Sacrifice Pro Stunt Complete Scooters

Sacrifice Scooters are straight from Australia and are now available to buy worldwide from MyProScooter. This premium stunt pro stunt scooter brand has come to be the pro stunt scooter of selection for a lot of our neighborhood riders. With something to fit every budget plan as well as every colour method you could think about Sacrifice are sure to have something to fit your demands.

If you are looking for a high quality and durable stunt scooter, it is highly likely that you will come across Sacrifice. We believe that before getting into the buying process, it is good to know about the brand and the scooters in general. So here is all you need to know about Sacrifice scooters before you make the final buy.

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1.Sacrifice AK 115 Series Complete Pro Scooter

This is the most innovative product from Sacrifice out there as it has all the latest parts that work together to give the best riding experience. It features an REO Chromoly T-Bar, fully integrated headset and Bionic SCS fork. The deck is made from premium class 6061 Aluminum which is why it is super light. It weighs a little over 8 pounds so you can carry it around without any hindrance. The control of the ride is in your hands and the brakes apply quickly and safely with the Logo Flex brakes and high tensile axle.
The look is quite basic but there are color choices. Besides an all-black look, you have combos of black with ice mint and black with tangerine which is a dark orange hue. The logo at the end of the handle bar looks really cool. Anyone looking for something strong and innovative should opt for this.

Why We Liked It – The use of aluminium makes this scooter light weight and yet pretty strong.

2. Sacrifice Flyte 115 Integrated Pro Scooter Complete

If you are looking for a feather like ride, then this would be your favorite as it weighs only a meagre 6.5 pounds. How do they achieve that? The deck is made using fluting technology which makes it lightweight and reduces flexing. The bar is made from Bennis alloy and it has a dual clamp. The new alloy wheels with delta core are designed to withstand rough surfaces and last long. It also features the S-Grip which is trusted by many young scooter champs.
It is largely white in color with blue highlights on the handle bar, wheels, clamp and of course the deck. The board is decorated with a nice tile design of the number 115 in blue, black and white. It is definitely stylish just how it is high quality and any kid or teenager would love it. It comes complete and ready to ride and can make an amazing present too.

Why We liked It – The white color with blue highlights looks amazing. Not only that this scooter has S-Grip used by young scooter champions.

3. Sacrifice Flyte 100 Series Complete

The Flyte 115 is also available in black color which is like going back to the classics. However, it is jampacked with innovative parts from Sacrifice that are anything but a sacrifice on quality. From alloy bars to strong delta core wheels, everything is designed keeping in mind the value it is going to provide. For this very reason it is more towards the high end scooters but definitely lives up to the expectations.
The deck size is appropriate for most kids and teenagers. Younger kids can even place both their feet while scooting. The deck is superlight and the whole thing weighs just 6.5 pounds (3 kgs). This makes it one of the most lightweight scooters in the market right now. The shiny black bars and deck with 115 labels in white look stunning. It is more of a sophisticated pick that still has the young vibe too it.

Why We liked It – Because of the ideal deck size, which is suitable for kids and teenagers alike. This scooter weighs only around 6.5 pounds, which makes it one of the lightest.

4. Sacrifice OG Hustler Complete Black/Titanium

This one is for them beginners out there who cannot wait to hit the street and learn a trick or two. It has a thicker deck so as to provide stability to novice riders. This is inspired by the Flyte series only and essentially contains similar parts which means that it is just as strong and durable. It contains a fully integrated headset and integrated tube. With 13A high tensile steel bars and dual clamp, this one lives up to the standards of a high end scooter. The wheels are 100mm with split forked 5 spoke wheel perfect for young riders. This one too contains the S grip with Sacrifice’s logo at the bar ends. It will provide a ride that is dialed and smooth. This one has a bit simple looking version with its black and titanium color combination. However, there is a black and red combo too that is super stylish.

Why We Liked It – Because of the S-Grip  and the stylish combo of fine black and red colors used.

