Skateboarding is a passion and a hobby of many individuals and groups alike. Lots of people use regular, standard, traditional boards but, for a number of great reasons, lots of people also love and use the electric skateboard alternative.

So with so many expensive products out there on the skateboarding market, what are the best but cheap electric skateboards available in 2022?

There are lots of features to consider when looking for a cheap motorized longboard, and different people want different things out of the board. The most common factors to consider are speed, range, durability, and price so how do you find the best electric skateboard to tick all of those boxes?

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Below is a list of the best cheap boards of 2022 which take into consideration all of the things listed above to give you the best picture possible when it comes to knowing what to buy and why to buy it.

1. Aceshin Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote Control

Aceshin 35.4

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Are you trying to find a new way to get to school or work? The Aceshin Electric Skateboard has a range up to 10km to get you to your destination without recharging. If you do need to charge it, the process only takes 2 hours from empty to full. The motor propels you at a little over 20km per hour.

The ergonomic remote fits right in the palm of your hand do let you change speeds, slow down, and a few other options. There are four LED indicators to keep you current on all of the board’s necessities.

+ Comes in three different colors
+ Ergonomic remote
+ 20km per hour top speed

Why We Like It – We like this skateboard because it’s a good way to get to your destination at a consistent, long-lasting pace. The Red, Black, and Orange all look great!

2. Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Controller

The Electric Skateboard & Longboard with Remote Controller is another excellent product on the market from 2018. Made from durable materials and very affordable, it is a great option for people looking for something slightly different.

Key Features

  • Range and Speed

This board can go a little faster, reaching just above 15 miles per hour, giving you an average range of just over 15 km before the battery needs recharging.

  • Material

It is made from bamboo, a common material across the skateboard world and fiberglass, meaning that the board can take a weight of anything up to 265lbs. It also comes with grip tape, which as previously mentioned is a feature that should be standard across all electronic boards for safety reasons. Grip tape ensures that the rider can maintain balance and a good grip while riding the electric board.

  • Battery life

The battery is very durable, it can last (once fully charged) up to four hours, which is a great lifespan for the speed of the board. It takes around half of this time to fully charge it, and it is recommended to do so after every use just to be on the safe side. The battery is a standard battery made from lithium, powered by a hand-held remote control.

Why We Liked It – With all the features strength and speed you could want out of a longboard, this is an option worth considering for those who are looking for a cheaper ride.

3. BLITZART Huracane 38″

1.  BLITZART Huracane 38

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Here is another brilliant cheap electric board from Blitzart, a popular and reliable company brand in the electric skateboard world.

Key Features

  • Range and Speed

The range of this particular board is around 8 miles at its maximum, and the top speed can reach up to 17mph. So not for longer journeys, but absolutely handy for getting around and completing standard daily tasks, i.e. a run to the shops.

  • Battery

Made, as standard, from Lithium-Ion, the battery for this cheap board can be charged in just three hours so you won’t have too long to wait before you can go on your next journey. It is powered by a wireless remote that can be attached with a wrist strap for a hands-free experience, which means extra safety and concentration for you when you are riding.

  • Material

The Blitzart Huracane 38” Electric Skateboard is made from durable and environmentally friendly Maplewood and also bamboo, a strong board material which is able to withstand the weight of up to 120kg. It also comes with grip tape, as standard. Grip tape ensures that the rider can maintain balance and a good grip while riding the electric board.

Why We Liked It – The product is top quality with a great range of features, as per usual with Blitzart.

Cheap Electric Skateboard Buyers’ Guide

What to look for in a cheap electric skateboard?

So to recap: when buying a cheap electric skateboard there are multiple things to take into consideration. Ask yourself the following questions, and if the answer suits your needs, then that is the board for you.

  • Range: How far can this board take you on a single charge?
  • Speed: How fast can this cheap longboard go?
  • Price: Is it within the average price range of a cheap electric skateboard? (Anything between $180-$300 is the average price range).
  • Reviews: Does this board have any reviews, and if yes, are they generally good?
  • Materials: Are the materials durable and safe? Does the board have grip safety features?
  • Motors: Is this a hub motor? As a hub motor is regarded as the best and most efficient for electric boards.
  • Ease of use: Is the remote wireless, can I go hands-free?
  • Durability: Will the battery last, and how long does it take to charge?

It might sound like a lot, but when buying a product that you expect to last, these are the key things that need to be taken into consideration.

Where to buy a cheap electric skateboard?

Like most products, customers are often torn between buying online and buying in store. There are options for both, specialist retailers on the high street are rarer and harder to find, but they do exist, and there are perks of having a physical store like seeing the product before you buy it and having a customer service representative in the form of a store assistant face to face to help you with said purchase.

However, the online market is often even cheaper with more vouchers, has a wider range of products more highly available and you have the added bonus of the hundreds of thousands of customer reviews to guide you along in the right direction. Many people prefer more and more to buy products online, and electric skateboards are no exception to this.

A quick internet search will provide you with not only video reviews but also a wide range of websites and companies with great products ready to be purchased.

Do cheap electric skateboards work?

The short answer is, yes! Of course, they do. This can be proven through the thousands and thousands of satisfied customer reviews dotted around the cheap electric skateboard marketplace. As long as you go into the purchase with realistic expectations and accept the limitations of a cheaper product, you will not be disappointed with the results.


When buying a cheap electric longboard, there are so many things to look out for. Whether this is online or in store, it doesn’t matter, the same questions need to be answered for your peace of mind as a customer. You want a product that will last despite the price tag, and 2018 certainly provided a number of great products that tick all of these boxes.

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Why buy an electric skateboard when you can build your own and flex with your awesome DIY electric skateboard? All you need is a skateboard or longboard, electric skateboard kit and a good will to make it work! For those with the desire and technical know-how, building a board allows for faster speeds, longer lasting batteries, and more ways to ride.

The DIY method has grown exponentially popular among tinkerers and hobbyists around the world. Because for many, the process of building and customizing a board is just as fun as riding one! Want something smaller? Try a penny board cruiser.

Electric skateboards have changed the game for skaters everywhere, and the right electric skateboard kit can take you even further – to help you choose the right one, we’ve put together this review and in-depth buyer’s guide.

Need a new deck? Check out these top-rated skateboard decks!

