10 Best 4-Bike Hitch Racks In 2021

Last updated 04. January 2021

If you are in need of a way to transport multiple bikes at one time, you should think about investing in a 4 bike hitch rack. A multiple bike hitch rack enables you to move bikes around in a safe and convenient manner. There are many different styles of bike racks that you can choose from like roof racks or tow bar attachments, so you can find a hitch rack that suits you and your bicycle needs perfectly.

Use 4 bike hitch racks to transport bikes to races, for camping or for family holidays – they are so useful that you will wonder how you have ever coped without having one before. To help you choose the best bike hitch rack for you, we have compiled a list of what we consider to the best currently available.

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1. Allen Sports Premier Hitch Mounted Bike Rack

Allen Sports Premier Hitch Mounted Bike Rack

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An easy and quick to attach option is the Allen Sports Premier Hitch Mounted Bike Rack. It has a hitch insert that easily connects to any 2-inch hitch receiver and takes absolutely no time to set up. All you have to do is undertake a snapping action with the carry arms when you get the bike rack out of its box, and it’s ready to use. Use the double cradles to tie down and cradle your bikes while they are in transit, using the straps provided to keep them stable and protected as you travel.

The bike rack has no-wobble bolts so that neither the bike rack nor the bikes themselves move around when you are driving. A clever innovation with this bike rack is the internal tilt away release. This enables you to open the tailgate of your vehicle without removing the bikes or disassembling the bike rack. This makes the Allen Sports Premier bike rack a very convenient way of transporting bikes.

+ Easy and quick attachment
+ 2-inch hitch receiver
+ Snapping action, double cradles
+ Tie downs, no-wobble bolts
+ Internal tilt away release

Why We Like It – We like the Allen Sports Premier Hitch Mounted Bike Rack because it is so easy to use, quick to attach and fast to use as soon as it has arrived at your home.

2. Allen Sports Deluxe Hitch Mounted Bike Rack

Allen Sports Deluxe Hitch Mounted Bike Rack

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If you have a 2-inch trailer hitch, then this could be a great option for you so that you can transport four bicycles, though you will require a Class III or IV 2 inch hitch to take advantage of it. It has very long carry arms that cater easily for carrying four bikes, as they are 22 inches long, and have individual tie-down systems to secure each bike you attach to the bike rack, through the use of Allen’s patented system.

Taking just a couple of minutes to install, this mounted bike rack also folds flat to your vehicle when you are not using it to avoid any damage or danger occurring. This is a very strong bike rack which has been finished with a black powder coat ensuring that it is rust and corrosion resistance so that you can rest assured that the only bike rack you will ever need to buy is this one – no replacement will ever be necessary.

+ 2-inch trailer hitch
+ Four bikes carry arms
+ 22in arms, tie downs
+ Flat folds, damage protection
+ Rust and corrosion resistant

Why We Like It – We like the Allen Sports Deluxe Hitch Mounted Bike Rack because it so easily and safely transports four bikes, protects your vehicle, and is ideal for family outings or holidays.

3. MaxxHaul (70210) 4-Bike Deluxe Hitch Mount Rack

MaxxHaul (70210) 4-Bike Deluxe Hitch Mount Rack

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Looking for a strong, sturdy and stable bike rack? The MaxxHaul bike rack is able to hold four bikes easily, transporting them from one location to another with no issue, in a safe and accident-free manner. It fits quickly and simply into 2-inch receivers and has been created from steel so that it has increased strength.

Use its swing down feature so that you can access the tailgate easily without having to dismantle the bike rack or take all of the bikes off the bike rack, saving you time, energy and frustration. Though not ideal for bikes with slanted bars, this is a great transportation method for male bikes, unisex bikes, and teen bikes.

+ Strong, stable and sturdy
+ Easily transports four bikes
+ Easy install, simple attach
+ 2in receivers, strong steel
+ Swing down bike rack

Why We Like It – We like the MaxxHaul (70210) 4-Bike Deluxe Hitch Mount Rack because it enables you to attach your bikes and transport them with such speed and ease that you will never consider it a hassle.

