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Phoenix Session 2 Complete 2016 Pro Scooter

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This new full is one amongst two that Phoenix has been engaged on for a bit to be Durable and lightweight whereas nonetheless being fairly priced for you,( the Customer). This full choices the Session deck that comes with a strengthened noseblunt plate that moreover acts as a assist in the direction of the impression it will be taking from you.

The new Phoenix T bar comes outfitted on this scooter in commonplace sizing which suggests this entire is working Mini HIC (AKA IHC) compression with the Phase fork. Clamping the bar is the model new Smooth Double clamp that comes with 6mm bolts. Finally the wheels, this entire comes with a model new sort 7 spoke wheel that is 110mm.

Phoenix Session Complete Specifications

  • – Complete Weight | 9.0lbs
  • – Compression | Mini HIC/IHC
  • – 110mm Wheels
  • – Session Deck | 4.25″ X 20″
  • – T Bars | 23h X 23w
  • – Phase Fork | Chromoly
  • – F7 Wheels | 110mm (87a)
  • – Concave | 2°

If you are a serious rider, or just looking to freestyle the skatepark, the new Phoenix Session complete is for you. It is the perfect all rounder for any shape and size of rider its 4.25″ wide and 20″ long concaved deck, it fit around you feet nicely and provides a brilliant amount of control, that some other trick-scooters just don’t have. Pick yours up today by clicking the add to cart button below.

Find out what Kenny Carlile thought of the new Phoenix complete in his Youtube video below.


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