As with the Pro Scooter decks, there are so many stunt scooter forks to choose from. We reviewed the top 10 best scooter forks for you today, only at MyProScooter. Each scooter fork is unique and comes in a range of colours and designs and it can be hard to figure out which one you prefer best. Lets start simple. You need to first figure out which compression type you would like to go for.

We recommend SCS as it is the simplest of them all and many parts are compatible. As for SCS forks, we would highly recommend the Apex Zero Degree Fork as it is one of the highest quality scooter forks available and is perfect for nose manually without sacrificing control in fakies. It also fits up to a 120mm wheel which is awesome if you are looking to run larger wheels.

1. District FK-2 Scooter Fork

District FK-2 Scooter Fork

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If your operating ICS and need a reasonably priced alternative threadless pro scooter fork, the District FK3 Scooter Fork is what you want. This is District newest fork launched, and weighs in at solely .6 lbs, and options 10mm offset, making it one of many lightest aftermarket forks out there out there at this time. The FK-2 now options built-in spacers making it a breeze to take care of. This is the right fork for getting these buttery clean grinds and turns with a quickness like tremendous Pro Cam Ward!

2. Root Industries HIC/SCS AIR Fork

Root Industries HIC/SCS AIR Fork

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Having a tough fork on your custom scooter will prevent it from bending or breaking under pressure. The Root Industries HIC/SCS AIR Fork goes well with the rest of their custom scooter pieces, as well as most other brands. It’s made for scooter wheels ranging from 100mm to 120mm, which fits the average.

The threaded cap on top of this fork allows for easy installation. It even has built-in wheel spacers to prevent them from wobbling or wearing down. At 11.3 ounces, this is considered ultralightweight to many pro scooter riders.

+ Made for wheels from 100mm to 120mm
+ Comes with a threaded cap and wheel spacers
+ Only 11.3 ounces

Why We Like It – We like this AIR Fork from Root Industries because it makes the installation process 100 times easier. You can pair it up with almost any scooter wheels for a comfortable fit.

3. Apex Quantum Fork Standard

Apex Quantum Fork

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The Apex Quantum Standard Forks are completely CNC machined from 2000 assortment Billet Aircraft Aluminum. With its sweet no weld design, this robust one piece Apex fork will on a regular basis ship.

4. Liberty Mach 3 Threadless Aluminum Scooter IHC Fork

Liberty Mach 3 Threadless Aluminum Scooter IHC Fork Neo Chrome - Oil...

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The Liberty Mach 3 Threadless Aluminum Scooter IHC Fork is designed to make the installation process take only a few minutes. The threadless design is just about as easy as it gets to combine with your current setup. Made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, you’ll love the durability of this product.

Choose from Purple, Oil Slick, Raw, and Black to get your custom scooter going. It’s also made so you can take jumps and other ramps without worrying about suspension problems upon impact. You’ll find that it holds well after hours of usage daily.

+ Comes in four unique colors
+ Made out of aircraft aluminum for durability purposes
+ Easy to install in only a few minutes

Why We Like It – We like this scooter fork because it’s incredibly tough, super lightweight, and it comes with a very little learning curve for beginner installations.

5. Mach 1 Liberty Threadless Aluminum Scooter Fork

Mach 1 Liberty Threadless Aluminum Scooter Fork

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You don’t always need to break the bank to get your hands on a top-notch scooter fork. In fact, the Mach 1 Liberty Threadless Aluminum Scooter Fork is a great example of a budget-friendly fork. Regardless of the low price, it’s equally as useful as the rest of the competition thanks to the namesake aluminum construction.

Coming in at 6 inches, this scooter fork fits most custom builds using parts from major brands. You can choose from one of the plethoras of colors such as Neo Chrome or Space Gray to get you going.

+ Low price with high capabilities
+ Comes in a wide variety of colors
+ Fits most major scooter brands

Why We Like It – We like this scooter fork because it cuts the outrageous price from top brands while still providing a reliable, high-end quality. The vast compatibility is also likeable.

