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Avid Deviation V2 Pegs




These pegs are made up of a particular plastic that permits for an excellent robust but light-weight construct. Unlike different plastic pegs the Deviation pegs have a managed really feel, permitting you to grind with ease however keep in management. Each peg weighs underneath an oz; collectively just one.5oz plus hardware! The distinctive end provides groundbreaking benefits! V2 pegs include a inbuilt spacer to permit compatibility with extra product.

Sold in Pairs. Axles included.

Compatability not assured. The use of spacer(s) could also be wanted. Depending on the quantity of spacers used, this may increasingly require a brand new longer axle to be bought.


Size: Standard 2” Length X 1”OD

Color: Black Marble

Includes: 2 Pegs with Hardware (Front Peg, Back Peg, three ½” and four” axles and a couple of nuts).

Product Weight:

Without Hardware: .8oz ea.

With Hardware: four.7oz


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