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Last updated 15. September 2020

Nomatic Backpacks have risen to popularity for their sleek look that pairs with everyday functionality. The Nomatic backpack has many features that show off the company’s attention to detail for what you actually need on a daily basis. To keep track of everything you need, these travel bags make it easy to make sure you have all the cords, technology, and papers that you need while offering advantages such as RFID safe pockets, a water bottle pocket, and a place to keep your keys easily accessible.

In this best Nomatic backpack review, we will go over different Nomatic backpack options that are available, which backpack is the best backpack to buy for your needs, and we will answer the question, is the Nomatic travel backpack worth it? We have read customer reviews on websites and social media and have scoured the Nomatic website to find the best options so that you can save time as you decide which backpack will fit your needs and wants most closely.

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1. Slim 20L Nomatic Backpack

This Nomatic backpack has you covered if you are looking for a slim bag for a daily driver. This backpack features multiple pockets for storage, including a laptop and tablet pocket that fits most 15.5″ laptops and 12″ tablets. This bag also has two exterior pockets for water bottles. The water bottle pockets have magnetic snaps that allow the pockets to be closed in order to maintain a slim look when they are not in use. The Nomatic backpack also features a retractable key leash so that you have quick and easy access to your keys while also keeping them secure.

If you need extra storage, this bag has an easy expansion feature, allowing you 4L more of storage. On the inside, interchangeable panels allow you to customize the bag for whatever you need to carry around in different circumstances. A roller bag sleeve is also featured making it easier to travel with this backpack. The dimensions of this bag are 18.5″x5″x12″ and it weighs in at 3lbs and 10oz. Nomatic offers a lifetime warranty against defects in material or workmanship.

+ Expands from 20L to 24L
+ Water resistant fabric and exterior zippers
+ Laptop/Tablet Pocket
+ 2 Exterior water bottle pockets

Why We Liked It: This backpack is a great fit if you are looking to replace your briefcase or purse with a backpack option. It has your everyday needs covered with its features and also looks professional. Perfect for daily use or travel. The versatile straps also make it easy to carry it like a briefcase instead of on your back.

2. Nomatic Backpack 40L Travel Bag

If you are wondering if a Nomatic travel backpack is worth it, look no further. No matter the price of this bag, how much a Nomatic backpack costs will be completely worth it when you experience all of the features of this 40L Nomatic backpack travel bag. This bag includes the great standard features that most of the other Nomatic backpacks on this list also have. But this bag packs a punch with its whopping 40L capacity.

Measuring in at 21″x14″x9″ and weighing in at 4lbs, this bag has what it takes to get your packing done and still fits the maximum size that is allowed on airlines. It has water resistant fabric and water resistant outer zippers, along with a designated magnetic, collapsible water bottle pocket, a valuables pocket, an RFID protected pocket, and a laptop and tablet pocket. The laptop pocket fits up to a 15″ computer and the tablet pocket fits up to an 8.5″x11″ tablet. The laptop compartment is also TSA compliant allowing you to leave your laptop in the bag to make airport security checkpoints that much smoother.

One of our favorite features on this bag is the detachable waist straps. The straps allow you to distribute the weight of the bag to your hips to save your back some discomfort as you go about your travels. This Nomatic backpack also has you covered with a shoe compartment, a roller bag sleeve, a laundry bag, and a cord organizer with pass through to the main compartments of the bag. In addition, the RFID protected pocket includes a TSA-approved lock.

+ Shoe compartment
+ Generous 40L capacity
+ TSA compliant laptop pocket
+ Detachable waist straps
+ Fits standard airline carry-on limits

Why We Liked It: This is truly the ultimate travel bag. It has the largest capacity of the Nomatic backpack travel range while still being carry-on compatible. This Nomatic backpack has all of your travel needs covered whether you are going on a quick 3-day trip or a full 7-day vacation. The detachable waist straps are a great feature, saving back pain while in the airport and also during sightseeing. It also looks professional should you need to bring it to a meeting. If you are shopping for a travel bag and are asking yourself what is the best backpack to buy, this is the one that will cover all of your traveling needs.


3. Nomatic Packing Compression Organizers

These packing compression cubes are a great accessory for your Nomatic backpack. The cubes help you to organize your clothes into less space with a zippered compression system that will condense your clothes. This helps to maximize your packing space by 50 percent. The double zipper compression system removes the air and compresses your clothing which helps to protect your apparel while saving you space. Each cube is made of lightweight, resistant Rip-Stop Nylon and has double sided zippers that are snag free to save you the hassle and protect your clothing.

Two compartments are included in the packing cube. You can use these to store plenty of clothes on the trip out and then as you are traveling you can divide the sides up for your clean clothes and dirty clothes. The zipper compression system can compress the cube from 5 inches down to 2 1/2 inches.