Sacrifice is an Australian based stunt scooter manufacturer that has been around for over half a decade now. The unique thing about this brand is that they bring in innovation from outside the scooting industry. This is in part because of the more than two decades long experience with BMX of its owner. It is all about serious riding and catering to the needs of pro riders. They delve into details and come up with technological advances that aim to improve the overall experience.
This is a high end brand that sells complete scooters that are ready to ride and spare you time and effort of assembling. Like many other brands of the same standing, their parts are easily available as well. From decks to clamps to wheels, everything can be found online. They have some of the most stylish scooters you will see anywhere in the market.

What is a stunt scooter?

Stunt scooters are different from traditional scooters, in that they are designed for skate parks and freestyle riding. In simpler words these are designed to be optimized for doing tricks and stunts. Just how BMX is different from a regular bike, stunt scooters are different from other scooters.
For this reason, the handlebar is not adjustable because obviously you would not want it to move. The wheels tend to be smaller so that there is no fast pick up in speed. The deck is thicker to provide more stability and control to the rider during stunts.

Who is it for?

Do not get worried if your child asks you for a stunt scooter. Most of these are designed for kids and teenagers only. However, these are appropriate for children above 6 years only. These are usually best suited for those with existing scooting experience. If your little one is already jumping with the scooter, it is time you bought them a stunt scooter.

Parts of a Stunt Scooter

It is important to understand the parts involved in a scooter. Sacrifice scooters come complete and are very durable but who knows when you might have to replace a part. Here are the parts you need to know about:


This serves as the joiner for all other parts and is the one that gets the most customization. These essentially tolerate all the weight and therefore need to be sturdy. Sacrifice decks are made from steel or aluminum and are quite light weight even for a stunt scooter.


The handlebar is fixed to provide safety and strength during freestyle riding. This means that you have to pick the height carefully which is appropriate with the rider’s height. Generally, a handlebar which is near mid torso is ideal and will be quite manageable. These tend to be small so do not think that you should get the highest one out there. It usually contains a bar end that is there to prevent injury and is labeled with the logo.


Clamps join the handle bar with fork bar. Sacrifice clamps contain two bolts and are made to be sturdy and to withstand rough usage. Sacrifice’s clamps can be found easily and they have many corresponding with their different series.


The fork joins the deck and the bars to the front wheel and therefore plays a very important part. Sacrifice is continuously improving each part and fork is one of them. They use the best technology and high quality materials. They have Bionic and Cyborg forks which depend on the size of the wheels and the deck. The Bionic has a slick design and a nut trap technology which is found nowhere else.


For stunt scooters, grips are extremely important. The grips go on the handlebar and provide support for holding on to the bars. In street riding, the grip needs to be firm. This means that those grips should absorb sweat and be adhesive. The S Grip from Sacrifice is quite popular and is present in almost all the top models. It is made from a nylon and rubber combo and comes in myriads of colors.


Sacrifice wheels are between 100 mm and 120 mm with smaller being even more maneuverable. The best thing about these wheels is that they are pretty funky. This goes to show how particular they are about making their scooters look good. Obviously, strength is important for wheels especially considering these are stunt scooters. The core of the wheel is always kept very strong with innovative technologies. The blender and delta are just one of many that Sacrifice has perfected over the years.

Complete V/S Customized

Sacrifice gives you bot h the options as their parts are easily available and you can create a stunt scooter with whatever parts you like. This is more of a personal preference and is good for those who want a customized product. Complete scooters, however, have advantage over customized in terms of cost and convenience. These come assembled and ready to ride and since they are assembled by the manufacturer, you have the guarantee that everything is fixed according to industry standards. Also, you get a bit of bargain as buying individual parts can be a bit more expensive. Most people prefer complete for these very reasons only.


These Australian made scooters are expensive and usually cost upwards of $200. Of course with a price tag this high you have high quality, durability and often warranty as well. Like said earlier, buying a complete one is better if cost is a consideration for you. That said, you can even find some that are below $200 especially during sales or holiday seasons.

Weight Limit

Most of these scooters can easily withstand 100 kgs. But kids weigh way less than this limit which goes to show that these are designed to have maximum possible strength. Even if you have a teenager who is tall and bulky, you do not have to worry about running down the deck.


Sacrifice has many models in store for you and honestly choosing one can be incredibly difficult as each has its own charm and offerings. The best model is the one that suits the rider’s size and needs and of course comes under your budget. The most popular series are the Akashi and Flyte.

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