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The appeal of an electric skateboard is how much faster and more versatile it can be as opposed to a standard skateboard. But which kit should you choose? To help you decide, let’s take a look at the top 5 kits on the market right now.

1. XCSOURCE DIY Electric Skateboard Longboard Kit


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Coming in swinging is the XCSOURCE electric skateboard DIY kit, an electric longboard kit that supplies all of the necessary tools, parts, and features that go into a fast and efficient board at a great value.

For such a low price, this electric skateboard kit makes for a surprisingly sturdy build for 80mm wheels. With shock absorption to prevent damage as well as extra screws to ensure security, this electric skateboard DIY motor pulley and motor mount kit is sure to stand the test of time and require little maintenance along the way.

+ Strong enough to withstand long-term use
+ Includes motor pulleys, a bracket, a belt, bolts, pads, screwdrivers, and extra screws
+ Shock absorption abilities
+ Easy to maintain
+ Quiet

Why We Liked It – This particular product is extremely efficient and durable. It is ultimately ideal for skaters who do not want to spend a lot of time or energy into keeping up with their board but still want one that works well and for a while.

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2. 24V-42V 550W 70KV Electric Longboard Skateboard Kit

24V-42V 550W 70KV

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For those after a more high-end electric skateboard kit, this one’s for you. This impressive 90mm dual-drive kit supports a 6S-10S electric skateboard battery, allowing for higher input voltages and faster speeds along with it. Acceleration is fast, with top speeds between 15 and 20 mph. Despite its power, this model does not overheat easily and is even water-resistant.

+ Does not overheat easily
+ High torque
+ Optimal wheel size at 90mm
+ Water-resistant
+ Very quiet when running

Why We Liked It – What this device may lack in affordability, it makes up in power and efficiency. We like that the 90mm wheels do well on rough terrain and that it holds up well even in the rain.

3. Maxfind New Electric Skateboard DIY Kit

This electric skateboard kit consists of two motors that offer 500-watts of power each. The motors have their hub inside the wheels. They provide you with a lot of power, and you can easily hit 25 miles per hour on a flat road. It’s powered by a lithium-ion 4.4AH battery that you can charge and replace with great ease.

The remote control works via Bluetooth, and as you’d expect from one of the best electric skateboard kits, it has been ergonomically designed so that you can keep it snug and comfortable in your hand.

+ 25mph top speed
+ Powerful dual motors
+ Ergonomic and Bluetooth remote control
+ 90mm wheels
+ CNC trucks

Why We Liked It – It is a premium electric skateboard kit that provides you with a huge top speed and also comes with an excellent remote control that is easy to use.

4. vanpro DIY Electric Skateboard 8352 9052 9752 PU Wheel Pulleys Kit

vanpro DIY Electric Skateboard 8352 9052 9752 PU Wheel Pulleys Kit

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Have you been trying to find the perfect wheel pulley kit for your electric skateboard? It can be frustrating since they all have such specific requirements. The good news is that the vanpro DIY Electric Skateboard Wheel Pulleys Kit has everything you need. It’s even better because it works for most electric skateboard setups.

It’s used for the brand’s specific motor mount, but they sell more than enough items for a custom skateboard. You can get everything you need at a low cost and have this pulley kit installed in a matter of minutes if you follow the provided instructions.

+ Quick installation guidelines
+ Made for a 63 series brushless motor
+ Built to last for multiple years on end

Why We Like It – We like this wheel pulley kit because it’s straight to the point and easy to install.

5. WonVon DIY Electric Skateboard ESC Kit

WonVon DIY Electric Skateboard ESC Kit

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This is an affordably priced electric skateboard kit that comes with all the components you require to build a quality electric skateboard. Each kit contains a controller board and remote control. The remote features a two-way communication system, which allows you to check the level of the battery as you’re riding.

The controller board doesn’t offer extremely quick top speeds, but it does give you a lot of torque. The maximum load that it can take is 120kg. Matching the remote control and the controller board is a simple process that will only take a matter of minutes.

+ High torque
+ 120kg load capacity
+ Affordable price
+ Good remote control
+ 4,200 RPM speed

Why We Liked It – It’s an excellent electric skateboard kit that features a quality remote control that allows you to check your battery life. It is also affordably priced.

Electric Skateboard Kit Buyers’ Guide

For those of you still struggling and trying to weigh your options equally, let us break it down to get to the core of things. The following should better help you understand your choices, and how each one will serve you in its own unique way. So, which is best for you?

What Should You Look for in an Electric Skateboard Kit?

As the utmost appeal of an electric skateboard motor kit is its electricity and ability to use energy to optimize your speed and durability, speed is typically the first thing you will be keeping in mind throughout the process of finding the best one for you. That said, not far behind, performance-related features should include electric skateboard power, torque, and voltage to name a few.

On top of that, things like electric skateboard battery power, whether or not a kit is water resistant, the features of its durability and weight resistance, and drive wheel size in regards to your preferred speed controls and torque (larger wheels will increase speed and decrease torque, and vice versa).

How To DIY Electric Skateboard or Longboard?

This process can be extremely rewarding as it is a highly creative one. For example, you will need to start off with any standard skateboard or longboard. This is going to be the foundation of your final product, so be sure that you genuinely care for it and want to see it motorized.

Once you have chosen your base, you’ll need to find a kit that fits the measurements of your board. Also consider how often and to what degree you skate, the conditions in which you skate in, and let these factors guide you to what is best for you (for example, if you live somewhere with a lot of hills, consider something with more torque).

Finally, attach the kit to your skateboard with the tools provided and your own tools, if necessary. Despite the freedom to take artistic liberties with this project, do not take liberties here—motor kits were designed a particular way, and once you purchase said kit, they should stay that way.

How Do You Apply a DIY Electric Skateboard Kit?

The exact application process is going to change depending on the structure of your board and the kit you are attempting to add on. Thankfully, many of the choices shown above come with the needed attachment tools to better assist you.

Thankfully, thanks to recent technological advancements, not only have they enabled us to produce things such as these skateboard motor kits, but they have allowed for electric skateboard tutorials such as these to assist you in your quest to finally attach and apply your kit. There are plenty out there for many motor varieties, so keep searching until you find one appropriate.

