What Beginner Skateboard for Adults?

Last updated 17. December 2019

What Beginner Skateboard for Adults?

Depending on your budget, there are quite a few good beginner skateboards for adults out on the market today. However, we have to warn against buying cheap skateboards (usually below 20$). These boards are usually very poorly made, and can even be dangerous. If you are looking to be serious about skateboarding and are looking for a quality skateboard, then you need to invest at least 40$ minimum. This means that you will need to look for a skateboard with all the necessary components, some of which are: proper grip tape, sturdy trucks, quality wheels and a heavy-duty deck.

Another thing you will want to avoid when purchasing skateboards is the child-sized boards. They may seem like a good starting point, but they are not right for your size and frame. The best thing to do is to research popular skateboard brands and see what kind of budget skateboards they offer. Each company usually has a line of boards specifically for people who cannot afford to spend 100$ on a skateboard. This is especially true if you don’t know if you will like it, and you need a test-board to see if you enjoy it as much as you thought you would.

Regardless, it’s important to choose a board that you will like both design and performance wise. This will allow you to stay motivated when practicing. Each company has their unique designs and digital art printed on the bottom of the deck.

Learning to Skateboard as an Adult

Skateboarding is usually associated with teenagers, but it’s extremely common to see adults at the skating park, too! People born in the 1980s and 1990s have grown up seeing commercials of the skateboard, and have since made it their hobby. If you are unsure about whether you can skate in a skating park as an adult, we can tell you from the get-go that you can definitely jump in right away! There are plenty of adults, both learners and professionals, skating at the park, and you will not feel ostracized by the community.

The advantage that you will have over the kids and teens at the park is your motivation. Adults can clearly analyze and see what is wrong with their technique and what not to repeat. The commitment you will have will be a great tool, since you will be able to get up, even if bruised, and continue learning. With kids, it usually takes a while to convince them to go back on the board if they slip or fall. You will also be able to develop a steady learning routine, giving you the advantage of consistent practice and constant improvement.

In the end, age doesn’t matter, but the level of commitment does!

What Size Skateboard for Adult?

There has been a long-time debate over which skateboard size is best for riding, and there is no one right answer! People come in different shapes and sizes, and so do skateboards. Your frame and your build will play a great role in deciding which skateboard will fit you best. The common, full, adult sized skateboards are about 7.5” and higher. The width of the skateboards can vary from 7.5” to 8.25”. The size of the rider plays here most, since you will need to determine what you will be using your skateboard for.

Wider skateboards are commonly preferred by riders who like to do a lot of tricks in the skate park. The wider the board, the easier it is to control when you are in the air or when you are landing. If you have a thin skateboard when doing tricks, it can be increasingly hard to land on it. If you are looking to cruise and ride in the street, a thinner skateboard may be in order. The average length of an adult skateborad is about 28”-32”, but the width is usually the preferred sizing choice when choosing.

What is the Top Starter Adult Skateboard?

After a lot of research, we have determined that the best starter skateboard for adult beginners is the Powell Peralta Golden Dragon. Not only does it have a great deck cover design, but it’s surrounded by over 200 reliable reviews. Even with the amount of customer feedback that it gets, the Golden Dragon still remains to be surrounded by 5-star reviews. With such a positive feedback, both from adults and teens, it’s easy to see why this skateboard is so popular.

Not only is it priced very well, but it has quality craftsmanship too. If you are looking forward to doing tricks, going up and down ramps and around pools, this skateboard will be serving you for years to come. Powell Peralta is a very reliable brand that has been putting out quality skateboards for over 30 years now. If you need a skateboard that will provide you with all the necessary function that you will need to get started, the Golden Dragon is the best choice to go for!

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