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Here at MyProScooter we stock every stunt scooter brand on the market. Our extensive range of Complete Stunt Scooters means we have every pro scooter to fit your needs. Whether you are just starting out to if you are a scoot pro, we have a scooter for you.

With pro scooter product reviews, scooter guides andgeneral helpful information, MyProScooter is the number one resource online for all things scooter.

If you need any extra spares or parts, MyProScooter has you covered. We stock the widest range of Pro Scooter Parts. These are available if you need to replace parts, or even upgrade to something cooler. We don’t just do 2 wheels, we now have full reviews on skateboards too!

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Below we have a range of our best selling freestyle scooter parts and accessories available today via our online shop here at My Pro Scooter. We sell a wide range of parts including bars, grips, wheels, decks, headsets, bar ends, bearings, even fidget toys and many more. For the full range, click here.

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Surprise your kid with a pro scooter!

Life is all about moving and here we are not talking various aspect of it, in this piece of write up we will deal with one of the revolutionary scooter that is doing round in the souk. Most of the time parents are little skeptical, when it comes to giving them scooter or bike. If you are someone who is little afraid of the same then this post is perfect for you as today, we will deal with one of the products that is well taken by kids and respective parents. If you feel a scooter is too dangerous for your kid, you can always go for the safer option of an electric ride incar for your kid as they have four wheels instead of 2 and usually only move up to 6mph. Yes, you got it right we will be dealing with the trickscooters that one can easily find then down the lane.

Youcan easily find numerous amounts of pro scooters that are available in stock here at MyProScooter. Just head over to the completes page to find out the different types that we stock all throughout the year.

Perfect Christmas Presents

Buying a ride on gift for your child makes the perfect Christmas present too as they are very popular amongst children aged 8-16. Many a times it is confusing for the buyers to dip the dough on the right product, however if you are short of information on how to buy and what are essentials that you need to know when buying the pro scooter.

How to streamline freestyle scooters

It is indeed daunting task to find the right scooter for your kid but with little care and caution you can have the right product without any qualms. Moreover, to help you we bring you here certain pointer that would certainly help you when buying trickscooters for your darling kids.

  • If your giving your kid scooter for the first time makes sure to start with the basic model, otherwise your kid might face difficulty in driving it smoothly.
  • Handles it is important to know about the handles as at times it get tough for the kids to catch hold of the grip.
  • Wheel are also very important, when it comes to pro scooter
  • One can easily find various designs in pro scooter therefore; it is advised to go for product that is sleek and good looking.
  • Weight is one of the important factors when it comes to pro scooter; make sure to buy the scooter, which is lightweight and easy to carry as well. If the scooter is heavy, it is difficult for the kids to manage.
  • It is advised to buy pro scooter that are genuine and trust worthy.
  • Price one can easily find the scooters that comes in different price and one can choose as per his/her requirement.

So, if you are looking forward to gift your kid this amazing pro scooter, it is advised to keep these point in mind in order to get the best scooter and value for the money as well. One can easily read review online, as there are sites that are solely dedicated for this, and people who bought product from different sites post their review about the particular make.

Allow your kid to explore the skate park on one of his favorite stunt scooters!!

Whatever good or bad happens in our life but the mere fact is life has to move on along with the ups and down that decide the fate of our situations. Talking about moving, here will try to acquaint you about the trendy scooters that have been popular ever since its foundation. What jewelry is to a girl in the same way, a scooter is to a guy. But here, in this piece of write up, we are specifically bring your focus towards the stunt scooters, which ar5e especially designed to tailor the needs of kids and let them walk the path of road through speed yet security.

What is a stunt scooter?

A stunt scooter is basically is a particular term for a kind of scooter that has been specifically designed to be brought into usage in the skate parks or for the stunt tricks performed in the free style.

Difference between the traditional scooter and the stunt scooter

  • While a traditional form of scooter is equipped with an adjustable bar at the handle that can be placed according to the height of the rider, on the other hand, the handle bar of the stunt scooters does not come in adjustable forms as one does not have the requirement to adjust it or move it when a jump has be performed.
  • Usually made up of the aluminum or wood material of even glass fiber that is springy in nature, a comfortable desk is present to pay the way for a easy and comfortable ride while the stunt scooter has a deck that is made of steel which is more robust and heavier as compared to the aluminum or wood, it is made so to enhance the quality of resistance and in built the capacity to withstand the held pressure on the same.
  • The traditional scooter has various types of wheels depending on the preference of the rider and also the distance that need to be travelled. The larger size gives more quick results rather than the smaller ones. In the stunt scooters, the wheels are relatively smaller which are especially designed for the diminutive burst of speed.

What eligibility criteria should be kept to buy a stunt scooter for a child?

Not each and every child is willing to ride a stunt scooter, hence certain things need to be kept in mind while buying this scooter type: –

  • Firstly, the child should of five years or above this age.
  • Secondly, he/she himself should have the desire to go for tricks and jumps to the nearest skate park.
  • Thirdly, if they are fond of these scooters and have the readiness to learn riding on the same.
  • Last but not the least; have already practiced jumps on a pro scooter in the presence of their parents.


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