Are Electric Scooters safe?

Last updated 13. April 2020

Are Electric Scooters safe?

Whether electric scooters are safe or not is a huge debate these days. It is important to keep in mind that nothing is entirely safe. There is an element of risk in almost everything that we do. Something as simple as walking down the road can result in incidents.

It all comes down to the right practices aimed at minimizing the risk in our activities. It is almost the same with electric scooters – it can’t be tagged 100% safe. You can take a fall or bump while riding it but if you are wearing all the protective gears and riding carefully, you can definitely minimize the chances of accidents and save yourself from injuries.

With that said, electric scooters are considered safer than normal, manual scooters. They are more controlled and the speed is generally slower as well. Since you are most likely to have both your feet on the deck, the ride is more stable. You can have all the concentration on the roads and things around you, as the scooter is automatic. So, all in all, electric scooters are safe (if you are following the right procedures).

Are Electric Scooters dangerous?

Electric powered scooters for adults have been in the market for decades now but the debate still exists – are they really dangerous? People think that they possess a threat to not only the person who is riding it but the surrounding people as well. However, even cars and motorbikes (even cycles) while out there on the roads can be risky to surrounding people. Since cars and motorbikes are more speedy, we think that they can be even more dangerous to people. Crossing the road or climbing up or down your stairs can be risky too – that doesn’t mean we stop doing that.

Electric scooters are as safe as any other ride; you just have to have proper safety equipment coupled with some sense on how to safely ride the scooter on streets. When there are people around you, you should never ride fast. Similarly, for your own protection always use safety equipment like knee/arm/elbow/shin pads and helmets.

Can Electric Scooters be used in rain?

Can Electric Scooters be used in the rain?The joy of scooters is amazing and when it’s raining the fun can just multiply. Having said that, you have to be very cautious when stepping out in the rain with your scooter. Read on for some important consideration before you step out in the rain…

This is a tricky question. It depends on the rider himself, his skills and the terrain. If you’re a skilled rider, you probably can control the ride better. For beginners, we advise it is better to be safe than sorry. Don’t ride when it’s raining, as you never know how slippery the roads are.

The type of terrain matters a lot when it is raining and you don’t want to stay inside. If it is a proper road, you may go out and enjoy. However, if the terrain is uneven, it is better to wait or find a solid ground for scooting. The type of scooter you have is also going to decide whether you can scoot around in rain or not. Some electric scooters are not waterproof and if you take them outside in the rain, the chances are you might mess up with the electrical system.

Can Electric Scooters be used manually?

This is again an important question and most people; even those who own an electric scooter are confused about this. The eclectic scooters usually have not more than 40 minutes of battery life (on a full charge). Running out of battery is something that you are going to face every now and then. But can you use it like a normal scooter and push it around to reach your destination when you run out of juice?

It all depends on the type of scooter if you have. If it’s a dual scooter (ones that work both as electric as well as manual scooters) – yes you can. However, just make sure that you have totally consumed the charges in the battery. Switch it to manual mode and enjoy your ride for as long as you want. Make sure you charge the battery again, as soon as you can.

If your scooter isn’t a dual one, what you can do is get off of the scooter and push it all the way to your destination. We know that doesn’t sound like a solution but it is still easier than folding your scooter and carry it like a baby.

What kind of Helmet for Electric Scooter?

What Helmet for Electric ScooterWhen it comes to scooting and electric scooters, one thing that we should never forget is the use of helmets. These cute guys are really handy when it comes to protecting your crown (the head). We know that even small bumps on the head can be really damaging at times – so, why take risks?

There are many kinds of helmets available for electric scooters and almost all of them look modern and trendy. When choosing an electric scooter helmet you should always look for the most sturdiest and solid make. Some cool looking helmets are just all show and don’t provide the safety as they should. While shopping or helmet, make sure that it serves is purpose firs – and that is to protection and safety. Everything else must come second.

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