+ Saves space
+ Better organization while traveling
+ Water resistant fabric

Why We Liked It: The Nomatic backpack packing cube is the perfect accessory to help you make the most of your packing space. One saves you a lot of space, but using two or more really helps to keep things neat and organized.

4. Nomatic 30L Travel Backpack

This Nomatic backpack is a great travel option if you do not need as much storage space as the 40L Nomatic backpack. This Nomatic backpack features all of the key features you will want when you are traveling. It has a TSA approved laptop pocket that allows you to breeze through TSA checkpoints more quickly. A charging cable pass through runs through the major pockets in the bag for ease of use. A roller bag sleeve makes it easy to slip onto your suitcase when traveling. An RFID protected pocket is included for your security.

Other features on this bag include water bottle pockets that magnetically snap shut when not in use, an innovative strap system to provide versatility, a retractable key leash and a hard shell, removable sunglasses sleeve, and lid. The 30L Nomatic backpack has a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. The outer zippers are waterproof and the bag is made with water resistant, flexible and lightweight material. This travel bag can expand from 20L to 30L and measures 18.5″x6″x12″ and it weighs 4lbs.

+ Hidden pockets for security
+ Adjustable straps to switch from backpack to briefcase
+ TSA compliant laptop compartment
+ Charging cable pass through

Why We Liked It: When it comes to the different Nomatic backpack reviews that make up this list, the 30L travel bag is really the ‘Goldilocks’ of the bags. It is a great size to make it small enough to carry, but has a sizable expansion should the occasion arise that you need more storage. This really answers the question of what is the best backpack to buy.

5. Nomatic McKinnon Camera Cube Pack

Nomatic partnered with Peter McKinnon to design a camera pack that allows you customizable storage while also protecting your camera gear. The cube has folding dividers that allow you to customize your setup depending on what you need to store. The cube pack works great as a standalone bag or can be paired with the McKinnon Camera pack if you are looking for even more storage. This pack has an adjustable sternum strap to give you a more secure fit than just regular backpack straps.

To protect your camera gear, there is padded protection on every side. The internal dividers allow you to get a snug of a fit for your gear to keep things securely in place when you are traveling or on location. The Cube Pack expands from 7L to 21L so you have a perfect size no matter what you are doing. You can pack your camera equipment and also a change of clothes and some toiletries so you are ready for weekend photo shoots that require travel. The Cube Pack is designed to fit under the seat or in overhead bins in airplanes. Like other Nomatic backpack options, it is made with strong, water-resistant outer materials.

+ Lightweight design for all-day comfort
+ Customizable cube to get the best fit for your camera setup
+ Expandable storage
+ Comfortable backpack straps

Why We Liked It: This bag is a fantastic option for hobbyist photographers and professionals alike. If you are looking for a camera bag that also that enough space to pack for a short weekend away, this is the best fit for you. This bag is more affordable than the larger version available if you are thinking about how much a Nomatic backpack costs.

6. Nomatic McKinnon 35L Photographer’s Backpack

For the photographer that is looking for a larger bag than the Nomatic Camera Cube, this is the one you for you. Nomatic partnered with Peter McKinnon to design this Nomatic backpack that has all of the fantastic Nomatic features, along with the thoughtful attention to detail that your camera gear will appreciate. The Nomatic backpack has two main compartments, one designed for your camera gear and a separate compartment for clothing for a trip lasting 1 to 5 days. True to Nomatic’s standards, there are many customizable dividers and pockets to help fit your unique needs.

For the dedicated photographer, a side pocket was added to this bag, enabling you to quickly access your camera so you never miss a photo opportunity. The camera bag also has a 16″ compatible laptop compartment and many other pockets to store cords, chargers, batteries, memory cards, lenses, and more. Nomatic also created internal support to help distribute the weight of the bag and equipment more evenly and there are also multiple adjustable straps on the outside of the bag, as well as the removable waist strap. These designs were put in place to help you carry all of your camera equipment and still be as comfortable as possible. One other feature with the photographer in mind–external storage capabilities for carrying a tripod.

As for the details of this Nomatic backpack, it expands from 35L to 42L and measures 9″x22.5″x13″ and weighs 9lbs. This bag is one of the heavier ones in this Nomatic backpack review, but the extra weight partially comes from the padding that keeps your camera gear snug and secure. This bag is carry-on sized and will fit beneath the seat or in the overhead bin. The bag also features magnetic water bottle pockets, lockable zippers, water-resistant outer materials, and an RFID safe pocket for valuables.

+ Sternum and waist straps to distribute weight evenly
+ Carry-on sized
+ Customizable camera compartment
+ 40L capacity
+ Quick access camera side pocket

Why We Liked It: This bag is a photographer’s dream. The attention to detail is incredible and there are many photographer accessories that Nomatic has also created that are sold separately. The ability to carry enough clothes for traveling and a secure compartment for camera gear makes this bag a top choice.

