7 Best All Mountain Skis in 2022

Last updated 21. June 2022

Few things compare to zigzagging down that slope with powdery snow resembling ocean waves as your skis cut through it. It leaves you with a sensation of absolute freedom, something you get from a few other activities, and a chance to let go of problems and concerns if so only for a couple of hours.

When you go skiing – nothing matters, other than the slopes, you and your skiing equipment, but to make the most out of your experience you will want to invest in a good pair of quality skis. Let the hunt for the best all-mountain skis begin!

Finding the best all-mountain ski products isn’t necessarily hard, but there are a few things to look for, and we have made it easier by listing some of the top all-mountain skis available.

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1. Rossignol Experience 88 HD Skis Mens

Rossignol Experience 88 HD Skis Mens

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Starting off with these high-performance twin tip all-mountain skis, where impeccable design meets durability, flawless execution and a liberating freeride feel. It is a pair of top-rated all-mountain skis for you to use no matter where you feel like skiing, and they are ideal both for the intermediate skier and for someone more experienced.

Air tip, auto turn rocker technologies, and carbon alloy matrix are fused together to create an unbeatable skiing experience, and the lightweight features and 188 cm length makes it an excellent choice for most skiers.

When you hit the slopes, you don’t want to have to worry about your equipment, and these skis will keep up with you and your love for adventures for many years to come. The rocker technologies make them perfect for skiing on soft and powdery snow, and you will be surprised by how you float through it with little to no effort.

+ Air tip and carbon alloy matrix
+ Auto Turn Rocker Technologies
+ 188 centimeter length
+ Minicap sandwich structure

Why We Like It – These all-mountain skis are great for all snow conditions and all types of slopes and terrains, which makes them among the best all-mountain wide skis you can get your hands on.

2. Nordica Enforcer 93 Skis Mens

Nordica Enforcer 93 Skis Mens

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These gorgeous grey and red energy 2 titanium skis are showstoppers! They provide great stability and smooth skiing experience, and two sheets of metal enclose a full wood core for dampened vibrations and improved overall response.

You get slight tail all-mountain rocker, great edge hold and everything else you need for sharp and precise turns, and they are men’s all-mountain skis that suit both the beginner, the intermediate skier, and the frequent downhill skier.

Why settle for less when you can have more, and when you can get a product from one of the top ski brands for your next alpine adventure? It is the head all-mountain skis would look up to if they could, and you get flawless performance for a fair price.

+ Providing stability for sharp turns
+ Full wood core between metal sheets
+ For beginners and professionals
+ All-mountain rocker

Why We Like It – The construction of these top skis, with the durable wooden core and metal sheets, makes these extremely durable and ideal for all types of downhill skiing.

3. Atomic Vantage X 75 C Ski System with Lithium 10 Bindings Mens

Looking for the best intermediate all-mountain skis? You’ve found them! These are ideal for beginners, thanks to the wide design that provides unbeatable stability, the lightweight aspect and how they are made to cut smoothly through the snow, and they are also good intermediate skis or skis for intermediate skiers.

adThe ski has a very similar construction to more expensive models of the same brand, but there is no metal used to make them, which is what makes them so lightweight and beginner-friendly. If you are only getting started with your skiing, or if skiing hasn’t been high on your priority list up until now – these are the best intermediate skis to start with.

+ High quality and affordable price
+ narrow-waisted frontside design
+ Ideal for beginners
+ Great for groomed snow

Why We Like It – A pair of intermediate skis like these will make it simple and fun to get going with your skiing, and they are very lightweight and easy to manage for the inexperienced.

4. Rossignol Sky 7 HD Skis Mens

Rossignol Sky 7 HD Skis Mens

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There was a time when you had to choose between the lightest all-mountain skis and skis with proper freeriding features, but with these skis for intermediate skiers and advanced skiers – you get to have both! The versatility makes them the best downhill skis from one of the top ski brands, as they allow you to explore and plan your skiing adventure as you go, instead of having to plan ahead too much.

The carbon alloy matrix, combined with a 98mm waist and AirTip 2.0 – you quickly find yourself being the owner of a pair of skis that deliver. You get both excellent edge grip, impressive stability and flotation so that you can inhale that cool air and simply go with the flow.

+ 98mm waist and AirTip 2.0
+ Fantastic flotation and stability
+ Unbeatable edge grip
+ For the versatile skier

Why We Like It – You don’t always know what terrain and conditions you will encounter when you ski, and these are some of the best all-mountain wide skis that can handle most.

5. Salomon QST 106 Skis

Salomon QST 106 Skis

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One of the top skis’ brands is Salomon – constantly mentioned in all-mountain ski reviews – and these Salomon all-mountain skis do not disappoint! The carbon powered CF/X layer provides an increased edge crip, the tail and tip have Cork Damplifier technology, and it is a set of skis that provide excellent stability, power, and agility.

They are a renewed and improved version of some of the best all-mountain skis 2018, and they are a strong contender for the title of best snow skis this year. Whether you want the best skis for intermediate skiers, the best skis for a semi-professional or just skis rated high in ski comparisons – you can’t go wrong with these.

+ Carbon powered CF/X layer
+ Cork Damplifier technology
+ Agility, stability and power
+ Impressive edge grip

Why We Like It – The best skis are skis you can trust, and it is no surprise that some of the best skis for intermediate skiers come from such a trusted brand.

6. 2020 Blizzard Brahma Skis w/Tyrolia Attack2 13 GW Bindings

These rocker profile all-mountain skis are among the best skis for east coast skiing, the best skis for the trip to France you’ve been planning and the best skis for almost any skiing experience you would like to participate in, and this is all thanks to their versatile attributes.

