Benefits of Having an Electric Skateboard

Last updated 29. October 2018

Electric skateboards have been growing in popularity over the last few years. These powerful, fun and high tech innovations have turned simple push skateboards into highly capable, and fairly portable, transportation vehicles.

With an electric skateboard, you can be able to ride much faster, and in some cases, match the speed of traffic. Their innovative braking systems ensure that users retain control over their speed, be it on flat surfaces, uphill and downhill.

Furthermore, since you don’t have to push and maintain your balance when riding the skateboard, it actually becomes easier much for beginners to master the art of skateboarding.

Electric Skateboards, What Are They?

When you take a traditional skateboard, add one or more electric motors, a battery, and control unit you end up with an electric skateboard. These modern innovations can be bought as a complete package or can be assembled as a DIY project.

The main components on electric skateboards, as mentioned above, include batteries, which can be customized with the aim of matching the needs of the user; electric motors, which may be designed within the wheels, or mounted next to the wheel axle and attached to the wheels using a belt mechanism; a control unit to manage battery usage and speed; and a remote control unit designed to give the user control of this highly capable gadget.

Read on below to find out more about the benefits of electric skateboards.

Highly Enjoyable

Skateboarding is a fun activity. Electric skateboards make it even more enjoyable. With an electric skateboard, you will feel like you are practically hovering in the air. Since users no longer have to use their feet to push the board into motion, they get the opportunity to enjoy their ride for longer. It’s easier for users to enjoy their surroundings when riding on an electric skateboard.

If you enjoy putting together your very own electric skateboard, then you can be sure of enjoying the entire experience even more. You get the opportunity to tailor make your very own electric powered skateboard, and then enjoy it on the road, driveway or park.

Improved Health

Skateboarding has health-boosting effects. First and foremost, riding on an electric skateboard helps boost your muscle mass and overall strength. The activity requires you to remain standing on your feet; in addition to using them to push the board into motion whenever necessary. You also get to use your hands more when balancing on the board.

Skateboarding also helps improve the general functioning of your nervous system. To maintain balance while riding on the board, for extended periods, your nervous system will be called into action more often than if you were to use other modes of transportation.

It is also worth mentioning that riding on an electric skateboard, with the wind in your hair, can be quite refreshing; this, combined with the fact that it gets you to take in your natural surroundings for longer, can help relieve stress.

Eco-friendly Transportation

Electric skateboards facilitate eco-friendly travel, period! These modern “vehicles” do not burn fossil fuels, nor do they release pollutant gases into the environment like gas powered scooters. This means that they are more environmentally friendly as compared to most popular modes of transportation.

Faster Speeds

Some of the most powerful electric skateboards can reach maximum speeds of 22 miles per hour. This means that they can match the speed of traffic in some cases. These gadgets can get users over hills and across flat surfaces faster and safer than traditional skateboards. This makes it easier for users to get to their destination on time. It is actually possible for electric skateboard users to plan their travel with a higher level of accuracy.

To ensure that users remain in control, even with these increased riding speeds, electric variants come with speed controls. With these controls, users can be able to go up a hill much faster, or reduce the speed of their descent where necessary; with an electric skateboard, you no longer have to look on as your board races down a hill, never to be seen again.

For safety purposes, most electric skateboards have an inbuilt alarm designed to warn users when approaching top speeds.

Cost Savings

Since you do not have to burn fuel or pay any fare to get to your destination when using electric skateboards, you actually get to make some much-needed cash savings. You can use your skateboard to run errands and attend appointments miles away from home, conveniently and at no cost whatsoever.

These boards are designed to take you farther than traditional skateboards, especially considering the fact that you can only push for so long before you are completely exhausted.

Effortless Ride

Since electric skateboards eliminate the need to use the feet to push you and your board along, all the time, you no longer have to arrive at your destination a sweaty mess. Some electric skateboards are designed to comfortably take users uphill; making easy work of 15-degree inclines, with the ability to achieve maximum speeds of around 11 miles per hour.

Two In One Deal

Electric skateboards are a two in one deal. They can be used just like traditional boards, even with their high tech motorized drive systems. Users can simply turn off the motorized drive system and use the skateboard to perform stunts at the skating park, and then turn it back on for an effortless ride back home. If anything, owning an electric skateboard gives you the chance to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Electric skateboards are a practical mode of transport. They can be used to move around efficiently around town or campus; where short distance travel is the norm. If you would like to enjoy the above listed benefits, be sure to get your very own, DIY or readymade, electric skateboard.

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