10 Best Wheelchair Ramps in 2021

Last updated 04. January 2021

Being in a wheelchair is something some individuals get used to already when they are little, and others get to learn later on in life. Everyone who has ever used a wheelchair has probably noticed how hard it can be to get around at times, often due to public spaces not being properly equipped with wheelchair ramps and other helpful assets. Society still has a long way to go before it can be considered 100% inclusive and handicap accessible, but there has been progress in recent years. In the meantime, for anyone using a wheelchair or for a business that would like to make their facilities more handicap accessible – this wheelchair- and handicap ramps are durable options that are worth considering.

Mobility wheelchair ramps for homes, outdoor spaces and business are great for improving accessibility, because having easy access to the places where you want to go shouldn’t be a luxury – it should be everybody’s right.

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1. Prairie View Industries SFW330

Prairie View Industries SFW330

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This foldable outdoor wheelchair ramp for your home is both practical and great looking, and it has anti-slip material covering the whole base to make sure you can use it safely also on rainy days or in challenging weather conditions.

It folds up like a suitcase for easy transport and storage, and the welded construction guarantees quality and durability so that you can use the ramp for many years to come. This wheelchair ramp for your home and public spaces can hold up to 800lbs, at a time, and makes it easy to get up and down for both wheelchairs and different makes of electric scooters like E-Wheels EW36.


+ 800lbs of weight capacity

+ Foldable and easy to carry

+ Sleek and simple design

+ Anti-slip material on the base

Why We Liked It – The overall design is very simplistic, which shows that the manufacturers have focused on function rather than the exterior, which we feel is a great sign. The maximum weight capacity is high compared to some other commercial products, and it can be stored away easily when not in use.

2. Drive Medical Single Fold

Drive Medical Single Fold

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These Drive Medical Single Fold safety ramps for wheelchairs are lightweight and easy to carry, and they have a suitcase design where you fold them right down the middle, secure it, and carry it with the attached handle. There is a practical carry bag included when you purchase one of these mobility ramps, which comes in handy when traveling with it in the car or when wanting to store it away in the closet.

Small perforated holes in the base allow water to go right through instead of gathering on the flat surface, making these Drive Medical Single Fold aluminum wheelchair ramps for home use safe also on rainy days. The Drive Medical Single Fold ramp comes in a variety of lengths, and the ramp measuring 3” can be angled to give up to a 6” vertical rise in surface height, as an example. The total weight capacity is 600lbs, which is more than enough to be able to carry most wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and their users.


+ Carrying bag included

+ Lightweight and foldable design

+ For wheelchairs and also as a ramp for mobility scooters

+ Perforated holes for drainage

Why We Liked It – Many wheelchair ramp users need for their ramps to be portable so that they can bring them places where ramps might not be available, and this mobility aid here is both lightweight, has an attached handle and comes with an included carrying bag.

3. Prairie View Industries TH1032

Prairie View Industries TH1032

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Even small things such as thresholds can be an obstacle when you move about in a wheelchair, and these aluminum wheelchair ramps are the perfect solution to that. They are made to be placed over thresholds or small obstacles, to allow you or the person you are accompanying to easily get past them.

These threshold ramps have anti-slip material to ensure safe usage, drilled holes in the corner where the included hardware can be used to attach it to the surface where it will be used, and it is extremely easy to take along for trips or outings where thresholds and similar might present an issue. Having one of these small ramps for wheelchairs will make moving around a whole lot easier, as well as more enjoyable.


+ For small obstacles and thresholds

+ Anti-slip material for safety

+ Holes for securely attaching it in doorways

+ Easy to transport and move around

Why We Liked It – For those who have never been in a wheelchair or dependent on an all-terrain knee scooter, thresholds might be something that hasn’t even crossed their minds. They do, however, present an obstacle for those who move around on wheels, and these small but extremely durable threshold ramps can make life at home a lot less complicated.

4. Titan Ramps Multifold

Titan Ramps Multifold

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This stylish looking heavy-duty aluminum wheelchair multifold ramp folds up right at the middle and turns into a suitcase-like structure that can be carried with its soft nylon handle. This Titan multifold wheelchair ramp is a versatile handicap ramp for your home that can be used indoors and outdoors, this folding ramp has a slip-resistant surface and can handle the weight of up to 600lbs.

The metal wheelchair folding ramp is sturdy enough for most wheelchairs and even these electric mobility scooters but should not be used for walking up and down, for safety reasons. The Titan multifold wheelchair ramp is made of aluminum and weighs about 40lbs all and all.


+ For indoor and outdoor use

+ Wide and suitable for big wheelchairs

+ 600lbs weight limit

+ Suitcase-like folding-function

Why We Like It – A great multifold ramp for wheelchair users that are looking for a sturdy mobility aid that will last for years, regardless of whether you plan to use it outdoors or indoors.

5. EZ-ACCESS Transitions Modular Entity

EZ-ACCESS Transitions Modular Entity

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Weighing only 10lbs, this aluminum handicap modular ramp is perfect for traveling and for taking along for outings and day trips. The EZ-ACCESS aluminum modular ramp helps a wheelchair user to get up and down from curbs, for raised landings and much more, and it is made to make small obstacles easier to overcome in your everyday life.

