading into the next season. Without further ado, let’s jump into the list!

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1. Amazon Essentials Men’s Water-Resistant Softshell Jacket

Amazon Essentials Men's Water-Resistant Softshell Jacket

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If you’re looking for a classic minimalist appearance that works with nearly any wardrobe, the Amazon Essentials Men’s Water-Resistant Softshell Jack is a great place to start. It’s super lightweight and made mostly out of polyester, which is well-known for its insulation properties. Stay warm, but don’t worry about too much sweating in this jacket.

While it might be fairly simplistic in design, you still get the option of choosing between three solid colors. These choices include Dark Grey, Black, and Navy. You can also select from a wide range of sizes such as X Small, Small, Medium, Large, all the way through XX-Large. A center zipper and a chest pocket are the zippers.

The overall fit is pretty snug, but you can make a few adjustments to fit it perfectly as you’d like. For example, both wrist cuffs have a Velcro patch to let you loosen or tighten it based on your preference. Combined with a stand-up or lay-down collar and the aforementioned center zipper, you can fit it in a number of ways.

+ Comes in three different solid color options
+ Includes a massive range of sizes with adjustable wrist cuffs
+ Has a side chest pocket for additional small items

Why We Like It – We like this jacket because it’s simple in appearance, which means it fits with nearly any outfit around. Layer it up or wear it in mild temperatures more ultimate comfort.

2. Columbia Men’s Ascender Softshell Jacket

Columbia Men's Ascender Softshell Jacket

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Columbia is easily one of the most well-known brands in the world, so we were pretty excited to get to test their Men’s Ascender Softshell Jacket. The standing collar adds a nice stylish touch, while the rest of the product is based around keeping you as comfortable as possible. For a budget-friendly price from a great company, this jacket is hard to beat.

Much like the previous item on the list, this one has a center zipper to promote airflow as well as a small side pocket on the chest for additional belongings. In addition to those handy features, it also has two pockets on the waist to keep your hands warm or provide even more room for extra belongings along the way.

Now, on to the style! After all, we know how important it is to not only feel good but look good too. The color options are a little bit more plentiful with this Columbia softshell jacket, with a selection of Black, Collegiate Navy, Cool Grey, Tapestry, and many more. Pick from sizes between small and 6X Large and take the day on with comfort all around.

+ Choose between plenty of unique styles and color combos
+ Includes a plethora of sizes for all heights and weights
+ Has two side waist pockets as well as a chest pocket

Why We Like It – We like this jacket because it’s stylish, customizable, comfortable, and pretty budget-friendly for a well-known brand. It’s also lightweight and great at preventing water from entering.

3. Condor Phantom Soft Shell Jacket

Condor Phantom Soft Shell Jacket

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The Condor Phantom Soft Shell Jacket is much more heavy duty than most other jackets on the list. It’s multi-layered with polyester to keep you warm, even when it’s fairly cold outside. The collar stands up, providing even more warmth all the way up to your chin. It also has a semi-elastic waistband to fit snug.

There are plenty of pockets on this Conor Phantom jacket to store anything you bring with you. The shoulders have 2 4×4-inch pockets that not only provide storage, but also a thin layer of protection. There’s also a side chest pocket as well as two side waist pockets to warm your hands up in a pinch.

The available sizes range from Small to 3X Large, making it a fantastic fit for most people. It fits fairly loose, but it’s very flexible. It’s a wonderful choice if you find yourself working in harsh outdoor climates or indoor areas that require a bit more protection from your clothing than usual. If you start to feel too warm, there are underarm zipper vents too cool you off!

+ Includes plenty of pockets to bring extra gear along
+ Perfect fit for those who work in situations that require heavy-duty clothing
+ Comes with two underarm vents to cool off if you get too hot

Why We Like It – It’s hard to find a softshell jacket that’s good for everyday working situations. This rugged jacket is exactly what we were looking for to add to the list!

4. Columbia Men’s Ascender Hooded Softshell Jacket

Columbia Men's Ascender Hooded Softshell Jacket

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Another Columbia jacket worth checking out is their Men’s Ascender Hooded Softshell Jacket. If you were interested in the previous Columbia jacket on the list, you’ll love this one. It’s almost the exact same model, but it has a hood and a couple of other unique additions that help it rank high up on our list. Compared to most cold weather jackets, this is your best bet.

Aside from the hood, you’ll notice that the medium length collar does a good job at protecting your neck and chin from the cold. There are two large side pockets that can fit small notebooks, pens, and various other items you might need for school or work. You’ll also enjoy the zippered chest pocket and adjustable cuffs.

