Merrell Mix Master Move Glide Trail-Running Shoes

Last updated 16. January 2020


Getting the right running shoes is never an easy task, especially when everyone has a different running style, needs different things from their shoes, and there’s simply so many out there to choose from. However, if you’re struggling with finding the best shoes for you, it may be time to try Merrell Mix Master Move Running Shoes.

The Mix Master’s are dedicated trail-running shoes designed to enhance your performance and take your outdoor running ventures to the next level in the best ways possible. With all the boxes ticked, you can stop worrying about your feet and more on being the best you can be.

Over the years, the Mix Master design has been refined and perfected in all aspects, whether that’s focusing on comfort, performance, or making sure you get the best fit and experience using the best

Merrell Women's Mix Master Move Glide 2 Trail Running Shoe

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Key Features

Designed to Last

Since trail running can be a lot more extensive, especially when compared to running on a treadmill, you’re going to need a trainer that can maintain durability against the Great Outdoors. This is where the Mix Master’s excel.

Every aspect of the trainer is made with long-lasting materials, including a rubber sole, an EVA midsole, and a textile upper section. This is then completed with a comfortable mesh interior, all stitched to withstand whatever trails you’re driven to tackle.

Will Not Hold You Back

Ever tried to run with trainers that are heavy and clunky? Yeah, you’re quickly going to be put off running if you decide to keep using them and may even risk injury. Thanks to the lightweight nature of the materials used in the Mix Master shoes, this is a problem of the past.

Running on Clouds

Suffering from blistering, sores, and just general aches and pains with your current running shoes? Thanks to the luscious interior cushioning of each shoe positioned in key areas around your foot, you can run in complete comfort.

You’ll never have to worry about tightness or chafing around your foot since everything is protected. The fewer aches and pains you have, the more attention you can pay on performing to the best of your abilities. What’s more, a pair only weighs 14 ounces!


Room to Move

Since the Mix Master only comes up to ankle height, you don’t need to worry about restricted movement while you’re running. This is especially important when you’re running trails and tackling inclines and uneven terrain.


Not a fan of most running trainers because they use leather and other animal products in their builds? Don’t worry; Mix Masters are 100% vegan-friendly, and only use synthetic materials that don’t harm any living beings!

Enhanced Safety and Wellbeing

Thanks to the reflective details masterfully integrated onto the side of each trainer, you can quickly maximize visibility while you’re out and about, especially if you plan to run at night or at low-light times of the day! Of course, safety should always come first!


Light Trails Only!

Since these are lightweight trail running shoes and they don’t come with a rock plate, you’re not going to want to run on extreme trails with hardcore rocks and hugely varying terrain because they won’t last. Keep things light for the best results!

Who Is It Suitable For?

Women who want to explore the world!

Whether you’re getting your fitness in check, enhancing your current workouts, or whether you’re just looking to get out into the big wide world and see what it has to offer, these are the trainers for you.

Whereas the main use is light trail running, if you’re walking, hiking, or even just going about your day, these are comfortable, high-performance trainers that will give you everything you need.

Why We Like It

Easily one of the most loveable features of these trainers is just how many aspects of the shoe have been designed with you in mind. From the cushioning at key areas of your feet, to the 4mm toe drop to give you both support and room for your feet to breath, these trainers go above and beyond the call of duty.

All you need to do is try them for yourself!

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Merrell Women's Mix Master Move Glide Trail Running Shoe

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