4. Yakima Products Ridgeback Hitch Bike Rack

Yakima Products Ridgeback Hitch Bike Rack

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When DIY isn’t your thing or time’s limited, consider this Yakima bike rack. It requires absolutely no tools when you set it up as all it needs is the Speed Knob to lock it in to place when you have connected it to a 1.25 or 2-inch hitch receiver. Install this bike rack super quickly and get on with your journey with your bikes, too. Use the zip strips to ensure that your bikes are safe and secure as they travel with you and rely on the anti-sway cradles to protect your bikes from damaging each other, keeping them completely isolated and preventing contact.

Use the upper hand lever to tilt the rack so that you are able to access the rear of your vehicle and this bike rack has the added ability to be able to fold completely flat when it is not in use. This is also advantageous for storage purposes, even when your bike rack is not attached to your vehicle.

+ No tool setup, foldable
+ 1.25-2in hitch receiver compatible
+ Quick install, zip strips
+ Anti-sway cradles, protective
+ Tilt for rear access

Why We Like It – We like the Yakima Products Ridgeback Hitch Bike because it is ideal for people who hate DIY or who do not have the time for assembling new pieces of kit.

5. Tyger Auto TG-RK4B102B Deluxe 4-Bike Carrier

Tyger Auto TG-RK4B102B Deluxe 4-Bike Carrier

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A much more generic fitting bike rack, the Tyger Auto bike rack fits any vehicle with a 1.25 or 2-inch hitch receiver. Travel around with four bikes in tow with this strong and stable bike rack with its cable lock, hitch pin lock, and straps to enhance the safety of your bikes. Protecting from rust, the OE standard black color E-coating gives a high-spec finish, increasing the longevity of your bike rack.

Its fold-down feature allows access into the rear of your vehicle even when the bike rack is fully loaded, and the carry arms can be folded flat when the bike rack is not in use. Protect your bikes as they travel with the clever design of bar cushioning and soft cradles. Fit this bike rack to your car quickly and simply, with no fuss, inconvenience or interruption to your day.

+ 1.25 – 2-inch hitch receiver
+ Holds four bikes, strong
+ Cable lock, hitch pin lock
+ Security straps, anti-rust
+ Foldable, cushioned, cradles, easy-use

Why We Like It – We like the Tyger Auto TG-RK4B102B Deluxe 4-Bike Carrier because it carries and protects four bikes so easily. No damage is caused to bikes or car thanks to the cushioning and cradles. Got an SUV? Check out these bike racks for SUVs.

6. Bell Hitchbiker 450 4-Bike Hitch Rack with Stability

Bell Hitchbiker 450 4-Bike Hitch Rack with Stability

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The popular Bell Hitchbiker bike rack is a stable and reliable way of transporting your bikes between locations with ease. It folds when it is not in use and keeps your bikes well-cradled, separated and secured as they travel. This bike rack fits into receivers of 1.25 and 2 inches thanks to its all-metal insert, which is one of a kind in the bike rack world – there is no other bike rack with the same kind of connector.

Completed with the powder e-coat for an enhanced finish, increased longevity and anti-rust protection, this bike rack can carry an impressive total of 140 pounds worth of bikes, ideal for a family trip.

+ Sturdy, stable and reliable
+ Folds up, cradles, secure
+ Separates bikes, powder e-coat
+ 1.25-2 inch metal insert
+ Holds 140lbs, family fun

Why We Like It – We like the Bell Hitchbiker 450 4-Bike Hitch Rack with Stability because you’re not limited by the amount of weight you’re able to carry when it comes to transporting four bikes safely.

7. Thule Apex Bike Hitch Rack

Thule Apex Bike Hitch Rack

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For a compact, sturdy and well-designed bike hitch rack, consider the Thule Apex as a viable option for transporting four bikes around safely. It uses soft rubber to cradle your bikes so that they arrive at their destination without a scratch. Your car is also protected, too. This bike rack has a tilt-away design enabling you to still access the rest of your vehicle without the hassle of having to dismount bikes.

It is created from steel so is very strong, reliable and safe in its construction and is compatible with your key system. Fitting tightly into your 2-inch receiver, it locks in place snugly, eradicating any movement even when the vehicle is moving at high speed. For increased security, there is the option to purchase the braided steel cable which, at 6 foot long, is able to fully protect your bikes and vehicle as you travel.

