Are 3 Wheel Scooters safer for Toddlers?

Last updated 13. April 2020

Are 3 Wheel Scooters safer for Toddlers?

Three wheels scooters are safer for toddlers as they come pre-balanced right out of the box. Two wheels on the front and one on the back (or vice versa) support the scooter body to keep things balanced.

Toddlers can walk without any hassle but when it comes to support and balance a whole scooter, things get little complicated. Three wheel scooters are more balanced, grippier and that makes them a safer choice for toddlers.

On a two-wheel scooter, you have to balance the ride and keep track about the things going around. Whereas on a three wheel scooters you just have to keep in mind about the basics without worrying about balancing the ride.
They say that every ride is safe until and unless you go beyond the precautions. A three wheel scooter wins when compared to a two wheels Scooter as per safety measures. Insights predict that a three-wheel support makes a 3 wheel scooter more stable, balanced and easy to ride.

When the limits are pushed you can’t just really depend on the stable characteristics of a 3 wheeled scooter. You need to take some steps for making the ride even more predictable and well out of harm’s way.

Although a 3 wheel scooter is safe, we’ll tell you how to make it even safer. Below are some points that will make your experience safe and sound.

scooter-safety-for-toddlers– Be sure to take safety measures like a helmet, shin pads, and other stuff. As they say, better be safe than sorry!

– Check the brakes before stepping onto the scooter.

– Make sure that you have tightened up all the screws real hard while assembling the scooter.

Now your 3 wheel scooting experience is double coated by safety. On the whole, a three-wheel scooter is stable and pre-balanced which makes it a safer choice for toddlers.

How to Assemble 3 Wheel Scooter?

Few three wheels scooters come assembled right out of the box but most are unassembled. Reading the neverending manual of the manufacturer isn’t the best way to put things in perspective.

We’ll tell you how to assemble a typical three-wheel scooter as most share equal techniques.

– Make sure that the bushings for rear axle are in place. To be double sure, gently tap the bushing around the edge to fully insert them.

– Now grab the rear axle and insert the wheel onto it followed by the bushing if the model has a separate one. Put the frame inside the rear axle of the scooter and put in the bushing followed by the second wheel onto another side. Tighten up both sides and make sure the axle is stiff.

– After this, pick up the stem and unscrew any fittings on it. Now grab the handlebars and attach it to the stem. Use the washer and a nut that comes along with the package to blend the stem and handlebar in one piece. Note that you’ll need a tool for tightening up the screws.

– Now slide the plastic cover onto the shaft if the package includes one. After this, install the front fender onto the front assembly and insert the fork through the frame making sure that the fork cut face towards the back wheels.

– Insert the metal washer followed by the clamp. Note that the clamp should be installed in a way that fork should be sticking out a little bit.

– Now insert the handlebar inside the fork and tighten up the clamp screw. Let the plastic cover come down to cover the clamp.

Congratulations! You have successfully assembled a three-wheel scooter.

How to Ride 3 Wheel Scooter?

Below we’ll guide on how to ride a 3 wheel scooter the right way. Make sure that there is no one way to ride a three wheeler. You can develop your own steps or whatever works for you. Just keep in mind the safety!

– Before stepping onto the scooter be sure that you are wearing all safety equipment like helmet, shins, pads etc.

– Check the brakes if they are functioning properly. Similarly, check if all the screws are tightened up properly.

– Look around you and take a good idea about obstacles or people around you.

– Now step onto the scooter. Rest down your weak foot on the deck and push the ground against your strong foot. Make sure that you don’t rush, pick up the pace gradually.

– If you want to stop the scooter keep in mind the factors of breaking and thinking distance before actually putting your strong foot on the brakes.

Yeah! That is it, now you know how to ride a three-wheel scooter.

Where to Buy 3 Wheel Scooter?

Radio Flyer 'My 1st Scooter'

So you have selected the perfect 3 wheel scooter model according to your personal preference? Now it is time to buy, but wait!

Where are you going to buy it from?

While buying a new 3 wheel scooter you have to be sure about the retailer.

We always suggest our readers to go for the well-known dealers. A little search on the Internet also goes a long way in this regard.

Look for online stores and read out the customer reviews to get a fair idea about store’s reputation.

Amazon is one such online store where you can buy 3 wheel scooters for your little one pretty easily. The site is easily navigable plus every product is backed up by hundreds of customers reviews.

Although there are many buying sources, look for the most appropriate one that is well reputed amongst the masses.

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