Remember that, no matter what, you should attach your kit completely to guarantee the safety of the skater. Many of these mechanical kits go fast, and should something go awry, the rider could get seriously injured.

Expert Tip:

Larger wheels will give you more stability and higher top speeds, but lower torque and acceleration – consider this when you’re choosing a kit.

Did You Know?

The world’s fastest electric skateboard reached an incredible 59.55 mph – now that’s extreme!


There are too many options when it comes to electric skateboard kits for you to make a rushed or unfinished decision. Hopefully, this guide has helped you narrow down your decision and consider what factors are most important to you.

For many, skating is a lifestyle, and electric longboard kits offer the opportunity to take that passion to the next level. Motorized electric boards have changed the hobby forever and expanded it into something never seen before.

Plenty of mechanical kits account for your desire to customize and optimize the functionality of your skateboard, so take advantage of what is being offered to you and build something amazing!

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  • 【Versatile Remote Control】 - Take command of your portable electric...
Bestseller No. 3
Dual Motor Set for Electric Skateboard 90mm Powered 10S 36V DIY...
  • 【Upgraded】Puaida upgraded 90mm Powered Dual Hub Motor Kit DIY Electric...
  • 【30mph】77kv ,With Puaida's ESC , its running speed goes up to 30 mph...
  • 【Elastic PU】Black longboard wheel is made of high elastic PU material,...

The time has come to hang up that outdated hoverboard and switch it out for a new off road electric skateboard ! Off road electric skateboards can do everything a hoverboard – or even a traditional skateboard or longboard – can do, and more!

These new boards give you the best of both worlds: they come with a powerful motor that can easily propel you to speeds far beyond what could be reached on a traditional board, without forcing you to compromise comfort or control as you would on a front facing hoverboard. Welcome to the world of best mountain boards.

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View The Best Off-Road Skateboard Below

We’ve put together this guide to help you find the all-terrain, electric skateboard that is right for you. It includes six of our top picks as well as buyers’ tips.

1. MBS All-Terrain Longboard


Check Price on Amazon

If you’re looking for a top of the line electric offroad skateboard, look no further the MBS 10001 All Terrain Longboard. Its huge lithium battery gives it an unparalleled 31-mile range per charge and allows the user to choose between different modalities to optimize speed and control.

The redesigned  deck ensures a smooth, comfortable ride on any terrain, so you can off-road with total confidence.

+ 190mm Navigator Drone trucks guarantee precision turning
+ 100mm all-terrain longboard wheels are cast with 78A super-high-rebound urethane
+ Rubber shielded ABEC 9 bearings

Why We Liked It – You get a lot more than you pay for, since the price is way lower than the actual quality of the product.

2. Atom 90 MountainBoard


Check Price on Amazon

The Atom Longboards 91115 90 MountainBoard is easily one of the best options in the industry. In a group of ATS(All Terrain Skates) trucks. Comes with F1 bindings which are perfect for smaller feet. With 8 inches Diamond tread tire you can ride it on any surface possible. With Axle to Axcle lenght of 85.2 cm, it is pretty stable, and you will not have any problems in certain unapproachable terrains.

+ Designed for speed and long-term use
+ Designed for every surface possible
+ Massive pneumatic tires

Why We Like It – We like this electric skateboard because it’s one of the fastest choices we could find on the market. The massive tires are also a nice addition for those who go off-road.

3. MotoTec 1600W Off Road Electric Skateboard Dual Motor

Check Price on Walmart

Having two separate motors, one for each rear wheel, allows the board to turn but prevents it from twisting during acceleration, as well as better traction on dirt.

Intensity of extreme sports and classic thrill of skateboarding mixed together gives an unique experience. Large tires allows you to control every move you make with it, without losing flow of the ride itself. It is controlled using wireless, handheld remote control with three-speed variable control system.

+ Dual Engine
+ Fat tires
+ Smart remote
+ Great control
+ Stable to ride

Why We Liked It – Satisfaction that combination of power and control give you, makes  riding this skateboard awesome experience.

4. AZBO Off Road Electric Skateboard

AZBO Off Road Electric Skateboard

Check Price on Amazon

Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, the AZBO Off Road Electric Skateboard is a solid choice. It even comes with elbow pads, kneepads, and gloves to keep you safe along the journey. It includes massive pneumatic tires to allow you to cruise right over grass, dirt, concrete, and numerous other terrains.

The maximum speed on this board is 25 miles per hour, a perfect amount to get around the area quickly. It has a max capacity of 290 pounds, and it charges in as little as 3 hours from empty to full.

+ Perfect for going off-road
+ Includes safety gear for beginners
+ Max weight capacity of 290 pounds

Why We Like It – We like this product because it comes with everything you need to get started. Even if you’re used to riding electric skateboards, safety gear is always a good idea to try out.

5. AZBO Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control 

The AZBO Electric Longboard with remote control provides comfortable and responsive platform with unique shape it has. Rechargeable remote control allows you to have control over the longboard’s speed, breaking system, and battery capacity at any given moment, which is making your ride even more relaxed.

With dual-hub motor, that enables AZBO ES to go up to 17mph, and a 4.4 lithium battery which gets fully charged in just 2 hours, you will be amazed how smooth it speeds up, and act during skating.

+ Travels up to 17 miles per hour
+ Charging time 2 hours
+ Dual-hub motor

Why We Like It – What we liked the most is that driver has to worry only about the destination, everything else is controlled with precise remote control.

Off Road Electric Skateboard Buyers Guide

Electric mountain boards are becoming increasingly popular – and they’re not just being used as toys. Yes, they are certainly a big hit among teens and pre-teens, and they even have a wide base of adult recreational users. But more and more people are choosing to use all-terrain electric skateboards in their daily commutes. They are a relatively cheap, portable, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation, and they are especially popular in urban and sub-urban areas – and particularly popular in college towns.

Finding the right board can be tricky, especially for first-time buyers. There are often a lot of nuances and lingo that can be confusing to even the most experienced riders, and more than a little intimidating for those who are new to the culture. To help, we’ve broken down everything you’ll need to know and sorted it into three categories:

What Is an Off-Road Electric Skateboard?

