Whether you’re planning a long-distance cycle ride, commuting to work, or cycling to the supermarket for provisions, getting panniers for your bike is a good idea. Bicycle panniers can be fixed over your back wheels, by attaching them to the carrying rack. You’ll then be able to carry all your gear or shopping. It’s a good idea to have one pannier on each side of your wheel, which will help keep your bike balanced. 

There are also smaller panniers available that will attach to your carrying rack and the front of your handlebars or onto your front wheels. Panniers are a great option if you’re camping as they can be attached in several places and allow you to carry all the gear you need with you. 

There are many different bicycle panniers on the market; this article will review the top five and tell you what to consider before investing in some panniers. Grab your bike and get one of these!

View The Best Bicycle Panniers Below

Check out the five best panniers on Amazon; they’re great if you’re looking for a pannier that you can use for touring, commuting, or just going to the shop.

1. Ibera Bike Pannier Bag

The Ibera Bike Panier is made from excellent quality material that’s waterproof, even in the most torrential downpours. These panniers are robust and durable, which means it can resist all weather conditions. This allows you to keep your personal belongings dry as well as safe and secure.

They panniers have been very well designed; there’s a quick-release mechanism that allows you to easily remove your pannier and take it with you, once you’ve reached your destination. It also features a clip-on system, which means it’s easy to attach your pannier to your bike the first time you install them. 

The Ibera bike pannier is also compatible with most carrying racks. The company has also created its own carrier rack called the Ibera PakRak Carrier Plus+, which you may like to purchase if your bike doesn’t already have a rack. If you’re using a non-Ibera carrying rack, you can easily attach the panniers using hooks and the bags built-in clip on system. 

These paniers have been created using a very stylish and eye-catching design. They are also functional as they have multiple compartments. There’s the main compartment, which is extra-large and has a reinforced center compartment. There’s also a waterproof pocket on the outside that closes with a zip and an internal zippered pocket. This pannier is very spacious and will provide you with adequate space for all your essential items.

The Ibera Bike pannier also comes with a secure three-point Connection, this helps to secure the bike panniers and stops them from moving or swinging to the side while you’re cycling. These panniers can be used as a set or individually. 


  • 100% Waterproof even in heavy rain
  • Made with good quality materials
  • Has a Smart Quick Release and Clip-on System
  • Has been attractively designed 
  • Contains multiple compartments
  • Has a secure three-point connection
  • Is compatible with most carrying racks
  • Has a hand-carry strap for ease of use
  • Has reflective trim to make you more visible in the dark

Why we like it: These panniers are very high quality; they are made from 100% waterproof material, which is great if you’re ever caught in torrential rain. They also have a well designed three-point connection, which means your possessions will be held securely as you cycle. There’s also an easy to use quick release system.

2. Gonex Upgrade Bicycle Panniers

The Gonex Upgrade Bicycle Panniers are made from waterproof material. They are very durable and well-constructed. These panniers are very hard wearing and have been designed to be wear-resistant, dustproof, and resistant to extreme temperatures. 

This product has been manufactured to a very high standard; all the seams are sealed using a hot pressing method. This helps to ensure that the panniers are long-lasting and durable. They are suitable for bike touring, camping, and outdoor activities.

The Gonex pannier is very spacious and can hold up to 27 Litters. The panniers can also be expanded if you need to store more of your possessions. There’s an inner mesh compartment which will help you to keep your small items, such as your phone and keys organized. 

This pannier uses a triangular attachment system which has two adjustable buckles on the back of the bag. There’s also a rotatable bracket, and these panniers can be easily fixed to the back of your bike using your carry rack. 

Adjustable shoulder straps have been included with this pannier, so you can easily convert them to a shoulder bag which can be carried. There are also reflective stripes on both sides of the pannier, which is great if you’re cycling in the evenings as it will allow you to be seen by oncoming traffic. 


  • Has a roll-top opening
  • Waterproof: you can enjoy riding, even on a rainy day!
  • Easy to attach to your bike
  • Can be used as a shoulder bag
  • Comes with the necessary hardware to attach to your bike

Why we like it: It has an excellent roll-top opening and is completely waterproof. It’s can also be simply attached to your bike.

3. TOURBON Canvas Cycling Bicycle Bike Pannier

The Tourbon canvas bike pannier is made from a good quality waxed waterproof canvas. It’s been designed in a classic style that looks slightly vintage and is very simple, without having too many pockets or compartments. 

This pannier offers a simple storage and transportation solution, whether you’re commuting to work or college, going to the supermarket, or touring your local area. It comes with two large and spacious storage compartments, which will allow you to carry everything you need in most situations. It also has a shoulder strap, which means that you can remove the bag from your bike and carry it to work or to a campsite. 

