Stunt Scooter Wheels

Stunt Scooter wheels normally come in 2 different dimensions 100mm and also 110mm. The majority of pro stunt scooters over ₤100 have 110mm wheels and also a lot of beginning pro stunt scooters use 100mm wheels. A great stunt scooter will always make use of aluminium core wheels to give the wheels added strength whilst doing techniques as well as spaces.
Pro stunt scooter wheels have steel ball bearings inside them, 1 either side of the wheel divided by a spacer, these bearings are just what make your wheels spin around. Bearings can be found in a variety of rates ABEC 3,5, 7 & 9 being the fastest. If you ride your pro stunt scooter in the rain or leave it outside over evening your bearings will rust, which is bad! If your bearings rust then your scooter wheels will certainly not spin around, meanings that you will certainly need to purchase new bearings. When suitable your bearings you need to make certain they are flawlessly flat with the wheel and that they additionally have a spacer in-between the bearings to ease rubbing, if these approaches are applied your wheels will certainly last you a long long time.
Please Note: Please do not make use of WD40 in your pro stunt scooter wheel bearings, it will certainly block your bearings up and also become hefty and eventually seize. 

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