Benefits Of Waxing Your Snowboard

Last updated 12. November 2018

The countdown is on! That’s right, it is getting to that time of year where the fires are being lit, you are starting to see your breath as you commute to work in the morning and you already have your winter woolies dug out of your wardrobe.

Of course, to you, these are all great signs that something magical is on the horizon. Before long those longed-for slopes are going to be smothered in white powder and you are going to be heading out for your first ride of the season!

Whether you are a seasoned boarder with lots of experience, a novice who is just starting to gel with the art of flight or find yourself somewhere in between, we love the fact that you are embracing everything that the snowboarding world has to offer. It’s a world of fun, color, adrenaline and, of course, sensational style!

In fact, like many of us fellow snowboarders, it may not have taken you long to decide to invest in your very own board and boots. The hassle of always having to rent can really get on your nerves. From having to get used to a different board each time to the nightmare of heel lift in a rented pair of boots that aren’t a perfect fit, indeed, we are completely behind the decision to invest in your own snowboard, even if you are just at the start of your boarding journey.

So if you are a proud new snowboard owner, have you given much thought to board maintenance? We know you were likely advised about it when you made your purchase but you may have been so busy admiring the trendy design and colors that your board boasted, the important parts may have gone right over your head! So why is waxing your snowboard so important? Allow us to explain.

Snowboarder's sharp turn


Why Should You Wax Your Snowboard?

It’s not like there are snowboard-wax police at each lift to check whether your board has a fresh coat of wax or not, in fact, no one is going to insist that you wax your board. That being said, if you decide to ignore this part of board maintenance, you may miss out on what it really means to master the art of flight. Let’s see why.

It’s All About The Control

Who came up with the idea to strap a piece of p-tex on their feet, find a mountain covered in fresh snow and hurl themselves down in it? Whoever they were, we love them for it! However, as is the case with any extreme sport, snowboarding comes with risks. One of the best ways you can minimize the chance of injuring yourself is to ensure that you have great control of your board as you ride.

A waxed board is easier to control. It will respond to your movements in a more reliable and quicker fashion, allowing your turns to feel much easier. Not only will this significantly improve your boarding experience, but it can also help you to quickly avoid a nasty collision. Like when a group of skiers decides to cross your path without any warning; yes, been there and got the war wounds from that one!

A Faster Ride

Now we certainly are not suggesting any novices amongst our readers to get their board highly waxed with the aim of hurtling down the slope! Remember, a waxed board will give you more control, however, if you are ready for it, it will also give you more speed.

Actually, just to add a little extra note on speed. Being a novice does not mean that you should board at a snail’s pace. Going too slow can also contribute to an injury. Your board needs a degree of speed to be able to operate as it should. Waxing helps with this and should allow you to board at the speed which is just right for your level of ability.

Avoid Needlessly Getting Stuck On The Flat

Whilst we may love being snowboarders 99 percent of the time, there are those moments when you are stuck on the flat and find yourself being forced to take a foot out of your bindings, that you feel a hint of envy towards those skiers who are using their poes to propel themselves into a forward movement.

Now, we can’t promise that having a waxed board will mean you never get stuck on flat terrain, however, it can certainly minimize the risk of it. A waxed board glides more effortlessly which should have you moving forward on those flat terrains at a much better rate than if you have an unwaxed board that tends to get stuck quickly.

Extend The Life Of Your Board

We know that you are in love with your board. How many times have you just stood and stared at it since you bought it? That’s right, it seems to have the ability to give you goosebumps every time you lay eyes on it! So, if you really want you and your board to start out on a beautiful relationship, you need to be committed to caring for it. Regular waxing gives your board’s base a protective cover making it more durable and ultimately a longer slope partner.

Well, our dear fellow snowboarders, that fresh powder is just around the corner. If you really want to get the best out of your riding this season make sure your board buddy is fully waxed up and ready to hit the slopes!


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