First and foremost, it is important to understand exactly what an offroad electric skateboard is – and what it isn’t. It is not a hoverboard, which you ride facing forward and which typically has safety features that aid balance and limit speed. It also isn’t exactly a toy – the heavy duty, off-road boards can be much more dangerous than a traditional skateboard.

The average electric mountain board or longboard can go as fast as 25 mph and does not come with any balance or stability aide whatsoever. At 25 mph, the speed may not seem very fast from a vehicular perspective, but it is a pretty significant speed to be traveling without anything between you and the road – or other cars. For that reason, most electric longboards and skateboards are not recommended for children under 13 years of age. You will also want to wear protective gear when riding one; you’ll need a helmet at a minimum, but kneepads are also highly recommended.

What to Look for in an Off-Road Electric Skateboard

There are a million different types of boards out there, and every rider is looking for something a little different. You stand a much better chance of making a satisfied purchase if you first figure out exactly what you want the board to do and what terrain you want it to cover.

Riders who care most about speed will want to look for boards with solid, non-pneumatic tires – the trade-off with these is that they are not as well-suited for the rough or slippery terrain. These boards are best for those planning to use them in an urban environment.

For those who want a mountainboard or electric skateboard for all terrain, pneumatic tires and a quality suspension system are a must. You’ll want to look for boards with high-quality, rubber wheels and dense shocks to help keep you stable.

The final thing you will want to look at is the range, or how far the board can travel on one charge. The range can vary greatly between models, from as low as 10 miles per charge to well over 30. Generally, the higher quality the board, the better the range. It’s important to keep in mind how far you will need to travel. Before buying, calculate the average distances you’ll want to cover. Some boards have replaceable batteries, but most must be plugged in and charged.

Where to Buy an Off-Road Electric Skateboard

Make sure to do a little shopping around before you buy! There are many retailers who sell the same boards at vastly different prices; you might not need to shell out big bucks for a high-quality board. Amazon is a great place to check, but sporting goods stores and skate shops will also have a large selection. However, the prices are likely to be lowest on Amazon. Sometimes you can even buy directly from the manufacturer!

Another thing to be on the search for is copycat or mimic boards, which can allow you all the features of the higher-end electric mountain boards without the price tag. For instance, the Q Dream 25 MPH 2000W is exactly the same as the much more expensive Ninestep 2000W Mountainboard. It’s even made from the same manufacturer but sold at a fraction of the cost.

Another important factor of board shopping is when to buy. Demand – and prices – go up around Christmas and right before summer, just in time for the holidays and the return of nice weather. The best time to buy is late winter or early spring.

Luckily for you, we’ve reviewed the Blitzart electric skateboard right here!


Electric mountain boards are quickly becoming one of the most popular modes of personal transportation around the country and are projected to be one of the hottest gifts this season! Unlike their cousin the Hoverboard, they seem to be here to stay.

Motorized boards are so much more than a child’s toy or even a piece of sporting equipment; for many, they are a fun, environmentally conscious, and budget-friendly alternative to other modes of transportation.

They come in such a wide variety that there is sure to be one for every rider. From the long range, urban commuter to the dedicated electric mountain board or off-road enthusiast, electric skateboards have something to offer for everyone. It takes a little patience and research to find the one that is best for you, but all that effort is well worth it in the end.

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  • POWERFUL - UL 2272 certified 36v 7500mAh and 270Wh Lithium-Ion battery...
  • INTELLIGENT E-SKATEBOARD - Two seven color running LED safety light bars...
  • STURDY COMFORTABLE SECURE - The two layers of bamboo and six layers of...
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The LOU 1.0 electric skateboard is a sleek and versatile board that is highly maneuverable and suits different conditions. The board has a unique design and in-built technology that lets it stand out as a representation of the future of intuitive skateboarding.

Lou 1.0 - Compact Electric Skateboard

Check Price on Amazon

Packed with a 36V 2.2Ah battery that does not protrude on the underbelly, this board portrays a minimalist design that is tailored for those with taste. It is an electric skateboard but can run as a normal skateboard when the battery runs out. The battery can power the board for a range of 10-15km (6-9 miles). The Lithium-ion battery takes up to 2 hours to fully charge.

Weighing in at 4.8kg (10.6 lbs), this board is super light and compact making it easy to carry around as a travel companion. The wheels can be removed to help it fit in a backpack making its portability a key point of attraction.

Want something bigger? Try the Blitzart 700W electric longboard/skateboard.

This board has tapped into modern technology to feature IP54 Water Resistance which enables you to ride in the rain and other wet conditions without inflicting damage to the electrical components.

With a single powerful 1.5 kW motor, the Lou 1.0 electric skateboard was built not only for speed but for reliability and range. It can cruise at speeds of 28km/h (17 mph) and conquer inclines of 8-12 degrees.

Want a bigger option? The Liftboard Single Motor Electric skateboard is great!

The Lou 1.0 electric skateboard comes with a remote that enables the rider to control speed and brakes as well as reversing. An accompanying app allows you to customize the speed settings, update hardware, monitor battery temperature view nearby users and engage troubleshooting in case of a hitch. The remote is easy to use and is compatible with the LOU smartphone app. This helps you to customize your riding experience to your own taste. The board is loaded with a one year warranty on the battery and motor plus a two-year warranty on the non-electronic components of the board.

The body is made of carbon fiber making the board strong, durable and at the same time ultra light for maneuverability.

The board is versatile in terms of customization with options to replace the deck plate and the wheels.

The Lou 1.0 electric skateboard has been able to bring to the market a revolutionary board that is compact but has the capability to cruise at amazing speeds and offers the rider the flexibility to engage in some cool tricks. This combination of efficient transportation with the freedom and fun of skateboarding is a niche that Lou 1.0 has captured.

With the possibility of continuing to ride manually after the battery has drained, the Lou 1.0 shows that it is a powerful board that will keep going until you get to your destination.

The board’s 1.5 kW motor is powerful yet works silently you will be mistaken for riding a non-electric skateboard. The only sound you will hear while riding this board is the rush of the wind.

This board has a carbon fiber body that is durable and can withstand extreme conditions and usage. The material is strong and also lightweight. The battery is embedded within the body’s build and does not protrude from the underbelly. This ensures that the battery is well protected and there is enough ground clearance when riding on uneven terrain.

