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Envy Reaper XL Bars




Envy Flavio Pesenti Reaper Bars V2

The Envy Reaper bars are created from aluminium, and so are one of many lightest bars available on the market. Weighing solely 850grams, and now in a XL model of 650mm tall. (25.59 inches) Reaper Bars are our advisable selection of aluminium bars, we might advise riders that aluminium bars aren’t as robust as chromoly bars, and so in case you are susceptible to breaking bars we might advocate going for the stronger chromolly bars.

The Envy Reaper bars are suitable with iHC, ICS and SCS compression, however won’t work with HIC compression. They are 34.9mm exterior diameter, which suggests if operating with iHC or ICS you’ll need an outsized clamp and in case you are operating SCS you will want the slit eliminated and an SCS Compression Clamp that matches oversize bars.


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