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Be different, build your own custom scooter!

Build and design your own custom stunt scooter using our easy to use scooter builder below.

Choose from a huge range of products including, AO, Blunt, MGP, Crisp, Envy, Apex, RILLAand thousands more.

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1. Pick Your Deck:

2. Pick Your Favourite Wheels:

3. SelectYour Bars:

4. Select Your Compression Type and Clamp:

5. Choose your Headset:

6. Selectyour Grips:

Not Sure Which Parts Are Best?

If you aren’t sure which parts to choose, or which complete you would prefer, check out our scooter product reviews below.

Building your very own custom pro scooter is very easy to do.

  1. Select the deck you would like to base your scooter on
  2. Select the handle bars – Make sure to keep in mind the width and height of bars
  3. Choose your favourite scooter wheels colour and design.
  4. Pick out the design of grips you would like to have.
  5. Choose your favourite fork design and color
  6. Don’t forget to choose a clamp! (SCS, HIC and ICS are all different remember)
  7. Finally, get the grip tape you desire.
  8. Add to cart!

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