UGG Snow Boots Adirondack Review

Last updated 16. January 2020

When the leaves start to fall off the trees, and when you feel that familiar change in the air that indicates fall has arrived – then it is time to start looking through your winter gear, to make sure you have everything.

Once it gets colder, your beloved Chuck Taylor’s probably won’t be enough to keep your feet comfortable and warm, meaning you will need a pair of high-quality snow boots. The UGG Adirondack Snow Boots offer both comfort and style, and they are a great option for any fashion-forward woman who values staying warm in winter.

When you think of UGG Snow Boots, you probably envision a very specific model. Did you know that there are several different models to choose from and that this stylish winter boot is one of them? It is made with real leather and a synthetic sole – ideal for walking on snow, ice and slippery surfaces, and it has insoles and a cozy 17mm wool lining.

This waterproof bootie keeps you dry and warm throughout the day thanks to the durable material and the 7-inch shaft height, and the non-wicking nylon lace allows for easy tying and a snug fit. Get these snow boots in Black, Chestnut or Sand.

UGG Snow Boots Adirondack

ugg snow boots adirondack

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Key Features

The outsole of these snowboots has been updated to better withstand the elements, and it is made with spider rubber – known to remain flexible and comfy also as the degrees begin to drop. The colder it gets, the more the traction and the comfort increases, so that you can enjoy a day out also when it is freezing.

The material is waterproof and easy to keep clean and weighs less than your average snow boot. The longer shaft makes these perfect for being out in the snow, too, since you won’t have to worry about suddenly feeling cold water run down your ankles as you walk.

It isn’t just the exterior that makes these boots what they are, as they are also lined with thick wool – designed and placed strategically to keep your feet warm, and the cushioning insole lifts you up from the ground and isolates the foot from the cold that would otherwise make its way into the boots.

The Adirondack boot has a cold-weather rating ranging from -4˚F to -25.6˚F (-20˚C to -32˚C), which means they are likely the only snow boots you will need to make it through the winter, regardless of where you live.


+ Cuffable shaft
+ 17mm UggPure Sheep Wool
+ Dual-density Eva Midsole
+ Waterproof spider rubber


– Sizes run somewhat small

Who Is It Suitable For?

These boots are made for women, meaning they might be slightly too slim for a man to wear, but other than that – they are made for anyone who enjoys spending time outside during the winter! Use them for taking early morning dog walks in the snow, for when you take the kids to the park, take them when going shopping or wear them to work!

It can be hard to find snow boots that are both comfortable, warm, waterproof and nice-looking, but UGG has found the perfect combination for someone who wants to be able to wear their new boots everywhere they go.

You might want to consider sizing up, either half a size or one size, as many users report these boots running a little small, but it generally depends on how much extra space you want to have for warm wool socks and such. These UGG boots are designed to go with any personal style and taste, and you can always choose the color option you like best.

Why We Like Them

Just by looking at these gorgeous quality snow boots, it isn’t hard to see why they have become so popular! Our favorite thing about them is the superior comfort they offer, both for walking and for spending time outside, and how they keep you warm also in freezing temperatures.

As if that wasn’t enough, these UGG Adirondack boots let you look your best during the winter months, and they add that little detail to your winter outfit that will have people look twice. You shouldn’t have to choose between comfort and style, and with these UGG boots – you don’t have to. Don’t be surprised if people start asking you where you got them!

Alternative Product

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UGG Women's Adirondack II Winter Boot

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