Fat Tire Electric Recumbent Trike (2021 Review)

Last updated 04. January 2021


Recumbent trikes are a unique and stylish way to get around town. Get a good amount of exercise with a view from this Electric Recumbent Trike by Fat Tire Electric. While there’s a limited market for trikes, this model is still right near the top of the charts for many customers. You can put it together with simple instructions upon delivering, so don’t worry about spending hours trying to figure it all out.

When looking through trikes, bicycles, scooters, and so on, we tend to seek three primary attributes. 1) We want to know that it’s going to be easy for the average rider to try out. 2) It should be comfortable, even after an hour or more on the road and sidewalk. And 3) They must have great customer feedback and meet all safety qualifications. The Electric Recumbent Trike met these standards and even exceeded them!

Fat Tire Electric Recumbent Trike Review

Key Features

Since comfort is always at the forefront of most peoples’ concerns, we decided to cover it first. The seat comes with a thick layer of padding to cover every piece that you’ll be leaning against. This ensures that you won’t have any aches or pains during the ride. There’s also a headrest that can be adjusted to suit your height.

Making sure that this trike is easy to use was another major concern. After all, it’s not every day that you see someone cruising around on an electric trike! However, there’s a manual that tells you how to install the spare parts as well as riding instructions. Ultimately, you have two handles, foot pedals, and two brakes. It’s very similar to a traditional bicycle aside from the additional wheel and the recumbent positioning.

Since this is an investment, this trike definitely needs to last for several years to come. Fortunately, it’s made using carbon steel, aluminum alloy, and fiberglass. This combination is not only incredibly durable, but it also reduces the overall weight dramatically. In turn, you’ll be able to control it much easier than a hardened solid steel trike.

The electric capabilities of this trike are also worth diving into. Gaining speed is not an issue whatsoever, especially when compared to non-electric models. It comes with a 750w motor that can increase to 1200w with the Power Booster. There’s also a 48-volt 15.6AH Lithium-Ion battery that can be removed, recharged, or replaced.


+ This electric trike includes an LCD display to view all sorts of settings so that you can make accurate adjustments.

+ Shimano speed shifters allow you to change gears on the move without having to slow down. They’re very similar to the high-end shifters you’ll find on professional bicycles.

+ Made out of carbon steel, the frame of this trike isn’t going to wear down any time soon. The fiberglass seat with a pad on top is also a fantastic solution to support the rider’s weight.

+ Comes with a powerful motor and battery to get you up to speed in no time. Use the responsive brakes to slow you down or stop right when you need to.


– Due to the top-notch materials and excellent construction, this trike leans towards the pricier side of the spectrum. However, many customers find that it delivers more than enough performance to warrant the cost

Who is it Suitable For?

This electric trike is suitable for anyone who wants to get around town in a unique way. It doesn’t need any gas to fuel it, so you don’t have to worry about leaving pollution behind. There’s also a good amount of exercise that goes into this model, so you can get a nice workout if you’d like. What’s better than fresh air on a vehicle that almost nobody has ever seen before?

Why We Like It

We like this trike because it’s stylish, comfortable, and easy to ride. It always seems like new inventions and unique vehicles are hard to get accustomed to, but that’s not the case with this futuristic trike.

Another reason that we like this trike is that it put all of the power at your fingertips. The brakes and handles are combined into two units, one on either side of the seat so that you can focus on enjoying yourself. Even the LCD screen sits right in front of you!

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