It is also water resistant meaning that you can ride in any type of weather. This board has tapped into modern technology to feature IP54 Water Resistance which enables you to ride in the rain and other wet conditions without inflicting damage to the electrical components. 

Key Features

Deck Design

The deck is sleek and made of durable Polyurethane. The body is made of carbon fiber making the board strong, durable and at the same time ultra light for maneuverability. The battery is hidden into the build and does not protrude from the underbelly. This gives the board a beautiful uncluttered look and ensures enough ground clearance for riding on uneven surfaces.

Lightweight and Portable

Weighing in at 4.8kg (10.6 lbs) and measuring 66cm Long, 26cm Wide and 13cm High, this board is super light and compact making it easy to carry around as a travel companion. The wheels can be removed to help it fit in a backpack making its portability a key point of attraction.


 The board has 80mm 78A replaceable wheels. The tires are made of polyurethane and the tire hardness is rated 78A. The urethane quality of these tires is exceptional and this ensures a smooth ride on rough surfaces.

Manual ride

The board can run as a normal skateboard when the battery runs out. The fact that it ultra lightweight and can work without power is a big plus. 

Remote Control

The Lou 1.0 electric skateboard comes with a remote that enables the rider to control speed and brakes as well as reversing. An accompanying app allows you to customize the speed settings, update hardware, monitor battery temperature view nearby users and engage troubleshooting in case of a hitch.


With a 1.5 kW motor, this board can cover a range of 10-15km (6-9 miles) on a single charge. The board is strong enough to carry a rider weighing up to 120kg (265 lbs).


With a single powerful 1.5 kW motor, the Lou 1.0 electric skateboard was built not only for speed but for reliability and range. It can cruise at speeds of 28km/h (17 mph).

Hill Climbing

The Lou 1.0 electric skateboard can conquer inclines of 8-12 degrees.


This board sports a Lithium-ion 36V 2.2Ah battery that can provide power for a distance of 10-15km (6-9 miles). The battery takes 2 hours to fully charge. The battery is embedded in the board’s body where it is protected from damage.

Water resistance IP54

This board has tapped into modern technology to feature IP54 Water Resistance which enables you to ride in the rain and other wet conditions without inflicting damage to the electrical components.

Customizable via App

A mobile app allows you to customize the speed settings, update hardware, monitor battery temperature view nearby users and engage troubleshooting in case of a hitch.


The board has a single powerful 1.5 kW motor that can cruise at speeds of 28km/h (17 mph) and conquer inclines of 8-12 degrees.

Interchangeable deck plate

The deck plate can be replaced for other styles suitable to your taste.


  • The board has a motor that does not produce noise. It is a quiet sleek board that one can ride anonymously.
  • The mobile app pairs with the board to allow you to tweak acceleration and breaking. You can also control the speed and view the total distance traveled.
  • Weighing 5.5 kg, the board is ultra light and can be easily carried around.


  • The Deck is very stiff resulting in a very bumpy ride.

Who Is It Suitable For?

The Lou 1.0 electric skateboard is suitable for riders who are stylish and are attracted to a board that is compact, easy to carry and fast enough to get them to their destination. This is also a good fit for tech-savvy riders who can have fun tweaking the board using the mobile app.

This board can also be used by skateboarders looking for the thrill of speed or those who want to commute to work or for leisure. It is a versatile board that offers plenty of fun and can be multi-functional. 

Why We Like It

We like the Lou 1.0 electric skateboard because of its design and functionality.  The fact that it can be used for different purposes, and the convenience of its portability, combine to make it a stylish yet practical accessory for today’s discerning commuter.

This board uses technology and power to deliver a package that is sleek and clearly maneuverable to give any rider the flexibility to cruise through tight spaces.

The 1.5 kW motor helps the board to cruise at speeds of 28km/h (17 mph) and conquer inclines of 8-12 degrees. Covering a distance of 10-15km (6-9 miles) on a single charge of the 36V 2.2Ah Lithium-ion battery, this electric skateboard is in a class of its own.

The LOU is capable of performing as both an electric skateboard and a manual skateboard. This gives the rider the flexibility to continue riding even after the battery has run of charge.

The 36V 2.2Ah battery is packed inside the Polyurethane deck making it invisible. This gives the board a sleek design. The motor functions efficiently and in a silent way.

The Lou 1.0 features IP54 Water Resistance which enables riders to use it in wet conditions without the risk of damage.

It is a lightweight board that is easy to carry and small enough to be the ideal travel companion.

The board is easy to use and comes with a remote compatible with the LOU smartphone app which helps you customize the riding experience.

The Lou 1.0 electric skateboard is, therefore, a revolutionary board that delivers effective transportation with the fun side of skateboarding.

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The world of electric skateboards is always growing. Since there’s been such a large growth in popularity over the last few years, companies have had to combat the need for more and more futuristic designs. Instead of just being a cool toy to have that works for a couple miles and goes a little faster than walking, electric skateboards and longboards are now becoming a much more reliable method of transportation.

The problem is that with a higher demand comes more issues to encounter. What could a company possibly do to make an electric skateboard any more useful than it already is? Luckily, Swagtron has faced the problem and conquered it time and time again. Swagtron is known for creating some of the most futuristic electric skateboards, trikes, and hoverboards for the last few years.

We decided to find out for ourselves how they were going to make a better board after so many cool advancements have already been made. When we came across the Swagboard Spectra Advanced Electric Cruiser Skateboard, we couldn’t believe our eyes. It’s controlled and monitored on an app on your mobile phone, it has AI technology that learns the way you turn and accelerate, and it’s made out of incredibly durable carbon fiber!

You’re probably wondering how you can find out more about this Swagtron electric board, right? Well, don’t worry. We’re not going to leave you to do the research, we’ve done it all for you!

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Key Features

Powerful Motor & Battery

The battery and motor is something that definitely shouldn’t be passed up on the Swagboard Spectra Advanced Cruiser Skateboard. It has a 12.4-mile distance limit, which overshadows many of its competitors. While many other brands can’t achieve half of that distance, the Swagboard has no problem moving well over their limits. Another model that is generous with its distance is the Blitzart electric skateboard we have reviewed.