Nomatic Backpack Buyer’s Guide

In reviewing these 7 Nomatic backpack and accessory options, we have presented you with quite a list. However, to help you narrow it down further, let’s talk about some of the key features, how you can benefit, and what to look for when you are purchasing a Nomatic backpack or accessory.

What are the best backpacks for your back?

While the Nomatic backpacks on this list have adjustable straps that can help you adjust the weight on your back or even carry the bag like a briefcase, you might still be wondering what are the best backpacks for your back. For this, we would suggest the 40L Travel Nomatic Backpack or the 35L McKinnon Photographer’s Bag.

Both of these bags have ample storage while also having the detachable waist straps that can help adjust the weight of the bag to your hips and not just your back and shoulders. In addition, the Photographer’s bag has a sternum strap and also has interior adjustments to distribute the weight more evenly. While the Photographer’s bag does weigh more than other options, the extra attention to detail in the weight distribution can help your back if you need a bag of this size and style.

Traveling can include a lot of waiting and walking, so even in an airport or train station, the extra straps can make a big difference. After you arrive at your destination, you may want to empty out most of your extra clothes and toiletries and use the bag as you see the sights. If you are spending a day walking with one of these bags, you will be grateful for the support that the extra straps provide.

Is the Nomatic travel backpack worth it?

The price of the Nomatic backpack might have you wondering if the bags can be worth it. In our experience, any of the Nomatic options are worth the price tag. Each bag is made with quality materials and workmanship. The water-resistant fabric and exterior zippers provide long-lasting durability, meaning you will not find yourself replacing your backpack in a few months or a year. Nomatic backpacks come with a lifetime warranty for any defects in materials or workmanship. A company that is willing to stand behind their product like that is a real asset when choosing a travel bag.

What is the best travel backpack?

Finding the bag that will fit your traveling needs is important. If you travel infrequently or are looking for a bag that will be good for day to day functions as well, we recommend the 30L Nomatic backpack. It checks off all the boxes that we are looking for in a travel bag. It is large enough to carry your daily items and if you need a little extra room when you are traveling, it expands nicely. The 30L bag has great travel features such as the carry-on size dimensions, the laundry bag, and the TSA-compliant laptop pocket. Plus, the internal pockets provide you with a ton of options for how to securely carry your necessities.

Why should I buy a photographer’s backpack?

Whether a hobbyist or a professional, buying a backpack specifically for photography is a sound investment. A quality camera is expensive and you want to protect it as much as possible. Purchasing a generic backpack will not give you the pockets, padding, and security that you will find with the Nomatic McKinnon photographer’s bag. The attention to detail is incredible and knowing that they specifically worked with a photographer means that pretty much all of your needs and wants have already been incorporated into the design of the bag.

Either of the Nomatic McKinnon bags is a great asset to your photography equipment. Both have dividers and padding to help you achieve the perfect setup while also keeping your gear safe. If we had to pick only one, we would go with the 35L backpack because of the finely tuned weight distribution and the quick-access side pocket. In addition to the two photographer backpacks that have been reviewed, Nomatic also has many accessory bags that you can purchase at a later date to get even more function and protection for your camera gear. If you are looking for a good overview of the Nomatic McKinnon bag, check out this review.

Replacing a purse or briefcase with a Nomatic backpack

When you have had your current purse or briefcase setup for a long time, it can be hard to let go and make the switch to a backpack. It will not take you long to appreciate how much nicer having a Nomatic backpack is compared to your old bag. Any of the Nomatic backpack options are great, but for everyday use you cannot beat the 20L backpack. It has all of the fantastic features that other Nomatic backpacks have while still remaining slim and sleek.

The retractable key leash means you will not have to dig around for keys in your pocket or purse. Having an RFID pocket will keep your cards secure and you will always know where they are. Multiple interior pockets provide you with plenty of options to find your perfect setup. Best of all, the convertible straps allow you to carry the bag like a briefcase, giving your back and a break and looking more professional when going in to work. And if you do decide to take it with you while traveling, it expands to 24L, allowing you to pack more in the bag while still being within the dimensions of a carry-on item with most standard airlines.

What makes Nomatic backpacks special?

Nomatic backpacks are a premium product that are worth every penny. Why you may ask. The answer is that their attention to detail is incredible. They have included so many great features and have not cut corners anywhere. From the retractable key leash to the TSA-compliant laptop compartment to the water bottle pockets that magnetically snap closed when not in use, Nomatic has thought of all the features that will make your day just a little smoother, whether you are headed to work or taking a trip.

It is the small details that really make or break a product. When you are using a backpack every single day, you will notice what details make a difference. The slim profile of the Nomatic bags combined with the versatile straps and the expansion capabilities makes going from your daily workhorse to packing for a weekend away a snap.

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