The Tourbon pannier comes in one piece and can be easily laid across your back carrying rack and attached in place so that it doesn’t move. It has one bag that hangs down over each wheel. When not in use, this pannier can be simply rolled up and stored in a small space. 


  • Available in four different colors: Black, Navy, Khaki, Green
  • Classic and simple design
  • You can also detach the pannier and use one side as a shoulder bag
  • Each bag measures 30cm by 33cm by 20cm (total width 40cm)

Why we like it: This pannier has a simple, easy to use design which looks classic. It can be easily removed from your bike and can be converted into a shoulder bag using the strap provided.

4. Bushwhacker Omaha – Bicycle Grocery Pannier

The Bushwhacker Omaha bicycle grocery pannier has been designed specifically for your trips to the supermarket or local shops. It’s a simply designed product that looks more like two baskets with ridged sides, rather than a traditional pannier. 

This pannier will attach to the back of your bike, using metal hooks that clip onto the carrier rack. These panniers come with an easy-to-attach system that uses two metal hooks with a bungee and S Hook to attach to your carrying rack. 

Each of these two pannier have been designed to accommodate a full-sized grocery bag full of shopping. When you’re not using these panniers, they can be easily removed from your bike and folded flat for storage purposes.


  • Excellent for a quick trip to the supermarket. 
  • Comes with a three-point mounting system.
  • Each pannier holds a full-sized grocery bag
  • Can fold flat when not in use
  • Measures: 14″ Length by 9″ width by 11.5″ height

Why we like it: This is the perfect pannier if you’re looking for something to carry your shopping home from the supermarket. These two basket style paniers are very spacious; each one holds a full bag of shopping.

5. TOURBON Nylon Roll-top Clip-On Bike Panniers

The Tourbon nylon roll-top pannier has a very stylish and attractive design. It’s perfect for commuting to work or college and can easily be used as a bag during the day. These panniers are made from high-quality nylon and are available in two different colors: blue or green. 

It comes with two hooks that allow you to clip the panniers onto your back-carry rack. There’s also a shoulder strap that can be kept inside a zipper pocket for when you want to convert your pannier into a shoulder bag. 

This pannier is very spacious; there’s plenty of room for you to store your laptop, wallet, phone, key and clothes or books, or anything else you need to carry. It can also be used as a bag and can be carried by the top handles or used as a backpack or shoulder tote. 


  • · Measures: 16″ by 4.33″ by 11.02″ 
  • · Weight when empty:1.98lb
  • · Made from Nylon
  • · Comes with Clips to easily attach to your bike
  • · Can be converted easily from a pannier into a backpack or shoulder bag
  • · Comes with an adjustable shoulder strap
  • · Has a handle on the top which makes it easy to carry
  • · There’s a side-sleeve for water bottle storage
  • · Spacious
  • · Great for commuting, shopping, or outdoor activities such as bike touring, camping, hiking, or fishing. Also, a great bag to take on a road trip or a picnic. 

Why we like it: These panniers look stylish as well as being functional. They can easily be used as a backpack or shoulder bag, which makes them great for various uses, including commuting and outdoor activities. 

Panier for Bicycle: Buyers Guide

Kris from Goldcross Cycles explained most of benefits using bicycle panniers in the video below, so feel free to check it out!

Panniers allow you to take the weight off your back when cycling. You’ll also be able to carry a lot more in panniers then you would if you were cycling with a backpack. This will make cycling easier and will allow you to carry camping gear. 

There are many things that you’ll need to consider before investing in bicycle panniers. The following should be taken into account. 


Bicycle panniers can either be used alone or as a pair. If you’re carrying a small load that is relatively light, you’ll get away using just one pannier. However, if you plan to carry a heavier weight, if you want to go camping, for example, it’s best to buy two panniers. This will allow you to separate your load, which will spread the weight and make it easier to cycle as your bike will have greater balance. 

You can divide your load between two panniers at the back of your bike or may like to choose four panniers. The choice will often come down to how much you have to carry. 


Panniers are mounted to the back rack of your bike or the front fork. For back panniers, you’ll need a carrying rack on your bike. If your bike doesn’t have one of these, it can easily be added as long as your bike has rack mounts. If it doesn’t, you won’t be able to attach panniers.

If you need to buy a rack to attach your panniers to look for one that’s good quality. Cheap racks are often ineffective and are prone to bending or even breaking where they’ve been welded. Check the racks weight limit before you buy to ensure that your bike can carry up to 25kg. Panniers can be hung off your bikes rack by being attached to the side rails with a series of metal hooks. 

