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Detailed Buyers Guide – What To Look For
Scooters come in a variety of designs generally based on riding styles, commonly referred as park, street or dirt. It is designed for the kind of terrain it will be used on and the kind of tricks to be performed. Apart from this, they come in a variety of colors, style and weight and it is up to the rider’s own preference which to choose. Talking about options, there are lots of option to choose from. 

The professional rides you will find online are of two kinds: complete and custom. Complete ones are those that have been built by the company like Razor scooters or Envy pro scooters and are “ready-to-ride” whereas custom means those two-wheelers that are created by parts chosen by the rider. This allows youride to be created from parts from different manufacturers.

Custom Apex Build Complete or Custom?
Many manufacturers around the world make complete rides that are made from high quality parts. All you need to do is secure the bars to the fork and the clamps. The choice between complete and custom is more of a personal one than a quality one. Custom rides allow a greater degree of personalization as you choose what parts go in and how your scooter looks like in when finally assembled. It also allows you to get a ride that is suitable to your needs and style. Complete rides, on the other hand, are ready to ride and convenient to buy. Important thing to mention here is the fact that there is no significant price difference between the two types.
Determining Your Rider Type
The strength of your ride is determined by the kind of ride it will be used for. For beginners who are curious to do tricks on the driveways or parks, any ride would work. However, for experienced riders who perform different tricks and jumps and use the pro scooter more aggressively, a stronger ride with a firm grip is a must. Generally, the bigger the wheels and the body, the better it will be for professional rides.
Price Range
The great thing about any pro scooter is the price range, which is quite wide, making it pretty affordable for everyone. The bigger and the stronger the scooter, the higher the price is. A good quality stunt scooter cost $100 or more and some even go up to $250. There are cheaper options too that cost a little less than $100. Expect the price to be in the same range if you are building your own custom scooter.
Choosing A Brand
There are many brands from around the world to choose your ride from. Some make high end complete scooters that are strong but pricey while some are known for their custom rides. It really comes down to you if you have any particular brand of preference. For those seeking custom built rides, brands should not matter so much as you would only want to focus on the top parts available and they might come from different brands. Some of the popular brands include Grit, Mad Gear Pro, Envy and Urban Art. Take a look at our reviews of the latest top scooters in 2019 here.
How Big Should It Be?
Yes, the bigger the ride the stronger it is but it should not be bigger than the rider. For teens, a short bar and 100 mm wheels are good enough. For larger riders, a tall handle bar and bigger diameter (125 mm) wheels are most suitable. This is one reason why you would want to have a custom scooter so that it gives you a balanced ride in accordance with your weight, height and experience. Large oversized bars and heavy decks can affect your ride and performance if you are not able to handle them with ease.

If your child isn’t quite the age to warrant buying a full custom ride, we recommend something a little lighter and smaller. Recently, we reviewed the best scooters for children and the best scooters perfect for toddlers. Be sure to check those reviews out until your kid has grown up taller. For adults looking to use a scooter to commute, we reviewed the top adult scooters for commuting to work here.

AO Stealth 3 Decks

Scooter Parts Buying Guide
Many riders choose and design their rides themselves as it allows them the freedom to make it more personalized and combine the best parts available in the market. Based on the color, style, size, weight and material of the parts, the riders like to have a personal feel in their rides.
What Are The parts?
It is important to be familiar with the parts of a pro scooter, especially if you are going to take the custom building route. They have a fair share of parts but not as many as a motorcycle. Here are the important components that make or break your riding experience:
Deck is where you put your feet and it holds everything together. Made of strong alloy metal, the deck is usually up to 24 inches long and 4-5 inches wide. The weight depends on the material it is made of and is generally in between 2 to 3.5 pounds. It has a head tube which holds the headset. The deck is made to be sturdy to withstand all the beating it receives as it is directly in contact with the wheels and stands the weight of the rider. Find out the best decks on the market in our latest review. Integrated deck has headset cups designed into it so it is easier to install and uninstall as compared with standard deck.
Wheels, two in every ride, serve as the most important part. The rim is either plastic or aluminum made but for professional stunt scooter the latter is recommended as it is long lasting and sturdier than plastic. The edges of the wheels are made of a hard rubber known as polyurethane. The diameter of the wheels in your ride is usually 100, 110 or 125 mm. Generally the bigger and stronger the wheel is, the faster the you goes. However, soft wheels provide good grip and are easy on landing. Click here if you are not sure what the best wheels are for your scooter? Click here. The wheels, of course, are prone to wear because they are in contact with the ground.

Ethic Dynasty Bars V2 Bars
The handle bars where the rider keeps his hands come in different shapes and sizes. Click here to find out the best bars of 2019. They are made of very strong steel and therefore are very durable. The kind of bars you choose depends on your preference but as a general rule, the best bar is the one that gives you a firm grip. Commonly, the bars come in black and chrome shades but there are other colors too.
The fork hold the front wheel of the scooter and just like the bar and handles, it is made of strong steel as well. It is secured by the clamp in the deck’s head tube.
This part is no less important as it acts as a unifier of the fork, the bar and the front wheel. Clamps are identified by the number of bolts: double bolts, triple bolts and quad bolts (four bolts). With clamps you would want to go with the larger one as it will be stronger and hold everything together better.

Do you prefer riding Street, or Park? After watching the Proto video above, you may switch to street. Such steeze! But remember to be sensible kids, always wear a helmet that actually fits. A beanie won’t cut it!
Which Parts Should I Choose?
These are the most fundamental parts that determine the performance and the life of your scooter. Choose the parts that are suitable for the terrain you are going to be riding on. Of course, choosing the parts yourself allows you greater personalization and each part comes in unique styles and colors. Compare every part from different brands and get the best out of them. The prices differ from brand to brand but ideally you would want to get the best parts while remaining in your budget. Get each part from the best brand known for that particular part and you have yourself a strong stunt scooter that complements you and your riding style. If you like your ride to be simple then focus more on the strength and make of the parts than the appearance. Alternatively, if it’s 4 wheels you are after, check out our skateboard reviews right here

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