This aluminum modular ramp works perfectly for placing outside the front door if the threshold is a little high and can be moved from place to place within a matter of seconds. These threshold ramps are extremely lightweight wheelchair ramps and come in a variety of lengths and two separate presentations.


+ For small and inconvenient obstacles an raised landings

+ Two different presentations

+ More than one ramp length option

+ Weighs only 10lbs

Why We Like It – Perfect to keep in the car, to carry around in a backpack or to bring with you when you travel, thanks to it only weighs 10lbs! This aluminum modular ramp is a mobility ramp that can be used everywhere and anywhere, and it is small enough to be stored away when not in use.

6. Prairie View Industries ATH1232

Prairie View Industries ATH1232

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Similar to above-listed access ramp and made with grooved aluminum that is slip-proof for safety. You can get a pack of one, two or three handicap access ramps, depending on how many you need, and they are low enough to go under swinging doors and similar. The secret to this is the adjustable height, where the supporting piece can be angled to properly fit whatever obstacle you wish to get past.

Not only are these wheelchair access ramps portable and lightweight, but they are also incredibly handy when getting around the house and in and out of buildings.


+ No-slip grooved aluminum

+ Sold in packs with 1, 2 or 3

+ Adjustable height and angle

+ Hardware included for secure attachment

Why We Like It – The best thing about these wheelchair ramps is that the height and angle can be adjusted with the adjustable supporting legs, making it easy to get the perfect fit.

7. Ruedaman MR107-8

Ruedaman MR107-8

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This FDA certified safety wheelchair ramp works great for getting a wheelchair into the back of a truck or large car, for getting up on the front porch, a high curb, for short stairs and much more, and they are approved for use both outdoors or indoors, as well as for all types of weather.

These types of ramps for wheelchairs are made to have a telescoping effect, which means they can be extended or shortened depending on your needs and requirements.


+ FDA approved

+ Telescope effect for an adjustable ramp length

+ Stainless steel locking mechanisms

+ Drilled holes to drain water

Why We Like It – One of these handicap scooter and wheelchair ramps for home use can be adjusted to fit several different spaces, which means you won’t have to buy more than one even if you need to get up and down from spaces and platforms with variating height.

8. Titan Entry with Handrails

Titan Entry with Handrails

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The rails added to this outdoor scooter and wheelchair ramps make it safe and easy to use for wheelchair- and mobility scooter users and this entry ramp is sturdy enough to hold up to 850lbs – which is a higher weight capacity than most other similar safety products.

This Titan entry ramp is a solid ramp for wheelchairs and other mobility devices (such as walkers), and it is also safe to walk up with a cane or crutches. The practical handrails can be removed if needed for easier transport, and it only takes a couple of minutes to screw them back on with two large and secure bolts.


+ Handrails for safe usage

+ 850lbs weight capacity

+ Solid and slip-proof base

+ Easy and quick to assemble

Why We Like It – Steeper home wheelchair ramps should always have a handrail for safety, and this Titan entry ramp is both sturdy enough not to wobble or move around, and it can carry up to 850lbs!

9. Prairie View Industries SL336

Prairie View Industries SL336

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This reliable ramp for wheelchair access is wide and comes in three different ramp length varieties so that you can pick one that fits perfectly for what you plan to use it for. It is manufactured in the U.S and carefully tested in respected factories before being put on the market.

The high traction anti-slip surface makes sure these scooter and wheelchair ramps for home use are safe and simple to go up and down, regardless of weather conditions, it supports a weight of up to 800lbs and it can be used outside and inside for ultimate convenience. If you are looking for a simple wheelchair or scooter ramp for home- and outdoor usage – this is a mobility aid you can’t go wrong with.


+ Durable welded construction

+ Limited lifetime warranty

+ 800lbs of maximum weight

+ Anti-slip material

Why We Like It – It is simple but functional, and it looks great no matter where you put it! Wide enough for all wheelchairs and mobility scooters, and easy to move from one place and to another.

10. Silver Spring Aluminum

Silver Spring Aluminum wheelchair ramp

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The aluminum construction of this loading ramp is durable, heavy-duty and it can hold up to 600lbs, and the best thing is that it folds down the middle and turns into a suitcase that can easily be carried around, stuffed into the trunk of a car or stored in a closet.

Portability and easy storage can be important when it comes to modular wheelchair ramps for homes and public spaces since it might sometimes be necessary to take the Silver Spring loading ramp with you when going to visit a friend or when taking a day trip to the nearby town. Just fold it up, stick it in the trunk of the car and you are ready to go! This Silver Spring Aluminum wheelchair access ramp is suitable for wheelchairs, mobility scooters, walkers and more.


+ 3ft loading ramp for wheelchairs and scooters

+ Folds into an easily carried suitcase

+ Superior traction for all weather conditions

+ Sleek and classy design

Why We Like It – Some need wheel chair ramps for homes to be solid and stay fixed in one place, while others need a portable solution! These outdoor handicap ramps (that can also be used indoors) are lightweight enough to be transported easily, and the fold-up design makes the Silver Spring Aluminum wheelchair access ramp incredibly convenient to store away. Also recognized as a suitcase ramp, this Silver Spring access solution does work wonders.


