Are Scooters safe for Kids?

Last updated 30. December 2017

Are Scooters safe for kids?

Scooters are the favorite ride for kids as every single child wants to go beyond walking and crawling. On the whole, there are two type of scooters, two-wheelers, and three-wheelers.

The point of mentioning the two different type of scooter relates to the safety measures. Although both scooters are safe for kids, three wheel scooters are more balanced and stable.

So you gifted a three-wheel scooter for your child (click for guide), is that it to make the riding experience safe? Well, it isn’t. Although your child is safe on the scooter, you need to feed some precautions before he/she can step up on the ride.

● Strictly prohibit them to rush at full speed as you can’t predict the terrain and slope.

● Before they go on a ride check the brakes if they are working or not.

● Teach them to balance the ride for making the scooting experience more stable and reliable.

● Feed them with the concepts of thinking and braking distance so that they can brake accurately.

● Teach your child to ride it safely and well out of harm’s way.

● Coat them up with helmet, shin guards etc.

So now you can take a deep breath of relief as we have guided you on how to make scooting even safer.

Should a Child wear a helmet on a Scooter?

Should a Child wear a Helmet on a Scooter?Taking risks is another thing but going all in without any backup isn’t a noble’s choice. Safety is our number one priority because as they say that prevention is better than cure. We are not saying that armoring yourself will take you past the incidents but the chances of mishaps will be lowered down.

Scooting is safe but one can’t predict that what is coming next. Sometimes you may not be able to stop a child from taking risks and going beyond the lines but some safety measures can be taken to avoid incidents.

Head is one of the most important parts of our body, a slight damage can trigger some serious problems. Although our skull is strong, one can’t take chances to let it protect the brain all alone.

Helmet coats the head and makes incidents less vulnerable. A child should wear a helmet while scooting around as clashes can take place anywhere and anytime. Helmet saves the main body part from many incidents.

What Kick Scooter protective gear does a Kid need?

Protective gear is essential for a kid who is riding the scooter. Going all in without any protection makes the kid vulnerable to numerous incidents. Although scooters are safe, the kid should wear a protective gear in order to make the experience more secure.

Below, we’ll put up some important protective gears that a child should wear while riding:

● Helmet
The helmet protects the head from getting banged. While your overexcited kid is applying those cool scooter tricks make sure that the hub (head) is covered by a helmet.

● Shin Guards
Shin guard covers the area in between foot and knee. The bone running down from knee to foot is sensitive as a little blow can cause some severe injury.

● Knee Caps
Knee features a switch-ball mechanism that allows the leg to move backward and forward. Kneecaps protect the knee from any clash as a slight pressure can cause displacements.

● Gloves
Although gloves do not protect the hands from danger, they maintain grip. Gloves cover your hands and boost up the grip game so the child can play it more precisely.

The above equipment will help to make sure that your child’s joyous ride – stays safe and sound.

How to Ride a Scooter Step by Step

How to Ride a Scooter Step by StepScooting is an art that lies within the fanatics. Riding a scooter isn’t a great deal but riding it the right way is all that matters.

We have compiled a step by step walkthrough for you to ride a scooter like a pro!

● Before stepping onto the scooter make sure that all supporting screws are tight and brakes are working.

● Now step on the scooter and adjust the handlebar according to your height. Make sure that you align the handlebar at your waist height.

● After adjusting, tightly grip the handlebar with your hands. Put your weak foot onto the deck and strong on the ground.

Pro tip: Try to balance yourself while keeping the strong foot in the air and weak on the deck.

● Look around and make sure everything is clear. Now gently push your strong foot against the ground until you are in a balanced motion.

● If you want to stop the scooter be sure to keep in mind the science of braking and thinking distance.

● Repeat the steps until you are good enough to ride on your own.

That’s it, now you can rock the streets like a pro!

Scooter Safety Tips – How to Scoot Safely

● Be sure to check the brakes before you start riding the scooter.

● Double check the supporting screws and make sure that they are tight enough to hold any abuse.

● Balancing is key to ride a scooter like a pro. Practice balancing your weight on a stationary scooter.

● Wear all protective gears before going to the scooter park.

● Learn properly how to break and always keep in mind the science of braking and thinking distance.

● Don’t ride on top speeds while people are around you as a slight control error can occur.

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