Baja Scooter Review

Last updated 20. December 2019

Review of Baja Scooters

At MyProScooter, we do our best to find the top scooter brands around. Baja Scooter has proven time and time again that they’re a great competitor in the market. If you’re someone who’s seeking comfort, longevity, and power from their scooter, then you should definitely consider looking into Baja Motorsports for your next upgrade.

We often come across brands that seem fine on the surface, but then cheap materials are used, and corners are cut. Fortunately, Baja makes their scooter with a consistent level of integrity and the safety of their customers in mind. Are you interested in learning more about their high-quality scooters? Read on below!

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Key Features

One of the main key features that attract most customers to Baja Motorsports’ scooters is their fuel efficiency. We all know how frustrating rising gas prices can be, but with these scooters, you can expect a phenomenal MPG upwards of 80 to 100. As far as saving money while reducing pollution from your vehicle is concerned, you’re getting about as good as it gets with Baja scooters.

Another reason that so many people prefer Baja scooters over any other is their engine performance. While the average scooter goes around 25 to 35 miles per hour, Baja tends to produce scooters that range in speed from 37 mph to 54 mph. This is far more than enough to take it around town without slowing down traffic or increasing your trip time.

Once you see the scooters that Baja Motorsports has available, you’ll understand what the hype is all about. All of their scooters are stylish from top to bottom. Whether you’re after a retro appearance or a motorcycle-style scooter, they have it all. Pick and choose whichever best suits your personal riding style, speed, and fuel requirements.

Finally, the safety of Baja scooters is second to none. While safety isn’t always the most fun aspect to consider, we can all agree on its importance. Some of the scooters here have backrests, others have additional cushioning to support your back and spine, and all of them have wide-angled rearview mirrors. Stay alert at all times with the bright headlights, use the handbrakes for quick slowing and stopping, and enjoy the ride from your new stylish scooter.


+ Built to feel, ride, and last as long as a real vehicle. Baja Motorsports didn’t make scooters to be a backup or a one-year vehicle. They made these top-notch scooters to be your full-time around-town replacement ride!

+ These scooters are as comfortable as you’ll find anywhere. The cushion on the seat is soft and breathable, the handlebars are easy to grip since they’re textured, and the foot placement is angled to fit ergonomically with the way you sit.

+ Fantastic fuel economy is definitely one of the best parts about owning a Baja scooter. Imagine throwing in a couple of dollars without having to refill again for almost 100 miles! That hasn’t been a possibility for decades, but it finally is again.

+ Style is absolutely worth mentioning with all of the Baja scooters. These scooters are sleek and modern with a touch of classic appeal.


– These scooters are all bulky compared to traditional models. They feel more like a small motorcycle, which may or may not be an issue for you.

Who are Baja Scooters Suitable For?

Baja scooters are suitable for people of all riding experience levels, beginner through expert. If you’re interested in riding a top-tier scooter, then these are by far some of the best on the market. Whether you’re replacing your vehicle completely or looking for a simple scooter to ride around town, Baja Motorsports is the way to go.

Why We Like Them

We like Baja Motorsports’ scooters because they catch your eye quicker than any other scooter around. The stylish appearance is backed up by amazing engine performance, stellar fuel efficiency, and the best comfort that money can buy on a scooter. Since they feel like a motorcycle, they could ideally be a beginner step for future riders.

However, Baja scooters also work just fine for inner-city commute to work, driving to the grocery store, or visiting a friend. There are plenty of options! Where are you taking your Baja scooter next?

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