Cressi Lima Dive Knife Review

Last updated 05. August 2019

Cressi has always been one of the most important brands in the spearfishing community. In fact, they are so synonymous with spearfishing that they have actually sponsored twelve world spearfishing title winners. They have always understood how to design aquatics equipment that the people who use it want. They do the simple things correctly. Meaning that if you’re a spearfisher, a scuba diver, or a snorkeler, you know that Cressi will look after you.

The Cressi Lima dive knife has certainly been designed to cater for the needs of underwater athletes who want to assure their safety. A dive knife is an important piece of equipment. When you’re underwater, there is always the risk of you or your diving partner becoming entangled in something – perhaps a rope or fishing line or net – and the knife is necessary for liberating you. A dive knife can save lives.

The Cressi Lima is a lightweight, small dive knife that comes with an excellent sheath that can be operated with one hand and also has a quick-release function. The double-edged blade is serrated on one side so that you can be certain that even the thickest, most robust ropes can be sawn through. As ever, Cressi has thought about everything, so the sheath can be easily attached to your scuba regulator and numerous other parts of your diving kit.

Cressi Lima Dive Knife

Cressi Lima

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Key Features

The Cressi Lima is a dive knife that could become an essential part of your diving kit. Here are its key features:

2.95-Inch Blade: The small blade is highly effective, and it is double-edged.

6.3-Inch Knife Length: The small size offers excellent portability, as well as not adding to your weight.

Sheath with Locking Mechanism: The sheath can be unlocked with one hand thanks to a quick-release mechanism.

Serrated Edge and Notch: The serrated edge can be used for thick ropes, while the notch is perfect for fishing lines.

Multiple Attachment Options: The sheath can be easily attached to your BCD hose, your weights belt, and also to your BCD strap.

SUS304 Stainless Steel Blade: This hard-wearing, easily sharpened stainless steel won’t rust or corrode, as long as you maintain it properly.


+ The blade covers all eventualities, with the serrated edge effective for sawing through even the heaviest, thickest ropes, and the notch easily cutting lines.

+ The stainless steel that the blade is made from is highly resistant to rusting and corrosion, even after a lot of exposure to saltwater. It also comes naturally sharp, but it can be easily and quickly sharpened too so that you can create a razor-sharp blade.

+ The sheath is an excellent part of the knife package, as it is so easy to attach to your diving kit. It is also highly durable. And the most important thing about the sheath is that it can be easily operated with only one hand, so even in stressful moments, your knife is easily accessible to help get you out of trouble.

+ Its tiny size and low weight – only 3.2 ounces – make it highly portable. If you’re looking for a small dive knife, then this is the one for you.


– There has been some criticism of the handle not offering enough grip. But this can be dealt with if you rough up the surface. Then the handle will give you excellent grip.

Who Is It Suitable For?

This Cressi dive knife is suitable for anyone who spearfishes, scuba dives, or snorkels. It is always essential to have a dive knife with you when underwater as there are so many hazards that could lead you to get trapped.

This specific dive knife should be chosen by anyone who wants the knife to be easily accessible, with ample options for attachment, and that is lightweight too, with both a serrated edge and a notch for lines.

Why We Like It

It is a perfect little dive knife. It is light, easily attachable, and the blade is short but lethal. It does the job that a dive knife should do, which is offering you the ability to free yourself if tangled in lines or ropes. Spearfishers will also be reassured that the blade can efficiently kill a fish after it has been successfully speared.

Alternative Product

Cressi Borg, Long Blade Knife

Cressi Borg, Long Blade Knife

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