Much like its alternate model, this version of the Ascender jacket comes in a wide array of colors and sizes. The available colors include Dark Mountain, Night Tide, Graphite, Buffalo, and several others. Each of the choices is solid, so you get exactly what you pay for without any added patterns other than the classic Columbia logo on the upper left chest.

+ Includes a hood for added warmth as well as a medium-length collar
+ Comes in numerous colors and sizes for you to view
+ Uses two large side zipper pockets and a chest pocket on the left side

Why We Like It – We like this jacket because it’s rare that a softshell jacket has a hood that’s equally as durable. They’re usually thinner at the top, unlike the high-quality lining in this one.

5. Condor Men’s Summit Zero Softshell Jacket

Condor Men's Summit Zero Softshell Jacket

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Another great option from Condor is their Men’s Summit Zero Softshell Jacket. This is definitely meant for colder climates, possibly even worn better in layers. With a t-shirt underneath, you’ll be nice and cozy well down into the mid-50’s Fahrenheit. It’s crafted with 100% polyester designed to stretch and flex, so it won’t limit your movement.

Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, and XXX-Large are the available size options with each color. Your choices for colors are Tan, Olive Drab, Navy, and Black. Regardless of which one you choose, you’re going to get a heavy-duty cold environment jacket that’ll last you for many years to come.

This dual-layered softshell jacket combines warmth with a breathable mesh. The result is a well-ventilated comfort that can’t be compared to anything else! Store your belongings in the two wrist pockets or the shoulder pockets to free up space. There are also pockets on the chest that expands far down to the waist area.

+ Uses an overall heavy-duty, multi-use construction
+ Comes with a breathable layer as well as a polyester exterior
+ Includes a multitude of pockets to carry your belongings

Why We Like It – We like this softshell jacket because it’s super comfortable and breathable. The combination makes it a wonderful choice for nearly any mild weather situation.

6. Columbia Men’s Ascender Ii Softshell Jacket

Columbia Men's Ascender Ii Softshell Jacket

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The Columbia Men’s Ascender li Softshell Jacket is designed to work well in fall or spring types of weather. When it’s mildly cold out with a chance of light to medium rain, you can trust in this jacket to keep you warm and dry. The natural moisture-wicking properties of polyester come into play, letting you relax and focus on the tasks ahead.

An elastic waistband is one of the handfuls of creative elements that keep your body heat inside while preventing any cold air from entering. There are also the adjustable wrist cuffs that you can change to fit more snug or loose to reduce the amount of restriction on your movement. Speaking of which, the arms and chest feel semi-loose themselves to flex however you need it to.

The size range includes small, medium, large, X-large, and XX-large. Combined with the aforementioned adjustments, you shouldn’t have a problem making it fit just right. Black, Tusk, Collegiate Navy, and Columbia Navy are the four available colors. They’re all solid without a pattern aside from the Columbia logo.

+ Includes a chest pocket and two side zippered pockets
+ Comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes
+ Numerous measures ensure that you’ll stay warm and dry

Why We Like It – We like this softshell jacket because it’s yet another testament to how stylish and functional Columbia can be. Plenty of pockets and adjustable straps let you customize it perfectly.

7. Columbia Women’s Kruser Ridge Softshell Jacket

Columbia Women's Kruser Ridge Softshell Jacket

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Women who enjoy a minimalist appearance such as the style at #1 will enjoy the Columbia Women’s Kruser Ridge Softshell Jacket. It’s machine washable, making it much easier to clean than some of the other hand-washed jackets on the market. The nylon lining also helps it stay clean longer, preventing moisture buildup.

The Columbia Women’s Kruser Ridge jacket has an array of styles, sizes, and colors to choose from. Consult their size chart available next to the jacket to make sure that you get exactly what you’re looking for. The colors you can select are Blue Heron, Dark Raspberry, Deep Rust, Haute Pink, and many others.

One of the most unique features about this softshell jacket is that the hem is adjustable. Whereas others just use an elastic band, this one has a drawstring to tighten or loosen it as you wish. There are also two side entry pockets to keep your hands warm or to carry extra items. The center zipper goes all the way up to your chin thanks to the high collar.

+ Includes plenty of sizes and colors to suit anyone’s preference
+ Comes with an adjustable hem using a drawstring
+ This jacket has two zippered side pockets

Why We Like It – We like this jacket because the adjustable hem is a rare addition for any model we’ve come across in our research. The variety of colors is also a very nice touch!

8. Camo Coll Men’s Outdoor Soft Shell Jacket

Camo Coll Men's Outdoor Soft Shell Jacket

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If you’re interested in hunting and various other outdoor activities, the Camo Coll Men’s Outdoor Soft Shell Jacket is going to be a huge surprise for you! It’s crafted to fight off the elements, including light rain and cold air. The hood is also a nice tough both for camo purposes and to keep your head warm.

