Pro Scooter Handle Bars

Standard & Oversized

Your bars are a vital part of your ride, they need to be solid as well as light-weight to deal with whatever you throw at them. Pro stunt scooter Bars come in two dimensions Standard and Oversized. Most of your entry level to more advanced scooters (sub ($150) will have basic sized bars, Scooters that set you back in excess of $150 commonly have Oversized bars. Please ensure you buy the correct bars for the sort of compression system you are running. One of the most popular set of bars have to the Apex Bol Bars that come in both a standard and oversized width and height. They are colored in either Chrome, Black or Raw (clear) and look very appealing on a complete scooter. 

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Most bars will most compression types and clamps but you need to double check what will fit before putting them all together. Bars with a slit cut in the bottom will fit HIC clamps. Bars without a slit will fit in SCS clamps. However, if your bars have a slit cut in the bottom, you can place a bung into the bottom of the bars to effectively fill the slit so the bottom of the bars are solid and cannot bend. Once you do this, you can run these bars with a standard compression system. However, they may still bend so please keep this in mind and make sure you purchase the correct bars for your setup.

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