Oceanic Pro Plus X Dive Computer Review

Last updated 16. January 2020

Oceanic Pro Plus X Dive Computer with QD Hose

It was Bob Hollis’s love of the underwater world that inspired him to create Oceanic back in 1972. And every diver is grateful that he made the decision to found one of the most important diving equipment manufacturers in the world.

In fact, Hollis was inducted into the Scuba Diving Hall of Fame because of his importance to the diving community. If you’re a diver, then you’ll know that Oceanic is a company that you can trust to provide you with outstanding quality.

The Oceanic Pro Plus X is certainly an outstanding dive computer. It has been designed by people who understand what is important for divers. Rather than focusing on providing several unnecessary features – although the Pro Plus X does have a huge number of useful features – this dive computer is all about usability.

The screen is massive, and it also has the ability to become extremely bright, so bright that you will have no issues reading it, even if you’re diving in a gloomy cave. Everything about the display makes it user-friendly, especially the color coding, and the four-button interface is a breeze to navigate the dive computer with too.

Oceanic Pro Plus X Dive Computer

Oceanic Pro Plus x Dive Computer with QD Hose

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Key Features

The Oceanic Pro Plus X is full of amazing features and functions. Here are the key ones:

Quick Release, High-Pressure Hose: This connects to the computer thanks to a secure, bayonet fitting, and can be easily disconnected after you finish your dive.

Full-Color Display: Everything is color-coded for easier and quicker comprehension of information.

TFT Display: This gives you enhanced brightness while remaining economical with energy output.

Multiple Button Interface: The computer is easily navigated by four buttons under the display screen.

Rechargeable Battery: You get up to 60 hours of battery life from a full charge.

Digital Compass: This is a 3D compass to ensure that you have absolutely no heading issues.

Air, Nitrox, and Gauge Modes: It offers Nitrox mixtures from 21% to 50%.

Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity: You’re able to wirelessly add your dive data to your logbook on an app. But there is also USB connectivity for the same purpose too.

Protective Case: The zippered case is perfect for keeping the computer safe, especially when stowing it in your suitcase for trips.


+ The large display has been designed for usability. It is very bright, so even in the murkiest light, you’ll be able to read the screen clearly. It also uses a color-coded system, so that the information can be easily and quickly interpreted.

+ The multi-button interface allows for the dive computer to be simply controlled, whether that is on land, before your dive, or when you’re underwater.

+ If you want to check all your vital dive info, then it is extremely easy to call up with a few clicks of a button.

+ The digital compass is an excellent feature and is just one example of several that prove this to be a dive computer that has all bases covered.


– The only con is the price. It is expensive. Then again, you are getting one of the best dive computers on the market for the money.

Who Is It Suitable For?

Divers of all levels will love this dive computer. It is full of useful features, so perfectly suited to expert divers, and the adjustable Nitrox mode will come in particularly handy for intermediate and advanced divers.

Then again, if you’re a recreational diver looking for a dive computer that will last you a lifetime, and ensure safety, as well as excellent usability, then you might want to consider investing in the Pro Plus X too.

Why We Like It

There is little to criticize about the Pro Plus X and an enormous amount to praise. The number one advantage of this dive computer, though, has to be the display screen. It is bright, clear, easy-to-navigate, and has been designed for information to be quickly and comprehensively interpreted.

The quick-release hose is a nice function too, as it means that you can quickly disconnect the computer at the end of a dive, and then keep it safe or connect it to your device so you can back up your logbook.

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