Speaking of the hood, you’ll immediately notice that it’s adjustable with a drawstring. In fact, the waistband is also adjustable just like the previous entry at #7. Two large zippered side pockets, as well as three smaller zippered pockets, give you more than enough storage for one jacket. Zip the collar all the way up to your mouth and you’ll be staying as warm as can be!

When you’re hunting, fishing, or doing simply trying to stay camouflaged, colors are more important than a simple style preference. You have to blend in with the environment, which is why it’s so nice that this jacket has a ton of different options at your fingertips. Desert, Army Green, Earth, Dark Grey, and many other choices are available. Most of them come in a digital pattern to match modern camo designs.

+ Perfect for staying camouflaged when hunting
+ Choose from numerous digital and solid colors to fit the environment
+ Includes plenty of pockets to carry extra gear with you

Why We Like It – We like this jacket because it combines the benefits of a traditional softshell jacket with the benefits of camouflaged clothing. Layers aren’t necessary when you have it all in one piece of clothing!

9. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Classic Soft Shell Jacket

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Classic Soft Shell Jacket

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Tommy Hilfiger is yet another brand that consistently produces high-quality clothing. Their Men’s Classic Soft Shell Jacket is super stylish, making it a great addition to any outfit. It works well in layers, or you could wear it by itself. It’s made out of polyester with a little bit of elastic material to stretch and flex with your movements.

Since style is always a big focus point for Tommy Hilfiger clothing, we figured that it would be a good idea to give you a deep look into the colors and sizes available to you. Regular sizes range from Small to 4X-Large, but you can also choose the Big & Tall sizing chart to accommodate even more. The colors include Heather Grey, Tommy Red, Orange, Royal Camo, and many more choices.

Like the name says, this is a classic jacket. Classic generally refers to low-key additions to make it fit well with your wardrobe, which is why there are only two pockets in total. That being said, they’re rather spacious, working wonders to keep your hands warm and your belongings safe from the cold and rainy days.

+ Made by Tommy Hilfiger, one of the most well-trusted brands in the clothing industry
+ Tons of sizes and colors to make it fit for nearly anyone
+ Includes two side pockets that zipper shut

Why We Like It – We like this jacket because it’s made for everyone, not just a small selection of people. Styles, sizes, and an abundance of convenience and comfort features make it well worth its place on our list.

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10. Kirkland Signature Ladies Soft Shell Jacket

Kirkland Signature Ladies Soft Shell Jacket

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The Kirkland Signature Ladies Soft Shell Jacket is proof that not all jackets are created equally. It’s a common misconception that soft shell jackets only work well in semi-cold climates, but this one breaks expectations and keeps the wearer warm well below most other competitors on the market.

The soft interior lining of fluff is not only comfortable, but it’s designed to prevent your body heat from escaping. You’ll also enjoy the elastic waistband and wrists that let you move without restrictions as well.

Your color options with this Kirkland Signature Ladies jacket are Cobalt, Fuchsia Heather, Grey Heather, Teal Heather, and several others. Choose between the sizes of Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large.

+ Crafted with an incredibly soft and cozy interior lining
+ Choose from an array of colors and sizes to suit your needs
+ Comes with flexible wrist cuffs and waistband

Why We Like It – It’s always nice to find a warm, cozy jacket for the colder seasons of the year. This softshell jacket is both of those, while also great for getting hard work done without movement restrictions. You might start thinking that it could be the only jacket that you need!

Softshell Jacket Buyers Guide

Now that you’ve seen the best of the best softshell jackets around, you can almost feel the unparalleled comfort! Before you make your decision, do yourself a favor and consult our buyer’s guide and breakdown if you have any concerns or questions. Let us know what you think!

What are softshell jackets good for?

Softshell jackets are excellent at keeping you feeling warm and comfortable in fall and spring. People who live in mild climates might find that they’re perfect for winter, too. They’re intended to fit that awkward spot between full-blown puffy jackets and long sleeve shirts when the weather is constantly changing.

How many pockets should a softshell jacket have?

In truth, it’s all up to your needs. There’s no point in having five pockets if you won’t use most of them, but it could be a good style point. We always believe that two is necessary for the least, which is why every single jacket on the list has a couple for you to look at and potentially useful if you get it.

Expert Tip

Softshell jackets are a perfect way to stay warm when you combine them with gloves and a scarf. There’s no need for too many extra layers when you keep your head and hands warm!

Did You Know?

Polyester is used in nearly every softshell jacket on the market. This is because polyester naturally prevents water from entering, but it doesn’t make you overly warm to the point of perspiration.

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