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River Wheel Co – Rapid 110mm Jack Colston Sig




Jack Colston “Head Cleaner” Rapid – Inspired by a love for filming, we introduce the Jack Colston signature Rapid! Like a head cleaner tape in a VX, these Rapids will keep your move via the grittiest of terrain! Featuring BUFF Core Technology to scale back dehubbing. All River Wheels include bearing removing slots for taking bearings out with ease. These wheels include High Quality River Flash Flood Bearings Pre-installed. RIVER – STICKERS INCLUDED! All River Wheels include a 90-day guarantee towards chunking.


  • 110MM Wheel-River Rapids are Hard and Durable
  • Bearing Removal Slots-Machined into the core
  • eight.65 Oz Per Wheel With Bearings Installed
  • 100% Made In California
  • River Flash Flood Bearings Pre-Installed


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