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Last updated 04. March 2020


Nike is a brand that is trusted by golfers and other sportsmen all across the globe. They have helped set the standard for design, style, and functionality in sports equipment and accessories. Endorsing golf superstars, they have been providing some of the best golfers in the world with the necessary tools to compete at the highest level. Whether it is with golf balls, bags, shoes, hats, shirts, and umbrellas.

The Nike golf umbrella is a large 62″ rain protection device that would work well for any golfer. It is well-designed and is built to withstand heavy rain and wind without inverting and rendering itself obsolete.

It will work well with any golfer’s attire making sure you have the esthetic you want while you’re crushing balls down the fairway. It is outfitted with some of the most effective and high-quality technology available for golf umbrellas today to ensure seamless use every time you need to pull it out of the bag.

Nike Golf Umbrella

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Key Features

The Nike golf umbrella is lightweight at the same time as being super strong and sturdy. The upper canopy is built out of nylon, and the fiberglass shaft is comfortable and durable to hold onto. It has a flexible FRP frame which gives the umbrella flexibility when harsher winds come up.

This helps to prevent the umbrella from snapping due to too much rigidity. It has a 62″ wingspan which is more than enough to keep yourself as well as the opening to your bag dry in light rain. It has wind release and wind lock systems that allow wind to escape between the canopies which cut down on potential inversions when the heavier wind picks up.

The shaft features a safety runner which makes for safer and more fluid openings, and each umbrella has the trademark swoosh on two sides of the umbrella canopy. A molded rubber handle allows you to hang on comfortably, and the umbrella weighs less than 1.5 pounds in total.


+ Lightweight and durable
+ Wind release and lock systems
+ 62″ diameter
+ Safety runner on the shaft
+ Flexible and strong fiberglass shaft


– Doesn’t come with storage bag
– Cheaper umbrellas available

Who is it suitable for?

The Nike Golf Umbrella is great for golfers who like to play on a daily basis and don’t want to be deterred due to a little bit of rain or wind. When you’re playing your best golf, the last thing you want to do is head to the clubhouse and call it a day.

If you live in an area where there is frequently light rain and wind, then this umbrella will be good for you. It is larger enough to fit two people underneath if you’re golfing with a friend who doesn’t have their own umbrella. It is best suited for adult golfers who want to have a little more size and strength in the umbrella to help protect from the rain.

It will work well if a heavier storm starts to roll in and you need it to help you get to the clubhouse before it really starts to come down. If you’re an adamant golfer who doesn’t like to be interrupted, it may be the right umbrella for you.

Why we like it

This is a well-designed, functional umbrella that looks great and offers a high level of protection. It has a large canopy and works well in the rain as well as the wind. The shaft, canopy, and frame all work together for a flexible, lightweight, and durable construction which is reliable and pleasant to deal with.

The rubber handle is pretty comfortable to hang onto and it doesn’t weigh too much making it tough to hold for an extended period of time. It is quite large so if you’re walking with a friend who doesn’t have an umbrella you can share the space, and if you’re walking with your clubs, it will do a good job of keeping the rain off of you as well as the opening of your bag.

It will look great with the rest of your golf gear, and it slides open and closed easily so you don’t need to worry about pinching your fingers when trying to operate your umbrella. Great for any golfer who needs a reliable umbrella for the golf season.

Alternative Product

ACEIken Golf Umbrella

ACEIken Golf Umbrella

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