Just How Dangerous is Paintballing?

Last updated 05. August 2019

The Dangers of Paintballing

Playing a few rounds of paintball is easily one of the most exciting ways to spend a weekend. That being said, there have been growing concerns lately about the overall safety of the sport, which grants the question: Just how dangerous is paintballing?

In truth, paintball is just as dangerous as any other sport if you know what you’re doing. The real dangers come from people who stray from the rules or reject safety equipment. There have been horrors that range from eyeball shots from a paintball to bruises and bleeding. Sounds intense, right?

The good news is that every single one of the injuries can be avoided if you want to. There’s no need to ruin a fun time, and it only takes a few precautionary steps to stay active and unharmed throughout the tournament. To learn more about the safety hazards of paintballing and how to prevent them, read on below!

Basic Paintball Protective Gear

Paintball Gear

Wearing the proper equipment is key to staying safe in any activity. Without it, paintball has an array of possible dangers that could result in hospital visits, which nobody wants! Although it’s never fun to think this way, we all know that safety comes first. Fortunately for all of us, paintball tends to have some pretty stylish safety gear that makes it cool to wear.
Without a doubt, the most important piece of gear that you should wear when playing paintball is the mask. Paintball masks protect your eyes, mouth, nose, and the rest of your face from harm. Some of them even cover up the top of your head as well as your ears, which most people seem to look over.

Next up is the safety vest or shirt that everyone should wear. Some of us like to skip this step, simply because it might seem like an extra investment. While it can be a little bit more money out of your wallet, you’ll save yourself a much bigger bill if you end up in the hospital from broken ribs or a damaged liver.

The final piece of essential gear that you need to get your hands on is a set of protective gloves. It doesn’t matter what environment you’re playing in, keeping your hands from getting a direct impact from a paintball should be a top priority. For an added layer of safety, look for a pair with padded knuckles. A direct paintball shot to your hands is never fun!

There are many other things that you could get to keep yourself even more protected from the dangers of this fun sport. You might consider getting a good pair of safety boots, a bandana to guard your neck, or even an extra lens or two in case your mask’s lens breaks during a paintball battle.

Paintball Gun Safety Tips

Man aiming paintball gun

As fun as it is to take out as many members of the opposing team as possible, you should still continue to look out for the safety of others. Try to avoid aiming for exposed areas, such as the back of their head or anywhere that they’re not wearing the aforementioned safety gear that we talked about in the last section.

The paintball gun itself is ironically an area where most of us seem to not think about the potential dangers that could occur. For starters, a jam can easily overheat your gun. Without the proper flow of paintballs going through the barrel, it’s almost like running a car with no oil in it. Always do your best to clear out any extra debris such as paint or small flakes and chips.

Speaking of debris getting caught in the barrel, you also want to fully inspect the gun for rust and breakages from top to bottom after each and every day that you play. Not only can these minor problems become much bigger and get in your way, but they can actually completely destroy your gun in the longer run.

Another great bit of advice that’s fairly obvious is that you should know your gun inside and out. Knowing your paintball gun lets you know its true power, which can help you prevent any unwanted injuries to you or your opponents. It will also help you learn the basics that will eventually lead to you having a much quicker reaction, which is always a plus!

Knowing the Rules of the Field

Rules are rules, which means they’re there for a reason. It’s not super exciting to check out the rules board right when you arrive, but it could save you from being banned or hurt in the future. It only takes a few seconds, so why not spare yourself the annoyance of somebody else chewing you out about it? You’ll thank us later!

The rules of the paintball field that you’re going to are not only there to keep you safe, but they’re also there to promote fair competition. We all know that guy who won’t call out when he’s hit, even if it’s blatantly obvious. Having a set of regulations gives you the authority to have him removed if you consult an official or ref on the field.

In the end, it’s all about making sure you’re safe. Sure, paintball can be a very dangerous sport. But what sport isn’t dangerous if you don’t wear the right set of gear and follow proper regulations? Stay safe, and most importantly, have fun while doing so!

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