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Envy KOS Charge S3 Complete Scooter – 2018

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The new 2018 model Envy Charge scooter is a chief of the street “Pro Scooter” out of the sector scooter. Featuring a whole differ of upgraded choices and aftermarket parts from the 2016 model, the model new Envy KOS Charge S3 Scooter is designed for each sort of driving. The Envy Charge scooter is out there in a singular smoked blue and black trim that gives the rider the mature look they deserve. With its 4.75″ x 19.8″ deck and 25.5″ bars, this scooter can match even an important of scooter riders. Over the years Envy has 1 upped themselves with each launch, and this Envy KOS Charge S3 complete will stand the test of time as they have learnt year after year of how to strengthen their kick scooters.

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  • Curved Headtube
  • New 2018 KOS deck
  • New Envy 120mm wheels 86A
  • New Envy double clamp
  • Envy Soul Bars 25.6″ T x 22.eight” W
  • Envy SOBv3 forks
  • Envy bearings
  • Envy TPR grips. Soft and comfy
  • 125mm appropriate IHC forks

The Envy Charge S3 Complete is available via Amazon at the lowest price we have found online.

More Info

Why to invest in a Envy Complete Pro scooter?

Pro Scooters, unlike the traditional scooters are quite handy. They are light in weight and are easy to manage. Its physique is somewhat slim and you can simply climb on it and go wherever you want to. This scooter is greatly used by the youngsters in the western countries.

Parts and Accessories of the S3 Complete

Every vehicle encompasses certain parts of which it is built up of. Similarly a pro scooter is also built up by the amalgamation of certain parts nd accessories. You might be planning to build a conventional scooter from scuff or scrape or just replace something that has broken, you can ask any superior vehicle company to provide you with the parts of a Stunt Scooters. Components that are required to build a full blown trick-scooter are as follows:

  • Forks
  • Pegs
  • Decks
  • Compression
  • Clamps
  • Bearings
  • Bolts, et cetera

Accessories- These are the indispensible parts that are required in the construction of this scooter. These include: stickers, scooter stands, wax and more.

Bar Ends- These include the plugs which are meant for the breach on the ends of the grips or handlebars.

Trick Bars- These are essential for the purpose of providing support. The rider has to grab it in order to prevent oneself from falling.

Breaks- Breaks play a very important role in the vehicle and are very essential for the life of the person who is driving it. They are required to bring the vehicle to a halt in case of an emergency.

Bearings- These are the essential constituents for the wheel.

Compression- It is used for holding together the bars of the scooter to the forks in case the person is using the thread less forks.

Strong Clamps- It is a central aspect of the scooter. It keeps such part of the scooter as: bar, fork and compression under scrutiny.

Tough forks- They are used to hold strongly the front wheel of the scooter. They are of two types: Threaded forks and Thread less forks.

Solid Deck- This is the part of the scooter on which you stand and drive.

Grips- These are situated on the handle bars and are intended to provide relief to your hands through their softness.

Deck Grip Tape- It is situated on top of the deck and to give out toehold and grasp to the feet of the driver.

Hardware- It includes nuts, axles, bolts, et cetera are also an important part of Pro scooters.

Headsets- It is used to connect the fork to the head tube and these aids in providing rotation. It can be both threaded and thread less.

The above mentioned details depict as to what are the components that make up a perfect Envy KOS Charge Complete.


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