Front or Back Panniers

Panniers tend to be designed specifically for either the front or back of the bike and aren’t usually interchangeable. Most cyclists start off with rear panniers, and if they need more space later, add panniers to the front. Front panniers are generally smaller than those for the back, so if you have a lot to carry, back panniers are best. The advantage of front panniers is that there isn’t a risk that they will drag on the ground if overfilled, as there is with back panniers. 

Quick Release Mounting System

It’s a good idea to choose a pannier that has a quick-release system. This will allow you to take your pannier off your bike for packing and unpacking. This type of pannier is designed to be secure while you ride your bike but can be removed easily by either lifting them, using a handle on the top, or pressing a quick-release button.

Some high-quality panniers even have features that allow you to fine-tune the pannier’s position by changing the anchor points. This will enable you to get the pannier in the perfect place. You won’t have problems with hitting the bag with your heels as you peddle, which you may have with some types of large, bulky panniers.


If you’re planning to go long-distance cycling, there will likely be rain at some point. Therefore, it may be a good idea to invest in panniers made from a waterproof material. There’s a large selection of panniers on the market, and many of these will be made with a durable, waterproof fabric. 

Most panniers are waterproof to some extent, but these vary in their performance. Some panniers are described as being rainproof, which means that they can cope with light showers but may not be totally watertight if there’s a heavy downpour. Others are watertight or waterproof and have been tested and developed to be effective even when there’s torrential rain. 


Panniers come in various shapes and sizes, so you’ll be able to choose one that’s right for you. Think about why you want a pannier and what you’re planning to carry with it. Sometime you may have more to carry then on other days, and it’s good to be able to do this.

You may like to buy a slightly larger pannier than you need for daily use, as this will allow you to carry more if you ever need to. It’s easier to cycle with a pannier that’s underfilled then it is to try to stuff everything in a small pannier. 

However, unless you’re camping and planning to carry a tent and lots of gear, you probably won’t need the biggest pannier available as some are huge! Pannier size is measured in liters and are generally somewhere between 10 and 30 litters. It’s most common to have a combined capacity of about 40 liters for both your panniers. This will give you plenty of space, whether you’re commuting to work or going touring. 

Smaller panniers are designed to be used on the front of your bike and are fork-mounted. There are also some very larger panniers available, up to 80 liters in size for each bag, but these aren’t necessary unless you plan a very long cycle trip. 

Other Features

There are also some other handy features that you may like to look out for when choosing a pannier. Some have shoulder straps, which allow you to easily carry your pannier after you’ve unclipped it and removed it from your bike. This is great for commuters or students who want to take their bags with them.

If you often cycle in the dark, it’s a good idea to choose a pannier with reflective patches, as this will make you more visible to passing cars. Some panniers even have hanger tabs where you can attach rear lights. 

You’ll find panniers with adjustable clips that allow them to be easily attached to bike racks of varying sizes. These types of panniers have been designed to fit racks with a tube diameter of up to 12mm. 

If you’re planning to carry a lot of heavy items or camping gear, it’s good to choose a pannier with a reinforced base and corners. This will make your pannier more durable and long-lasting.

Top Bicycle Panniers

Panniers have been designed for two specific purposes, either for commuting or touring. When choosing a bicycle pannier, you’ll first need to consider what you’ll be using your pannier for. This will help you to narrow down the choices available to you. These two different types of panniers have been designed slightly differently and have different features. 

Touring Panniers

If you’re planning a long-distance cycle, you’ll want to invest in panniers that have been specifically designed for touring. These types of panniers are durable and long-lasting while also being lightweight and easy to use.

Touring panniers generally have one large compartment, rather than lots of pockets. They will also have better waterproofing and reinforced corners then panniers that are designed for commuting. Some touring panniers even claim to be 100% waterproof designs.

Commuters Panniers

Commuter panniers should be easy to unclip and carry and lightweight. They are likely to be less waterproof, but finding a pannier that provides some protection from the rain is a good idea. Some commuters don’t need two panniers and prefer just to buy one. If you’re carrying a light load, it’s fine to use a single pannier. 

Commuter panniers may have smaller pockets on the sides, which allow you to store money, keys and your phone, and a larger compartment for folders or laptops. They are more likely to have reflective paneling and a shoulder strap.


As you can see, there are many different types of bicycle panniers available on the market. Choosing one that’s right for you often comes down to personal preferences. You’ll also need to consider what you’re using your pannier for and how much weight you plan to carry. 

Before choosing a pannier for your bike, you’ll need to buy a bike rack if there isn’t one on your bicycle already. Choose a rack that’s made from robust and good quality metal so that it doesn’t buckle under the weight of your pannier.