Not only that, but the charge time is much shorter than many other models as well. It only takes 90 to 120 minutes to charge this electric skateboard up all the way so you can hit the road again. Many other models require a 10 hour charge time, which is far too much, especially when compared to the newer technology in this board. Interested in other models? Try the Juiced electric skateboard here.

At 15.5 miles per hour, this electric skateboard can cruise down the streets no problem. For such a small board and motor, this is actually very impressive. A lot of other models that have higher speed limits come with much more bulky motors, which is not only ugly in appearance but it actually adds to the weight. More weight on the motor means more stress when moving uphill. Speaking up going uphill, this longboard can go uphill at angles of up to 15 degrees, which is pretty steep if you ask us!

Durable and Long-Lasting

One of the greatest concerns when buying an electric skateboard or longboard is the longevity. Obviously, you want your investment to last more than a year or two, which we agree with 100%. Well, with the Swagboard you don’t have to worry at all. It’s made out of carbon fiber, which is one of the most durable materials to make a skateboard out of.

Carbon fiber is a perfect choice for these boards for a number of reasons. Not only is it incredibly durable, but it’s also very lightweight. As we said earlier, more weight means more stress on the motor. Less weight obviously means less stress on the motor, which is exactly what you want! With a lighter weight on the deck, you’ll be able to go much further, which is partially why you’re able to go up to 12.4 miles per charge.

Another impressive durability trait of this electric skateboard is the battery. We already touched on the battery a little bit, but we didn’t happen to mention that it’s a lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion lasts much longer than pretty much any other battery on the market, which is fantastic news for you! Li-ion also charges much quicker, which allows you to hit the road as soon as possible.

Futuristic Design

We mentioned the importance of constantly making improvements in the industry of electric boards. It’s hard to advance the technology in a product that’s already so far ahead of its time, but Swagtron managed to find several areas to improve on.

For starters, they added an app that allows you to control and monitor your Swagboard. Not only is this incredibly convenient since you already have your phone on you, but it’s also nice because it’s one less thing to lose. When you have your phone on with the app going, you know exactly where it is. Everyone keeps their phone in their pocket, so you never have to worry about stuffing a big remote in there too whenever you’re not using the board.

On top of that, Swagtron added a multi-colored LED light on the skateboard to allow you to be seen at night. Many people have trouble seeing skateboarders at night because a skateboard is typically dark in color. However, with these controllable LED lights, you’ll be bright as day to anyone on the road or on the sidewalk.


+ Made of durable carbon fiber, which is lightweight and incredibly strong. It’s also nice to have a carbon fiber board because it doesn’t corrode or rust from the rain, and it can’t really break from misuse, unlike wood.

+ The app that works on your mobile phone for the Swagboard is incredibly useful because you don’t have to worry about carrying another accessory with you wherever you go. You always have your phone in your pocket, and probably your keys and/or your wallet. You shouldn’t have to add another remote!

+ These boards are small and compact, which makes them easy to store. You don’t have to worry about clearing any room out in the garage for this one. In addition to that, a smaller board means lighter weight, which is nice when you have to go into a store, school, or work.

+ The added LED lights are a great safety feature that helps you warn oncoming cars and foot traffic of your presence. Instead of having to carry a flashing or wear a headlight, the LED lights on this board allow you to cruise around in comfort.


– 15 miles per hour is much less than some other models. While some models can reach up to 30+ miles per hour, there are law restrictions in many areas that don’t even let you ride that fast, which makes this one not too much of a downside.

– Some riders don’t like having a board that’s so small. It’s only large enough for two feet, and not much else. However, many reviewers have stated that they’ve gotten used to the issue, and even prefer it now over a normal skateboard’s length.

Who is it Suitable For?

These electric skateboards are suitable for anyone looking for a better method of transportation. They’re perfectly compact enough to store at the workplace or at school, and in some cases, you can hook them to your backpack. Since they’re made out of carbon fiber, they’re very lightweight and easy to carry.

On top of that, they go for over 12 miles, which is perfect for travel within your city. Even if work is 4 miles away, you can get there and back with many miles to spare. You can also charge it up at work or school for less than 2 hours, which is an amazingly short charge time compared to a lot of other electric boards.

Why We Like It

When we first saw the compact design of the Swagboard, we didn’t really know how we felt about it. A lot of other skateboards are obviously much longer and a little bit wider, so this one seemed a little bit out of character. After checking out all the reviews and tests, we knew that it was a unique item.

At the start of the article, we mentioned that these electric skateboard companies are having trouble matching the demand for constantly new and unique products. Well, Swagtron had no problem producing such a product. It was hard to believe in at first, but after seeing it in use, we realize how advanced of a board it truly is.

Not only that, but it comes with the futuristic use of a mobile app paired with LED lights for safety. Both of these features are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, which makes this Swagboard a much have for any electric skateboard enthusiast.

Alternative Product

Atom Electric B10 Skateboard

The Atom Electric B10 Skateboard is an excellent alternative for anyone looking at a slightly cheaper model with a smaller range. You can only go 7 miles before needing to recharge on the B10, but it also has the advantage of being made of all wood as well as being longer and a little bit wider than the Swagboard. For those of you that have a shorter commute, the B10 is definitely worth the investment. Check out the Atom H16D carbon electric longboard as an alternative.

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Electric skateboards are constantly advancing in a way that most other industries can’t keep up with. There’s always some new feature here or there that keeps making these boards super exciting to learn more about and ride around town. They’re getting very popular due to their longer battery life and reliable speed that many boards used to not have when they first came out a few years ago.

One of these new age products is the M1 Electric Skateboard. The M1 board is a beautifully crafted, futuristic technological leap in action sports. It’s an amazing creation that has true dedication to perfection in every detail that many other companies seem to avoid to touch on. From the durable wheels down to the core of the M1 board, you’ll get a trustworthy and reliable deck that never fails to amaze.

Instead of leaving you with all these amazing bits of information without giving you the full set of details, we’ll go ahead and show you all the key features you need to know about this unique electric skateboard. We’ve done all the research we could through all the blogs, reviews, videos, and websites to find all the little-known details of this electric skateboard.

The M1 Electric Skateboard has all of its reviewers going crazy with excitement due to its ease of use, which almost trains you in the most comfortable way possible. What’s even better is the fact that it allows you to choose how you want it to be controlled. Still interested? Read on!