They have an 88mm waist which is a lot edgier than you would expect it to be, carbon fiber inserts in the tip, excellent stability and great turn initiation, and it is a pair of skis that are perfect for a slightly more aggressive and confident skier, rather than a beginner.

There are a Ti binding interface and a dual titanium layer, and the skis are shaped to take sharp and precise turns. It is a good intermediate all-mountain ski or a ski for an experienced skier, and you get plenty for your money.

+ Edgy 88mm waist
+ Tip carbon fiber inserts
+ Great for the more aggressive skier
+ Extra powerful with improved stability

Why We Like It – When you enjoy speed, precision, and aggression when going down the slopes – you need skis that can keep up with you, and these have the construction and design to meet your needs.

7. Volkl 2020 Mantra V-Werks Skis

Volkl 2020 Mantra V-Werks Skis

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Here we have some of the best skis for those who prefer a lightweight ski that is easy to maneuver, while still wanting that desirable stability. The Volki K2 all-mountain skis do very well when used at high speeds, they allow you to effortlessly pop out turns and move across the slope, and you won’t struggle when transporting them or when having to carry your skis, thanks to the reduced weight.

It is a highly popular freeride ski with a thick wooden center, carbon coating, and with something the company refers to as “ice-off top sheet” – new technology that helps snow and ice t effortlessly slide off the top of the ski, to prevent you being weighed down as you are going down the slopes.

+ Great lightweight alpine ski
+ Strengthened with titanium
+ Handles high speed very well
+ Easy to pop out turns

Why We Like It – An extremely lightweight ski that has gained popularity for this exact reason, and it has revolutionary technology to help keep ice and snow off the top.

All Mountain Skis Buyers Guide

Finding the right all-mountain skis is not as hard as it seems, and in this review, we have included cheap all-mountain skis, pricier options, skis for beginners and for the experienced skiing enthusiast, to make sure there is an option there for everyone.

We have included skis that are ideal for soft and powdery snow by being slightly wider than average, while still performing well on harder surfaces and hard-packed snow. This is the whole point of all-mountain skis – the versatility – and for you to be able to enjoy your day in the slopes without worrying about the equipment.

Your skis should be the least of your concerns when you are trying to enjoy a day out in the sun and the snow, so here is a small guide to learn what to look for, and what to avoid, when you go shopping for all-mountain skis.

Ski Length

It is easy to get confused when it comes to the length of the skis, but this is a very important factor when trying to find the right product. You can get the best skis 2017, the best skis 2018 or the best skis 2020, but unless you get the right ski length – you might find yourself struggling to get down the slope.

Ski length is measured in centimeters, which in itself can feel a little unusual for those who are used to other measurements, so don’t be surprised when you see specifications like “188 centimeters.”

Another common mistake is to think that skis are supposed to be taller than you are yourself, which is sometimes the case with cross country skis, but not alpine skis. The general rule is that a pair of all-mountain skis should reach you somewhere between the chin and the forehead, depending on preferences and ski model, so make sure you focus on getting a length that is convenient to your skill level, as long skis isn’t always better.

Width of the Waist

What is that, now? Do skis have a waist? Yes, they do! The waist of a pair of skis is the middle part, also known as the underfoot of the ski, and it is measured in millimeters. Wide waists are great for soft, loose and/or powdery snow, as it allows the skis to float through it effortlessly, and ski with a more narrow waist is instead a great fit for a more compact terrain.

The whole idea of an all-mountain ski, however, is to give you the opportunity to do both or to do one thing one day, and another thing another. These types of skis are usually something in the middle of wide and narrow, to allow them to perform well in most terrains.


Camber and rocker profile skis are differently shaped. Camber type skis are slightly arched, creating an underfoot hollow space when not having any weight placed on them. The edges are bend downwards, and there are different degrees of camber available. You can easily learn to see this by placing the ski flat on the ground, and ski with a lot of camber will generally perform very well on hard snow and when used at a high speed.

The opposite of camber skis is skied with rocker, which has the edges bending upwards instead of downwards. This can also be noticed when you place the skis flat on the ground, and the original inspiration for these types of skis was inspired by waterskis.

Skis with rocker are beneficial when skiing in loose snow and powder, and there are different rocker profiles to choose from for someone who wants to tailor their skiing experience more.

Overall stiffness

The stiffness of the skis has a direct impact on how easily you can maintain desired edge pressure and make an effortless turn, and stiffness comes from the material used in the construction of the skis.

Material matters, such as the use of a foam core or a wood core, metal sheets or metal inserts and more, but here it is important to know that while a stiffer ski may perform better when used by an experienced skier or a pro – it could drag you down if you are a beginner. Skis with metal sheets and wooden cores are stiffer, yes, but they are also heavier which can be tricky for a beginner or an inexperienced skier to master.


Whether you have been renting skis in the past, or if you have never skid before or are just looking to update your current skis – choosing your new pair of skis is a big decision, as it can directly affect your skiing experience. A beginner may be discouraged unless they get off to a good start, and a more experienced skier could come to experience extreme frustration.

To find the product of your dreams, perhaps you have looked through ‘Best All Mountain Skis 2017’ reviews and comparing it to ‘Best All Mountain Skis 2020’ reviews without getting any wiser?

This is very common, and this is why we have put together a list of premium products for both beginners, intermediate skiers and for the advanced skier, to focus more on finding what is right for you, rather than what is right for someone else.

Skiing is supposed to be fun and carefree, and this is what you get when you find the perfect skis for your unique needs, experience and skill level.

Expert Tip

Getting the best skis for professional skiers won’t help a beginner improve, and it is always best to get a product that suits your level of experience.

Did You Know

If your skis are too short for you, then you get less stability, reduced control and vibrations at high speed that isn’t properly absorbed.

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