6. Envy Scooter Prodigy IHC Fork

Envy Scooter Prodigy IHC Fork

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If you’re building your own scooter from the ground up, you probably don’t want a typical appearance. Finding something unique in appearance is the key to a good custom build (other than obvious components). The Envy Scooter Prodigy IHC Fork comes in a splattered pattern with pink, orange, yellow, blue, and other colors splashed onto a black background.

While the appearance is notable, the aluminum construction keeps the weight down to an impressive 12.3 ounces. There are even built-in wheel spacers to provide great stability and prevent wearing.

+ Comes in a unique splattered pattern to stand out
+ Weighs an incredibly low 12.3 ounces
+ Made out of aluminum to last for several years

Why We Like It – We like this scooter fork because it doesn’t look like most of the monotonous competition. The aluminum build is also a fantastic choice by the company.

7. Lucky Scooter SMX Fork

Lucky Scooter SMX Fork

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If you want a basic scooter fork to add to your current setup or custom scooter, then you’re in the right place. The Lucky Scooter SMX Fork is a top choice for many scooter builders and riders who want a top-quality fork. It’s made with high-grade aluminum and a coating to prevent rust and corrosion over time.

Installation of this product takes about 10 minutes on an old scooter, whereas you can put it on a custom scooter in only about 3 minutes. Either way, the quick installation process exceeds expectations for such a good price range.

+ Made out of lightweight, durable aluminum
+ Incredibly quick installation process
+ Fits most scooter brands without a problem

Why We Like It – We like this scooter fork because it’s cheap, reliable, and versatile for a wide range of compatibility. The shiny red tint is also a nice touch.

8. Envy CNC Aftermarket Fork

Envy CNC Aftermarket Fork

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With the Envy CNC Fork, you will get a compression system and an incredible wanting fork multi practical. This is a threadless fork, and you want a sealed threadless headset with a objective to run it. Envy created a model new compression system known as IHC that has been an precise hit so far. An wonderful compression system is among the many most important points for all pro scooters!

9. Chilli Pro Scooter Slimcut Fork

Chilli Pro Scooter Slimcut Fork

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Finding a nice slim fork for your scooter will remove excess bulk, and it also looks much nicer to some people. The Chilli Pro Scooter Slimcut Fork is a great selection for most scooter riders since it works for 100mm through 120mm wheels. A quick installation under five minutes will have you back on the roads, ramps, and trails in no time.

If you decide to go with this scooter fork, you can choose from five different colors. These colors include Green, Blue, Black, Rainbow, and Purple. Either way, you’ll get the same low 12.6-ounce weight.

+ Perfect for the average scooter with 100mm to 120mm wheels
+ Comes in five stylish colors to choose from
+ Includes an axle and a nut

Why We Like It – We like this slimcut scooter fork because it’s designed to fit almost any custom scooter build.

10. Mayhem Phantom Pro V2 Scooter Part (Fork)

Mayhem Phantom Pro V2 Scooter Part (Fork)

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If you’re looking to add a little bit of durability to your scooter, then the Mayhem Phantom Pro V2 Scooter Part (Fork) will be a nice addition. It’s made with high-quality aluminum to deal with jumps and compressions without an issue. You’ll be able to rely on this scooter fork for many years to come.

Since it fits the average scooter with wheels from 100mm to 120mm, you shouldn’t have a problem whatsoever. Depending on your compression type, this fork is also compatible with most people. It fits HIC, ICS, and SCS compression styles.

+ Works for nearly any custom scooter build
+ Incredibly durable and long-lasting
+ Visually appealing logo and black on silver pattern

Why We Like It – We like this scooter fork because it’s designed to fit almost anybody’s custom scooter. You don’t have to worry about whether or not it’s compatible.

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Bestseller No. 1
Chilli Pro Scooter Slimcut Fork (Rainbow)
  • For 100 mm, 110 mm and 120mm Wheels.
  • Includes M8 axle and nut.
  • Length: 6.3 inches / Weight: 12.6 oz
Bestseller No. 2
Z-FIRST SCS Pro Stunt Scooter Fork (Black)
  • CNC scooter fork,Standard Compression SCS System
  • AL60601-T6,height:150mm*28.5 width 24mm(Assembl ing the wheel)
  • Offset: 10mm
Bestseller No. 3
  • ⚖ LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE. ALL Root Industries products are SUPER...
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