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Looking to become sponsored by My Pro Scooter? We are looking for a group of 10 scooter riders to represent our brand in parks, videos, pictures, social media and competitions. We are accepting applications from all ranges of experience.

If you are beginner or pro, we want YOU to apply to our sponsorship form below! Invite your friends to join and vote for your video. The videos with the highest votes get the pro scooters sponsorships.

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    You’ll receive completes, parts, stickers, pro scooter apparel and a whole host of other cool stuff. It is free to apply so what are you waiting for?

    With My Pro Scooter sponsorship, you will have access to parts from companies like Apex Pro Scooters, Blazer, Blunt, Crisp, District, DSA, Dominator, Envy, Ethic, Fasen, Flavor, Frenzy, Fuzion, Globber, Grit, JD Bug, Lucky, Madd Gear Pro (MGP), Phase Two, Phoenix, Razor, RILLA, Sacrifice, Slamm, Swifty Scooters and urbanArtt.

    If you think you’ve got what it takes to make the MPS team, we want to hear from you!

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    In the face-pacing world, you may find most of the kids like to whiz around the blocks riding on their pro scooters. Not only the kids, even you may find some grown up persons are flipping and stunting with their pro scooters. Some people are just passionate about controlling the wheels in their own way with their pro scooters and thus have fun.

    For last few years, some of the urban vehicles such as bikes, pro scooters and rollerblades have gained immense popularity among the children as well as adults. Therefore it is obvious that a great number of companies are coming ahead to manufacture pro scooters in order to meet the increasing demands by the people. Not only that, there are various types of scooters emerged so that the scooter lovers get ample options to chose their favorite one from them. Rilla Pro Scooter Company is one such company that is considered as one of the leading scooter manufacturing company offering wide range of scooters. Rilla Pro Scooters offer an extensive array of scooter’s styles and designs to meet the different requirements of the individuals.

    At Rilla, you will get different options such as RILLA Stunt Scooters, RILLA Freestyle Scooters as well as RILLA Kick Scooters that are all available within your budget. With better designs and using higher quality of materials, you are going to experience the ultimate freestyle scooter riding. Even these Rilla Pro Scooters are available in numerous attractive colours that suit the taste with any scooter lovers. Apart from the factory-made pro scooters, you have options to build up your own custom freestyle pro scooters. So if you want to replace purple colour wheel with steel bearing space or grip tap holder bar, you have full freedom to do that.

    Freestyle scooting is the most common while Rilla has come with Rilla Kick Scooters compatible on most of structures including boxes, rails and even vertical ramps. While some scooter riders prefer to try out ‘flyout’ tricks excelling their trick level, others just enjoy the relaxed style based on their scooters. Rilla Freestyle Scooters are just perfect for practicing some ramps such as spine, half pipe, quarter pipe, volcano spines, pools and many more.

    For the inner city riders, freestyle scooting is popular using the structures such as stairs, handrails, ledges, speedbumps and gaps. The street riders often prefer to be experimental about their tricks with technical touches. Though all scooter riders prefer to try the street scooting style, only small group of them focuses entirely on the street riding. Undoubtedly, street riding offers a great platform to face interesting challenges such as grinds, gaps, lines and combinations that the riders would not usually find in the stunt riding in the skate park. So once you practice with the Rilla Freestyle Scooters, you can easily accommodate yourself with any type of street riding challenges. Even you can invent your own style with this freestyle scooter once you get acquainted with its riding style.

    Among the freestyle scooting, you can try out any style with Rilla Freestyle Scooters on the flat surface such as driveways, parking lots, basket or tennis courts. Whether sticks such as barspins, manuals, tailwhips, sliders and combinations of them, you can try any of them with this pro scooter.


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