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DSA Sniper Complete

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The Sniper full is in a class of its private. It choices good top quality parts for an superior value. The deck is completely built-in, comes with considered one of many strogest compression strategies which is HIC. The bars are completely gusseted so that they keep as a lot as bends on the crosstube. The full rolls on 100mm metallic core wheels that roll very fast.


  • Deck: Angled Box Profile, Concave, Front Welded Length 520mm/20.5″, Width 110mm/4.three”
  • Headtube: Intergrated/82 diploma
  • Bars: Oversized HIC Steel    Height 570mm/22.4″, Width 550mm/21.6″
  • Compression: Steel HIC
  • Clamp: Double Clamp with 8mm bolts
  • Fork: Steel HIC Fork
  • Threaded Headset
  • Brake: Flex Brake
  • Wheels: 100mm Aluminum core Chop Sticks, Dominator Scooter Rated Bearings
  • Printed griptape


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