+ Rubber cradle supports bikes
+ Compact design, steel made
+ Tilt away for rear access
+ Compatible with key system
+ Fits 2-inch receiver

Why We Like It – We like the Thule Apex Bike Hitch Rack because there are so many ways in which it protects both your bikes and your vehicle, even when traveling at speed or in challenging conditions.

8. Overdrive Sport 4-Bike Hitch Mounted Rack

Overdrive Sport 4-Bike Hitch Mounted Rack

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The impressive, large Overdrive bike rack is very quick to install and is fully adjustable to fit your vehicle in a snug manner so that accidents are prevented. It has a patented anti-wobble design so that any gaps between the rack and the receiver are eradicated, helping to keep your bikes stable and protected as you transport them to your chosen destination.

Fold this bike rack flat when you are not using it to save space and tilt it downwards to enable rear access, easily, quickly and safely, even when four bikes are in situ. Use this bike rack on a 2-inch hitch for a safe and sturdy attachment. It comes with a locking hitch pin, locking knob and frame adapter.

An additional great facility is the reflector strips on this bike rack, increasing the visibility of your vehicle even when weather conditions are bad. This low, Y-frame bike rack has padded clamps ensuring your bikes do not encounter damage.

+ Easy to install, adjustable
+ Snug fit, anti-wobble design
+ Rack-receiver gaps eradicated
+ Flat fold, tilt down
+ 2in hitch, Y-frame, reflectors

Why We Like It – We like the Overdrive Sports 4-Bike Hitch Mounted Rack because it allows rear access easily, folds flat when not in use and promotes safety when used in low visibility through its reflective strips.

9. Yakima DoubleDown 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Yakima DoubleDown 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

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For enhanced security, the Yakima DoubleDown bike rack is a very viable option. With its deadlock to enhance the security of both the bike rack itself as well as your bikes, this Yakima bike rack is compatible with any 2 inch and 11/4 inch hitch receivers with little intervention required. Use the bike rack almost as soon as you have got it out of its box.

It has additional features such as the tilting ability for rear access, anti-sway cradles, bike protection, trigger finger technology so that you can easily fold the bike rack into a flat position when it is not in use, and its powder coat finish elongates the lifespan of the rack overall.

+ Ultra secure, reliable, strong
+ Deadlock, no intervention required
+ 2in and 11/4in hitch receiver compatible
+ Tilts, cradles, anti-sway
+ Protective, foldable, powder coat finish

Why We Like It – We like the Yakima DoubleDown 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack because it is compatible with the majority of vehicles and requires very little human intervention in order to attach or use it.

10. Road-Max RMBR4 4 Bike Carrier

Road-Max RMBR4 4 Bike Carrier

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It’s light and compact, ideal for taking it with you on a traveling expedition or longer adventure, and can be easily stored in the rear of a vehicle because it can fold into a completely flat position so that it is not obtrusive at all. Fold the arms when it is attached to your car so that you are able to access the rear of your car without the hassle of dismantling your bike rack and use the additional safety features to ensure that your bikes, car, and passengers are all kept safe.

These safety features include wheel straps, soft pads for rims, zamack buckles and padded arm supports. This bike rack attaches easily on to any 2-inch receiver, holding four bikes with strength and stability.

+ Lightweight, compact, foldable, flat
+ Foldable arms, safe
+ Rear access, wheel straps
+ Rim pads, buckles, supportive
+ 2in receiver holds four bikes

Why We Like It – We like the Road-Max RMBR4 4 Bike Carrier because it is so protective over your bikes and your vehicle, preventing damage, scratches, and dents in every possible way.

4 Bike Hitch Rack Buyers Guide

What to look for when buying 4 bike hitch rack?

Hitch receiver size

When looking at a new bike rack suitable for transporting four bikes from one place to another, it is essential to consider the size of the hitch receiver.  The majority of cars and SUVs have hitch receivers that fit either a 1.25 inch or 2-inch hitch receiver which is the most common size when it comes to bike racks.  But you must make sure that you have checked out what type of bike rack will fit on to your car.  Failure to do so will result in huge safety issues for you, your passengers, your bikes, your car, and other road users.  The hitch receiver is designed to attach the bike rack to your car in a safe, reliable and effective way, something you must be certain of before traveling with bikes.