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Key Features

Controlling Your Electric Board

One of the coolest features about the M1 electric board is the controlling methods. While every electric skateboard or longboard comes with a wireless remote, not all of them connect to your phone with an app. The M1 board has a pretty impressive app that lets you control everything on your board, including acceleration, deceleration, braking, battery life, and more! It’s pretty crazy to think that an app can control a skateboard, but we just have to keep reminding ourselves that the future is now!

The wireless remote that comes with the M1 Electric Skateboard is very impressive as well. It’s incredibly ergonomic, and it wraps around your hand to prevent you from dropping it. Many other brands, in fact most others, don’t include any anti-dropping mechanism. Why wouldn’t they allow you to protect the one thing guiding you while you’re moving over 20 miles per hour? Luckily, the M1 board’s remote does protect you!

With the combination of the wireless remote and the smartphone app, you’ll always have a method of controlling your board. These two bits are just some of the many futuristic upgrades that the electric skateboard industry is seeing. However, there are plenty more along the way – like this Blink electric skateboard we have reviewed.

Motor & Battery

The motor on the M1 Electric Skateboard is one of the most impressive batteries on the market. It allows you to go up to 22 miles per hour, or 35 km/h. This range is the perfect middle ground that gives you the comfort of being able to control a quick-moving board without going too fast. At the same time, you’re able to get around from place to place without being too slow to get there. The motor on this electric board is definitely one of its high points.

The lithium-ion battery that comes with this board is also a great feature. Lithium-ion is well-known for longevity, since it outlasts all other types of non-commercial batteries in the world. Li-ion also charges much quicker, and has a longer overall lifespan. In fact, the M1 board’s battery charges in only 90 minutes, which is much quicker than any other electric board on the market with the same speed.

You’re probably wondering how long the battery lasts though, right? Well, it stays charged up to 7 miles, which is plenty enough to get around town and back without having to worry about a recharge. Even if you do end up having to charge, it only takes an hour and a half to fully charge up! Don’t worry about sudden dying battery life though, since your phone app will tell you when you’re due for a new charge.

Durability Throughout

Another impressive feature for the M1 Electric Skateboard is the durability. They’re very proud and confident in the construction of their products, as they should be. Starting from the core, this board is made with solid poplar wood, which is well-known to withstand all kinds of harsh environments. Poplar wood is some of the hardest wood in the entire world, which obviously means it’s a great choice to keep your board from snapping in half like other woods do!

With PU sidewalls and a fiberglass overlay, this deck is the ultimate machine. Many other brands skimp on the construction of the board to either lower costs or raise their profit margin, but the M1 electric board doesn’t cut any corners whatsoever. A cheap board simply ends in bad reviews and unsatisfied customers, none of which the M1 board has.

If you’re still worried about a car hitting your board or even you while you’re riding it, this board comes with LED lights on the front and back to prevent that from happening. Although it’s not really a durability feature, it’s an added layer to prevent any harm from coming to you or your board.


+ The M1 Electric Skateboard uses a pretty impressive motor that gets you up to speeds of 22 miles per hour, or 35 km/h. If you’re trying to get around town or simply have some fun, there’s no better way to move quicker and get some fresh air without breaking a sweat.

+ The LED lights on this electric board helps show foot traffic and driving cars where you are. Skateboards are very hard to see, especially when you’re driving a car and can’t see that low. However, nobody could miss the bright lights that come from this board.

+ The poplar core combined with a fiberglass wrap is the ultimate construction build out of almost any electric skateboard or electric longboard that we’ve seen. It’s rare to find a board that isn’t made with at least a little bit of cheap materials, so it’s nice to see such solid craftsmanship.

+ The double remote system allows you to choose how you want to ride around on your skateboard. If you’re more of a smartphone person who needs no learning curve to get the hang of riding these boards, then this is an awesome feature!


– The fact that the lithium-ion battery on the M1 electric board only lasts for 7 miles can be a little bit of a let down for some people. Many other boards go well over 10 miles per charge. However, the battery with this board charges almost twice as fast as those other boards, so it’s a fair trade off.

– At 14.5 pounds, this board is a little bit heavier than a lot of the other brands. However, with such a solid construction of poplar wood and fiberglass, you have to expect a little bit of a higher overall weight.

Who is it Suitable For?

The M1 Electric Skateboard is suitable for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and wants to find an alternative method to get around. Sometimes driving a car and sitting the whole time can be a bit boring. For those of you who enjoy being much more interactive with your methods of transportation, electric skateboards are a huge source of fun and a great way to get around. Not only that, but they’re always much cheaper than a new car, that’s for sure! You may also be interested in the Riptide electric skateboard.

Why We Liked It

We like the M1 Electric Skateboard so much because it’s very well-built and designed to protect you and your investment. The fact that it has LED lights, a solid poplar wood core, and hardened fiberglass shows us that this company truly cares about the rider and their safety. It’s very rare to find so many protective features in an electric skateboard or longboard without sacrificing on the battery or the motor, so this is nice for a change.

Alternative Product

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Controller

If you’re looking to step your game up to the next level, or you know you really want to get into the electric boarding scene, then the SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard is definitely worth investigating. It features a maximum speed of 25 miles and hour, which is incredibly fast compared to most other electric boards on the market. It also has a 20-mile max range per single charge, which is honestly one of the best we’ve ever heard of.

The SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard is a huge improvement in the electric boarding industry, and it’s definitely one that we’re very happy to see. We’re always impressed by the up and coming newest modern age technology that companies keep throwing into these boards, and this one is a huge leap above most!

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With all of the different electric skateboards on the market, it can be difficult to find the right one for you. We love researching all of the reviews we come across in order to find the best electric boards around. There are all kinds of unique and impressive additions being made to electric longboards and skateboards, and we always try to stay on top of things.

When we first came across the Riptide Electric Longboard, we knew it would be a huge hit. Riptide has been known to produce high-quality and entertaining products in the action sports industry. Once we caught a glimpse of the Riptide long, we weren’t surprised at all by how incredibly energy-efficient and quick it went. These attributes always come with a Riptide product!