Wheelchair Ramp Buyers Guide

Being in a wheelchair or living with someone who is, makes good accessibility vital. There needs to be easy access up and down from the front porch, over thresholds indoors and into stores when going shopping, as well as up and down curbs which many non-wheelchair users might never think about. Wheelchair ramps for home use and outdoor spaces come in many different presentations, shapes and price ranges, and it all comes down to what will best suit your individual needs.

Knowing what wheelchair access solution to get can feel confusing at times, but as long as you know what you hope to get out of the indoor or outdoor curb ramps you are shopping for – you will be fine. Learn what to look for, how to look and where to look, and pick what feels right for you. Here are some factors to consider before choosing:


Most curb ramps for wheelchair users are made with aluminum or lightweight steel, which does not rust and holds up surprisingly well for long periods of time, also when it rains. The material is important since a poorly made home wheelchair ramp is a major safety concern, and you want to go with what has been proven to work well.

Solid vs. Foldable

Foldable and portable ramps for homes and outdoor spaces are great since they can be moved around and taken along for trips and outings. Many mistakenly believe that they are not as safe and sturdy as a solid aluminum wheelchair ramp, but this is not true anymore thanks to new manufacturing techniques, and in most cases, they work in a very similar manner. A golden rule is to purchase solid inside and outside ramps for wheelchairs if you plan to keep it in a fixed location and to get foldable wheelchair ramps for homes and public locations if you think there is a chance you might need to move it around. Many foldable handicap ramps for sale doubles down the middle so that it can be carried like a suitcase, which is very convenient when taking it out on trips and outing.


Whether you are looking for cheap wheelchair ramps, used wheelchair ramps or a ramp rental, a reliable no-slip material covering the base is of great importance. This makes sure you can get up and down safely, even if it rains, snows or if the weather conditions are generally bad.

Weight limit

Handicap ramps for homes always come with a weight limit, which is how much total weight it can safely support. It usually ranges between 600lbs and 850lbs, and this becomes important when deciding which wheelchair access solution to get. You need to consider the total weight of the wheelchair or mobility scooter, plus the weight of the person that will be in or on it when using the wheelchair or scooter ramp. Not sticking to weight restrictions can have serious consequences and endanger both the mobility device and the user.

How wide is a wheelchair ramp?

Ramps for homes and outdoor use can vary in width, depending on what they are meant to be used for, and it is important to read the description before settling on a product to buy. Measure the space; such as a doorway, the back of a truck, a porch opening etc, and compare it to the measurements listed in the product description. Most ramps are wide enough for most wheelchair mobility device types, and unless you have a wheelchair that is wider than the majority, the width of available door ramps for wheelchairs is rarely an issue.

How long should a wheelchair ramp be?

Here you need to consider the height of the platform the ramp will take you up on and down from, because the angle will be steeper with a shorter ramp, and shallower with a longer ramp. Again, it comes down to properly measuring the space and to consider how much of an angle you want there to be when using wheelchair ramps for home entrances, porches and more.

How to measure for a wheelchair ramp?

Use a measuring tape and carefully check how wide of a ramp can fit into space, how steep you want it to be and if it fits where you plan to put it. Ramps for wheelchair access homeowners can rely on the need to be properly adjusted to space they are in, so measuring beforehand is crucial. Take measurements, write them down and compare it to those on the product you are interested in purchasing, and make a conscious decision.

How much does a wheelchair ramp cost?

Prices tend to range from somewhere around $50 to $200, and it depends on what kind of a ramp you are shopping for. The price might indicate quality, but not necessarily, so the best thing to do is to make sure it fulfills your needs and to check user reviews to see if it is a suitable option.

Where can I buy a wheelchair ramp?

There are several stores that carry wheelchair ramps, but the best place to look is usually the internet since it gives you access to a wider selection, user reviews, and long product descriptions. Regardless of what you plan to buy, knowing your options and actually having access to those options makes it more likely for you to make a good decision in the end. You can always have a look at ramps at local stores, for a chance to try them out, but it is advisable to give the internet a chance at the time of purchase.

Where can I buy a portable wheelchair ramp?

Portable wheelchair ramps are easy to find on the internet and on websites like Amazon.com, and once you know what you are looking for, it is easy to use the search function to find options that match your needs. It is no secret that a portable ramp comes in handy when planning to move it around, and there are several options available online to fit any budget and any needs you may have.


Once you find the right wheelchair ramp – life tends to become a whole lot easier. It shouldn’t have to be the responsibility of the wheelchair user to make the world handicap accessible, but even though there has been some progress made in recent years, not every public space has ramps at this point. The best way to make a decision is to inform yourself regarding what is available, what suits your needs and where to find it, and the rest will come naturally.

Expert Tip

If there is any chance that you might want to move the ramp around or take it with you when you travel – choose a foldable and/or portable product.

Did You Know?

Somewhere around 10% of the population in the world has some form of a disability, and mobility ramps make a very big difference for many of these individuals.

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