Bike protection

Bikes can cost a considerable amount of money, especially when we are talking about bikes plural.  If you can avoid there being any unintentional damage, you obviously would want to do so.  Many bike racks come with additional bike protection features to help you to stop unwanted damage from occurring.

Depending on what type of bike rack you buy depends on what damage control techniques are available to you, though there are some which are more common than others.  For example, there is the bike cradle which prevents bikes from making contact with each other even when traveling in groups, over long distances, and in stronger weather conditions.

There are other protection methods you could look out for too, such as padding, straps, wheel straps, bar cushions, rim pads, and buckles.  When you are transporting certain types of bikes, like racing bikes, even small damages or scratches can be incredibly detrimental to race performance, and repairs can be hugely expensive.

Rear access

If you are going on a long journey with your bikes, the chances are that you will probably have a fair amount of luggage, kit or even dogs in the rear of your car.  It can feel like it has taken forever for you to pack everything up and to be able to leave your home to final set out on your journey to reach your destination, wherever that might be.

The last thing you want to do when this is the case is getting a few miles down the road, stop at a service station and realize that something you need for the journey is in the rear space.  Do you really want to have to take all of the bikes off the bike rack has just made sure that they are safe and secure, and then dismantle the bike rack itself?  There is a way of getting around this issue by looking for a bike rack that has a tilt away from or swings action.

This enables you to move the bike rack in its entirety away from the car with the bikes still in situ so that you can access the tailgate whenever you require.  Take the stress out of traveling with a full car, with children or dogs by taking the rear access into consideration before you purchase your new 4 bike hitch rack.


You won’t want your bike hitch rack attached to your vehicle on a permanent basis and therefore thinking about storage methods prior to purchase is beneficial.  If you are able to find a bike rack that folds flat, then it will be a much less obtrusive piece of kit to have around your home.  It will also be easier to store, carry and move around.

There are some 4 bike hitch racks that are so lightweight, compact and flat, that they can actually be stored within the car itself.  This way, your bike rack is always to hand, is never in the wrong place at the wrong time and you will never be prevented from taking the bikes anywhere because the bike rack is in a difficult to get to the place.


My bike rack obscures my number plate, what shall I do?

Many bike hitch racks obscure the view of your license plate.  When this is the case, you must take measures to make sure that your license plate can be seen otherwise you will be driving illegally.  You can do this by getting another copy of your license plate printed and attaching it to your bike rack or to the most prominent bike.  It is not safe to drive if your license plate is not visible.  This is also the same for your lights and indicator signals.  Thinking ahead like this will keep you and other road users safe.

Why is a hitch rack better than a roof rack?

A hitch rack is often preferred over a roof rack for many different reasons.  Firstly, hitch racks are generally easier to fit, assemble and secure.  Secondly, you do not have to rely on upper body strength to attach a bike to a hitch bike rack.  Thirdly, on smaller cars, there may not be room to transport four bikes around on the roof.

Fourthly, roof rack bike racks increase the aerodynamic drag which has an adverse effect on the driving performance and increases the amount of fuel consumed on every journey when the bikes are in place.  Lastly, hitch racks allow you to have full access to the rear space of your car without having to take all of the bikes off or dismantle the bike rack itself to do so, unlike a roof rack bike rack.

I want to take my bikes and my dogs on holiday, is this possible?

Yes, this is easily possible.  All you need to do is look for a bike hitch rack that has a swing or tilt away action.  By purchasing a bike rack with this capability, you are making life a great deal easier for yourself.  You can access the rear of your vehicle without having to take all four of your bikes off the bike rack or dismantling the bike rack.  Simply move the bike rack to one side or pull it forward and a clear access route has been created.

This is ideal if you are travelling with dogs on long journeys who will need to be let out of the trunk for exercise, toilet breaks or feeding, as well as young children who require an enormous amount of things to travel with, meaning that you can access diaper bags, food, and distraction methods really easily, with no stress and no hassle.

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