Columbia Ice Maiden Snow Boots Review

Last updated 03. February 2020


With cold weather right around the corner, getting a good pair of insulated boots is an absolute must. The Columbia Ice Maiden Snow Boots are a top choice for hundreds of customers who wants a comfortable fit that doesn’t limit their movement.

We’ve all worn stiff, restricting boots, but these are nothing like you’ve experienced before. After searching through countless review articles, we noticed that nearly everyone who wore this pair recommended it.

One of the immediately noticeable traits of these Columbia snow boots for women is that they’re stylish. Most snow boots are clunky and awkward to wear. However, this pair can be worn with almost any outfit in your wardrobe. Style, comfort, and warmth are the main factors that make these such popular boots, but there’s plenty more to look at. Let’s check them out below!

About The Ice Maiden Snow Boots

Columbia Ice Maiden Snow Boots

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Key Features

Many snow boots come in only one color and a small size range. Everyone knows that there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all snow boots, which is why Columbia made these available for anyone who wants them. Try the size range going from 5 all the way to 12, then move onto their unique color assortment. These colors include Elk & Red Velvet, Shale & Dark Raspberry, Black & Oxygen, and plenty of others.

These consist mostly of leather and rubber boots. The leather insulates your foot, adds style, and it’s much more comfortable than synthetic materials. On the other hand, rubber provides excellent traction to the ground as well as a decent waterproof barrier. Combining these two materials results in one of the best snow boots at a fantastic price.

Columbia uses its special Techlite midsole to reduce the overall weight of these boots. You won’t have to stomp around to move. They fit and feel like shoes, but you’ll be able to run through snow and rain without any issues. It even features slip-free texture patterns on the bottom for additional support.

200g of insulation coat the interior walls of these boots. Your feet will feel nice and cozy regardless of how harsh the weather is outside. There’s a fluffy lining to add a flexible cushion as well as simple laces to tie them up securely to your foot. It’s easily one of the most insulated and lightweight pairs of snow boots that you’ll find on the market.


+ These boots come in all sorts of colors and a massive range of sizes to accommodate everyone’s foot size.

+ Made out of leather and rubber, this pair of snow boots use comfort and traction for an unforgettable combination.

+ You’ll immediately notice the lightweight feeling of these boots. Columbia inserted its unique Techlite lining to provide cushion, traction, and comfort at a reduced weight.

+ Loads of additional insulation line the interior of these snow boots, keeping you warm even in the coldest environments.


– These boots are 9 inches tall, so they won’t cover much of your calf. This may or may not be an issue depending on the pants and socks that you’re wearing.

Who is it Suitable For?

The Columbia Ice Maiden Snow Boots are a great choice for any woman who wants a reliable pair of snow boots to use in varying environments. The grip on the bottom is second to none, so you can go hiking, play in the snow, or relax in the rain in complete warmth.

Pick out your favorite color and specific size to feel why so many customers keep recommending these boots. They’re ideal for an active lifestyle, but the fluffy lining is something that all of us can agree with!

Why We Like It

We like these boots because they’re the epitome of comfort and style meshing with functionality and flexibility. It always seems like you either can buy a pair of boots that look and feels amazing or one that allows you to use it on the trail.

Columbia has produced yet another impressive pair with these Ice Maiden Snow Boots that bridges the gap. You can now go on an outdoor adventure while looking and feeling fantastic the entire time! With top-notch insulation and the best traction around, what more can we ask for?

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