What did surprise us was how compact it was, and how smoothly it rides. Most electric skateboards are a little bit longer and wider than a regular skateboard. They have to fit a bulky battery underneath, which requires a little bit more room. However, the Riptide electric board remains thin and just as short as a regular skateboard. We were worried at first that it might affect the battery’s longevity, but rest assured, the battery is incredible!

Instead of leaving you with all these little teasers about the Riptide Electric Skateboard, we did all of the research we could and compiled it into this article. If you want to know all about the impressive features and energy-efficiency packed into this board, then read on!

Like this? We think you’ll love the M1 electronic skateboard.

Key Features

Battery & Motor

One of the first things we usually like to talk about with these electric boards is the motor and the battery. If your board doesn’t have a good battery or motor, then you’re in for a huge disappointment. After all, what’s a fancy electric skateboard if it only lasts a mile? Believe it or not, they used to all have issues like that. Or they wouldn’t go past 8 miles an hour, one of the two.

However, the impressive motor on the Riptide Electric Skateboard gets the board up to 18 miles per hour! Obviously, it’s a much better turn out that the original boards that were being produced. There’s not much of a need to go any faster than 18 miles per hour, so we’re pretty content with the quality of this motor.

The battery on the Riptide Electric board is also pretty outstanding. It can carry you up to 7 miles per charge, which is more than you need to get around town. Not only that, but the quick charger gets the job done in less than 2 hours. Not many modern chargers can do that, even with all the advancements made in the industry, like the Maxfind board we reviewed.

Ergonomic Remote

You’ll need a wireless remote in order to pilot the Riptide Electric Skateboard. Don’t worry though, it comes with a pretty slick ergonomic remote that fits perfectly in your hand. Stop carrying around a brick-like remote and get ready for ultimate comfort while riding on one of these boards. Your investment should always include comfort, and this one does.

The wireless remote for this board features 3 different modes. There’s a beginner mode that takes it slow and teaches you the ropes. Nobody expects you to be an expert immediately! The next mode is eco-friendly and helps your battery life last a lot longer by reducing maximum speed and acceleration. The final mode is full-force. The 1800 watt releases its full power and lets you take the reins. This isn’t for the beginner, of course! Once you’re all prepared and trained up, mode 3 is sure to impress!

What’s great about this remote (other than the 3 modes) is the fact that it charges up super quickly and it’s meant for the user. What we mean by this is that it’s ergonomic, has 3 modes for you specifically, and it’s quick-reacting which is very important when going at higher speeds, especially when you aren’t familiar with it yet!

Made with the Rider in Mind

While it’s not uncommon to see helpful remotes, powerful motors, or long-lasting batteries, what is rare is a board made for the user. It seems crazy to think that all of these electric skateboards being produced don’t think about one of the main things that people like to do one skateboard: Tricks! Skateboarders love doing tricks obviously, which is why the Riptide Electric Skateboard has a special curve at the end of it.

The curve at the end of the board helps your foot positioning when jumping up onto the sidewalk as well as giving an elevation boost to other tricks. Another cool feature that’s made for the rider is the two handles positioned on both sides of the board. These handles help you pick up the board with ease, which makes walking around while carrying it a whole lot simpler.


+ Ergonomic wireless remote that helps you guide yourself along with ease. With 3 modes to choose from, you’ll have no problem getting used to the Riptide board at your own pace. You can also stay energy-efficient and get a longer battery life with the eco-mode.

+ The powerful 1800 watt motor is bigger than most other electric boards that we’ve seen! It can bring you up to 18 miles per hour, which is also very impressive. Uphill, downhill, tricks, nothing is a problem for this motor.

+ This electric board is made with the user in mind. With a handle on either side and a slight curve at the end, you can do all the tricks you want and then carry it away when you’re ready to call it a day.

+ The compact design of the Riptide board is an awesome feature because it’s so much easier to bring with you. Even riding it is easier for most people because it’s the same familiar shape and size of a normal skateboard.


– 7 miles is definitely not the greatest performance out of a battery when compared to some of the other brands. However, you can buy a separate battery for the Riptide, which brings you up to 14 miles!

– For some users, getting used to a compact board might be difficult. Although it’s the same size as a regular skateboard, some people find it harder to use because a wider stance is generally easier with a faster speed that comes with these electric boards.

Who is it Suitable For?

The Riptide Electric Skateboard is suitable for anyone looking to cruise around at a much quicker pace. It’s always fun to ride an electric skateboard, and the 3 settings on the remote make it super easy to learn. These boards are also great for an alternative method of transportation. Not only do you get around much faster, but it’s also much better for the environment.

With so many people driving cars and putting gas pollution into the atmosphere, having a few people ride electric vehicles can make a serious dent in a major issue that so many ignore. If you’re trying to find a better way to travel around town to make a better impact on the world by reducing your carbon footprint, then electric skateboards are the way to go!

Why We Like It

Having an electric board that gets up to 18 miles per hour is awesome. It’s all about having fun while being efficient with energy and getting to places you need to be. This isn’t some light-up music-playing fancy toy, it’s all about business. However, business needs a little bit of fun sometimes, which is why having the tilt on the end of the deck to practice some cool tricks is an awesome additional feature.

The little extra features like the ergonomic wireless remote and the super dense and wide tires are just additional points that make the Riptide an even better deal in our eyes. You don’t want to burn down your tires too fast, which is totally possible when you’re going as fast as these boards will take you. Luckily, the Riptide board has wheels made specifically for this type of constant wear and tear, so you’re all covered.

Additional Product

Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ Standard Range Electric Skateboard

If you’re looking for the next step up from the Riptide, the Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ Standard Range Electric Skateboard boasts a few features that make it one of the most sought-after electric skateboards on the market. For starters, it boasts a 22 mile per hour speed limit, which is 4 higher than that of the Riptide. It also has a 2000 watt motor, which is 200 watts more than the Riptide.

We love both the Riptide and the Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ Standard Range Electric Skateboard. Both of them have pros over the other. For instance, the Riptide electric skateboard has a much more compact design, which a lot of riders prefer, as well as an ergonomic remote. The Boosted 2nd Gen board has a higher speed and a longer lasting battery. Both of them are great boards, and it’s up for you to decide which has the better pros for your situation!

Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ Standard Range Electric Skateboard

Check Price on Amazon

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